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Gay Life: 2008


Gay Life 2008

Gay Life 2008

The Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) set up the dominoes for the abolition of gay marriage. Currently, 26 states have amended their constitutions to ban same-sex marriage, and 19 others have defined marriage as the union of one man and one woman. While progressive states like Massachusetts allow gay marriage; other states are not required to recognize it.  Same-sex partners derive not one of more than 1400 federal benefits of marriage. On the positive side, the 6-3 Lawrence v. Texas Supreme Court vote in 2003, eliminated Texas’s sodomy law. That decision invalidated any state law criminalizing homosexual activity between consenting adults in private.

For the advancement of equal rights, it is crucial that members of the gay community stay informed about issues and vote! Too many elected officials in our country can truly be called crackpots. In March 2008, Oklahoma Rep. Sally Kern gave a speech claiming, “the homosexual agenda is destroying this nation,” posing a greater threat than “terrorism or Islam.” She added, “they are going after two-year-olds in school so they can indoctrinate them” and “gays are infiltrating city councils,” going on to name communities. It’s right out of Invasion of the Body Snatchers or The Stepford Wives. So while you are enjoying this year’s Pride events and celebrating your sexuality, don’t forget it’s also your job to do something to ensure that Pride will endure.

BETRAYED: a film from FPG Entertainment


Betrayed: Movie Poster

Betrayed: Movie Poster

FPG Entertainment is a relative newcomer to the Adult Industry with three full films released on DVD.  The first, PUNKS, and the second, TOPDAWGS, have already gained positive reviews by industry critics and the studio recently picked up two nominations as GLBT Studio of the Year and for GLBT Feature Movie of the Year (TOPDAWGS) at the 2008 XBIZ Awards. Their third film, BETRAYED, releases in March of 2008.  Do not let their small library fool you though, FPG has big plans in the near future and has quite a few projects currently in the works.  Quality and value are the two key factors that have played into the success of this new studio. Headed by Marco Guerra and Cameron Finn, FPG brings a little bit of Hollywood moviemaking magic to each of their productions.  Cameron brings a background of moviemaking skills that includes both mainstream Hollywood movies and television while Marco brings the vision and story making magic that combine to deliver a dynamic film product to the consumer. Each movie is heavily scripted with deep story lines. Themes revolve around various types of fighting such as wrestling, boxing, martial arts and more.  And yes, each film features some of today’s hottest men engaged in steamy hot sex.

“We like to bring our expertise of making real movies to the adult industry.  I strongly believe that most porno is boring without a story to tell.  As a matter of fact, we create the story first and then we go back to add the sex into that story.  Of course the sex scenes have to be hot, but they become much hotter when they fit into the overall story of the film.”  This approach to film making may seem refreshing in a market that is seemingly flooded with all sex movies, but it harkens back to the early days of porn production.  “We want to give the consumer a product that focuses not only on hot safe sex, but also on why the guys are engaging in that hot sex.  By doing this, we help the viewer become more engaged and thus they gain a higher sense of arousal from our product” stated Marco Guerra.  “All of our movies have a little edge to them as well.  They all feature some type of physical interaction and/or altercation through various types of fighting such as wrestling, boxing and other types of fighting.”

I had the opportunity to work on FPG’s latest film BETRAYED as the still photographer and I can tell you that this film is not only shot well, but the cast was amazing to work with.  The film stars Trey Casteel as the owner of a gym that trains up and coming wrestlers in their quest to become big names.  Through a series of bad deals made with a mobster boss, Casteel’s character finds himself in danger of bankruptcy and the loss of his gym.   Upon hearing the news, his wrestlers rally behind him in an effort to win a title match that will bring enough prize money to save the gym and their jobs as well.  The film also stars Joe Strong as the Mob Boss’s hit man and Strong delivers a performance worthy of awards.  Not only does he pull off the role of the “thug” perfectly, but he also delivers two of the most intense and erotic sex scenes by topping both Trey Casteel and Bigg Pete in two of the most erotically intense scenes in the movie.  The film also features Kurt Wild, Luke Riley, Chase Stevens, Enrique and Franky Pintar (in a non-sexual role). All are equally impressive in their individual roles.

