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The Big Penis Book will poke your eye out


Cover of The Big Penis Book

Cover of The Big Penis Book

The Big Penis Book
Edited by Dian Hanson
Taschen, $59.99, pap.

Size queens, gayporn fans and cock-loving straight gals should jump for joy at the publication of The Big Penis Book. The title does not cheat: the book is big (about 12×12 inches, 352 pages and more than an inch thick) and so are the penises in it. The lord only knows where editor Dian Hanson came up with such an astonishing collection of images, but the lord be praised that she did!

Hanson also deserves kudos for the accompanying text, which appears in English, German and French, and in much greater quantity than you see in most Taschen publications. The book stands on its own merits — and hardons — without it, but if you want context for all 400 or so sensational images, it’s there in abundance.

Needless to say, this is a glossy production with mostly full-color images. It’s organized in sections, beginning with Hanson’s introduction, and continuing with 18 chapters on the penis in photography, John Holmes (one of only two stars to have a chapter devoted to him), the most famous early studios, several individual photographers and miscellaneous contemporary photographs.

As Hanson astutely observes, “”Big shoulders, big lapels, and big hair may come and go, but the big penis never goes out of fashion.”” And if you disagree, she gives chapter and verse.

For many, the Holy Grail of huge cocks was swung by Long Dong Silver. Silver’s heyday was 1979-1982, so if you’re thinking “”Photoshopped,”” forget it. For doubting Thomases (or Clarence Thomases), the true story of Long Dong Silver is revealed in its own chapter by Jay Myrdal, the man who discovered and promoted him.

Runner-up in the Holy Grail category is the aforementioned John Holmes, whose cock was reputed to be 13 inches but in reality was more like 11. That’s a reality check a lot of guys would trade a testicle for. Hanson, who interviewed Holmes in 1982, sadly concludes her chapter on him with, “”Morally, it would seem, John fell on his own sword long before his death from AIDS at age 43.””

I only found one error. Brian Hawkes (aka Shawn McIvan) is identified on p. 260 as “”Unknown,”” while Lee Ryder is identified on p. 258 as Brian Hawkes. A cleverly titled “”Appendicks”” gives thumbnail observations about many of the models by the men who photographed them.

The dust jacket adds another layer of fun. It’s completely transparent vinyl, except for the title and the tighty whities. Remove it, and you reveal the cover model’s package. The back cover shows the rear view. Big penis courtesy of Chad Hunt.

Fans of classic porn or vintage erotica have more reasons to seek out and revel in The Big Penis Book. Early film and photography studios and early magazines get their close-ups in Hanson’s meticulously researched and organized presentation: the Athletic Model Guild, Colt, Old Reliable, Champion Studios, the underrated Lobo Studio and others.

This memory lane is as long as the cocks it remembers. Leafing through the book’s pages you will see “”Big”” Bill Eld of early Colt and Brentwood fame, Al Parker, Johnny Thrust, David Ashfield, young Rick Donovan, Rod Garetto (who was ubiquitous in the 1980s and early 1990s), Dick Fisk and the many models catapulted to fame by photographer Fred Bisonnes (Kristen Bjorn among them) a quarter century ago.

There’s grist for the trivia mill, too. In England, for example, until the mid-1990s, you could show a hardon if it was pointing down but not if it was pointing up. Talk about blue laws!

It’s interesting to note that before affirmative action and the “”Black is Beautiful”” movements had yet to make their impacts on politics and popular culture, the “”porn”” community, and especially the gay community, embraced men of color, who are amply represented in the pages of the book. Was this a only thinly disguised racist subscription to the stereotype of black men having big cocks? I’ll leave that question to the academicians.

Not too long ago, The Big Penis Book could never have been published. It exults over the cock. The bigger, the better. And it champions the men those cocks are attached to and the men (I don’t think any women are mentioned, except as costars) who discovered, photographed and promoted them. It’s irresistible to observe, “”You’ve come a long way, baby,”” with all the implications inherent in that old cigarette marketing slogan.

If you visit the Taschen website (www.taschen.com) you can watch a flash video of Hanson talking about the genesis of the book.

The holidays are right around the corner. Bite the bullet and buy the book.

