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Refining Masturbation, Part 2


The Nexus Duo

The Nexus Duo

In part 2 of this feature series, the discussion turned to prostate massage, beginning with a bit of history followed by a discussion and comparison of several specific devices design to improve and intensify male orgasms and — if you’re lucky — even make them spontaneous. Two more male G-spot massagers arrived in the mail subsequent to that feature, along with a box of insertable vibrating toys. The Nexus Range (www.nexusrange.com) is a collection of toys made in the U.K. that are being marketed as “The Next Generation of G-Spot Toys.” They sent me an Excel (MSRP $81.60) and a Duo medium (MSRP $34.66). Read the instructions: some of the Nexus products can be used with silicone-based lubes and some required water-based lubes only. The Excel is the monster of all the prostate massagers I tested. At 4″ long, 1.75″ in diameter and nearly 5″ in circumference, it certainly leaves a feeling of fullness. It comes in black, white, red, orange and purple. The Excel was the first of the Nexus prostate massagers, and it won “Best Product Design” at the 2006 Brussels Erotica Awards. A stainless steel ball bearing in one of the external arms is supposed to massage the perineum, but I don’t know how it’s supposed to rotate when the device itself is stationary after insertion. It’s a feature that’s more interesting in concept than in execution. I found the sheer mass of the Excel overwhelming, leaving little room to perform the contractions that make prostate massage work. The Nexus Duo was a better choice. This toy calls itself a “G-Spot Massager for Him & Her.” It comes in Small, Medium (the size I tested) and Large, all of which are white. The Duo also vibrates — battery included. To switch the thing on and off you press a button hidden inside the base. Unfortunately, the button is a bit finicky and sometimes takes several tries to turn the vibrations on or off. If you’re caught up in sexual rapture, you probably don’t want to be annoyed by an ornery on/off button. Although my Duo was a good fit, the pointed tip was a bit harsh. The Doc Johnson company (www.docjohnson.com), which has been manufacturing sex novelties for 32 years, sent samples of its entire new Candy line of insertable vibrators. Each of the five Candy products comes in hot pink, purple or ivory. They are waterproof, non-toxic, compatible with silicone-based lubes. All of them vibrate — some at multiple speeds. Best of all, these toys are widely available online at very competitive and affordable prices. The G is a 6.5″ multi-speed vibrator with a curved tip and a diameter of about ¾”. The Ripple is the same length and width, but it doesn’t curve and the leading 2″ are ridged, like a stack of lifesavers. Each of these will need two AAA batteries, which are not included. Though they claim to vibrate a multiple speeds, I could only get mine to turn on or turn off. If you are using one of these models, or the Blaster, described below, you will need either a hand, foot or partner to prevent the device from shooting across the room. Unlike the prostate massagers, whose shape keeps them in place, these Candies slide out as easily as they slide in. The Drop model, on the other hand, has an external controller, connected by a slender wire, that allows you to adjust the vibrations from slow to fast along a continuous range. The Drop is 3.25″ long and ridged like the tip of the Ripple. Because of the attached cord, you can insert it all the way. No worries about it flying across the room or getting lost inside you. It will require two AA batteries. The Blaster, which requires a singe AA battery, is 5″ long and 1″ thick, with a curved tip and the most powerful vibrations of all the pieces of Candy. My favorite of them all is the Bullet. Only 2″ long and ¾” thick, it may take some creativity to use, since this morsel can get lost in your rectum. It’s the only toy in the Candy line with its own battery. The push-button bullet at the end activates seven different vibrations, including a couple of intermittent modes that demand to be tried. I solved the problem of removal but dropping the entire bullet into a condom so that once it was inserted I could yank it out again. Unfortunately, you’re not going to be able to operate the push-button controller once the thing is inserted.

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Jackson Wild's Free Cumshot Video


We have a really special treat today.  Jackson Wild, the cover model for our January magazine issue, got frisky during his photoshoot and so we switched from the still camera we were using to shoot the magazine spreads to the video camera.


The article in our magazine “Refining Masturbation”, by Ken Furtado, looks at lots of fun toys but the one Jackson really got into was the FleshJack.  In our free video, you can see Jackson use use and abuse his FleshJack like a pro.  He really gives his cock a workout and its not long until he erupts in a hot cum shower.

So yes, we will give you a link to go watch the free video, but we also want to tell you something more.  You can win a FleshJack courtesy of the fine folks you make them.  They have graciously given us several and Jackson is going to autograph them.  You can go to our contest page and enter to win one of these FleshJack prizes.  You can enter every day in January to increases your chances of winning.  We’ll draw the first week of February and announce the winners here in the blog.

So I have three links coming up for you to click on. You are going to want to check all three out.

The first link is to the article on Refining Masturbation.  It’s a great read and one you won’t want to miss.

Read Refining Masturbation Here

The Second link is to the contest so you can enter to win your very own FleshJack.

Enter the Contest Here

And finally the third link here is the free video.

Free Video of Jackson Wild and His FleshJack!

Ok… I know I said three links, but here is number four.  Click this one to download all the photos from the magazine shoot.


Bobby Clark


Bobby Clark

Bobby Clark

They say the “Eyes are the windows to the soul” and when you gaze into the deep blue eyes of Bobby Clark, you cannot help but become mesmerized.  At 23 years of age, Clark has that certain something that just oozes sensuality and the camera certainly loves him.  To date, Clark has only appeared in solo scenes as he is self identified as straight.  However, he is quick to point out “most of my friends are gay and I love going out with my friends to the local gay bars!”  We love a straight guy who is totally comfortable within his skin!

