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Raging Stallion babes grow up to be cowboys


Ricky Sinz

Ricky Sinz

Before the boy named Sue, there was the man named Pearl.

Pearl was born in 1872 in Ohio, where he lived more than half his life, then he moved to Southern California, where he died in 1939. Over the course of his life, Pearl wrote 100 novels, mostly about the old West, that generated more than 110 films and a TV series. Pearl was one of the first American authors to earn a million dollars from his writing. A century later, he is widely regarded as the greatest writer of fiction about the Wild Wild West. You know him better as Zane Grey.

Raging Stallion is poised to charge into Zane Grey territory this summer, to film a two-part western that will be released at the end of the year. The film, titled To the Last Man, will be the successor to last year’s Grunts, which swept the Hard Choice, GayVN and Grabby Awards. Though with a smaller cast and fewer scenes than Grunts, this western is poised to break new ground in many ways.

The film will be directed and filmed by all three of Raging Stallion’s award winning in-house directors: Chris Ward, Ben Leon and Tony Dimarco. A location search turned up the perfect site: a real cattle ranch in the heart of Zane Grey country, complete with standing 19th century and early 20th century buildings, and a 1,000-year-old Native American village of over 200 rooms.

Ward, who holds a doctorate in archaeology and is a fan of Zane Grey novels, says he has always wanted to make a contemporary cowboy movie, and he’s eager to take that plunge.

Ben Leon is also excited about the possibilities offered by a Western: “What’s sexier than a cowboy? Similar to the army, the idea of the West lends itself easily to sexualization. Masculinity rules in the Wild West; among the cattle and the horses there isn’t much to do but spend time with other men. The romance of the old buildings and a different time and place adds a dimension and depth to the hardcore fucking we plan to shoot. The west also offers us a beautiful but dusty landscape to work with, a great place for dick sucking and ass fucking. A working cowboy has a hard time staying clean and we intend to capture the sweat and dirt that come with hard work and good sex.”

Although there have been a few Western-themed porn films, this production will set the bar for authenticity. Besides the location, the props and costumes will be actual apparel and gear used by working cowboys, from lariats to holsters, boots, spurs, branding irons and horses that still work cattle today. With To the Last Man, Raging Stallion will literally earn its equine moniker.

The story, which is based on the novel of the same name by Zane Grey, is as contemporary today as it was a century ago. The West is in the middle of a severe drought, which leads to a range war between cattlemen competing for the little water that remains. The strife pits two lovers on opposite sides of the fray.

Raging Stallion exclusive Ricky Sinz, top individual award winner of 2007, will get top billing as the cowhand fomenting the dispute. Sinz will be supported by a cast numbering 15 or more, many of whom were hired for their ability to ride a horse!

Tony Dimarco has no problem about letting his porn star babes grow up to be cowboys: “I’m very excited to be working on this film with such a stellar cast. Rugged and handsome, the models for this film look like they could be right out of a Sergio Leone western with the added bonus of being incredibly sexy and well hung!”

When the Raging Stallion cast and crew arrive for filming, it will be no small event. Chris Ward, who is no stranger to remote and sometimes forbidding locations, says that few studios could manage a location shoot like this one. It will require generators, truckloads of food, at least half a dozen crew members, a U-Haul full of equipment and the usual buckets of condoms, lube, sunscreen.

The remoteness of the locale has its pluses and minuses. Besides cattle, horses and the resident ranch dog, there’s plenty of wildlife. A flock of wild turkeys woke everyone up one morning and herds of elk are a common sight. Less common — but not rare — are javelina, coyotes, coatimundi (a relative of the raccoon) and an occasional rattlesnake, black bear or cougar.

At night, there’s no ambient light for miles, so one can see the Milky Way with the naked eye. It guarantees plenty of privacy for shooting, but it means there’s nowhere for the models to go, and little for them to do, when they’re “off duty.” Ward and company are already brainstorming ideas for recreation and entertainment.

