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Up and Cummer: Kain Warn


Kain Warn

Kain Warn

Meet Kain Warn, a 25-year-old sexy stud with a sexual appetite like none other.  He is a porn star in the making with very few reservations.  After less than a month in the industry, Raging Stallion has already signed Kain to an exclusive fisting agreement. We are certain that Raging Stallion is on to something, as this guy is sure to be a fan favorite.  We recently had a chance to meet up with Kain in San Francisco …

What is your favorite fetish? Ha! I have to pick just one?  I have a weakness for the Daddy/boy thing.  Not role-playing though. I don’t “play” a role in bed. I am just being myself, and I just happen to be very weird.  I start out being totally submissive, but once I learn the other person’s “ins and outs”, I’ll figure out how to twist things around so that I end up being the person in control, at least mentally. I’ll end up getting exactly what I want, but they won’t know it.  So, for me, its all about psychological domination and submission (and a generation gap is nice!).  Within that genre, throw in some good old fucking, fisting (I’d much rather bottom), water sports (I drink from the tap, you’ll never see a drop), spit, breath control, bondage and I’m a happy boy!

Where are you from? I was born in upstate New York, and grew up in the middle of nowhere Pennsylvania. When I turned 16 I moved to central Florida for 8 years. Now, I reside in Fort Lauderdale.

Kain Warn

Kain Warn

How did you get your start in gay porn, and what was it about the industry that made you want to get involved? That’s actually a loaded question.  I’m a very shy person, and very self-conscious.  I’ve missed some pretty big opportunities in my life because I was too scared or nervous to take that first step on my own, or too ashamed of how I think I look.  Recently, I decided that I had to stop or life was just going to pass me by. I thought that working in this industry would be the one thing that would force me to let that all go and stop being ashamed of my body, my personality, and my sexual proclivities and just live life for the adventure that it is supposed to be. I talked to a friend of mine in the industry, and he referred me to FabScout. Now, I am living that adventure.  Granted, I’m still shy, I’m still quiet, I still hide behind people when I walk into a room, but that will probably always be part of my personality. I’m ok with that. There have been some fundamental changes brewing underneath that have led me to have this overwhelming sense of liberation.  I carry it everywhere I go.

Who is your dream scene partner? I’ve already worked with one of them, Josh West. The next one I am gunning for is Tober Brandt. I love that crazy fucker!  My issue is that I’m a little guy.  It’s hard for me to get paired up with the big huge muscular guys. I am generally matched up with people closer to my own size and age range, which is awesome. I am having a blast with it and it also gives me a chance to be a little bit more dominant and active in the scene.  You know, there is just something about having someone hold you down with nothing but their sheer strength and bare hands as they fuck the hell out of you. It beckons to me, and damnit, I want to get it on camera some time. I want to see myself pinned down by a guy 3 times my size, with muscles and a hairy chest, fucking me as hard as he can, and me fighting back the whole time and doing my best not to let on that I am loving every minute of it!

What is your biggest fantasy? Quit limiting me with the way you phrase these questions!  I think me being tied up in a hotel room with a bunch of rough guys lined up to have a go at me would be amazing. I could totally get into that!  But, that is the very short answer.  The longer and more personal answer would be that I typically build up a huge scenario in my head when I am fantasizing, and it usually centers on me and one other person.  We’ll have a deep and long-term bond; we’ll know each other’s ins and outs perfectly. We know exactly how far we can push each other, and we spend hours upon hours going from being intense and pushing our limits to just relaxing, joking around, and exploring each other.  The closing scene is this massive pig-fest where we’re fisting in tandem, there’s piss and lube everywhere, we’re both jacking off with one hand, and fisting with our other, and we blow our loads in unison.  Once I snap out of that fantasy, I usually fall asleep thinking about the night of cuddling that would come after.  That’s my little boy mentality kicking in again. Once I have worked all of this rough stuff out of my system, I turn into this big softy. I like for a guy to wrap his arms around me and hold me. I’ll lay my head on his chest, and I’ll fall asleep listening to his heartbeat and smelling his sweat.