Although Bobby enjoys football, living in Florida allows him to pursue his true athletic passion of wakeboarding year round.  “I love being out on the water and the adrenaline rush I get when perfecting a new trick on my board.”  We at JUB can think of a few other tricks we would like to see from Bobby!  With his All American good looks, dynamic personality and athletic prowess, we are sure that we will be seeing a lot more of Bobby in the future.

For a more intimate look at Bobby Clark, check out his latest scenes at CockyBoys.com, CollegeDudes247 and Playgirl.tv.  He is represented by FabScout Entertainment.

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Michael Brandon


Michael Brandon

Michael Brandon

While on the set of Grunts, the latest masterpiece from Raging Stallion Studios, we were able to meet with gay porn icon Michael Brandon and discuss his long and varied career, as well as his personal life. He was extremely candid about everything from his recovery from crystal meth addiction to his career in gay porn and escorting as well as finding true love and yes of course, all about that third leg he keeps in his pants that he calls Monster.

Michael was born in Los Angeles, and was a sexually precocious child. In fact, he says that he has been having sexual encounters with other males since he was 8 years old. The first time that he had anal sex, was age 12, when he bottomed (!) for a cousin, and topped for the first time at age 17, with the woman who would later go on to become his wife.

Seven years after that, at age 24, Michael came out of the closet. Back then he was actually shy and reserved, and didn’t go to parties and socialize because he was so used to being in the “straight” world, but he does admit that he was a big fan of the local adult bookstore. “I was the first one in the booths back when it was 25 cents a slot, and I was the first one with my pants down at that point and pulling the curtain open and whacking it and letting the boys come in and do their thing,” he told us. These initial encounters with other guys were also the first time that he realized that his penis was so large, because before that, he didn’t really have a frame of reference. Michael dubbed his manhood Monster.

One day back in 1989, he was reading a local gay publication when he saw and advertisement calling for XXX models, and thus a career was born. The first film he made was called Ranger Nick for In Hand Video. Michael’s, or should I say Monster’s, reputation preceded him, and everybody in the crew knew that he was “the one with the big dick” before he even stepped foot on the set. That actually intimidated Michael, but he found that first experience to be exhilarating…at first. Then things went awry.

“They locked all the doors and wouldn’t allow any of us to leave,” he explained. “They brought us all in at the same time and they were going to have us all leave at the same time, so there were like, you know, 15 of us models there. We were all sleeping on the floors and all kinds of shit, in this private house. After my scene I slept overnight and I started to get a little bit too antsy so I jumped the fence and went running down the neighborhood and found the first Denny’s and the telephone. I called my agent at the time and said ‘I have no idea where the fuck I am. Get me out of here. Oh, and make sure I get paid.’ I had done my scene and there were three or four days left!” he chuckles.

Despite that dodgy initial experience, Michael went on to make around 10 movies before he found himself caught up in all of the excesses so readily available to those in the adult industry, and had developed a raging crystal methamphetamine habit. “I used to mainline it, which means that I used to use needles, and I’d put it right into my system and I’d immediately get effect. Well, I thought I was Superman one time. I went up on top of a three-story building and I jumped to another building. I saw something pretty on another rooftop and I wanted to go get it, so I just took one step backward and I just flew over. You just don’t think clearly,” he reflects. That drug habit first landed him on the streets, and then put him behind bars for almost 10 years.

Michael is quite open about his past when it comes to his addiction, and uses his personal experience to help others that are battling those same demons. In fact, he and a slew of other hot gay porn stars took part in a series of ads for Tweaker.org, to convince gay men that having hot sex without crystal meth is indeed possible. He practices what he preaches, too. This year marks 9 years that Michael Brandon has been completely drug and alcohol free. When asked why he thinks that crystal use is so prevalent amongst gays, he offers this: “Number one, it’s an escape for some of the stuff that homosexuals have to deal with. You know, family problems, society problems, whatever. Number two is the sexual aspect to it. You know, sex on speed seems to be so much fun and so much more intense. But 9 years off of it I am having some pretty fucking hot sex.”

Clean and sober, and free from incarceration, Michael made a return to the business in 1999 in Late Night Porn from Stable Entertainment. Because he had been gone from the industry for so long, the casting director for that film actually took credit for “discovering” Michael, which still gives him a good laugh.  “The following year as a matter of fact, I got nominated for Best Newcomer because nobody had really seen the 9 or 10 movies that I had done previously.” Lots of high-profile porn work followed that, most notably being showcased in two Phil St. John movies (Getting It At The Rave and Double Delights) that each featured Michael, along with another big-dicked top, double-penetrating an adventurous bottom. (The DP is a St. John specialty.) However, it wasn’t until he started working as a porn model for Raging Stallion Studios that Michael discovered a company that he wanted to work for behind the camera.

“Chris Ward, the president of Raging Stallion, after I had worked with him a couple of times as a model, came to me and said, ‘You know, I have been looking for a top like you,’” Michael told us. And thus the Monster Bang line of videos was born. Yes, Michael named his production company after his penis, which had made him such a big star. “Monster Bang was designed after Monster and my style of fucking, which is aggressive to the point of brutality. Bottoms know they have been fucked when I get done with them: Two or three big-dicked tops fucking the shit out of bottoms, and just passing them around and all of us kind of having our way with them.”
But don’t look for any new videos starring Michael Brandon anytime soon. He has been in a committed, monogamous relationship for the past 3 years, and has retired both from performing in porn and from escorting as well. “I am absolutely in love,” he declared.