The two-part DVD will have six full-action sex scenes per disk, not including solos, which may number as many as six. The story will also contain scenes depicting harsh frontier justice of a kind that you’ve never seen in porn before.

Director Chris Wards says, “To the Last Man is going to be huge movie in
the tradition of Arabesque and Grunts. I really enjoy making big-budget movies! I am very excited about working with directors Ben Leon and Tony Dimarco. These guys are the top talent in our industry in terms of directing. Between the three of us, we have won the awards for Best Picture three years in a row! One thing I can say is this: To the Last Man will be like no other porn movie ever made! The sex, the violence, the cast, and the setting will all add up to one hell of a movie.”

Porn is finally going to meet the real West. Filming begins in August. Giddyup!

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RentBoy Pool Party Fort Lauderdale


Rentboy Pool Party

Rentboy Pool Party

The RentBoy Pool Party Fort Lauderdale

Imagine, your favorite adult film stars and rentboys, all together, splashing around in a pool with you. Their muscular hot chests glistening with water while the sun beats down on them. Does this sound like your kind of fantasy?  Well, this fantasy can be reality on Saturday, July 12 at the Rentboy Pool Party in Fort Lauderdale. The hottest men of Rentboy, various porn stars, and their fans will come together at a pool party at Windamar Beach Club for a day of fun, sun and frolic.This full weekend of events heats up Fort Lauderdale beginning on July 11th.  Billed as The Only Place to Get “Up Close and Personal” with your favorite Porn Stars and RentBoys, the pool party has quickly become a must attend event!  The party will be held at the Windamar Beach Club on Saturday July 12th from 11AM to 8PM and tickets can be purchased in advance by going to BuyTix.net.  There are a number of ticket options available with prices for the pool party starting at $35.00 in advance and/or a VIP package for $105.00 in advance for the entire weekend of events.  For a complete list of events visit RentBoyPoolParty.com.

The current list of Porn Stars scheduled to appear includes, Nick Capra, Barrett Long, Diesel Washington, Ago Viera, Kurt Wild, Joe Strong, RJ Danvers, Dean Tucker, Nick Cross, Sean Preston, Ryann Wood, Dallas Corbin, Steven Ponce, Billy Davidson, Tommy Blade, the Men of FlavaWorks and many more!  With a lineup like that, who could resist attending this event?  Proceeds from beverage sales will benefit The Pet Project, a charity that devotes its time and effort to assisting those struggling with terminal illness by caring of their animals.

The weekend kicks off on July 11th with a welcome party at Fort Lauderdale’s famous Boardwalk Bar from 10PM – 3AM where many of the Porn Stars and RentBoys will be on hand to entertain the masses.  After the pool party on Saturday, the Boardwalk Bar will play host again with the After Party from 10PM – 3AM with special surprises throughout the night.  Sunday, July 13th the Windamar Beach Resort plays host to the Recovery Party where the fun and frolic continues in the pool.  The Closing Party will take place Sunday night at VooDoo Lounge which is one of South Florida’s hottest nightclubs.

This event is sponsored by FabScout Entertainment, CockyBoys.com, JumpOnMarksList.com, JustUsBoys.com, BoardwalkBar.com, The Pet Project, Pubset Signage Depot, FlavaWorks, The BirdCage and Windamar Beach Resort.

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PerfectGuyz.com Profile




“Since early 2005, PerfectGuyz.com has been mesmerizing and stimulating their subscribers with stunning models, exceptional photography and cutting edge technology. All these elements come together to provide their customers with scintillating solo and hardcore scenes of some of the most beautiful men found on the Internet today. JUB sat down with the founder of the site and he indicated, “We founded PerfectGuyz.com with the goal to present a fresh perspective on gay porn. We saw a need for truly high quality gay porn. Our intent is to portray men in the most positive way possible through high quality production techniques.”