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On the set with real-life couple Damian Rios and Scott Tanner


Damian Rios And Scott Tanner In Western Garb On The Set Of "to The Last Man"In Raging Stallion’s highly anticipated Western cockbuster, To the Last Man, Scott Tanner and Damian Rios are enemies. Their respective cattleman clans (Tanner is a good guy and Rios is a bad guy) are locked in a deadly battle over water that won’t end until there’s only a single man left standing. And it won’t be either one of them. But in real life, Damian and Scott are a couple.

They met in January 2006 – on Scott’s birthday, actually – on the set of Unzipped Video’s [2] of a Kind, a Doug Jeffries film. Tanner was a porn veteran by that time, with about six films to his credit, but this was Rios’ first film.

In fact, Rios was in the Navy at the time, serving his sixth year of enlistment. He had been spotted by Chi Chi LaRue while moonlighting as a bartender at a club in Tampa, Fla. and LaRue set him up to do his first picture. It was a risky move. The U.S. Armed Services are hostile enough to their gay and lesbian service members, but Uncle Sam is downright vindictive when it comes to prosecuting active duty soldiers who perform in adult films. It’s considered prostitution.

Tanner had made his first film in 2002. It was a Brad Austin film for Catalina Video called Sticky Situation. Tanner was in college at the time and had a photographer friend who called one day to inquire if Tanner would be interested in replacing a model who had dropped out of a film production at the last minute. Tanner didn’t balk when he learned the details, and a career was born.

Tanner and Rios now both work for Raging Stallion Studios, Tanner as a full-time producer and model (who also performs for other studios) and Rios as an exclusive model. Rios’ generous contract with Raging Stallion permits him to travel and do shows for other employers, and it allows him to have a second exclusive contract with online producer Cocky Boys.

Scott Tanner, who is from Harrisburg, Pa., has a degree in Marketing and Speech, but his chief side interest these days is in cooking. With the help of a friend, he is developing a cooking show he hopes to sell to a gay TV network. The show will feature celebrities from the world of adult entertainment, who will appear on the show to talk about the comfort foods of their childhood, and Scott will re-create updated, healthier versions of those dishes on the show.

Damian Rios, a Dallas, Tx. boy, ended his eight-year stint in the Navy this year. He had been serving as a Hospital corpsman, a job in which he worked as a medical specialist and caregiver for active duty personnel. Word of Damian’s porn career had surfaced among some of his military peers, and a few concerned friends urged him to “”out”” himself as gay and seek an honorable discharge under “”Don’t Ask Don’t Tell,”” rather than risk prosecution and a jail term by remaining in the service and having his porn career revealed. Which is exactly what he did. Damian got an Honorable Discharge in March 2008. He hopes to use the GI Bill to extend his training and education as a nurse, remaining in the profession in which he was trained by the Navy.

While on location for To the Last Man, Damian rendered plenty of professional and emotional TLC to models and staff alike, many of whom were physically unprepared for the high altitude and other rigors of such a remote location.

Damian set up the huge telescope for stargazing and to watch the annual Perseid meteor showers. The film location, being so remote, experiences no ambient light after dark and you can see the Milky Way with the naked eye. Damian was also interested in learning from me about the I Ching, the ancient book of prophecy and divination, and how to implement contemporary interpretations of its concepts and symbolism.

Onscreen, both men are versatile, although Tanner is more likely to be seen as a top and Rios as a bottom. Damian admits to being slightly jealous about sharing Scott with his onscreen partners. On the set of To the Last Man, neither of them displayed anything resembling a diva’s temperament. Scott was as happy to talk about his interest in cooking as he was to make routine trips to the landfill or the supermarket (two hours, one-way), or the airport (just over three hours, one-way), while Damian never needed to be asked to pitch in after a meal and help clean up.

They were among the last to leave the ranch after filming was completed, anxious to return to civilization after 15 days in the wilderness. The costumes and props were packed away, the fake blood cleaned up, and the feud that resulted in their deaths now just the memory of another job well done.

To the Last Man will be released in November 2008.

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Playgirl Campus Hunks


Playgirl.com Campus Hunks 2008

Playgirl.com Campus Hunks 2008

“For the second year in a row, PlayGirl.com has given special access to the JustUsBoys.com Magazine so that our readers get the first sneak preview of the Campus Hunks issue.  Once again, the issue is filled with some of the hottest men walking the planet.  These university students come from every corner of the country, but they all have one thing in common…. They are smoking hot!  And while we have four preview photos for you to enjoy the next couple of months, we know that what you really want is to pick up the November issue of PlayGirl so you can see these hot men naked.  We aren’t hurt.  We already got to see them naked and we feel badly that you have to wait.  It’ll be OK.  Just be sure to pick up that November issue.  You won’t be sorry. 

