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Myles from Perfect Guyz


Myles is Hot, Hairy, and Hung! So many guys out there are smooth and ripped, but it’s a treat to find a guy like Myles. Myles is the latest stud to come to us from Perfect Guyz and when you see his strong, defined biceps and beautiful, ripped hairy abs leading to his gorgeous 8 inch, thick cut cock we’re sure you’ll agree that Myles is perfect!

Check out Myles in the JUB Eye Candy section and visit Perfect Guyz today to download his video!

Brock from Chaos Men

Brock is a former US Marine built like a football player with massive biceps (or guns as I like to call them :), big thighs and a smooth, beefy ass of steel! And there’s no hair anywhere on Brock’s muscled body, even on his pubes which is perfect because with a body like this he deserves a lot of lickin’! Yum!


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Julian from Bad Puppy

Julian, a lean muscled stud who loves posing naked and let everyone watch and enjoy his perfect body! And how perfect it is – his chiseled abs are probably the feature that stands out the most. Then there are the smooth pecs, big biceps and lets not forget Julian’s juicy ass and muscular legs. You could say Julian is a Grade A stud!


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Karl From Varsity Men

Those dirty devils from Varsity Men sent over a sample of their latest addition Karl to share with everyone… Karl works on his body religiously and boy does it show! OMG! Perfect abs, amazing biceps, fat latin dick… This hot 26 year old stud is truly the thing that fantasies are made of!


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Ray Encore from Miami Boyz

Ray reminds me of a few guys I really liked in school. They were all low key, understated not as visible as the loud jocks, but still cute and very down to earth. And some of them were packing down there. So I can sort of relate as to why Ray is so popular over at Miami Boyz. He’s sex, got a tight lean body, I love them strong legs he’s got, and Ray has a huge fat dick. I think it’s around 9 inches long but it is very fat and juicy, it looks awesome with his nice biceps and pecs as a backdrop.


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Anton From Circle Jerk Boys

At 6′ tall and packing an amazing smooth body, defined muscles and an 8-inch cock Anton is one perfect Italian stud. Knowing he’s being watched he likes to tease slowly stripping off his clothes piece by piece, first showing off his smooth torso and big biceps. Then finally the jeans come off and he reveals a pair of great muscular legs and a dick ready to be caressed. Anton then gets comfortable on the bed working his cock until it’s big and hard and doesn’t stop before those sexy abs get splattered with his man goo! See more of Anton his eye candy page or download his video at CJBoys

(Windows Media Player required)

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Billie from Boy Ride

We’ve all gone to the local fast food joint to get something quick to munch on and get one of those cute boys to take our order. Well Bilie is one of those boys and he’s taking a break from working the cashier to show off. After a quick shower Billie gets down to business slowly undressing and teasing us. He flexes to to show off those biceps then turns around and flaunts his cute meaty ass that’s as hot as the rest of him. He starts jacking off working his stiff cock and surprises when he unleashes gobs of cum not one but 3 times one after another!! I’ve always suspected those fast food boys were full of spunk.


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Video Preview: Carter from Frat Men

As previously promised here is the video of Friday’s Frat Men model Carter. In it he is getting his sexy muscles pumped so that awesome body of his stays in shape. From time to time Carter stops for a break, checking on his biceps and those perfect chiseled abs.

See more of Carter in the JUB Eye Candy


Anthony from Men Over 30

Another day, another hot macho man. Anthony is a Dominican muscled stud with long, caol-black Samson hair. This laid back latin macho is ready to put on a show. Slipping off his red wifebeater uncovering his semi-hairy wide pecs, flat stomach, Anthony flexes his arms for us showing pumped, rounded biceps. The more naked he gets, the more at ease he seems, clearly this guy was one straight stud ready to put on a show. A few tugs of his cock drive it up to full 7.5 inches, all standing up at attention and waiting for part two. So Anthony moves to the bed, lays down on his stomach, and I have to say I wanted the camera to freeze or the screen to split and zoom on his rock glutes and his throbbing cock pushed back between his legs. He rolles over, his cock so hard it was curving he grabs it and starts rubing it up and down, releasing a load with a moan so intense he covers the bed sheets and the pussy mag on the floor with his dominican-made juice!


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Puma from Chaos Men

Hope you all are having a nice day. And just to keep you going here is a very nice guy to look at. He’s got an interesting name – Puma and even though he doesn’t get fully naked, Puma is still nice to look at relaxing on the bed and leaving things to imagination. He’s got a great smily, amazing penetrating eyes. If you’re into big biceps, Puma has a pair of big guns he quite proudly shows off. So if you feel like you wander around in your mind today, maybe Puma can help :)


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