From the moment the entire cast and crew gathered for the initial production meeting, we knew that we were part of something great.  The cast and crew worked 12-14 hour days to make this movie and everyone gave 110% of themselves.  The film was shot at multiple locations throughout Fort Lauderdale and the models each had some heavy dialogue scenes that they performed exceptionally.  There were a few challenges along the way such as the Florida rain and humidity, special effect glitches, a few bumps and bruises in the wrestling ring, but through it all everyone came together to make a film that we are all proud of.  Veteran filmmaker Mr. Pam was brought on as Director of Photography and her passion and enthusiasm throughout the entire shoot was infectious and made the shoot all the more fun for the cast and crew.  The film is edgy, sexy, steamy and aggressive all at the same time.

FPG Entertainment has just re-launched their website (www.fpgentertainment.com) and promises some new and exciting features such as exclusive streaming web content, model galleries, blog and more.  “We are going to stay true to our brand and continue to bring masculine hot men to our fans in new and unique ways through our internet site and we will continue to focus on quality film making” stated Marco Guerra.

Brandon and Angel: Escorting



Brandon: How perfect is this? We get to talk about escorting. I feel like I might be able to know what I am talking about for once.

Angel: I know and all those people who wish that for once I would just shut up are finally going to get their wish! But maybe I can just steer the conversation along and ask the questions that everybody is dying to know. So first of all, what exactly IS escorting?

Brandon: Escorting to me is getting paid for my time. I “escort,” that is, accompany, gentlemen for periods that are generally in hourly time slots. When I say, “It’s about time.” I mean it. It’s all about time.

Angel:  How did you find  out about this particular profession, and what made you want to pursue it for yourself?

Brandon: Seriously, if most people fell into their career, I tripped and went head first. I started doing porn way back when and then I kept getting these requests to spend time with guys. At first, I was like, no way. However, after a few offers with some serious cash, I just couldn’t pass it up. After the first few nerve wracking times, it got easier and I got comfortable with the situation. It’s like hooking up for the first time or meeting someone new, the thrill excites me and the cash motivates me.

Angel: Yes I can see how cash can be a motivating factor in any profession. How does one set their hourly rate for this type of work?

Brandon: I take a look on some of the leading sites: www.rentboy.com, www.men4rentnow.com and several others and see what other escorts are charging. You can see that there is a “Standard” and then I price myself a little higher, because I think my time and what we can do during it is worth more than a “standard.” Other times, like at the end of the month, when bills are due, I lower my rate and spend more time with people. Rates are tricky. I definitely don’t charge for anything but my time. When I was living in New Orleans and spending lots of time with guys it was so hard to say no to that much money. Even if I was tired or was heading to my friends house, I would rearrange things to spend time with people.

Angel: Is there a certain age range that you should be in to be an escort?

Brandon: Hell no. Knowing what I do now and having been an escort, hired escorts and now helping to run one of the biggest escort websites, there is something for everyone. Part of the beauty about hiring an escort is you can get whatever you want, when you want it, and then be done with it. If you want an “experienced” and probably “older” guy to try something with that you saw in a movie, you can call an older escort or one with a track record. The next night, if you want to spend time with a young, pretty guy, you can do that too.

Angel:  Now, it seems too good to be true and just like a fabulous way to support yourself. BUT you know as well as I do that EVERYTHING has its price. What are some of the things that you personally have felt like you have given up, to pursue this occupation?

Brandon: You are right, now more than ever; I see that the adage I so often use at rentboy.com is right. “Money can’t buy you love, but everything else is negotiable.”

Angel: What’s been the cost of this illustrious lifestyle?

For one, my personal ideas of sex and satisfaction are fucked up. I have a hard time getting intimate with my boyfriend. I got so tied up in sex as an obligation that I made up for myself, that when I really wanted to get intimate, I felt like I was missing something or it was not as lucrative.

Another, is that I also think I have lost the value of a dollar. I mean, when you make $8.00 an hour, you tend to value the things that you buy more because you had to work harder to get it. When you make $300.00 and hour, things come easier. On the same token, I used to look forward to plane rides and fancy trips, now I think to myself, “You want me to sit on a plane for how long?” and “I was just on that island last week, I don’t want to go back now.”