To see more men of PlayGirl visit JustUsBoys.com/mag/112

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Tommy Defendi


Up And Cummer: Tommy Defendi

Up And Cummer: Tommy Defendi

Tommy Defendi is a newbie to the world of gay porn and is quickly becoming a fan favorite.  At 19 years of age, this college student comes from Chicago and stands a commanding 6’1” and tells us, “aside from my teeth, I would say my 8 ½” penis would be my best physical feature.  That is sad to say because I do workout five days a week (Laughs).”  With his witty sense of humor and princely good looks, Defendi has a commanding sexual quality rarely found in such a young man.  

He made his porn debut at College Dudes 247 and has recently inked an exclusive contract with Suite 703. “Suite 703 is amazing! I love everyone there. Our director Jim Steel is nothing short of AMAZING! Jason, Sharon, and everyone behind the camera are awesome and it would not be nearly the same without them! I am very excited for this great opportunity, and I hope you all login to Suite 703 and enjoy all the great porn being made by me and all the other great performers on the sites!”  

Being a college student, Defendi says “The best part about being a student for me is the freedom to do what you please. I have a lot of fun classes, and I meet a lot of interesting people. Plus, I can pay tuition with the money I make from doing porn!”   We asked him if he had any sexual fantasies about fraternity hazing, and we found out that he got to fulfill one on camera at College Dudes 247 – “Well, actually it’s funny that you ask that.  I have a scene with Aaron James where we are initiating a pledge into our fraternity. We tie him up and put a blindfold over his eyes…then have at it. The video shows it all on the site, and it was a blast making it.”

One thing is for sure, this Italian stallion is one young man that we look forward to seeing a lot more. See Tommy’s gallery on our website at JustUsBoys.com/mag/119

Photos Courtesy: Media Gio

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Quickies with Brandon and Angel


Quickies W/ Brandon And Angel

Quickies W/ Brandon And Angel

Brandon: We get to talk about college this time. Right on. College boys are some of my favorite types of boys. It seems like only yesterday I was in college in New Orleans on Lake Pontchartrain and absolutely loving seeing the boys out on the field without shirts playing whatever games they played and turning  that into porn in my own head. It was very distracting while I was trying to secure my place in academia. I never lived  on campus, but often wished I did when I would hang out with friends in the dorms. It seemed like the walls just exuded hot sex all the time when I was there.

Angel: Surprise, surprise, I never went to college, nor do I really see the appeal of the whole “fraternity” life (not that I don’t LOVE me some frat boy porn). The whole “hazing” thing just sounds like something I would NOT put up with.

Brandon: …put up with it? Man, I think I’d pay extra for it. Isn’t hazing when you can’t see stuff ‘cause it’s cloudy out? JUST KIDDING. Hazing is hot. I would have loved some of that locker room action after the boys were done playing a sweaty game of football.

Angel: Hazing doesn’t always take place in a locker room, you know.

Brandon: I know, but I want it to. *wink*

Angel: Let’s talk about our favorite guys on college themed websites. I am all about Lucas from CorbinFisher.com, Alan from Fratpad.com, Aaron James from College Dudes 24/7 and Shane Erickson from HotJocksNiceCocks.com, talk about hotness!

Brandon: I can’t learn enough about the boys that are in college and on rentboy.com. In fact, I like to think I am helping some through college. The collegiate guys on boys-pissing.com and undietwinks.com are a book’s throw away from getting all my funds. I am going to need a dick-tionary to think of new words when I am done thinking about those studly boys.

Angel: You’re just so clever aren’t you? Didn’t you start doing porn when you were in college? Oh wait, did they even have the Internet back when you were in college?

Brandon: …that’s not even a college debate. You are a mess. Yes, they had internet. I went to school in New Orleans, not the moon…and another yes–I started my own porn life in college. It was so fun to spend time in a scene, bust a nut and then head back to classes. I learned stuff on set I didn’t learn in school. I came out towards the end of college, and now I wish I would have come out earlier. College would have been a “hole” lot hotter.

