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Brandon and Angel: Year in Review


Brandon Barker and Angel Benton

Brandon Barker and Angel Benton

BRANDON: The year in review? Oh my goodness, I have issues thinking about what I did last week. 365 days to review and reflect on… ANGEL: Well you have impressed me already. I had no idea you could count that high. BRANDON: *sticks out tongue* Okay, do you know how many parties and porn events that is? White Party, award shows, expos, the list goes on and on. …and that’s not even the weekly things we do, that’s just the annual events. In all that time I really do feel closer to you. Who would have thought? ANGEL: Oh my! Did you just get real with your feelings? Holy cow, let’s write this day down! In all seriousness though, I am just as grateful to have you in my life. Who would have thought that when I approached you at the Palm Springs White Party two years ago that we would be this close today. ANGEL: OK well, I will tell you who had an AMAZING year this year: ZAC EFRON!! What a fucking HOTTIE! BRANDON: Why did you have to bring him into this? What’s he got to do with anything. “Nip/Tuck” is all my rage. It’s such a scandalous show about being superficial that has deep meaning. (What a dichotomy huh?) ANGEL: Yeah, this year your favorite show changed locations to Los Angeles. Like Madonna says, “Everybody comes to Hollywood…” but I still think Zac is a hottie….bitch. BRANDON: We have to focus here, Angel, and if we are talking about what a year can do for someone, how about we pay attention to the pounds I have gained along with the experience working with the biggest and best porn star personalities? You don’t detect any sarcasm when I say, “Bigger is not always better.” *wink* ANGEL: Tell that to Ben Andrews. BRANDON: I like pie. ANGEL: No kidding. I think we found out why you picked up those extra pounds. ANGEL: You know what else rocked my world? Rihanna’s song “Umbrella.” Every single radio station played the hell out of that song, and you know what? I never got sick of it. To this day. It’s hot. BRANDON: Me too, that’s one of the songs that makes my Italian boyfriend and I think of each other…that and Offer Nissim’s “Be My Boyfriend” spells trouble. ANGEL: Oh shit, you’re on a roll talking about your feelings here. Careful… people will think you are me! BRANDON: I liked being in New Orleans for Mardi Gras this year. Drinking all the time is fun and legal there. Mardi Gras is like ADD on parade. Literally. Where else do you beg to be pelted with plastic beads thrown from moving vehicles in the road? *hits forehead* ANGEL: Sweetheart, haven’t you realized that it’s Mardi Gras in your brain ALL THE TIME?? You don’t need a date on the calendar, or to be in New Orleans to be in a Mardi Gras state of mind. Brandon Baker IS a Mardi Gras state of mind. ANGEL: This was also the year that I launched my own airline. BRANDON: Oh yea, well my head is always in the clouds and I couldn’t enjoy that air time any more. *wink* We did fly on that new Virgin America airline this year huh? I think for being “Virgin” it’s a sexy airline with all the hot new colors, hip marketing and prices that we can actually handle. ANGEL: Yes that is the airline I was talking about. I love it. The interior is designed to look like a gay bar. Kinda like the lobby of your apartment building. The only thing missing at both places is music that is 135 beats per minute….and gogo boys. Lots of gogo boys with hot pecs and tight asses…I’m sorry what were we talking about? Is it hot in here? BRANDON: I know, since the new renovation on my building in Hollywood, it’s hard for me to keep it straight which one is where I find hot, new rentboys and order a Red Bull or if that’s the place I turn the rent in. The people in my building’s office are so nice, they would probably give me one too. BRANDON: As I review my year on paper, I have been in the air flying all over for party planning, on the land here and there in my new office, and on the water with the Rentboy.com Cruise (and even more water if you count the hot water I am usually in). YIKES! ANGEL: Yeah, we have both traveled so much, I’m surprised that my family hasn’t put my picture on a milk carton. BRANDON: I’m thirsty. ANGEL: Waitress! NONFAT milk for my friend please! ANGEL: You know who else had a fierce 2007? Kelly. Not Kelly Clarkson or Kelly Rowland, but Kelly the fabulous YouTube drag queen who brought us such ditties as “Shoes,” “No Booty Calls,” “Let Me Borrow That Top,” and my personal favorite, “Text Message Break-Up.” She even had cameos in her music videos from the likes of such celebrities as Margaret Cho and Dave Navarro. How fierce is that? Can we book her for the next Hustlaball?? BRANDON: …for reals. She’s, wait, he’s, wait, whatever, that character is a sign of the times and the times have a record of changing. Adapting to what’s hot is hard to do. ANGEL: You know what isn’t hard to do? Giving you a betchslap, shetbag! Just kidding boo. Here’s to a fabulous 2008!