However, the return has been far greater for me. I have been able to do things that I never would have been able to otherwise. I mean traveling, meeting famous people, and being able to buy things of course. There’s more though. I have been able to help my parents do things I could have not done on a smaller “salary.” I have been forced to learn manners that I would probably not have ever had to use if I didn’t escort.

The biggest cost to me though is that I have a hard time expressing what I really feel. I tailor everything to what I think people want to hear and it pays off over and over. To further complicate things, my close friends know that, so the absolute biggest challenge is now to convince people when I am seriously being serious and when I am telling them what I think they want to hear. It’s sick.

Angel: Can you give me an example of someone who probably shouldn’t pursue escorting as a career option?

Brandon: Escorting should be a “side dish.” I wish I would have kept a “real” job for more time when I was escorting. I really did lose touch with reality. I mean, why should I pay attention to things when I don’t have to? …and the more escorting I did, the more ways I found to get out of things. People want to help you when you escort more often than not. I think a far greater percentage of the people I spent time with turned out to be paid “relationships” rather than a “WHAM-BAM-THANK YOU MA’AM” type of thing.

Angel: Now, middle America has this Puritanical view when it comes to male escorts. Many people think that they are just drug-addled hustlers looking for their next fix. As someone who is NOT an escort, but the majority of my friends are, I can honestly say that by and large the exact opposite of that is true. How difficult is it to overcome a negative social stigma in regards to escorting?

Brandon: Can I get a translator? It sounds to me like you mean, “How do you get past what most people think about being a hooker?”

Angel: Sure. Sounds good to me.

Brandon: Being an escort and being a hooker are not the same. I say it in jest. Escorts are paid for their time.

Quite frankly, my dear, it’s damn near impossible to get over that. I stopped trying and I just deal with it and laugh all the way to the next place I want to go have fun. I sing the praises of escorting because when you manage it the right way, there are opportunities that would amaze just about anyone.

Angel: One of the things that has helped you out a lot in your personal career is your website, PartyWithBrandon.com Do you think it is important for an escort to have a strong web presence?

Brandon: If you want to get new business, yes. Word of mouth among high profile clients is priceless, but my website was the biggest way that I was able to share what I do with other people.

Angel: What are some online resources that young men can peruse if they are seriously interested in pursuing escorting as a career choice?

Johnny Castle


Johnny Castle

Johnny Castle

Most recently Castle has been featured on numerous advertisements for the amazing male masturbation toy called the Fleshjack.  When asked about his association with Fleshjack, Castle stated “I would like to thank Brett from Fleshjack for providing me with product giveaways to take with me on the road for my live appearances.  The fans love getting the toys at my shows.  To be honest, I did a paid photo shoot one day and I did not realize what the outcome of that shoot would be.  The next thing I knew my image appeared as part of the advertising campaign for Fleshjack.  Sometimes I do not realize what I am getting myself into when I do a photo shoot and do not really know what the final usage of the image is going to be used for.  However, I think it is great that my image is being used to promote this product.  Aside from my images appearing in their ads, I really do not have anything else to do with the sales of that product.  It really has been a win-win situation for both of us.  Not to mention that I love this toy!  I have used it a few times and I really like it.  Once you get going it gets pretty intense.”

Completely open to his family about his work in the porn industry, Castle said “My biggest concern was my mother and whether or not she would accept me doing this type of work.  If she would not have been accepting and supportive, I probably would not have continued in this line of work.  Not that she is totally in favor of it 100%, but it has not had a negative impact on our relationship and to me that is awesome.”  He also indicates that he has become a little bit of a celebrity in his home town and his old neighborhood school buddies think it is funny that he is in this business.  He recently received an Email from a former High School team mate.  “It is funny, I just got an email from a buddy that I played soccer with in High School and he said in the Email that I am the only one that has done something with his life after school.  To me it is very funny and most of my friends think it is funny that I am in this business and that I have achieved this level of success.”

With his amazing good looks, killer abs, book smarts and down to earth personality is there any doubt that Johnny Castle will continue to make both men and women’s loins yearn for more and more in the future?  I think not!

photo courtesy: Media Gio

The Woman Behind the Man


Dean Coxx and Courtney

Dean Coxx and Courtney

It is not often that one gets the opportunity to truly look at the personal lives of porn stars, and it is even rarer to actually be given access to capture their story on film for the whole world to see!  Well, JUB was given just that opportunity during the annual AVN/GAYVN Convention held in Las Vegas.