In addition to helming Monster Bang, Michael also works in pre-production for all of the other Raging Stallion movies, and is still quite visible on the charity fundraiser circuit, particularly in the bay area. After almost 20 years, Michael Brandon is still a survivor that you can’t keep down.

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Real Couple: Jesse Santana and Guy Parker


Jesse Santana And Guy Parker

Jesse Santana And Guy Parker

How long have you two been together?
JS&GP: Since January 17, 2007.

And how did you guys meet? JS: I stalked him on MySpace a little bit, and then we had mutual friends in Dallas. I just saw him out at the clubs and I found out that he became single and I went after him. GP: And I accepted. (laughs)

So did you keep track of his relationship status before you actually met him? JS: Yeah because all his boyfriends were ugly! GP: WHAT?!? He was going out with someone too; I kind of stole him away from the guy that he was kind of talking to.

When you guys first saw each other was it love at first sight? JS: I think in my case it was. I think that he just wanted a piece of ass.

And did he get some that first night? GP: Yeah. (all laugh)

What was the first thing that you noticed about each other? JS: His tan, his arms, his eyes, and his smile. GP: His ass. (giggles)

What is a typical day like for you two as a couple? JS: I wake up very cranky. GP: Yeah, he wakes up cranky so I’m usually the one that gets up first and let him get up by himself. I do things before he wakes up so he can come out of that sleepy stage. Sometimes he sleeps in all day. JS: I stay in bed a lot.

Well it’s a good thing that you made a profession out of it, isn’t it? JS: (laughs) Right! Then we go tanning and we go to the gym, go out to eat dinner, and run errands.  GP: We love little car rides together. JS: And lying down in bed together is our favorite time of day.

Are you two in an open or closed relationship? JS: We are in a closed relationship, but we have our fun.

Care to elaborate on that, Guy? GP: We have our fun. (sheepishly) Others can play WITH us.

What is the most romantic thing that you two have ever done for each other? JS: I thought that it was romantic when we went back to Kentucky to visit my family. We went 4-wheel riding and had sex on the 4-wheeler out in the middle of the woods. GP: We had to go back to get lube! (laughs) It was hot, but it was funny because his parents didn’t know what we were doing.

So you went 4-wheel riding with the whole family? GP: No! ha-ha We left them at home. They just knew that we were going to go 4-wheel riding. We went on this property that is out there in the middle of nowhere, and fucked by a tree on the 4-wheeler.

Was it scary? GP: It was hot. No, not the fucking, the 4-wheel riding, because I just picture the two of you and it being like Alicia Silverstone’s character in Clueless when she gets on the freeway and starts freaking out. GP: Oh no, when Jesse was pulling the 4-wheeler out, he accidentally hit the gas too hard and he overturned it. He flipped it on himself. It was funny. I laughed.

What is the one thing about each other that can sometimes be annoying? GP: His attitude. JS: His ditziness.

OK, and what is your favorite thing about one another? JS: His innocence and naïveté’, his childlike personality. I think it’s cute sometimes. GP: The cutest thing about Jesse is the way his little nose twitches and stuff he does all the time. It’s so cute. It’s like, “Awww…”

What do you feel is the key to a successful relationship? JS: I think that one thing you can’t do is look for things you like in other people. You can’t compare what you have to anybody else. If you end a good thing then it’s just going to happen over and over again. So if you’ve got a good thing you better find a way to keep it. GP: Same.

Does the fact that you are both in the adult industry help or hurt your relationship? Is it easier that you both do the same thing and know what the other is going through, or is it more difficult due to jealousy issues and things like that? Or a little bit of both? JS: I think that some couples where both are in the industry definitely have difficulty with it. Us both being in the industry doesn’t affect us at all, really. It’s just fun for us. We have our fun with it, we’re not going to take it too seriously and let it affect us. It’s just more fun things that we get to do together. GP: Before I started in porn I was like, “I’ll never date a porn star!” I thought, “It’s not work. You’re not really working,” or whatever. But then I found out that it’s actually a LOT of work to fuck on camera!

How influential was Jesse in your decision to start in the business, Guy? GP: Uh, I actually went with him to be with him on a shoot. It was Bottom Of The Ninth: Little Big League III from Chi Chi LaRue and Doug Jeffries. I guess Chi Chi found out that I had never done a video before, and I was thinking about doing porn. Chi Chi said, “You have to!”

How long do you guys see yourselves staying in the industry? JS: I don’t really like to put a time limit on it. Maybe 2 more years? GP: I’m just getting started. JS: There are other plans. There are other things that are happening for us. GP: We have a business that we are about to start.

photos courtesty: cockyboys.com

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Refining Masturbation


Jackson Wild

Jackson Wild

“The first documented act of masturbation may well be the story of Onan in Genesis. Yes, I’m talking about the Bible. When Onan’s brother died and left his wife childless, it was Onan’s responsibility, according to the laws of his tribe, to impregnate his brother’s wife. Onan began the task, but at the last minute he pulled out and jacked off onto the ground. God was so pissed, he smote Onan on the spot. Talk about a killer orgasm.