With so many gay porn websites available in the marketplace today, PerfectGuyz has been able to set themselves apart from the competition through their high production values and quality models. “PerfectGuyz is one-of-a-kind.  Our key differentiator is the quality of our men and the style in which they are presented.  We focus on finding men that are not only beautiful and unique but also embody character and style.  We also take advantage of proprietary technology to differentiate PerfectGuyz from other gay porn websites.  PerfectGuyz content is delivered lightning-fast from a world class server network. We want our members, wherever they reside, to have access to PerfectGuyz content in the fastest possible time.”

With amateur free porn sites popping up all over the internet these days, we wanted to know whether or not this had a positive or negative effect on PerfectGuyz.  “Amateur free sites have always had a presence on the internet.  The appearance of the “Tube” sites creates a greater awareness of amateur gay porn. PerfectGuyz views these sites as helpful to our brand marketing as there are many abbreviated PerfectGuyz videos that appear on these sites. As an example, members of X-tube, etc. can view short clips and then are directed to PerfectGuyz to view the full length video.”  It appears this approach to viral marketing is having a positive impact on the bottom line at PerfectGuyz. “We also promote the site through MySpace and DList regularly.”

“The future of Gay Porn is both exciting and challenging. We believe the consumers and their interest will drive the future of gay porn for a high quality and diverse set of products. One of our founding principles is based in customer satisfaction. We listen to our customer and respond to their input.  PerfectGuyz currently utilizes a ‘consumer focus group’ to help drive product direction and future site features.”

Of course, PerfectGuyz would be nothing without the beautiful models that adorn the site. “Recruiting beautiful men for PerfectGuyz is definitely a challenge and we use every avenue available to us.  But, we also have our own special recruitment technique that has done very well for us. Our members have revered the top 5 most popular models, and we continually get requests for them. They are (drum roll) in order of popularity: Colt in First place, then Anthony, Stone, Derek, and Riley.  Their popularity is due to their beauty and charisma. We receive many emails messages applauding Colt. He’s a truly amazing man.  Colt has charm, sophistication and, of course, off the charts sex appeal – everything that truly embodies PerfectGuyz style.”

Many of the models on PerfectGuyz are “fresh faces” who have not appeared anywhere else.  “A fresh face is always interesting. One of our requirements for recruits is they have very limited or no experience. However, occasionally we will use a guy that has experience as an amateur performer or a porn star.”  The photography on the site is also exceptional.  When asked how important the still photography is to the site, the founder had this to say: “Still images are paramount at PerfectGuyz. We take onerous steps in producing the highest quality still images possible.  In the past, before PerfectGuyz, we had been amateur photographers. But when PerfectGuyz launched we honed our skills and employed new technology to produce the level of quality required for PerfectGuyz.”

Aside from technology, PerfectGuyz has always held a strong emphasis on production quality and continues to strive for excellence in all they do.  “We pay careful attention to every detail.  So, it all starts with choosing the right guy. Then we storyboard the scene – start to finish.  We choose his wardrobe and the setting for the photography and videography; we match skin tone, eye color and overall style so the guy looks and feels natural in the set.  The entire capture process takes about 4 hours – and after filming so many guys, we have it down to a science.”  Members of the site are treated to a new guy every Sunday at 9pm Pacific time.

So why should you become a member of PerfectGuyz?  “PerfectGuyz has beautiful, sexy men filmed and photographed in a unique style!  Members will see many guys that are first-timers – naked and hard – doing what guys do best, in all their innocent glory.”   Additionally “The future is exciting. First, PerfectGuyz plans to add hot sex scenes to the library. We pride ourselves on delivering solo scenes – but now it’s time to move on.  In the coming year, members will also see a new version of the PerfectGuyz website that will offer new functionality. We want our members to have access to our content anytime and everywhere.”  That means the content will be available on a computer, iPhone, PDA device or other future technology, certainly securing a place for PerfectGuyz as one of today’s top gay porn destination sites.