YourGaySexStore.com Event at WeHo's Abbey


Todd Welch and Beaux Banner

Todd Welch and Beaux Banner

YourGaySexStore.com is hosting a party with JustUsBoys.com on May 8th, 2009 at The Abbey in West Hollywood.

More event information and RSVP on FACEBOOK

Fetish fulfillment doesn’t always have to be hardcore.  Sometimes just adding a paddle to sex play can make things more exciting. YourGaySexStore.com recently sent us a few toys to demonstrate how by just adding a couple things to your bedroom toy box; you can make sex that much better.  When our care package arrived, we called up our friends Todd and Beaux to do a demonstration for their fans.  Make sure you don’t miss our exclusive interview and xxx video that captured it all on Justusboys.com/mag/183

Beaux Banner


Beaux from DemonDudes.com

Beaux from DemonDudes.com

How long have you been  in the Industry? 5 years.

How did you get your start in gay porn?
I answered an ad for some modeling work that turned out to be a solo / jack off film. Then it led to more hard core sex scenes.

What did you do in your previous career?
maintenance worker.

How do you prepare  yourself for each scene? I try to get in a good workout before each scene and that helps get the blood flowing. I will then just relax and hang out with the other models on set. It’s nice to meet  the guy before you meet his cock. I love having sex and love when people are watching me, it’s a big turn on!

Are you different sexually in front of the camera than in your personal life? In my personal life I like to be more romantic and sensual with my partners. That’s not to say I can’t be creative. I do have a devilish side.

You are very fit.  How do you keep your body in such great shape?
I think a lot of it has to due from playing sports my whole life. I like working out and eating healthy. I do a lot of exercising out doors, running on the beach, hiking, and rollerblading.

You recently started your own website.  Tell us about it.
Well as I stated I do have a crazy devilish side in the bedroom. So the site is called DemonDudes.com. I like to be watched and watch as well. In the past I’ve made a few “home movies” of me and my partners. So I figured lets bring some of my behind the scenes creativity on the web to share. For example, when it came time for me to do a solo scene for DemonDudes.com, I knew I wanted to do one in the shower, but I’ve seen that done a million times on a million different sites. Mine would be different. So I found a place with a nice shower, bought a dildo with a suction bottom and thought what would be wild. So I start by fucking on the tub rim, nothing new there. Then I stick it on the shower wall and thrust my ass onto it. Then I give the toilet seat a ride, then I move to the bed room with a large mirror on the wall. With the dildo attached to the mirror it looks like there are two of me fucking the wall, needless to say the dildo and I molest the room. For the site, I did not want to get locked into any particular niche. At DemonDudes.com, we want to be more creative so nothing is off the table, we want to hear from viewers and put on what they would like to see, and what type of creativity they came up with. For me, creativity is going to be key at DemonDudes.com…..Oh and a few large cocks too!

What is your wildest fantasy?
To be in a glass elevator alone with a few hot strangers and we just start having wild sex in the elevator where everyone out side could watch us fuck for hours.

Tell me something about you that fans may be surprised to know. Lets just say indecent exposure appplies to Disneyland jail too.

CLICK HERE to see more of Beaux.

See Beaux with Todd Welch in this XXX video from RocketTube.com

Wolf Hudson


Wolf Hudson

Wolf Hudson

From the May / June 2009 issue of the JustUsBoys.com Magazine:

How did you get your start in gay porn? I was already doing straight porn at the time and my scene partner asked if I did gay porn. I said no and she said that I could make more money pursuing that. So I tried it and the rest is history.

What did you do in your previous career? I was doing accounting for a button distributor. The company distributed buttons to fashion labels, but I just handled the finance. I was also pursuing a career as a dancer and actor and did small shows in New York City.

Fans recently voted you to be the co-host of the 2009 Grabby awards and you promised them you would T Bag them in exchange for their vote. Do you plan to make good on that promise? Absolutely! My fans and everyone else who voted are the reason that I’m here, that I won such a great honor. I have to work it out at the Grabbys because it could be a loooong show. I think that could be one of the best parts of the show. I’m very excited to do this show and entertain everyone.

Can we get the exclusive footage for RocketTube.com?
In a heart beat…YES!