Masturbation has had a bad rep ever since. Not only is it a mortal sin (if you’re Roman Catholic), it will allegedly make you blind or retarded, or both, and it will cause hair to grow on your palms and on the soles of your feet. Since no one has ever seen a guy with hairy palms or soles, we must infer that nobody masturbates. Right.

Here are some toys whose manufacturers hope you will masturbate, and do so frequently. I tried out each and every one personally, and I swear by the hair of my chinny-chin-chin (since I have none on my palmy palm palm) that it’s all true.

The reigning champ of masturbation devices right now is the Fleshjack. It’s predecessor, the Fleshlight, was marketed to straights, until somebody got that proverbial better idea. The thing is designed to look like a flashlight — a big one. It is 10 inches tall, 4 inches in diameter at the wide end and nearly 2 ½ inches in diameter at the narrow (handle) end.

When you pop the lid off, you see the insert. Depending on the model, you get a life-sized pair of lips, a tiny bubble-butt or a simple slot. The material is supposed to feel like real skin; the manufacturer has even trademarked a name for it: Real Feel Super Skin. (Warming is recommended so that it doesn’t feel like dead flesh.) It’s not silicone, latex or plastic, but a secret patented substance.

The insert is hollow all the way through. All you need to do is dribble in some water-based lubricant, apply more lube to your cock, and fuck. There’s a demo video, starring Johnny Castle, at the Web site, or you can check out Bradley in Neighborhood Buddies 5, who uses one in his solo. Sizzle.

Lots of options are available to customize your purchase. You can choose an outer case that is black, silver-gray, white or clear. You can choose an insert that is pink or transparent. And for the inner tubing of the insert, you can choose wonder wave (horizontal ribs), speed bump, super ribbed (more closely spaced ribs), original (smooth), tight and tighter.

The clear case with the transparent liner was cool because not only can you watch your cock going in and out, it also magnifies your cock and makes it look huge. The feeling is awesome and no condom is required. I tested a smooth, ribbed and speed bump model. They’re all different enough to produce distinctly identifiable sensations. My favorite was the lips; the way they move when your cock is going in and out looks like a real mouth.
BoyZshop.com sells a similar device for about half the cost of the Fleshjack. It’s called the Honey Pot and it’s 8.5 inches tall, 3.25 inches wide at the top and about the same size at the base as the Fleshjack. There’s only one color case (olive green), one color insert (flesh) a single tubing (smooth) and two kinds of orifices — mouth or anus.

The Honey Pot has a feature unique to itself, however: there’s a vibrator in the base with a variable speed switch. The added tingle feels very nice, indeed.

If you have a thicker than average cock (I do), it may require considerable amounts of pain or considerable quantities of lube to negotiate the smaller diameter of the Honeypot and the constriction in the case at the neck of the device. I did not like the packaging, which features a busty model spreading the lips of her pussy.

The final device I tested, also provided by BoyZshop.com, was the Robosuck II, a Doc Johnson product. A foot tall and 3 inches wide, at first glance it looks like a vacuum pump. You stick your cock into the knobby rubbery liner, adjust a sliding bar that positions a band around the circumference of your cock, then operate the switches on the control unit. One switch operates a vibrator and the other switch causes the band to move back and forth, as if someone were giving stroking your cock.

Compared to the vibrator on the Honeypot, this one was very noisy and you could hardly feel it. Since the constriction band cannot be adjusted to the girth of your cock, the effectiveness of the stroking is nil. The description for this product claims, “With so much happening to your cock, an orgasm is quickly coming,” but I doubt anyone who uses the product would agree.

As with any sex toy, you want to be sure you clean all of these properly, so read the directions. The Fleshjack in particular is very fussy in its requirements and can be damaged by soaps, talcum powder or silicone-based lubes. If you spend $70 plus tax and shipping on a product, you don’t want to ruin it after one use or find it fuzzy with mold the next time you pop the lid off.

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Steve Cruz


primary_52JustUsBoys has the exclusive interview with 2008’s Raging Stallion “Man-of-the-Year”, Steve Cruz. Prepare to redefine what you think of gay porn stars with this captivating look into the life of a man on a noble mission.

Your first two movies were Lords of the Jungle and Mirage for Raging Stallion. Initially, you decided not to sign on as an exclusive with Raging Stallion and you did work for other studios as well.  Why did you choose the non-exclusive route at the beginning of your porn career? Politically, I needed to stay independent for the first couple months of getting into the business.  One of my very good friends is Brian Mills at Titan Media and he had been trying to get me to do porn for many years.  The opportunity with Raging Stallion made sense to me, but I also wanted to work with my good friend Brian Mills because he is a genius director.  As soon as I got home from shooting Lords of the Jungle in Hawaii, I called Brian and told him I had finally decided to do porn and I had just shot my first movie for Raging Stallion.  Thankfully, he was very happy that I got my feet wet with Raging Stallion so that when I came to Titan I would be better prepared for what it is like to shoot a scene.

What did you film with Titan Media? I got cast in H2O and I was able to fulfill a fantasy of mine because my scene partner was Francois Sagat!  At that time, Francois was my ultimate fantasy man. If someone had asked me to pick anyone out of all the male porn stars that I wanted to work with, it would have been him. Thankfully, I had filmed my scenes for Raging Stallion first because I was much less nervous shooting H2O and I was fully prepared to have a totally hot scene with Francois Sagat!

