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Will Wikle


Wil wikle

Wil wikle

How did you get cast in Another Gay Sequel? I wish there was some sort of sexy casting couch involved, but in reality I auditioned like everyone else.

Your character is loosely based on the character portrayal of the “”Mean Girl”” seen so often in other mainstream films and TV shows.  What was the best part of playing a flamboyant “”Mean Gay”?
I’ve always wanted to be the captain of the cheerleaders for a day!  Bad girls always have the most fun.

What is your most memorable moment on set?
Fake movie-sexing Tommy Blade.  It was a magical half hour for sure.

This marks your first acting role in a movie.  Do you have plans on pursuing other roles in the future?
I was cast in an indie drama called Shifting the Canvas opposite Alan Cumming, Cheyenne Jackson, and Erykah Badu.  I will play a New Orleans hustler who is involved with Alan’s character.  My first two movie roles have been the bitch and the ho. Go figure.

Rumor has it that you had a little romance with co-star Brent Corrigan during filming.  Can you put the rumors to rest and tell the readers what the true story is between the two of you?
I love the rumors, though!  It makes life so much more fun.  Seriously, we had a good time and are still close friends.  I will say that he can totally kiss like a pro…but I guess he is kind of a pro, huh?

This film features many guys who appear in gay porn films, including Brent Corrigan, Michael Lucas, Colton Ford and many others as featured extras.  How was it working with these gay porn stars in addition to the other mainstream actors?
I think Colton’s cameo was hands down the funniest in the entire movie.  My first day of filming was with Colton and when it came time to change into our costumes, he got naked right in front of the makeup girl and me.  He turned around and we high-fived.  Everyone should be entitled to see his wang in person…it should be a god-given right.

In preparing for your role, how did you channel your inner “”Mean Gay?””  Perhaps the twins from Big Brother 5 gave you some inspiration?
Those hot bitches!?  Hell to the no.  I am so over Big Brother it’s not even funny.  I’m glad to have participated, but I don’t even watch that show anymore.  I’m more of a “Top Model” gay, you know?

Since your appearance on Big Brother 5 you have certainly surpassed the proverbial “”15 minutes”” of fame that most other reality stars have.  What do you attribute your success to in securing a hosting spot on Logo’s Round Trip Ticket and your radio talk show?
I am just a very lucky person in that respect.  I was open to it, but never expected it or felt entitled to it.  I worked very hard to prepare for both of those jobs and I think they really paved the way for future successes.

You had a very successful interview with conservative and fellow reality star Elisabeth Hasselbeck on “The View”.  Were you surprised to hear that she was not as opposed to gay marriage and gay rights as you may have thought prior to the interview?
That was hands down my favorite on-camera moment.  It was such an adrenaline rush to be at that table five days before Rosie left.  The backstage intensity was palpable.  I don’t think Elisabeth is as socially conservative as many would guess, but she knows it’s how she earns her paycheck so she gives them what they want.

With the upcoming presidential election right around the corner, what do you think are the most important factors the gay voter needs to be focused on in selecting the right candidate? If you are gay, there is no other choice besides Obama.  He can’t say a lot of pro-gay stuff, which would alienate moderate voters during the general election, but he has our best interest at heart.  If McCain is elected, he will appoint Supreme Court justices who would build gay concentration camps.  Mark my words.  After the hell this country has been through, I’ve decided that I will never hook up with anyone who doesn’t vote in this election.  We should all do our part, right?

Derek Curl has indicated that you and he are in pre-production on a new reality show, can you give any insight into what this show will entail?
I guess I can’t give much away.  But it would BLOW UP gay tv.  It would be dramatic, scandalous and very sexy, but in a sincere sort of way.  You’ll hear more from us very, very soon.

What is next for Will?
More movies, money, and menz would make for a hot 2009.

How can your fans contact you?
I’ve totally converted into a Facebook guy.  I accept all friend requests so don’t be shy.  I love the gays so much. Let me hear from you.”