PerfectGuyz.com offers a variety of memberships: monthly one-time and recurring, or longer term memberships that offer a significant savings.
So, are you still in search of the perfect gay porn site?  Look no further! Quality and quantity is what you’ll find at PerfectGuyz.com.  They have a huge selection of absolutely stunning guys with hard and tight bodies. And the quality, second to none, surpasses all expectations of excellence.  Be careful;  however, for once you’re in, this site becomes a vortex, it is truly an irresistible force that transforms minutes into hours, and hours into days. But don’t worry if you get swept away, because once you arrive at PerfectGuyz.com, you’ll know its the place to be.

Visconti x3


Visconti Triplets

Visconti Triplets

Sometimes you have to do a double take when you see something awesome. In this case, a triple take is in order. Let’s all give a nice warm welcome to the hottest thing to hit gay porn since gay porn itself….The Visconti Triplets. These buff 22-year-old, 6’1” identical triplets fresh out of Budapest, Hungary give a whole new meaning to brotherly love.

Although you may have a difficult time telling them apart, once you get to know them, you can most likely find one for each of your personalities. These three hotties may look alike and fuck alike; but in reality, they are all very different people. To the naked eye, their best attribute may seem a bit obvious, but what the boys consider them to be, go much deeper than that of their physicality. For Jason, it’s his outgoing personality, not to mention his sexual prowess.  According to Jason, “I love to fuck, so being in porn is a perfect job,” he proclaims.  He also admits, “I’m good with my hands”.  That goes well beyond what you have in mind, as he loves working on his bike and learning to be a mechanic. As for Jimmy, he told us, “I’m very relaxed and let things come as they may”. Never getting too emotional, he likes to keep things on an even keel.  Then there is Joey.  And as he tells us, well, he simply tries “to be open minded about everything”. That is why new experiences, such as porn, seem to fit into his life so well.
When not having sex, the brothers also have a myriad of preferences on how they spend their spare time, including where they love to be. While you’re likely to find Jason blasting down the road on his Ducati, putting as much distance between him and home as possible, you’ll probably find Joey either taking a dance class (he’s extremely flexible), or at home spending time with his family, snuggled up on the couch with a good book. According to Jimmy however, “give me mountains and a snowboard, and you may not hear from me for days.”

When it comes to what gets the brothers excited (with the exception of a hot guy) they all seem to agree that being on camera rates pretty high. Jason admits, “I like the camera and how I can show the world what a great fuck I am. It’s great to put on a show.” The downside to that, he doesn’t like the fact “guys I’m with can’t keep up with me sometimes.” Jimmy, on the other hand, really enjoys the freedom he finds working in the porn industry. “My friends all have to work and when they want to do something, they have to work around a routine schedule”. As far as Joey goes, he’s perfectly happy as long as he’s “with a guy who takes care of himself”.

Even with their newly found success, these three are still very focused on the future.  All three seem to have a good handle on how they determine long-term success. As Jason puts it, “I would like to live in Italy. I like money, but I like to have fun even more. So success to me means being able to do what I want, with whom I want, when I want. I’d really like to just ride across Europe, from Portugal to Russia, then through to China.  That’s my ultimate goal.” Jimmy too places emphasis on time more than money when it comes to his view of success. Having “time for me to do what I want, that’s what is really important.  But, I would like to have enough money to open my own snowboard shop in California.”, he admits.  Joey, who is not quite as talkative as his brothers, still maintains a well-grounded sense of what success is. “Finding that special someone, who understands me as much as I understand them. I’d like to find someone I can really get into. Just that one person for me.” he states.  Joey also adds, “I’d just love to stay at home.  If I had someone special, I’d have no reason to go anywhere else.”

As far as how they view their purpose in life, their views remain fairly consistent with each other. As Jason so eloquently replies, “Your life is yours to live and you have to give it purpose.” Jimmy adamantly agreed by stating, “You just have to find your own way in life.”, and Joey chimed in by adding, “You have to be yourself, being at the whim of some other being should never define your purpose.”

Stepping away from the realities of success, we ask the triplets what their greatest fantasies were.  There again, we received three answers as different as the brothers themselves. While Jason just wants to “fuck other beautiful people”, Jimmy imagines a world where people are all chill and they “do whatever, whenever, with no strings, no obligation, just hanging out and having fun if it moves you with no pressure.” Joey, sticking to his romantic style, describes his greatest fantasy as “finding the love of my life and spending the rest of our lives together”.