Aside from Titan, you also got to work with the amazing Chi Chi LaRue.  Tell me how that came to be. Well, after I filmed my first three films, I approached Collin O’Neal and asked him if he could possibly introduce me to Chi Chi LaRue because I loved her work and really wanted to work with her.  I submitted my photos to her and she cast me right away in When Bears Attack. Immediately after wrapping up Mirage for Raging Stallion, I was on a plane to LA to shoot with her.  She liked my performance in When Bears Attack and then cast me in LINK, her big film for 2007.  I am so happy that she and I hit it off so well and we have established a great friendship.

After working for the other studios independently, how did you end up as a Raging Stallion Exclusive? Lucky for me, the offer for me to come on board at Raging Stallion was still available after I did the work for other studios. At that point, I felt like I needed the stability of a contract.  At that time, I was not with an agent that would advocate for me, and I felt I needed more focused attention and going exclusive with Raging Stallion would provide that level of stability I needed. Raging Stallion is a perfect fit for me and I love Chris Ward and Michael Brandon. Shortly after becoming an exclusive, I also signed on with FabScout Entertainment as my agent for live appearances and I love them.  Having both Raging Stallion and FabScout behind me has been great!

Speaking of Raging Stallion, I would be remiss if I did not congratulate you  on being named the 2008 Raging Stallion Man of the Year! (Big Smile) It was something that I really wanted and worked hard for, so I was thrilled when they honored me with that title.  It was beyond my wildest dreams, and I am now getting out on the road more and helping to promote the studio.

I have been to your Website (SteveCruzXXX.com) and your Blog. I must say they are great and it is very generous of you to give your fans free access.  Speaking of being generous; please tell me about your current volunteer efforts and your efforts to promote safe sex through your “How I Roll” campaign. Before I started doing porn, I did some work in the public health sector.  I am a designer and a lot of my clients were non-profits and the central focus of my work has been STD and HIV awareness and prevention. I am also very focused on crystal meth prevention.  I am very passionate about this work. I think the experience of losing a good friend at a relatively young age left an indelible mark on me, and I feel a calling to give back to the community in whatever way I can.

Now that I am doing porn, I feel like I am a living example of sexual politics.  I am on the front line and in the high risk group because I am a highly sexually active person both on and off screen.  So I want to use my name and image to help raise awareness and hopefully prevent someone from making the wrong decision when it comes to sex.  I think this work is very relevant right now because so many gay men are experimenting with bareback sex or doing it exclusively and for some odd reason it has become almost fashionable.

I do not know what came first, the bareback film or the practice of bare-backing in people’s personal lives.  Unfortunately, they both seem to fuel each other right now and it seems the sales of bareback films are at an all time high, and I think it is tragic.  Now is the time to raise awareness and hopefully turn this dangerous behavior around before we have another epidemic on our hands.  I speak to many young men and I am amazed at how ignorant they are when it comes to understanding what we went through at the onset of the AIDS crisis in this country.  They do not know what it is like to almost lose an entire generation of people. I do not think they would be taking the risks they currently are, if they had the right history and education of the risk factors associated with bareback sex.

I am creating a website “How I Roll” which launches in January and I have partnered with the Stop Aids Project to provide STD, HIV and Drug information in an effort to give people the right information to make up their own minds.  I am not preaching, but rather providing factual information to gay men in an effort to help them make smart decisions.  I am hopeful that if you are an HIV negative person and you are given the facts; you are going to want to wrap it up every single time you have sex.  The site is not just for negative men, it also has very important information for the positive community as well.

I applaud you for your efforts in promoting safe sex practices and being an advocate for this very important subject.  Let’s talk about the big Epic Film by Raging Stallion this year, Grunts.  Tell me about your experience on this project. This movie is as close to a Hollywood movie as I will ever get.  We went out to central California to a ranch and re-created a boot camp.  The movie action was very intense and I play one of the Grunts going through basic training.  A few of the guys in the cast were from the military, so they brought a very realistic element to the basic training scenes and we all were put through our paces filming those scenes.  During the day, it was 100 plus degrees outside while we were filming the training scenes and at night we would shoot the sex scenes.  It was a very grueling filming experience, but also very fun!  I have not seen the final edited version yet, but I know that the scenes were very hot and I was at the top of my game for this movie in terms of my sex scenes.

I play one of the Ramirez brothers in this movie. I am the first to enlist and then later my brother enlists. We both become part of an experimental weapon that is used on us as test subjects. The weapon is a gas that makes you incredibly horny.  It is actually loosely based on an experiment that our own government was messing around with not too long ago.  The US Government was trying to develop a chemical that would turn enemy soldiers gay (Laughs very loud)!  As funny as that sounds, it works really well in this film and it would have to in order to get two brothers to have sex with each other.

The central scene in the 2nd movie in the series called Brothers in Arms is about the Ramirez brothers hooking up with each other and having very hot sex.

Hmmm, an incest scene…how interesting. Yeah, it may raise a few eyebrows in the red states (Laughs).  However, we are not brothers in real life and the plot line does not really define what type of brothers we are, so that is left to the viewer to decide.  The guy who plays my brother is from Europe and he is very hot.  His name is Orlando Toro and everyone says we look a little bit like each other.  Once we got our hair and mustaches cut the same, it was a little eerie how much we truly resemble each other.  However, if it were real life, I think he would be the good brother and I would be the bad brother.  He tops me very well in the movie (Big smile).