Brandon and Angel look back at 2007



I’m right back at it with my best friend Brandon Baker. This issue he and I take a humorous look back at 2007. One thing’s for certain. He and I ALWAYS have something to say!

2007 in the eyes of Brandon and Angel

Blake Riley's rise to fame in 2007



2007 was THE year for Rascal Exclusive Blake Riley. When it came time to put together our last issue of the JUB Magazine for the year, there was no other choice for our cover. Talking to Blake proved just how beautiful he is on the inside as well as on the outside. We’re certain you’ll think so too, and as an added bonus for the readers of the Newswire, here is a cute little video of beautiful Blake celebrating his 21st birthday with fellow Rascal Exclusive (and ex-boyfriend) Josh Vaughn. Enjoy it!

Blake Riley, the man of 2007

Corbin Fisher's Charlie




“Earlier in the year Corbin Fisher introduced us to Charlie, a hottie that had all of our JUB members talking. We couldn’t resist bringing this sexy guy in for an interview so our readers could find a little more about him.

How did you get discovered by Corbin Fisher? A scout found me and asked me if I’d be interested in doing some adult work and told me I could make good money jerking off and having sex and who wouldn’t want to do that?!

How do you identify yourself sexually (gay, bi, straight)? Straight. For sure. haha.

Were you nervous when you shot your first solo video? Yeah, very. Actually the filming itself wasn’t so bad but I was very nervous right before doing it and when I was traveling out to do it. I kept wondering if it was for real and whether it was on the up and up or whether I’d end up disappearing in to the woods somewhere and never heard from again (laughs). I even told some friends to try calling me after I was supposed to get to the studio to make sure I was still alive (laughing), and I am!

You also let CF superstar Dawson blow you in a video. How was that experience? Pretty crazy. I closed my eyes and went to my happy place, as they say. I mean the BJ itself felt good and it always feels good to get your dick worked on but I definitely liked being with the girl more. It’s just a totally new thing. But Dawson and the other guys that work at Corbin Fisher really put me at ease and everyone’s really cool so it was a lot easier than I thought it would be. But it was just something I never really thought I’d ever do and so when it was happening I couldn’t stop thinking about how crazy it all was.

Would you ever return the favor? I don’t know. Right now I’d say no. That’s pretty far out there as far as something to consider for me. But, who knows. I know most of the other guys there are straight and do all kinds of stuff.

The audience for Corbin Fisher (even for the straight videos) is mostly gay men. How do you feel about all these gay guys getting off on you having sex? (Laughs)… Well I knew that’s how it would be when I agreed to do the videos. They were very upfront about that and it makes sense because if it’s gay porn or straight porn it’s mainly men doing the watching. And, so really I kind of knew that doing a guy/guy video would be an option but didn’t think I’d actually take them up on it until I met everyone and had some time to think about it. I have a gay friend who thinks I’m practically a rockstar now and that’s cool. When I found out how popular Corbin Fisher was I was a bit freaked out but also it was really cool because I thought if this big popular site wants me I must be doing something right!

In your interviews on the site, you talk about your varied sexual experiences (ranging from sex on a lawnmower at age 14, to having sex with your neighbor’s mom, to having sex with your girlfriend in the shower), what fantasy do you have that hasn’t been fulfilled yet? I think having a whole bunch of girls, like 6 or more, going at it with me and just all over me would be pretty intense, but I think that’s a whole lot easier said than done. Unless Corbin wants to make it happen for me! Hint hint!