Of course, it’s not all fun and games for the triplets.  Just as we all do, they too have challenges in life.  With Jason, it’s school, the fear of heights and the open water. For Jimmy, having to learn “new things” and his “fear of bugs” keep him in check, and for Joey, “being away from home or in large crowds are what presents him with his greatest challenges.  Along with the reality of phobias, the triplets, like everyone else, have had their moments of embarrassment as well.  Jason recalls a time when he was checking out a hot guy while riding his bike…nevermind the curb.  He quickly recovered from the minor scrapes and bruises but it was his ego, which took quite a beating.  When we asked Jimmy about his most embarrassing moment, he told us his friends took more than one poke at him as he was learning to snowboard, as he spent more time on his ass then actually standing.  And last, but not least, once in a dance performance, Joey’s pants split wide open during the middle of the routine.  But, just as he does in video, he just kept on going.  We’re certain his audience didn’t mind.

Finally, we asked the boys, “If you had to describe yourself in one word, what would it be?”  As you may expect, the answers varied a great deal more than the consistency of their good looks.  Jason told us, “sex” best describes him. Jimmy said “fun”, and Joey, with a bit of shy hesitation said, “introverted”.  If you ever met the boys in person, I’m sure you’d agree with them.

So, as you can see, these boys may look alike, sound alike, and fuck alike, but behind the physical make-up, they are all truly a delight, in their own way. It’s true what they say, bad things happen in threes, and here we have three of the baddest things to happen in decades…and we do mean bad to the bone.  So, make sure you check this trio out.  You won’t be sorry!

Quickies with Angel and Brandon


Dempsey Stearns

Dempsey Stearns

Angel: Let’s start with who is hot in porn right now. I am really digging the Suite703.com exclusive Dempsey Stearns (pictured). He’s a total hottie!

Brandon: I am on a rush for the fetish boys from the English sites like UKNakedMen.com and Triga.com. I had to look at a few of the English sites while planning HustlaBall London and now I can’t get enough of them.

Angel: I am with you on the UKNakedMen. Carl and Harry Louis from that site are both so fucking hot that I would write bad checks for them. Oh wait, they’re English, so I guess I would write bad “cheques.”

Brandon: Does that mean if you married one of them they would be your cheque mate?

Angel: Ummm…save the “Czech” jokes for the Bel Ami boys.

Angel: Moving on to discussing the trends in gay porn right now, how do you feel about tube sites (like YouTube or XTube)? YouTube is great, but it can be a trap that you never get out of! I have lost many an hour to YouTube. XTube has some really cool (free!) porn too, but the problem is you have to wade through tons of absolute crap to get to it.

Brandon: …just like a pancake, there are two sides. I totally love access to free porn and teasers that allow me to decide if I would be interested in purchasing the full-length clip. However, from the producer’s side it’s a steal. Literally. …and I know that’s got to hurt. I have spent my time on XTube, RedTube, PornoTube, and many more, satisfying every indulgence I feel at the moment. Then I feel guilty. I want my pancake buttered on both sides, but I have a feeling one of the sides is going to soak up most of the butter.

Angel: Babe, while you are over at IHOP somewhere, the point I was trying to make is that I love those teasers too. I just hate having to sit through 2,000 Joe Schmos with a webcam taping themselves jacking off to get to the good stuff.

Brandon: I like the Joe Schmos. In fact, the thought that I am catching a novice busting a nut is a thrill for me. Send the Joe Schmos to me, please.

Angel: Let’s close with a little bit of gossip shall we? Can you believe all that drama between Derek and Romaine over at Sirius OutQ satellite radio and the entire gay porn industry? It all started because they didn’t care for Jesse Santana’s publicist and decided to take it out on poor Jesse live on the air. That sucks because Jesse is really sweet.