Will we see more of you being versatile in your films and taking the top role as well? Yes, and Raging Stallion now knows that I can be a top as well.  I do my first topping scene in Grunts.  I was pretty aggressive as a top in that   scene, and I think people were surprised.  However, my comfort level is mostly to be a bottom on film.

For the person out there thinking about purchasing Grunts, tell me why they should buy all three movies in the package deal being offered by Raging Stallion? Well they are going to get really slamming hot sex by a very diverse cast of performers.  You are also going to get realism in the overall story line. The basic training alone is very real and we got down and dirty shooting it. Also about 1/3 of the cast are actual prior military men who are fucking beautiful!

Last question, what advice do you have for anyone wanting to get into the    gay porn industry. My best advice is that if you really want to do this work, do not do anything that you are uncomfortable with and never compromise yourself.  If you do compromise yourself in this business you will be very unhappy and have a difficult time.  To the young guys out there who are getting into this industry; do not allow anyone to pressure you into doing bareback porn.  You need to value your own life above all else because you are more important than the movie you are making.  We only get one gift of life and you are the one in charge of it.

Excellent advice!  Thank you very much for doing this interview and I wish you continued success in all your future endeavors!

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Sebastian Bonnet


primary_50Sebastian Bonnet is, in the words of his first screen-partner, Lukas Ridgeston, “always in good spirits, easy-going and genuinely fun to be with.” The summer after he turned 18 he entered the world of gay porn by filming two scenes in Bel Ami’s Frisky Summer 2 and The English Student. He currently works full-time with Bel Ami in the post-production unit in several different capacities. He was the second cameraman for most of the Personal Trainers episodes and for some of the latest Bel Ami feature videos. With Dano Sulik, he has trained many of the second generation models at Bel Ami. Gradually expanding his talents, he learned many of Bel Ami’s behind-the-scenes crafts. He pre-edits all Bel Ami’s major videos. From the hours of raw footage, he organizes the different camera angles of the scenes into a logical sequence so George Duroy can find all the footage he needs to actually edit the films. For a few years Sebastian filmed most of the casting auditions. Now he has “graduated” into filming and directing his own episodes for the Bel Ami Website’s Exclusive line of videos.

When not busy working, Sebastian loves to travel and explore new and exotic places around the globe.  During the summer months he can be found playing Squash, and he hits the slopes, in the winter, throughout Europe to Ski.  At 29 years of age, he is quick to point out that he is bi-sexual and completely enjoys sex with both men and women.  As they say…”Two of a kind, beats a straight all the time!”  Firmly rooted in his family and work life, Sebastian takes his fame in stride and is one of the most relaxed and effaceable porn stars I have ever interviewed.

GIO: Sebastian, thank you for sitting down with me to do this interview!

Sebastian: You are very welcome Gio (In the most beautiful Eastern European accent)

GIO: Let’s begin be talking about your start in the industry back in 1996 and how you got into the world of Gay Porn and Bel Ami.

Sebastian: It was really an interesting story and it was a very long time ago now. I was at a bodybuilding show and was approached and asked about doing some modeling pictures by Marty Stevens, but with clothes on and more like fashion photos. However, when I got to Bratislava that had changed a little and they wanted to talk to me about possibly acting in gay porn movies. For me, I was very interested in doing this so I decided to go forward with it and I ended up liking it and the rest is history now (Big Smile).

GIO: So what was your first film with Bel Ami?

Sebastian: There have been so many films and it is hard for me to remember that far back… hmmm… I believe it was Frisky Summer 2.

GIO: I believe you are correct, and your first scene partner was?

Sebastian: That I remember… (Big Smile) Lukas Ridgeston.

GIO: And a new legend was born! Since you are now working at Bel Ami and so is Lukas, are you two friends?

Sebastian: Oh yes, he and I have been good friends for 11 years now.

GIO: Tell me how you ended up moving behind the scenes at Bel Ami and what you are doing now.

Sebastian: Well after acting in too many movies for me to remember all of them, George Duroy allowed me to start out by helping on the movies and learning things behind the scenes. I started mainly as just a helper and then I learned how to do editing and I was doing that while at the same time still acting in movies. Then one day George let me hold the camera while shooting and I was really excited about it and he gave me the chance to be a cameraman. Then I moved on to co-producing and producing scenes and movies for Bel Ami and now I am also directing some. I really appreciate George for giving me the chance to learn and grow at Bel Ami and now I can do a lot more with the editing, shooting, producing and directing.

GIO: That is great that George took a liking to you and has given you a
whole career with the studio.

Sebastian: Yes, with Dano Sulik we have worked on the Personal Trainer movies and we will be releasing Personal Trainers 10 in 2008. That line of films is what I am most known for in being an actor and now I am producing and directing this series with the new models, so it is exciting for me.

GIO: Let’s go back to your first experience in front of the camera and shooting your first sex scene on film. How was that experience for you?

Sebastian: Well I would not say I was scared, but I was trembling and a little bit nervous about the whole thing. But, once it started I really enjoyed it. It is very different having sex with a camera on you and a crew of people, much different than at your home. For about the first six months of making movies I found it a bit strange. But, for the most part I really liked it and that is why I continued to do it for so long (Big Grin).

GIO: Out of all the films you have made, are there any that stand out as your favorites?