What can we expect in the future from you over at CF? Well, right now I’m probably going to come back for another video with a girl and I’m still weighing the guy and guy ideas but I can’t make any promises on that. I keep in touch with everyone at Corbin and it’s just coming down to scheduling, but I’m set to shoot more guy and girl stuff soon! I know you probably want a different answer but that’s all there is so far! (with a laugh).

Do you have any message for your fans? I have fans?! (Laughs again).

Thanks for taking the time to talk to us! No problemo.”

Brian Hansen and Brad Patton


Brian Hansen and Brad Patton

Brian Hansen and Brad Patton

JUB catches up with Aussie sensation (and Buckshot man) Brian Hansen, as he fills us in on what it’s like to be part of a porn power couple with his boyfriend, superstar Brad Patton.

How long have you two been together? Time is flying when you are having fun. We have now been together for a year and a half. It has been a really fantastic time.

How did you meet? We actually met during the shooting of Kristofer Weston’s Manly Heat, Quenched, a Buckshot production shoot in Lake Powell, Arizona. We met at the hotel the day before leaving out on the houseboat. We still have very vivid memories from the time out there. It really was the perfect place for romance. If you have never been to Lake Powell we strongly recommend you to go. It is magical.

Was it love at first sight? Yes in a way. We met at the hotel the night we arrived at Page. We ended up sitting on the bed talking for a long time about our background and our lives. We had both traveled extensively and lived in many different countries, therefore we very quickly gained a great understanding of each other. When it was time to go to sleep, we gave each other a small kiss goodnight and parted. It was actually fantastic, it felt like something special, something that we didn’t want to destroy with ”fucking on the first date”.

What was the first thing that you noticed about each other? We connected on many levels. There was obviously a physical and sexual attraction, but also an attraction that included the heart and soul. It is really hard to pick one thing… It must have been a combination of everything… and Lake Powell!

What is a typical day like for you two as a couple? Well, things have changed a lot in the last year. After retiring from pro figure skating a few years ago Brad is now back in the skating ”scene” as a choreographer, coach and co-organizer of international skating shows. Most of Brad’s days are spent at the ice rink, in the dance studio, or in meetings. It is rewarding for me to see that Brad is working with his biggest passion. I am sure many would be jealous for that.

I have started utilizing my “collection” of university degrees. I have been given a great start to my professional career, now working for a multinational firm. My days consist of early starts (which I am not very good at), suits and ties (I think that can be sexy), and long hours at the office or traveling. When we are reunited at night, we tend to be lazy and watch TV and eat lots of ice cream and candy… Many things have changed the last year, but I still think I can eat anyone under the table when it comes to ice cream.

Are the two of you in an open or closed relationship? We are in a closed relationship. We have nothing against people wanting to be in an open relationship, but it is not a thing that would work for us.

What is the most romantic time that the two of you have ever had? Hmmm. That is a hard one, I think I am the most romantic out of us. I always try to come up with romantic things to do, but sometimes feel I am not taken seriously (laughs). Saying that does not mean we never do romantic things. Brad is very good at giving me flowers, and cooking me dinner etc…. The most romantic thing we have done? I think we have to leave that as a secret between us.

What is the one thing about each other that can sometimes be annoying? Relationships are hard in the way that there are two people from different backgrounds suddenly supposed to be ”ONE”. I think that regardless of how good a relationship is, there will always be small things that annoy you. I speak much more than Brad. I think he sometimes thinks I talk too much. I on the other hand think he is too quiet…I feel sorry for Brad sometimes, when he thinks I talk too much, he normally goes into a different room. It does not really help as I always follow him wanting to finish my story.

What is your favorite thing about one another? Ha! Where to start? … I think we will run out of paper on this one. To make it short, EVERYTHING!

What do you feel is the key to a successful relationship? Several factors come into play in building a successful relationship. A few things that are important for us are, honesty, respect, space, and maybe most of all communication. We believe that everything can be solved if we are open and communicate about what we feel and what is on hand.