Angel: Let’s close with a little bit of gay porn gossip. Did you know that uber-hot daddy Tyler Saint married his longtime boyfriend here inCalifornia now that it is legal?

Brandon: I don’t want to write about that. I want to write about something scandalous.

Angel: OK….how about this heated debate going on in the industry right now over oral cum shots? How do you feel about that, since one of your prerequisites for potential suitors is that they swallow?

Brandon: *GASP!* Angel! That is the worst kind of rumor…a true rumor.

Cody Springs


Cody Springs

Cody Springs

“At 21 years of age, Cody Springs is a young man who knows what he wants and how to get it.  Cody is half Hawaiian and half Native American – Cherokee. A native of California, Cody made his porn debut in 2007 by appearing on RandyBlue.com and was subsequently signed to an exclusive contract where he shot a total of ten scenes.  With his contract complete, Cody has recently shot scenes for Naughty America and Evan Rivers.  “The best thing about doing porn for me is the lifestyle and the fans!  Sexually, I would have to say getting a BJ is my favorite thing, and my turn off would have to be a lousy BJ. That really matters to me more then anything else sexual.”

Since Cody is a college student, we had to know the following:
If you joined a Fraternity, how would you like to be hazed?  “By getting spanked over and over!  And then of course a good BJ.”
If one of your pledges was really hot, how would you haze him?  “I would make him my servant, so I could spend a lot of time with him.”
Where is the one place on campus you most want to have sex?  “I really want to have sex in the weight room.”
What is the best part about being a college student today?  “Well, for me it is having sex with my professor!  Oh wait…is that legal?” (Big Laugh)
Describe your wildest college experience thus far?  “One of my buddies decided to have a party and we got so drunk that we all started skinny dipping in the pool and the next thing you know everyone just started having sex. So much fun!”
We’re sure that you’ll agree, Cody Springs really is the total package!  A self described free spirit, he is open to all that life has to offer and is looking forward to more work in front of the camera.  “Outside of porn I am really into cars, working out, and just enjoying life to the fullest.  Being selected to be on the cover of JustUsBoys is a huge honor for me.”
See more of Cody on our website at:
See our video interview with Cody: Click Here

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Eyecandy: Jeremy Hall


Eyecandy: Jeremy Hall

Eyecandy: Jeremy Hall

Do you remember the first time you saw a real jock walking across campus, and you had to lower your books or backpack in order to hide your visible excitement?  You then found yourself heading to the campus stadium or arena at game time to watch him in all his athletic glory. Then you went back to your dorm room to take matters into your own hands, fantasizing about what it would be like to have your way with him. Sound familiar?””According to Jeremy Hall, “”real jocks fuck””, and that fantasy now comes to life when you visit ClubJeremyHall.com. Former hockey player and athletic porn stud Jeremy Hall, who made his porn debut in 2004 at Falcon Studios and later worked with Jet Set, Titan Men, Studio 2000 and Rascal Video has gathered some of the hottest jocks around to appear on his site.  Here you will find almost every jock fantasy you can imagine plus weekly live shows.  “I started Club Jeremy Hall to celebrate the athletic competitive male and to prove that jocks have really hot sexual chemistry with each other.  After all…Real Jocks Fuck!”  That basically sums up what this site is all about…hot jocks fucking!  So what are you waiting for?  Pull out that old jockstrap of yours and get off by visiting Club Jeremy Hall. See more from ClubJeremyHall at JustUsBoys.com/mag/113

JUB Profile: CollegeDudes247


Jub Profile: Collegedudes247.com

Jub Profile: Collegedudes247.com

When one thinks of college, it is hard not to think of the virile and sexually charged exuberance found in the young men on campuses across the country.  After all, these young men are out on their own for the first time in their lives and they are exploring all that life has to offer – both in their studies and their extracurricular activities.  Lucky for everyone who likes to see these ‘Dudes’ more intimately, CollegeDudes247.com launched January 1, 2007. The website celebrates the sexually charged energy of these men as they explore their desires and passions.  In a market flooded with websites focused on the college aged male, CollegeDudes247 has quickly become one of the top producers of this genre today.