I have enjoyed your sense of humor in the fun tube videos you make.  What is your secret to being the life of the party? Thank you very much. I don’t know about being the life of the party, but I can tell you that I am always myself. People can smell someone who is fake. I don’t care about looking like a fool if I am having fun and making other people laugh. You are keeping everyone involved and taking them on a roller coaster ride.

In a recent interview, you mentioned that although you love your fans and working in the gay porn industry, you don’t enjoy having sex with guys on camera. This has gotten a reaction from some members of JustUsBoys. What influenced your decision to do gay porn instead of straight porn? My comments were taken out of context and if you watch the taped interview, you can see exactly what I said. I am true to myself and I don’t want to be judged for my sexual preference, but for my films. I support the gay community very much, and they have been there for me. I don’t apologize for being me, but I do realize that some people are sensitive to the subject so I vow I will NEVER talk about my sexuality and just let people enjoy it on film. I have been very blessed in this industry because I really busted my ass to make it happen and had the support from people like Jett Blakk and Chi Chi LaRue.

How do you prepare yourself for each scene? I don’t go out the night before so I am fresh the next day and I eat lots of protein. For me it’s all mental and to have a good scene I have to be paired with a good scene partner. I try to get to know them before the shoot so I can set chemistry before hand. It works. Some of my best scenes are with performers I tried connecting with on a personal level, and I believe that comes across on camera.

On film we have seen Wolf as a person that has few limits sexually. How is this different from your personal life? Wolf and myself are two different people. I am more vanilla, and Wolf is hardcore and wild. And its funny because when I turn it on, it shocks people so much that I can go that far sexually. I have been applying the BDSM lifestyle in my personal life just to mix it up. I’m a little shy and humble, but Wolf is really an animal with no exhibitions. I kind of wish I was like that as myself because Wolf has more fun. I’d be getting into all sorts of trouble. Is that bad or good? LOL

You were recently signed as an exclusive with CockyBoys.com. Tell us how this offer came about? At the time, I was ready to take a small break from shooting gay content and do other things since I was in the biz for a while. Kyle Majors offered to sign me, and we talked about it. After having such a great relationship with Cocky Boys and what they wanted to do for me, I said yes and I’m glad I did.

Being known for mostly fetish porn, what changes should we expect to see with your performances in the future on CockyBoys.com? Now I can bring some new and creative stuff to the plate and show everyone what I’m about. I’m all about experimenting, mind fucking people and pushing the envelope. I’m never satisfied doing the same thing all the time so breaking new grounds will be a trademark of Wolf Hudson. Only HOT and sexy scenes will come from me.

What is your wildest fantasy? Gosh, I have already done most of my fantasies. But, I’m sure new ones will come in the future. I always enjoy orgies. Maybe that with some torture and humiliation would be hot. I am a huge pain slut.

Tell me something that your fans may be surprised to know? I am actually a very down to earth person and don’t do drugs. I am very much a homebody. I love being silly with friends and have never been in love.

Francois Sagat – Exclusive Interview


Francois Sagat

Francois Sagat

We had the distinct pleasure of getting to know Francois Sagat during the photo shoot for the cover of the May / June issue of the JustUsBoys.com Magazine.  The magazine hits the streets on May 1st, but we wanted to get our exclusive interview with Francois out ASAP as JUB was the first media outlet to learn that Francois has a role in the upcoming mainstream movie Saw 6, to be released in October!

JUB: How long have you been in the Industry? FS: Since July 2005, so it’s been almost 4 years.

How did you get your start in gay porn? I was discovered by a French website and did a little work with them before being approached by Raging Stallion.

On film, Francois Sagat has very few sexual limitations. Is this different than your personal life? To tell you the truth, I tried to get fisted a few months ago because I was really into this guy, and he was so motivated to fist me. We really tried, but it just wouldn’t work.  We were able to get four fingers in, but that was it. Lately, I have found fisting someone as a top more exciting than I thought I would. On hot guys, it will usually turn me on, but still not that often. Really in my personal life, I’m doing the same stuff that you have seen me doing in the movies: golden showers, spanking and lots of spitting.  It’s still soft stuff though for the most part.