Ryan Raz


Ryan Raz

Ryan Raz

Our Up and Cummer for this issue is the truly beautiful Ryan Raz.  At 24 years of age, he is currently pursuing his master’s degree in international relations!  We asked him why he decided to get into porn and he said, “I have always been an exhibitionist, and this was a chance to take it to a new level. To me, porn is more than just sex. It’s about life experience.  I have always believed that our lives are the sum of our experiences.  With that being said, porn is something that, as an exhibitionist, I have always wanted to do.  Doing porn is an experience that not everybody experiences, and it is something that I enjoy doing.”Ryan is a world traveler and has visited almost every country in the EU while getting his bachelor’s degree.  When asked where the wildest place he had ever had sex was, he surprised us with his answer.  “On a temple dedicated to Apollo in Athens, Greece.” states Ryan, “I was spending the summer studying in Greece and Turkey. We were visiting the temple very late one day, and when I was alone with a friend I said how hot it would be to have sex on the alter at sunset. The group had moved on to a far part of the site, and next thing I knew I was on my back having amazing sex.”  “My biggest sexual turn on is a man with a great smile.  There is something about seeing someone laugh that gets me.” Ryan has recently completed scenes for Lucas Entertainment, Hot House, BaitBus.com, Suite 703 and is represented by FabScout Entertainment. We asked him which porn star he most wants to do a scene with and he said, “I don’t know if there is one that I most want to work with. There are so many hot men in this industry it is hard to pick just one.  Is it possible to have them all?” Sure Ryan. We say do a scene with everyone, and we will be right there to watch!  See more of Ryan at JustUsBoys.com/mag/132

Jim Varraros


Jim Varraros

Jim Varraros

How did you get cast in the role of a Gay Priest in the movie? The offer came via email and it was pretty much out of the blue. I wasn’t sure what to expect on the role, but after I read the script and sharing a scene with Perez, I couldn’t say no.

You have a memorable scene with Perez Hilton where the two of you join the “Mile High Club” so-to-speak.  How was it working with the infamous Perez? I’ve actually known Perez for a few years, and he’s a really nice and down-to-earth guy. You’d think that with all of his success he’d feel somewhat entitled, but that’s not him at all. Whether you love him or hate him, you have to respect him for what he’s been able to accomplish. I mean, God, I wait for the day he puts up a shot of me with cum all over my face. Most people do; it’s like, you haven’t made it until you’re on PerezHilton.com!

What was your most memorable experience on set? Just meeting Todd Stephens and the cast. The four leads are really nice guys, along with the crew. You can tell that everyone is really gung-ho about making a film that’s a quality piece of work.

You also had a leading role in “Eating Out” and “Eating Out 2: Sloppy Seconds.”  For people not familiar with these films, please share a brief synopsis of your role and how you came to be cast in these films. Well, first off—if you’re not familiar with these films, get familiar! They’re two very funny “American Pie-esque” films that you can’t help but laugh at. Not to be taken too seriously, they have underlying themes and messages that most people can relate to, gay or straight. Not to mention, they were written by two very talented men; Allan Brocka and Phillip Bartell. I play the role of Kyle, who is very much the underdog in the films. He’s sassy yet incredibly insecure and has to think of ways to win the “more attractive, athletic, straighter” gay men since he doesn’t have physical attributes that the others do. He’s crafty but very funny, and I enjoyed playing him very much.

Are you more passionate about acting or singing? I like both, and I don’t think I could choose between the two if I absolutely had to. There are different feelings that I get from both that I enjoy very much. I love being in the studio and creating music; taking something from nothing and making it into a song that evokes some kind of emotion. Being on set for a film is great too, because if you feel you haven’t delivered your best possible performance, you know you can always retake a scene. Of course, if you’re working on a low budget film, then you only have one more retake. But, there’s something about being on set with makeup artists, directors and people all around, that really feels exciting.

It is hard to believe it has almost been 8 years since season one of “American Idol”! Being the first openly gay contestant from this show, how has life changed for you since coming out? I feel more myself than I ever have. I don’t think it would’ve been possible for me to have the experiences I’ve had in the industry if I wasn’t true to myself with other people. I mean, for some it’s a much larger issue, but for me personally, I wanted to make a point to a lot of gay and lesbian youth that you can do anything you set your mind to no matter your sexual preference.