We sat down with Aaron Sherman and Abner Castro, two of the original three founders of the website (Matt Vieques is the 3rd) to discuss the site.  “All of us had been working our corporate jobs for many years and had discussed launching a site for about 10 years before we actually did it.  At first, we all thought it would be a part time weekend thing.  We did not realize the amount of work it would really take” indicated Sherman.  “We quickly discovered that it was easier for us to recruit college aged dudes as models, and that is how we decided on the collegiate theme.”
Currently, CollegeDudes247 is only available on the internet, but there are plans in the works to release content on DVD later this year.  “We started out to be internet only because all of us had grown up with the web and really liked watching porn on the web.  Two of us had worked on multi-million dollar website development projects previously, so for us it was a natural to be web based.  Of course, none of us had experience with getting guys naked in front of cameras at first, so that was a learning curve to overcome – but a fun one!”
At just under two years old, CollegeDudes247 has grown tremendously.  When asked what they attribute their success to, Sherman indicated “It surprises us all how quickly we grew and I do not think we expected it.  We wanted to provide something that was a little different and fresh.  We saw a need in the consumer marketplace for a site that promotes a positive attitude about sexuality.  A lot of our competitors that feature the same age group focus on the ‘Let’s get a straight guy to have sex with another guy’ thing. Although we have straight, gay and bi guys on our site, we do not make an issue out of it and rather we promote it as dudes just having fun.  For us it is about portraying young dudes doing what feels good and just celebrating sexuality without all the labels.”
CollegeDudes247 currently offers content updates twice a week with plans to increase that in the future. That means they are heavily focused on production and providing their members with new scenes on a consistent basis.  “One of the nice things about being a web based business is that we can run a model by our members and if they really like that model, we can get the model back very soon and get the scene up on the site quickly.  Out of all the other producers I have talked to, I believe we have the shortest window of shoot date to release date.”
In a market inundated with content, it is often hard for a website to meet their consumer demands and keep them coming back for more.  However, at CollegeDudes247 their focus is listening to their members’ needs and wants.  In fact, members of the site can even post their comments about the models and scenes directly on the site.  In addition, the models have the ability to respond directly to their fans through the web as well.  “Our customer feedback is very important to us and is a big difference between us and our competition.  I even have my AIM information on the site and members and non-members can IM me whenever I am online and speak directly with me and provide feedback, ask questions or whatever they want to talk about.  Many of our models also have their own blogs on the site and send in updates every week of what is going on in their lives.  Overall it is that interactivity that I think has set us apart in the industry and we really like getting the feedback from our members.”

We asked who the top five models on the site are based on the membership feedback. “In no particular order, the fist would be Jake.  He was an early favorite for our members and he came onto the site about one month after we launched and is an amazing performer.  Brad came shortly after that and he was excellent.  Aaron James, who is one of our exclusives, has been extremely popular and continues to give great performances.  Ty Carver and Shane Erickson also receive a lot of very positive feedback from our members.  We have so many guys that are our favorites, but in terms of consistency from viewer feedback I have to say those five are the top right now.”

We, along with Sherman and Castro, were surprised to learn who the typical consumer of the collegiate themed gay porn site is.  “We did a demographic sampling of our members and I always thought that the typical member would fall into the age bracket of 40 to 50.  However, we have a substantial number of members who are in college and they want to watch their own peer group.  The other group that is significant is the 25 – 35 age brackets who are recently out of college and for them it is a way to look back fondly on their college memories.  So, we have a very nice cross section of age demographics joining our site.”

Initially when the site launched DRM technology was used to protect their content.  However, based on consumer demand they decided to drop that technology last year and members can now download content without the need of password protection.  After dropping the DRM technology Sherman indicated “we did not see a decrease in demand for our content and we did not see any increase in pirating either, which was good because it made our members happy that they could now download and keep their videos for as long as they want.  We also offer streaming and we are always upgrading our technology for better quality and faster streams to our consumer.  We are also shooting in High Definition now and offering downloads in QuickTime and the iPod.”

CollegeDudes247.com offers several membership options including recurring, non-recurring and annual.  All of which give full access to the entire site.  So, are hot, young college aged men your thing?  If so, CollegeDudes247 is a must!  There is a large selection of videos consisting of both solo and hardcore.  Additionally, this is one of the only sites that offer you the ability to interact with the models.  So after you have logged on and got off, so to speak, you can shoot your favorite model a message to his blog or post a comment on his video.  This site exceeds expectations of quality and customer satisfaction in every way.

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