Being such popular adult stars, do you feel like that added attention helped or hurt the relationship at all, or had no effect? I think it is a big challenge to build a strong relationship being in the adult industry. There are so many external factors that very easily can create problems. For us, we met on the set, and obviously understood the situation of being involved in the adult industry, but we still faced challenges. I think communication and honesty are even more important in a “porn star relationship”, in fact I think it is essential for survival.

Now that you two have retired, are you enjoying any semblance of anonymity? I would not use the word “retired.” It makes us feel so old. (laughing). Let’s put it this way, we are currently not doing any movie work since we are both busy with other things. What the future will bring, no one knows!

We are living in Amsterdam and people here are very easy going, anonymity here has always been easy. Internationally speaking, I think we still will live on a little longer given movies do not die that quick. At least I hope people will enjoy watching our work more than once!

photo courtesy:  Ridgeline Films

Margaret Cho


Margaret Cho

Margaret Cho

For most performers, a year book-ended by Cyndi Lauper’s high-profile, Human Rights Campaign-inspired True Colors Tour and a return to off-Broadway in her own cabaret show The Sensuous Woman would be quite enough. Consider Margaret Cho an over-achiever.

Sandwiched in-between these landmark experiences, though, Cho made her directorial debut with short film Two Sisters, lent her voice to animated Logo series Rick & Steve and appeared in a series of YouTube videos with the year’s breakout internet celebrity Kelly. The globetrotting San Francisco native also hit the high seas on the first-ever all-gay transatlantic cruise.

Before preparing her as-yet-untitled 2008 stand-up tour, the newly-svelt comedian sits with JustUsBoys celebrity correspondent Pollo DelMar. While sharing her excitement about The Sensuous Woman, Cho raves about her friend Kelly, talks about her weight loss and explains why she thinks porn is more interesting now than ever before.

So how was 2007 for you overall? It was pretty amazing! I went on the True Colors Tour, which was a big move. That was with Cyndi Lauper, Erasure, Deborah Harry, the Dresden Dolls and The Cliks. We kind of all had an awesome time. That was my biggest event this year.

Rosie O’Donnell appeared on The True Colors show I saw. That was awesome. I loved working with her. We became friends during the True Colors Tour. She was great – amazing to work with. She’s a really important part of our community. She’s incredibly progressive politically. She’s incredibly vocal. I loved working with her.

You crack me up as the neurotic fag-hag on Logo’s Rick & Steve. Is that series returning for a second season? Oh, thank you so much for saying that. I don’t really know. I don’t know exactly what’s going to happen. We’ll see.

With television, touring and your one-woman show, how do you find time for a social life? My personal life is really intertwined with my work. I do a lot of work with my friends, so that became part of my social life. We all sort of combined because we have fun together but also work.

You seem to come from a very creative community of people. Yes, absolutely. It’s great because I get to hang out with such creative people. We are all doing different projects, which we can do together, and it all seems to work itself out really well. It’s really exciting. I’m just very lucky to come from such a creative environment. The Sensous Woman is probably my favorite creative collaboration. It’s really a pretty deep collaboration with people I’m close with, so it’s something I love doing.

This year you made your film directorial debut. I directed a short film called Two Sisters, which is about belly dancing. It stars Yunjin Kim, the Korean woman from Lost. It’s a great little film about these sisters who belly dance and how they relate through dancing. I especially enjoyed it because belly dancing is something I love doing.

Besides True Colors, what were some of the year’s other highlights? That tour was such a huge thing. So was going on the first all-gay transatlantic crossing. That was really a huge thing, too. It was really great and I had so much fun. That was really leading up to the True Colors Tour. I did the tour right after that. Before that, I was really just doing a lot of gigging and preparing, working. I was working on this show, The Sensuous Woman.

A breakout star of 2007 was Kelly, whose YouTube video for “Shoes” made her famous. How did you end up in her videos? My husband made the robot from the “Shoes” video, so I was actually one of the first people to see it. I loved it so much, I sent it to everyone I know, put it on my blog, etc., and it just blew up. I love Kelly!