Are you still close friends with anyone from the original cast of American Idol? I’m close with EJay Day. With some of the other top ten finalists, I always find ways of getting messages to them even if we haven’t spoken to each other directly.

What has been the most rewarding moment of coming out for you, and what was the most difficult moment for you after you came out? The most rewarding would have to be the act itself. There’s a certain power that you feel the more people you come out to, so telling the world was definitely a feeling of empowerment. The most difficult moment would had to have been the hate mail coming from red states, I presume. People are either going to love you or hate you, and there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it.

You received critical acclaim with your debut album “Roller Coaster” and I hear you have been working on your new album.  What can you tell us about your next album? The new album is called, “Do Not Disturb,” and it’s a lot more focused than my first effort. It’s got an edgier pop sound to it, but I haven’t strayed too far away from my fan base and what they want. It is; however, a growing experience for me both musically and artistically.

What is the best advice you would give to a young person, who is gay, that wants to pursue a career as a performer? Go full force and never look back. Don’t sacrifice yourself for any part of the industry because in the end, it’s just not worth it. Believe in yourself because if you don’t, how can you expect anyone else to?

Outside of music and acting, what are you passionate about in life? Making a difference and making people laugh. I try not to take myself too seriously, I turn even the most negative situations into something positive, and I’d like to think that that rubs off on people.

If you could be any animal, what would you be and why? If I could be ANY animal? Oh boy…ummm, probably a Giraffe. You know what they say about long necks…kidding.

What is next for Jim Verraros? I’ve got a film I’m working on with Thea Gill and Peter Paige from “Queer As Folk” coming up, and I have the new album in stores now. I’m really excited about both projects and can’t wait to hear what people think.

photo courtesy: Christopher Stephens

Brent Corrigan: From Man To Merman


Brent Corrigan

Brent Corrigan

It is hard to believe, but it has been two years since our last interview.  What has been happening in your life since we last spoke? Oh wow, what hasn’t. Let’s see…I’ve developed and redeveloped two adult companies and websites since then. My third business partner cut me out of the first venture I developed.  It wasn’t until during the murder investigation of Cobra Video owner that Grant (the good partner) and I learned of his double-dealings with that man.  Grant and I have spent much of this last year navigating that case and working closely with the authorities.  If we hadn’t managed to stick through it together, I don’t know where I would be now.  I was asked to voluntarily take part in a sting operation and I’ve been back and forth to Pennsylvania a few times already.  The trial is set for January.
When the haze of losing my first company to a thief, and finding myself cooperating in a murder investigation finally cleared a little, I was looking at a role in “Another Gay Sequel” as Stan the Merman.  Then, I play almost the polar opposite of the sweet-natured fish boy in Jody Wheeler’s “In the Closet”.  It is a short film about a body-inhabiting creature from the closet world.  That premiered at Outfest this year (and continues to play a rigorous film festival circuit) next to “Another Gay Sequel.  I managed to slide in a small speaking role in Gus Van Sant’s “MILK”, the long overdue and highly anticipated film about the first openly gay politician in 1978 San Francisco.  Sean Penn plays Milk alongside Emile Hirsche and the film is due out this fall.
Most importantly, I’m developing a healthy catalogue of productions.  Only four months after launching BrentCorriganInc.com, Dink Flamingo of Active Duty and Dirty Bird Pictures approached Grant and me.  Ever since, we’ve been jointly producing projects with me at the helm as director (and I model of course).  We did “Brent Corrigan’s Summit” together and “Just The Sex”.  I’m featured in his “Porne Ultimatum” and we’re getting ready to shoot “The Porne Identity”.  Last month I wrote and directed a project for Dink, starring Devon Moss who won the award for Best Cock at The Grabby’s.