Sebastian: I think for me the Personal Trainers movies are my favorite. Mainly because they were different than anything else that was being made and although they were not like a big movie shoot, they were fun and sexy for me. They were not easier to make than the bigger movies, but it was just a little different. Plus I got to train the new guys and find the new meat for the site, so to speak (Big Laugh). For me training and having sex with the new guys was hot and fun! I think the fans really like them too. I think it is a nice way to shoot because we start the sex and let the cameras role without stopping the scenes to change camera angles and stuff like that. So the footage is sexy and funny all at the same time. It is a nice mix of good things captured on film sort of like comedy mixed with drama and it is real.

GIO: We call that “Dramedy” (Both laugh). Complete this sentence: The best thing about being a porn star is…

Sebastian: Being able to have sex with a lot of men! (Gives a big laugh!)

GIO: Great answer! Out of all those men, is there a particular scene that stands out as a favorite for you?

Sebastian: Oh wow, that is very hard to say. So many scenes and so many trainings I have done and that means I have had more than 500 asses probably! So it is too hard for me to pick just one since I enjoyed something with all of them.

GIO: Well what about your ass? Do you ever give up yourself as a bottom as well?

Sebastian: Yes of course! (Big smile) Not so much now though. Right now I have a boyfriend, so mostly now I am a top. He has a very nice small tiny tight ass, so I love that. (Laughs).

GIO: Wow, over 500 sexual partners. Were all of those on camera?

Sebastian: No, not all of them. Probably about 300 of them doing the Bel Ami Trainings though. Whenever the new meat came to Bel Ami I was the one who would do the training with them and teach them how to perform in front of the cameras and such, so through those trainings I got a lot of asses! That was my job for a long time and I enjoyed it very much.

GIO: I am sure there will be a lot of people reading this that would love to have that job!

Sebastian: (Laughing) Yeah, it sounds fun doesn’t it? But, it was a job and for sure, sometimes it was very fun. Sometimes if I really liked the guy, I would ask to have him do a scene with me in one of the main movies.

GIO: Outside of working at Bel Ami, what do you like to do for fun?

Sebastian: If I said chilling out that would not be true, even though I like to relax sometimes. I really like going out with friends and having a beer or coffee and just hanging out. I really like doing sports in both the winter and the summer. In the winter I prefer skiing and I get real crazy on the slopes because I really like to ski fast. Actually one time I had a crash with Lukas Ridgeston (Laughs).

GIO: Tell me more about that.

Sebastian: I was skiing very fast and he just stopped for some reason and I could not stop and ran into him and he flew up in the air about 3 meters (Laughing very hard). He was like “Woooooooooooh “as he went up in the air. It was funny.

GIO: That sounds funny. Do you two hang out a lot and travel together some?

Sebastian: He and I are very good friends and we do both work stuff and fun stuff together. He, Johan Paulik and I do traveling in Europe for autograph signings and stuff for Bel Ami. But, I do not travel with him on Holiday’s and stuff. You know, people need to be alone on their holidays and it is better if we do our own things.

GIO: That makes sense. If I were to ask your two closest friends what your best quality is, what would they tell me?

Sebastian: They would probably say I am very friendly and outgoing. They may also tell you to tell me to just shut up and fuck! (Big Laugh). No, I think that they would say I am a good friend to everyone. I really like to care about my friends and they know I would pretty much do anything for them.

GIO: Well I would concur that you are a very friendly guy and in the short time I have known you, you are very personable and easy to talk with. What do you think your best physical feature is?

Sebastian: Well I think people decide that when they see my films. I know I do not have the biggest penis and it is not like Lukas’s, but I get a lot of compliments on it and the fact that I am very creative in bed.

GIO: Well I have seen you in films and you are certainly not small and you sure know how to use it! (Both laugh). I think it is cool that you are creative and sensual in bed, which is very sexy.

Sebastian: You are giving me a hard on (Grabs his crotch and I blush as we both laugh).

GIO: OK – Let’s change subjects for a moment before I get more flustered (Laughing). Where are your favorite places to travel?

Sebastian: Paris, London and San Francisco are my favorite cities. They are the three places that I love to go to over and over again. I would really like to go to Moscow and I think it must be very beautiful. I also want to go to Asia and visit Singapore, Tokyo and China. I really need millions of dollars to travel because if I could I would travel for all of my life.

GIO: Me too, so if anyone is reading this that wants to donate a million dollars to Sebastian and me so we can travel, please do! (Both Laugh) When people hear the name Bel Ami, there are three names that typically come to mind immediately: Lukas Ridgeston, Johan Paulik and Sebastian Bonnet, not in any particular order of course. Tell me how becoming such a recognizable named porn star has been like for you over the years? You three are known worldwide. Do you like being recognized?

Sebastian: The last time that happened was very funny and it was in New York. It was Johan, Lukas and me walking in front of Madison Square Garden. Well Lukas is really the biggest model out of all three of us and he is really proud of that and stuck up about it (Laughing) and selfish (Laughing) and well, you know Johan and I pick on him about it and it is funny between us. Well this person came running up and screaming… “Johan, Johan, you are my favorite porn star and I really love you… ” and this person did not even acknowledge Lukas and me. It was so funny to see the look on Lukas’s face because he is usually the one that gets recognized the most, especially because of his eyes. He looked sad this day because this person did not come up to him. Johan and I pick on him about that all the time (Laughing very hard). But, for me when I am recognized I like it very much and it is flattering to me. I know I am not like a Hollywood star, but it is nice to get recognized sometimes.