Brandon: I have to say they have tipped my hat a bit in the wrong direction, but whatever. I sure am spending time talking about them now aren’t I? My own industry might rebel against me, but I applaud Jesse Santana for standing up for his individuality. He’s the butt of many jokes and the butt of the year since he won Best Bottom at the Grabbys this year in Chicago.

Covermodel Paul




After waking up with a fresh cup of coffee around 9:00 a.m., there is nothing Paul likes more than going out for a long, hard jog, working up a good sweat, and then getting his blood pumping even more by hitting the gym.  This is how the up and coming star likes to get his day off to a start, before he gets off…and does it ever show. This 5’10” 185 pound, 23 year old has an incredible body, which much like him, just won’t quit.  Aside from his ferocious body, which he regards as his best attribute, Paul has a truly energetic, sincere, and captivating smile that will melt the heart of anyone who dares to look into his gorgeous brown eyes. His beaming grin fits well with his positive attitude and personal philosophy “its better to smile than frown”.

Acting just seems to come natural for Paul.  It quickly becomes obvious when watching him perform, that acting is not something alien to Paul.  What makes him so successful in the industry? “Its fun ya know.” Says the actor.  When performing on film, Paul contributes a large percentage of his huge success to the fact he “always has a lot of fun doing this”.  Feeling totally at ease, as though the cameras weren’t present, Paul always delivers loads of quality content for the film crew.  Paul also admits however, he is “a pretty sexual guy”, which also contributes greatly to him having so much fun filming.

So, what does this hunk do when he’s not filming or working on his, or someone else’s body?  “Mostly I like to hang with my friends, hang out at the beach, or just about anything outdoors.  I love to be outdoors”.  Included in his many varied outdoor activities are kayaking, surfing, playing basketball, and yes…sex! Paul definitely has a wild side, one of an exhibitionist, even off camera.  When we asked Paul what the wildest adventure he ever had was, he told us; “I once had sex at an outdoor concert in San Francisco, in front of thousands of people.” “It was pretty crazy,” he admits, but it goes right along with the size of his package and the motto he lives his life by, “Go big or go home.”   Another one of Paul’s favorite pastimes is driving along the coast in a convertible. Also as an avid skier, you also might find him on the slopes of beautiful Lake Tahoe, or when he gets the chance, you may find him playing poker in Las Vegas. But, when he’s not out and about, you can find this one snuggled up at home.  Much like his astrological sign of Cancer, he admits “I like being in my shell sometimes, just hide away and indulge myself”.

When we asked Paul how he releases his tensions and unwinds after a long day of work and play, he responds; “I love to relax with a glass of Crown Royal, and talk with my friends.”  “On days the weather’s not so good for being outside, I like to go shopping for new clothes”, but admits, he’d “much rather be undressed than dressed”.

Along with his hard, lean and luscious body, his penetratingly beautiful eyes, his well-endowed package, his radiant smile, his amazingly positive and upbeat personality…(oh, and did I mention his package), there is a softer side to Paul, who is a hopeless romantic.  When we asked, he told us; “Roses, champagne, and chocolate covered strawberries by candlelight make the ideal setting for a romantically enchanting evening.”

Keep an eye out for more of Paul sure to “cum” soon.  Most definitely, in the true sense of the words, Paul represents a great “Up and Cumming Porn Star”.

photo courtesy: PerfectGuyz.com

Rusty the Up and Cummer




Rusty comes to us from San Diego and is currently represented by FabScout Entertainment.  Discovered by Dirk Yates this past year, Rusty has quickly become a very sought after performer in both Internet and Studio DVD productions. At 22 years of age, this six foot tall, 175 pound eye-catching young man certainly turns heads when he walks into a room.

Rusty is a versatile performer who truly loves to play it both ways. Rusty says, “I really like performing for the camera. I am an actor at heart.  When filming porn I get to live out sexual fantasies that I do not do in my personal life.  As an example, I am not usually very vocal at home when having sex, but on camera I get very loud.” Self described as bi-sexual, Rusty is truly comfortable within his skin and is looking forward to making a splash in the gay porn industry.