How do you look at the porn industry now differently than you did when you first started?
I certainly have a better grasp of the challenges involved in producing.  I seem to have figured out a robust equation for success.  The trouble I’m finding isn’t figuring out what to do, but how to execute it.  There was a point when I wanted to be in the middle of everything.  I wanted to be embraced and I didn’t want to feel like this unfavorable, unpopular reject.  It took some hard blows to realize that I really don’t want to be anything like anyone else.  Because of that, I will likely never get any sort of respect or admiration from the veterans who seem to have a choke hold on the adult world.  They can have it; I’m too busy building my own genre.

How were you cast for your role in Another Gay Sequel?
I was actually approached to do the film!  In “Another Gay Movie”, Todd Stephens used other noticeable industry stars to mix it up.  I got the role very early in pre-production.  They called me up to Los Angeles for an audition and then called me back just a few short hours later and asked me to come right back in for a second.  After the second read, I was so sure I had botched my chances beyond reprieve, but the next day I was asked to come be a part of it as Stan the Merman!  I know they auditioned quite a few other industry boys for the movie.  So for me to get in, made me feel like finally things were turning around a little for me.

What is your most memorable moment on the set of Another Gay Sequel?
My most memorable moment was when I was sitting at this little breakfast table out in the courtyard of the Shubert Resort (where we filmed and stayed).  I was there with Derek Curl the producer, Grant (my partner) and Bryan and Will (they have become good friends of ours, but originally they had won an auction to come meet me and RuPaul on the set while filming).  I broke down in tears and full-on facial contortions as I realized that there were truly good people, wanting to do good things for others who are struggling to persevere.  Bryan and Will sponsored my company for product placement in the film and put up a sizeable amount of money to get BrentCorriganInc.com into some of the scenes.
In this movie you played Stan the Merman.

How did you prepare for this role? Can you relate your personal life to that of your character?
Todd Stephens, the director, wanted ‘weird’ for this role.  It was very tough for me when we finally got on set because I was working with the water element and my legs were encased in foam (the fins).  We shot both of my scenes in one day and everything felt a bit rushed.  Looking at the finished product, I came off more sweet with a subtle hint of strange.  I mean, I don’t really talk like that!  What I loved most about the character were my lines.  Being known for my adult work and sexual talents, I thought it was hilarious to get to say things like, “I’d love to fuck you Nico but I don’t have a cock or a butthole”.

Rumor has it that you had an off screen “romance” with another cast member.  Would you like to tell us the juicy details?
Puppy love is really more like it.  Everyone in the cast was so welcoming of me.  For the first time ever I felt confident and intriguing because Will Wikle, Aaron Michael Davies, Jimmy Clabots and Jonah Blechman were all so interested in hearing about what it’s like being on this side of the entertainment industry.  I didn’t want to mess up all that!  I left Fort Lauderdale feeling emotionally charged because my experiences with this cast and crew were so invigorating.  Honestly, I was very attracted to each one of those boys.  Grant taught me that just because I’m a porn star don’t mean I have to play the part all the time.  Will Wikle and I had an innocent, mutual affection to each other but it never moved past that.

What do you think is the biggest misconception about Brent Corrigan?
I don’t escape any of the usual misconceptions one might endure working in the adult genre.  The truth is, I’m a very normal person.  I was a late bloomer so I had to develop social skills outside of the physical.  I can be a lot of fun when the time is right, but I’m focused and hard working.  It doesn’t help that I have impossible standards in my work.  I’ve developed two recognizable websites and slowly I’m working to get a recognizable studio name out there: Prodigy Pictures. I pick up mainstream roles where I can. There just isn’t much time to fool around.  I have to mix a lot of my social time in with my models when I shoot.  At the end of the day, I’m happiest playing with my horse all afternoon.  I get a lot of people that target me and tear me down because for some reason, they got the idea that I was something like ‘perfect’.  Just like everyone else out there, I get up each morning and put my pants on one leg at a time, and sometimes I trip and fall on my face in the process.