We sat down with Dean Coxx (clubdean.com) and his gorgeous fiancée Courtney for a behind the scenes look at their life together, his role as a gay porn star, escorting and more.  They say that “Behind every great man, is a great woman,” and that saying could not be more true for Dean.  Courtney is not only the love of his life, but she also helps manage his business affairs by assisting with his website, filming his scenes, filtering his fan mail, and she’s even the one who encouraged him to become an escort for men.  That is one open minded woman!  Dean is quick to point out that “Without her, there would be no ClubDean.com.”

Open and honest communication is the key to their success, and they share everything with each other… that means no secrets of any kind.  Courtney says that when trying to explain to friends what Dean does for a living it is just easier to say he is bi-sexual.  However, Dean is quick to point out that he prefers the term “sexual”, and he is not as hung up on labels as he was when he was a young man growing up in Philadelphia. “In this business, I have met some of the greatest people, and I am forever grateful to all of the fans that I have out there.  Courtney and I truly believe that having the freedom to express oneself sexually is a gift, and we are truly lucky to have found each other!”  Courtney also works as a dancer for bachelor parties in Las Vegas, and Dean is often by her side as her Bouncer.  “We both look out for each other’s best interests and although working together can be tough at times, we have learned how to separate our work from our personal time”, stated Dean.

Dean took the gay porn world by storm in 2003 when he began appearing on camera with the popular website and video company Straight College Men.  In 2006, he was recognized for his starring role in Straight College Men 23, which won the Best Amateur Video Award at the GAYVN Awards. Shortly thereafter, he decided to venture out and start his own website.  “I felt it was time for me to move out on my own, and Courtney really encouraged me to start my own site.  There were many changes happening at the other site.  Some were good and others were bad. We were just not seeing eye to eye anymore, and Courtney and I felt it would be better for me to start a site that fit my needs and the needs of my fans.  Thankfully, all my fans have been very supportive and that made the change a lot easier for me.”

Aaron James: Exposing His True Life


Aaron James

Aaron James

Aaron James (AJ) is about to surpass the proverbial “15 minutes of fame” sought after by many models entering the world of adult entertainment.  At 23 years of age with piercing blue eyes and a toned physique, James is ready to leap into the homes of millions of people in his mainstream TV debut.

James jumped at the chance to be featured in the MTV documentary series TRUE LIFE when he was contacted by show producers this past year.  “They contacted me on their own and wanted to know if I would be interested in being in a TRUE LIFE episode that focuses on life in the adult entertainment industry.”  The segment, entitled “I Work in the Sex Industry,” is expected to air in March 2008, according to the show’s producers.

When asked what he hopes people will take away from his appearance on TRUE LIFE, James stated, “I was happy that I got a chance to shed a positive spin on working in the adult entertainment industry, and I really enjoyed doing it. I will make my ultimate decision as to whether it was a good move or a bad move when the show airs in March.”

James was followed around by a camera crew for a period of three months.  “The camera would follow me around every day for up to two weeks at a time before I would get a couple days break and then the cameras would start rolling again.  They pretty much captured everything that was going on with me over a three month period of time.”

And, what a busy period of time that was for AJ.  Just prior to the MTV deal, he inked an exclusive one year deal with the popular internet site CollegDudes247.com to appear as an exclusive model on the site.  “I love the guys over at College Dudes.  They are really nice people, very respectful and a great company to work for.”

His contract with College Dudes 247 allowed him to pursue work with studios that produce DVD movies which led to AJ getting cast in ON FIRE for Jet Set Men.  Jan Milstead, of Jet Set Men said, “He’s a class act who performs like a champ. He also symbolizes the porn industry’s continued crossover appeal to a younger generation.”  Shortly after filming wrapped, he was offered an exclusive contract with Jet Set Men making him one of the industries first dual exclusives.

When asked what it’s like being a dual exclusive, AJ stated, “Each studio has its benefits and I really like working for both of them.  Both companies are working well together which makes it good for me.”   Aaron Sherman of College Dudes 247 confirmed this statement by saying “I think that having AJ as a dual exclusive is great for everyone involved.  It gives AJ a broader reach to the consumer by being involved in both genres of gay porn.