Has being a thinner woman changed your style of comedy, which was often based around your weight and body image? I’ve gotten a lot more peace around my body issues not because I’m thinner but because I’ve been able to become a dancer over recent years. That’s how and why I’ve lost weight and how I’ve gotten to a place of peace about my body and feeling good about myself. In terms of my humor, I think it allows me to talk about empowering one’s self rather than self-deprecation.
General society has often unrealistic standards of beauty for women. In many ways, gay men hold similarly unattainable standards. It’s often impossible to achieve, and it’s a really shameful, painful thing to have to go through. That’s why I love bears and the bear culture. They’re very accepting about body image and body type. I think that’s really beautiful to celebrate that. I think it’s great! I want to see more positivity in the gay community like that. I want to see it with women, too.

Does it walk a fine line between self-acceptance and that belief that “this is as good as it can get”? Sometimes I resign myself to situations rather than push myself to achieve better. Why can’t we just be happy? Why can’t that be the best we can be? Why can’t we just enjoy that? Instead of looking at the reality of situations and what it would take to obtain the ideal, why don’t we just change the ideal and make that the best? Why can’t we just accept where we are and enjoy that instead of putting off enjoying your life until we have reached some out-of-reach ideal? Why can’t we just accept where we are as the ideal now?

Growing up, your family owned a bookstore which sold porn. Did porn images shape your self image? I don’t know. Porn definitely reinforces that ideal in the sense that porn has such a narrow vision of what is considered attractive. Porn limits us. I prefer porn now. It’s much more varied and interesting. It involves much more body types and more types of people. I prefer what is happening now as to what was happening back then.

There are still the “stereotypical” porn star looks. Now films do feature people of all body types, sizes and appearance. It’s strange to think that people like you and I, attractive, successful people with “normal” or “average” body types, would probably be considered some kind of “fetish” in porn. I know! In porn, we definitely would be. That’s so crazy to me, too.

So what are you planning for 2008? I’m going to be on tour again with my own show. I don’t know what the title of that will be yet. It’s going to be a stand-up comedy show, more traditional than what I’ve been doing, so that will be the next thing.

Many comics say that, regardless of how much success they have in TV or film, their first love is always stand-up. Is that true for you? I love stand-up comedy. It’s really something grateful for and always look forward to doi ng. I do it in this show. I still love it. It’s definitely part of who I am and what I do.

Pollo DelMar is a San Francisco drag celebutante . . . and “Sensuous Woman” in her own right. Friend request her at: http://www.MySpace.com/llo_DelMar

Photo Courtesy: Carol Rosegg

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Blake Riley – Total Package


Blake Riley

Blake Riley

Proving that you can be naughty AND nice, 2007 was the year when Blake Riley became THE face of gay porn in all of its different incarnations.

Blake Riley’s journey into the world of gay porn started just over a year ago. He was a cheerleader in Texas when an injury forced him to give up the sport that he was so fond of. Soon after that, he was contacted on myspace by both Randy Blue AND Chi Chi La Rue, both of which expressed interest in working with him. Blake responded affirmatively to both, but it was Randy who flew him out to Los Angeles and filmed his first scene.

That couldn’t have come at a better time for Blake. The call came when Blake was actually homeless, living on the streets of Dallas. After his shoot for Randy, he was taken out to Palm Springs to shoot two movies back to back for Channel 1 Releasing, Knob Bobbin’ for Chi Chi La Rue and Dive In Deep for Doug Jeffries. Everyone that worked with him couldn’t get enough, and both companies expressed interest in signing him as an exclusive model. Rather than fight over him, Channel 1 and Randy Blue reached an agreement. Blake Riley made gay porn history by being the first dual exclusive, Channel 1/Rascal Video for DVD work and RandyBlue.com for Internet work. (That feat has since been duplicated by Jesse Santana, who is now a dual exclusive for Jet Set Men and Cockyboys.com.) He makes live appearances in behalf of both companies.

In fact, performing live is one of Blake’s favorite parts of his job. “I love to dance, and I love to entertain. So anytime that I can get out there with the fans and talk to them and kind of get to know them a little better, and let them get to know me a little better is fun,” he tells JUB. In fact, he made a splash at both the JUB launch party last year (when we went from a seasonal to bimonthly publication) and at the Rentboy.com Pool Party in Palm Springs this year. It wasn’t long before Blake was able to fulfill a dream and move out to Los Angeles permanently.