Why do you think films that contain “fetish” content are so popular? Well, I think it depends on what fetish you’re talking about. If you see BoundGods.com, those are very specific kinds of movies. I appreciate their work. It is very esthetic but also more underground. Titan is well known for fetish action but I think it is directed toward achieving a commercial goal.  It’s an excellent thing, but I’m not personally attracted by that kind of action. I prefer fetish as an esthetic use… something for art rather than for Porn. Afterall, fashion has been very inspired by fetish sex for decades. I think people need to be impressed, and that’s why it works. People get bored very fast with mainstream. As for me, I don’t get bored with mainstream porn and action. I love to watch beautiful boys, in 1-to-1 sex action. Pure and basic sex can be amazing.

You just did an amazing shoot in Europe with Falcon. Yes, I finally did it. Falcon is a big name and a classy brand. It would be the Yves Saint Laurent of porn. I’m honored to have done this film with Falcon. They were extremely nice and welcoming. Times have certainly changed since the beginning of the brand, but the name and style are still strong. I’m happy that I did it. I was partnered with a very strong man, Erik Rhodes. We met in 2006 in Los Angeles but never got the chance to speak more than five minutes, but we were emailing a lot.

I don’t want to say that I had “passionate sex” with Erik because I consider what I did as my job; otherwise, we would have had sex in the hotel room. I have to admit that his amazing ass obsessed me during the shoot. He is physically my type with an amazing body, face, lips and a beautiful dick. The thing I enjoyed the most was hanging out with him while joking, complaining, and laughing. He has charisma and a strong personality. That’s the best part about him. With his eyes and that deep voice, I’m sure he was made to act. I can certainly see him in mainstream stuff. He also has a boyfriend and seems very dedicated to him. That makes him even better. I would love to have Erik as a friend, but we live far away from each other. So I enjoyed Falcon and working with Erik, but I still consider myself a Titan man. Titan and Sagat is a match made in heaven. Titan did a lot for me by connecting the quality of their movies with my rarity.

What is your wildest fantasy yet to be fulfilled? Getting fucked by a beautiful feminine tranny with a huge uncut dick on video.

Who have been your favorite scene partners? Erik Rhodes, Ted Colunga and Marco Blaze were all pretty delicious.

Who would you like to work with that you haven’t had the opportunity to? Right now, I would rather just have private wild sex with some of the performers that I find attractive. I really think Leo Giamani is fucking hot. He has very classical beauty.

Tell me something about you that your fans may be surprised to know. I’m doing this interview from Toronto, were I am shooting a scene for the horror movie, Saw 6. They called me in Paris on a Monday, and they flew me out on Tuesday. Crazy, no?  I have been doing this for more than six months and it has been very hard to keep my mouth shut. JustUsBoys.com is the first to know! It’s a very small part but also the chance of my life to discover a new world and make my own experiences. This may be the first and the last time you will see me in a mainstream movie, but I am enjoying it. I have a few lines where I play a drug addict. Cool, no?

It took the whole day for a few minutes in the movie. The number of people in the crew is just phenomenal and the studios are huge. I was a little scared at first but then I became really confident. I didn’t fuck up and I didn’t die! At least, not yet.

We hear that your background is in fashion.  Are there any exciting new projects in the works? Right now nothing special.  I have been contacted to do some artistic direction for a few editorials in a French fashion magazine. I did a picture for Italian UomoVogue. I also did a self-portrait illustration for this magazine, AcnePaper (acnepaper.com from AcneJeans). It is a very beautiful magazine.  And of course, I’m continuing collaboration with fashion photographers and artists, but less as a creator and more as a model. I am a work in progress.  The artist, Klaus Jurgen Schmidt, recently did a drawing of me. This work is part of a exhibition called “Art Against Knives”. The exhibition will feature work by international artists and fashion designers like Wolfgang Tillmans and Vivienne Westwood.  Klaus is working for print and magazines and has also done work for the Topshop collection by Kate Moss.

We have several hot galleries of Francois on JUB: click to view all of our Francois Sagat XXX Galleries.

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