What projects are you currently working on?
There are never enough days in a month.  Currently, I’m casting for a project we’re filming on location in a beautiful mansion in the garden district of New Orleans for Halloween (I turn 22 on Halloween).  I’m always looking for hot boys that want to work alongside me.  We’re also in pre-production for a big comedy spoof of a late well-known zoologist. My model and friend Jacob Powell wrote the piece and will be playing the main character.  I will direct that as well.  Grant and I have been actively putting the polishing touches on our second member’s website.  I’m most excited about the productions because I finally feel like I’m able to fulfill my itch to direct and produce real, cohesive projects.  Look for me in Gus Van Sant’s “MILK” in theatres this fall (a major motion picture).  By then, I’ll be filming another mainstream film called “Judas Kiss”.  Of course, I’m always working on my blog found at

For more of Brent Corrigan, please visit
our website:

Got Spunk?


How Sweet It Is

How Sweet It Is

In porn, semen goes by many names. Cum, come, love custard, jizz, jism, gissum, spooge, splooge, cock juice, soul sauce, spunk, stud lotion, wad, tadpoles, nut butter, dick icing …. One erotic thesaurus lists nearly 300 words or phrases that have been variously used as synonyms for sperm or semen — some pretty revolting.

Before AIDS, cum was the baptism and communion of the sex act (my Catholic upbringing is showing). Afterwards, it was toxic. “”Cum on me, not in me,”” was a slogan widely used by many gay men’s safer sex education efforts in the 1980s and 1990s.

Now the pendulum is swinging in the other direction, and porn is cashing in the sea change. More and more movies are showing facial cumshots, and cum-eating — once a relic of the past — is now a staple in many studios.

Because men — and gay men are no exception — are preoccupied with most things cock-related, two questions often arise:

1. How can I increase the volume of my ejaculation?

2. Can I change the taste of my cum?

The purpose of semen is to provide a nourishing broth for your sperm — which constitute about one percent of what you ejaculate — helping to ensure that it will live long enough to accomplish its purpose, which is to fertilize an egg (talk about futile!), not to taste good.

It contains amino acids, citric acid, sugars, enzymes, potassium, zinc and other components with big names. The predominant taste buds that are activated when you taste it are salty and bitter. The taste, and even the odor, of semen can, however, be affected by what you eat. Meat, especially red meat, makes it more acidic; coffee and alcohol increase the bitterness; egg and dairy products are said to impart a rancid taste; and certain vegetables, like asparagus, garlic, onions and members of the broccoli family can contribute their own off-tastes. Smoking is also said to lend a nasty flavor.

Vegetarians supposedly have nutty-flavored semen that is mostly described as being like almonds. Pineapple juice, papayas and bananas will make your semen sweeter.

If it’s not ejaculated, semen is recycled in the body, so the effects of modifying your diet on the taste usually can be detected in 24 hours or so. There is actually a commercial food supplement, sold in tablet form, that is formulated to improve the taste of your semen; it’s called Sweeten69.

It should be mentioned that if you are HIV-positive, there will be almost certainly be HIV in your semen and pre-cum. While saliva contains substance that can kill HIV, those substances are not present in sufficient quantity to neutralize someone’s entire load in your mouth. If there are no cuts in your mouth, however, the risk of HIV transmission via semen in the mouth falls to within the “”acceptable”” range for many. Your digestive juices will definitely kill HIV.

As for increasing the size of your loads, there are plenty of products that claim to be able to do that, but a fool and his money are soon parted. A typical ejaculation is 4-6 ml., or about a teaspoonful. Sure, you can search the tube sites and find cumshots to drown in, but those are one-in-a-million (which can be a lot when there are about six billion people in the world).

The volume of your cumshots will decrease naturally with age. A good diet, a multivitamin supplement and staying well hydrated is probably your best tool to keep your loads at their maximum. Waiting a couple of days between ejaculations will also increase the volume.

Other recommended things include wheat germ, oatmeal, lecithin, other amino acids, pumpkin seeds and Kegel exercises, which strengthen your PC muscle (and can also help you to shoot further). Zinc is said to increase the number of sperm, and possibly improve your libido, while not necessarily increasing the volume of your ejaculate.

The information in this article should not be construed as medical advice. It represents data collected from various Internet sources and is intended for entertainment purposes.