Not only do the fans love him, but so does pretty much everyone that he works with. For example, the majority of guys that work for Randy Blue are straight. Blake is gay, but that is never an issue with any of the guys that he is paired with. According to Randy, “He’s such a genuinely nice guy, he puts people at ease, he makes you laugh. He’s just flirty with a big smile and people love that.”

What’s interesting is that when I interviewed Randy, Chi Chi, and Doug Jeffries about Blake, rather than talk about his ass (which is BY FAR one of the best in gay porn), they all spoke about what an amazing person he is on the inside. “What’s really great about Blake, which I think is sometimes lost in translation, is when you bring someone to meet the fans and to perform for people, some people can exude an energy that is a little standoffish,” Chi Chi explains, “There is a barrier there. Blake Riley is one of those kinds of boys that has NO barrier between him and the fans, and he LOVES the fans. He LOVES to perform, and that exudes from him. I think that people can really feel that.” Doug Jeffries echoes that sentiment, “He’s personable at signings. There are no limitations with him.”

From a marketing perspective, everyone I spoke with loves how versatile Blake is, not just sexually, but with his look as well. “What’s amazing is how he can transform,” Doug Jeffries says. “Some other performers stick with one genre, but this one fits into everything really, really well.” He looks just as comfortable in a twink movie like the upcoming Bottom Of The 9th, Little Big League III, as he is in a leather movie like Link, The eVolution (reviewed in this issue), as he is amongst the gay-for-pay straight fratboys on RandyBlue.com.

Offscreen, Blake is just as versatile, which can be quite surprising to potential suitors who want a piece of that famous ass. “When I used to hook up a lot and stuff like that, the guys seemed to automatically assume that they would get to fuck me, but that wasn’t always the case, because I’m not that big of a bottom,” he tells us. But at this point he is more into relationships than hooking up anyway.

After dating his fair share of fellow porn stars (like Sebastian Rivers, Josh Vaughn, Trevor Knight, and Christian Owen) he admits that being in a relationship with a well-known porn star can be challenging enough, but when BOTH boyfriends are porn stars, the lack of privacy makes things near-impossible, especially in image-conscious West Hollywood. “If you’re seen with me or any other porn star, people are going to try and find out who you are. There are no secrets. There is no privacy,” Blake explains, “I hate that aspect of it.” But rather than bemoan the drawbacks of fame, Blake admits that is part and parcel of what he signed up for. “I want my personal life separate from my work life…but in West Hollywood that is impossible.”

When asked who his favorite scene partner is, Blake says that for RandyBlue.com it was Braden Charron, and for Channel 1 it was Dean Campbell. When asked who he would like to work with, he gets exasperated. “Everyone I want to work with either works for another company, or is retired!” He lists Francesco D’Macho, Brian Hansen, and Shane Rollins as examples, but the one person he wants to work with that isn’t retired, and not somebody else’s exclusive, is Jordan Vaughn. “He’s sexy,” Blake declares.

When it comes to live gogo dancing gigs, whether it be alongside the other Channel 1 exclusives, or as one of the guys of RandyBlue.com, Blake loves dancing to dance music with vocals and melody. In fact, when he headlined recently at Chi Chi La Rue’s Wednesday night club Dirty Deeds in Los Angeles, he danced to Paula Abdul’s “My Love Is For Real,” and performed a striptease in an Egyptian-style outfit, and demonstrated such creativity and showmanship, in addition to his sexiness, that it was extremely impressive.

“He’s one of those kind of boys that I wish was there all the time, because you know that there is going to be a hard dick and a good performance,” Chi Chi raves. “The first time that I directed him in Knob Bobbin’ I was like, ‘OK that boy’s armpits and asshole need to be shown all the time.'” Randy agrees with that. “What you see is what you get, very genuinely sweet guy. He’s got a huge heart and is very great to work with.”

JUB congratulates Blake on the massive success that he achieved in 2007, and we look forward to future offerings from him and wish him only the best.

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