James currently has several scenes with College Dudes 247 and says, “I shoot with them once a month and my scenes keep getting hotter.”  He is featured as a dynamic top and Aaron Sherman says, “He is an amazing performer and one of the most popular guys on our site.  We knew after his initial solo that he was going to be a stand out.”

Outside of his work in the porn industry, James is an avid sports fan.  “I really like football and played in high school.  I also like watching most other sports.”  He has also become very active in pursuing Human Rights initiatives.  “I really like being able to have a positive impact on peoples lives and I am actively pursuing opportunities to work within various types of Human Rights initiatives.”

As a self proclaimed “straight” man, you might think he would keep his work a secret from friends and family.  “I have been completely open and honest with my friends and family about my work and there have been no negatives.  Although I say I am straight, I really don’t think there’s a name for what I truly am.  Besides, I find labels pointless.”  When asked what his biggest turn on is, he said, “I am really turned on by people that are sexually open minded.”

Most fans have seen James as a top on College Dudes 247, but he bottoms for the first time in Jet Set Men’s ON FIRE.  His ability to be versatile and not hung up on labels is just another example of what makes Aaron James so special.

He has recently completed several more scenes for College Dudes 247 and another film for Jet Set Men entitled HOLLYWOOD SEX CLUB.  He loves to hear from his fans and those wanting to contact him can do so by going to his MySpace page.  (myspace.com/AaronAJJames)

Real Couple: Ricco and Adam


Real Couple: Ricco and Adam

Real Couple: Ricco and Adam

They say it is “Hot in Vegas” and with our real couple residing in “Sin City” this statement couldn’t be more true.  Ricco and Adam are perhaps two of the hottest Latin men we have featured on our pages.  The two met at a local nightclub and from the moment their eyes met the sparks began to fly.  Ricco said that he found Adam standing alone at the bar. “I was standing in the other corner looking at him, and he was acting shy.  That was a turn on for me, and I just had to approach him.”  Adam said that after meeting Ricco, “I really liked how many things we had in common with each other, and that is what attracted me to him.”

Ricco is 26 and originally from Brazil. Adam is 24 and hails from Mexico.  Both men have been blessed below the belt. Ricco sports an impressive 10.5” uncut tool and Adam sports close to a 9” beer-can-thick uncut tool.  The two work together as male escorts and can be found on RentBoy.com under the heading “Ricco n Adam.”  As male escorts, they only work together and find that most clients prefer to hire them to put on a live voyeuristic show for their pleasure.  “I was already working as an escort when I met Adam. When I knew our relationship was getting serious, I had to be honest with him and let him know what I was doing.  He was interested in this work as well, and we then decided to do this work together as a couple.  We only work together as a couple now and do not do any one-on-one bookings for clients.  We were surprised how many people would be interested in hiring us together and how many people out there are voyeurs who find pleasure in watching the two of us together.”  

When asked if there is a particular client experience that stands out as a favorite, they remarked, “We approach every client as we do our real jobs… with passion.  We are both Latin and therefore we have a lot of passion between us to share with each other, and we find it exciting and fun to share that with other people as well. Every time for us is exciting because each client is different and for us we have had great experiences every time and met some amazing people in this line of work.”

Having been together for six months  they both recognize trust and communication are the keys to their success as a couple.  Adam pointed out that “as long as you have love and trust with each other, it does not matter if you are gay or straight because love is what brings two people together. Even though we are gay men and cannot have children on our own, we hope that in the future our financial situation will allow us to adopt and raise children together.” Being from the Latino culture, neither has come out openly to his family. They’re both hopeful that one day their own families, as well as, the overall Latino culture in North America will become more accepting of the gay community. In the meantime, they point out that “as long as we have self acceptance and love in our hearts for each other that is enough for us.”

Ricco was featured as a 2005 centerfold in Latin Inches Magazine and they have both appeared together, on camera, for LatinBoys.com. 

JUB is thrilled to present you with an exclusive hardcore video, which includes an in depth interview into their life as a couple, their work as escorts, and concludes with a sensual sex scene that is so hot it steamed up our cameras! To view the video click the link below:


Photo Courtesy: Media Gio

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