When asked what he likes to do outside of porn he said, “I really love surfing, soccer, fast cars and golf.  Living in San Diego gives me the opportunity to spend a lot of time outside .”

To date, Rusty has shot performances for Dirk Yates, FPG Entertainment, All American Heroes, Suite 703’s family of sites and Falcon’s new website FalconStr8Men.com.  Be sure to keep an eye on this stud as he is certainly one not to be missed!

You could be the next Pornstar!




photo courtesy: PerfectGuyz.com

People have been making erotic images of themselves since the invention of photography, but the Internet has turned this naughty pastime into a worldwide phenomenon. Over the past 10 years, the amount of “amateur” content created and shared publicly online has exploded. Untold thousands have released nude photos of themselves to be enjoyed by millions, but the fun is just getting started. As it becomes easy and affordable to make and share videos, exhibitionists everywhere are rejoicing!

In the non-adult world, online video took off in 2005 with the creation of YouTube.com, but it really ramped up in 2006, when it was purchased by Google. Millions of videos have been uploaded and millions of people watch them everyday. Once YouTube demonstrated that sharing videos of ourselves was easy, it didn’t take long for the more adventurous among us to turn the cameras on in the bedroom.

Today, there are many video sharing sites similar to YouTube, but devoted entirely to porn. On the straight porn side of the industry, some of these sites have become massive, occupying several of the top spots on Alexa.com’s list of the highest traffic sites on the Internet. In fact, the largest of the straight video sites, YouPorn.com, has more traffic than CNN and the New York Times.

Thankfully, lovers of gay erotica haven’t been left out of the video revolution. While many of the largest straight sites have only a smattering of second tier gay content, there are others who have built up an impressive library. xTube, a site that caters to both the gay and straight communities, has a healthy selection of good gay content, including many amateur videos uploaded by guys who love to show off. Here, amateurs can even make money. Rather than just uploading videos for free, xTube allows performers to set a price per minute for their videos and to collect cash for showing off.

A newcomer, RocketTube, only allows gay video and has an impressive number of videos that have been uploaded by many of the top tier porn studios, as well as amateur guys who love the attention. The “all gay all the time” nature of Rocket Tube means not having to wade through straight content to find the men.

All of these video sites serve up their movies in the Flash format, which means that you’ll need a free Flash player to view them, but most computers already have it. Viewing video online has become very simple, but it does generally require a broadband Internet connection to get the best experience. For those who prefer to create a personal library by downloading and saving videos, there are some free software tools available to do just that (see below).

Of course, none of this would be possible if it weren’t for the growing number of people who are comfortable showing off in erotic and sexual situations. The trend is clearly toward greater participation, as people become more comfortable (and turned on) by the idea of having an audience of millions of viewers. Which means that it really is possible for almost anyone to become the next big gay porn star.

Putting yourself online is simple; you only need a camera and one of the many available tools to create your video.  Click here and here for some great tips on getting started and click here to watch our cover model Paul shoot his own XXX tube video!

Online Video Tools
Flash video is usually streamed online using “flv” files, which are difficult to download and play offline without the help of some extra software.

FLV Soft’s FLV Downloader – A free tool that helps you download and save flv files to your hard drive. (Free, Windows only).
VideoBox – A shareware tool to download and save flash video. ($8, Mac Only)
DownloadHelper – A free Firefox extension that allows you to easily download video from most flash video sites. (Free, Windows & Mac)
Wimpy – Wimpy is another free tool that allows you to play saved flv files. (Free, Windows & Mac)

Helpful Links To Make Your Own Videos
Making Video For The Web
Making Tube Videos Look Great

Popular Adult Video Sites
Some of the many sites who have taken the YouTube concept and translated it to adult video.

RocketTube.com – Totally gay video site featuring a healthy selection of porn clips and amateur guys.
xTube.com – One of the first adult video sites. Straight and gay content.
YouPorn.com – Extremely large video site with mostly straight content.
RedTube.com – Another large straight property.

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