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Another Gay Sequel


Another Gay Sequel

Another Gay Sequel

Don’t miss the most anticipated, outrageous gay flick of the year.  Another Gay Sequel: Gays Gone Wild! is a hilarious movie about four boys who invade spring break in fabulous Ft. Lauderdale to experience as much “”buttlove”” as they can. You can only imagine what saucy, raunchy and sexed-up mischief will ensue! This eye-popping spoof features Perez Hilton, Brett Corrigan, Colton Ford, RuPaul, Lady Bunny and Scott Thompson.  JustUsBoys.com was even featured in the movie.

Photo Courtesy: Christopher Stephens

Quickies with Brandon and Angel Dec08


Brandon Baker And Angel Benton

Brandon Baker And Angel Benton

Brandon: I always go first. I like it that way. It’s cause I am older… and wiser.  That’s probably pushing it, but can we go with it? This issue we’re supposed to talk about our favorite gay movies. Does that mean porn? We always talk about porn.

Angel: No hon, I think we’re supposed to talk about mainstream gay movies.

Brandon: OH! Well, then I think the readers should check out a film called Britney, Baby, One More Time! which stars, well, YOU! That shit was hilarious!

Angel: Why thank you, sugar! I’m glad you liked it. It certainly was a fun movie to make. I’m a big fan of drag queen movies like To Wong Foo, Thanks For Everything, Julie Newmar! or The Adventures Of Priscilla, Queen Of The Desert.

Brandon: Mommie Dearest and Steel Magnolias should be on every gay card too, don’t you think?

Angel: Ha. I don’t think that’s what they meant by gay movies, but in that case, you can’t leave out the quintessential gay camp classic Showgirls!

Brandon: Oh geez… not so much if you ask me. That movie sucked. Now there is a whole new era in gay movies like Another Gay Sequel and RuPaul’s cheerleader movie. I cheer for that.

Angel: When the fuck are WE getting OUR own movie?

Brandon: I don’t think the world is ready for that yet.

Angel: I suppose we should do some talking about porn this month. Lately, I have been really feeling the suit-and-tie fetish sites like MenAtPlay.com and MenHardAtWork.com. Seeing a hot guy like Trevor Knight in a suit and tie really turns my crank. You probably hate those sites though, because you have an unnatural fear of black socks.

Brandon: You are so not joking. It’s crazy. Dark socks freak me out. Keep them away from me. It’s like vampires and garlic, they are scary. One keeps the other away. If it’s an unnatural idea we have here, it’s an unnatural addiction to porn that I have. I can’t get enough of it. Frat boys, big boys, fetish boys, pretty boys, hairy boys, pissing boys, uncut boys, I want them all.

Angel: Well, it would make sense then that you have the same attitude toward boys that you do toward the buffets in Vegas. I’m kidding! You know I love you more than I love my luggage.
Brandon: I don’t need to go to Las Vegas to eat or to gamble. In fact, it’s a big enough gamble being friends with you!

Angel: You’re so sweet…just like gunpowder. Ooh, you know what else is really hot right now? DILFs. People are going crazy online for hot daddies.

Brandon: What the hell is a DILF? It sounds like a Muppet.

Angel: It means “Dads I’d Like to Fuck”… like Brad Pitt. Yum!

Angel: Moving on to Earth-shaking news, can you believe that Clay Aiken is gay?? I am shocked!…. (bursts out laughing) Sorry, even I couldn’t say that with a straight face.

Brandon: I always harbor this feeling that if people say something, they mean it. I should know better, but I want to believe people when they take the time to say something with their own breath. Know what I mean? I always say stuff that ummm… stretches the truth, but it’s always based off the truth. I guess he might not have been lying when he said, “I wasn’t gay”… if he meant the one time he knew which side the guys on the football field should have been running. I mean, did you know they change the sides they run toward halfway though the game? It’s really straight to know that.

Angel: Are you being serious right now? Babe, he is this generation’s answer to Liberace. How the hell could you not know he was gay? Helen Keller knew he was gay!

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