GIO: That is so funny and knowing Lukas, and how truly humble he is, it makes that story so much more fun! You self identify as bisexual but I get a feeling you might be “try-sexual,” meaning you will try anything at least once.

Sebastian: (Laughing) Yes that is me! I like all holes (Laughing harder) and so that is the best for me!

GIO: Do you have one particular sexual fantasy that you can share with the readers that has yet to be fulfilled?

Sebastian: I think a nice swingers party would be great for me. I have not done anything like that yet and I would like to have about 20 beautiful men and women all sharing each other. I know it sounds a little crazy, but as long as it was all safe sex I think it would be really hot. Having everyone in a small space and everyone sweating together and caressing each other makes me very horny and I would really like to do this sometime. To me it would be just beautiful.

GIO: That sounds totally hot!

Sebastian: Yes! That is why I am jealous of Caligula (Laughs).

GIO: Let’s switch gears again, do you like dogs or cats?

Sebastian: I prefer dogs, sorry but I hate cats. I am actually allergic to them, so that is another reason I do not like them. For me, dogs are friendlier you know? They are true companions and cats are way too independent. I had a Springer Spaniel for 10 years and it was always great to have him there to greet me when I got home and I do not think a cat would do that.

GIO: Boxers or Briefs?

Sebastian: Boxers or nothing at all most of the time.

GIO: If you could be any animal, what would you be and why?

Sebastian: I would like to be a Hawk because they can fly all over the place and since they have great vision, I would be able to see all the beautiful scenery in the world.

GIO: How many languages do you speak?

Sebastian: When I was little I was speaking Hungarian because my mom is from Hungary and then we moved and I did not speak Hungarian much anymore. I speak English, Russian, Czech and German. Prior to 1989, the Communist party was still in power in Slovakia, so in school they would only offer Russian. Now, students can choose from many languages to study.

GIO: How is life in Slovakia since the freedom of Communist rule?

Sebastian: It is very nice. Our whole country only has about 5 million people and I think you have that many living here in Florida, so it is nice for me. The town I live in is very friendly and nice.

GIO: Do you come from a large family and do they know about your work in gay porn?

Sebastian: I have one sister and my family now knows everything. At the beginning they did not know, but now they know it all. It was not very easy for them because I entered into gay porn just seven years after the Communist change and they were scared for me because people had very negative feelings towards homosexuals at that time. They knew that people would hate me just for having sex with men and feared for my safety. Many people in Slovakia and still hundreds of years behind the rest of the world when it comes to acceptance of gay people, but thankfully I live in Bratislava which is a bigger city and people there are more progressive and accepting.

GIO: Where do you see yourself going in the next several years? Do you plan to stay in the adult industry?

Sebastian: It is very hard to say, especially after 11 years in this business. I think I would like to try something else at some point. Sometimes that porn business is a bit too much for me and I think I should do something else, but I do not really know yet. I would just like to be really rich at some point and get to travel all the time (Laughs). But I am perhaps interested in designing cars or starting in the Real Estate business or ever doing Interior Design.

GIO: Well you can do anything you set your mind to. Do you have a favorite color?

Sebastian: Red! After all, I am a Taurus.

GIO: Who is your favorite Drag Queen?

Sebastian: Chi Chi La Rue of course! Is there any other? Plus she loves me (Big smile). She is so nice and sweet.

GIO: She is my favorite as well! Since Chi Chi is known for directing sex scenes in some very interesting places, where is the strangest place you have ever had sex?

Sebastian: Well I am not a member of the mile high club yet, but… hmmm, the strangest place huh? I did have a three way in a movie theater with another guy and girl once while the movie was playing. We were in the back of the theater and that was pretty wild.

GIO: Do you prefer hair down below or shaved?

Sebastian: On men and women I like a little hair down there and it needs to be trimmed and neat, not bushy. If it is hairy and bushy that is a turn off for me.

GIO: What do you like to see your men and women wearing in the bedroom to turn you on?

Sebastian: On guys I like them to have very nice clean tight underwear and on girls I really like stockings and a garter belt. Those things are a big turn on to me.

GIO: I love a guy in a nice pare of white boxer briefs myself. How many times in one day can you cum?

Sebastian: Well today I have already done it three times and it is only mid-day (Laughs). Sometimes I can cum up to five times a day, it just depends on the situation.

GIO: That is impressive! Is there anything else you would like to share with your fans?

Sebastian: I don’t know… hmmmm… Just Fuck and be safe! (Laughs)

GIO: That is fun advice! Last question; what advice would you give someone who wants to do gay porn?

Sebastian: You know that is a tough question. For me, I was very lucky because I got to come on board with Bel Ami at the beginning and they have invested a lot of promotion in me and also helped me grow in the business professionally. I do not think that most studios today will do that for their models and it seems that they sometimes take the models for granted because there are so many companies and so many guys available today. Most just change their models to quickly these days and the industry has changed a lot since I got into it. So my best advice is for someone new to understand that longevity in this industry is not the normal thing anymore and that my situation is a lucky one. The guys today need to look out for their best interest at all times.

GIO: That is a very honest and fair assessment of the industry today from your point of view and I truly appreciate your honesty and taking the time to sit down with me today for this interview. I wish you continued success in all that you do in the future and look forward to seeing your performances at the Boardwalk Bar this weekend.

Sebastian: Thank you Gio! This was a fun interview and very different than all the other typical porn star interviews I have done before.

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