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Brandon and Angel: Favorite Things


Brandon Baker and Angel Benton

Brandon Baker and Angel Benton

This wild and crazy pair are back again for yet another issue where they gossip about a few of their favorite things. Follow along as we find out just how much of a freak Brandon is when he tells us what his fetish is. Brandon: I have so many favorites. I have a favorite time of the day. (which does not include anything before 11:00am.) I have favorite stores like Abercrombie & Fitch. I have favorite foods like cheesecake and…Angel: Girl, don’t get me started on favorite foods. I may be a skinny bitch now, but I am a fat girl at heart and I can talk for days about my favorite foods. Have you ever tried a McGriddle? They’re fucking orgasmic. Brandon: Favorites come in so many forms. I have favorite physcial attributes on boys that I can’t get enough of like armpits and boys with red cheeks. I love those parts of boys. Angel: I don’t have too many physical attributes that I prefer. My preferences are more mental, like sense of humor, kindness, romance, oh and I guess a hot ass can’t hurt. Yes I am an ass man. Brandon: Did you say “mental” …as in hospital? I mean that’s hard to see. You can’t exactly say, “Damn girl, look at the morals on that boy.” You always go for the hard ones. I do too, but not in the same respect. Angel: Good point. Actually, it seems that when it comes to friends I only like the ones that give me a hard time. Brandon: I don’t watch much TV, but Nip/Tuck is certainly my favorite thing to slow down for and tune into… that show is so twisted. I can’t believe how fucked up they get. In season two one of the hot boys had sex with his mother. I was like, “No way!” then in season three we found out that his mother was a man before she went under the knife. I was on the edge of my seat with enamour and actually a bit proud that a show would tackle something like that. If you get time, tune in. Watching Nip/Tuck is the one of the only times I would tune out whats going on around me. Angel: My favorite TV show is The Golden Girls. How gay am I?! I can’t help it. Sophia Petrillo is my idol. “Picture it, Sicily, 1922…” Brandon: Not many people can quote lines from TV shows and know the original air date or the second prouduction assistant’s middle name like you. You are amazing like that, you TV trivia junkie. Angel: Well, that’s certainly one perspective. Another would be that I have absolutely no life, but I think I like your’s better. Brandon: I have favorite places to visit. I miss being home in New Orleans, so that’s one my favorite places to go. You can drink any time of day. In the Big Easy, they don’t close bars… they just change the drink special. Angel: All the Disney resorts are of course my favorite (with Tokyo Disneyland probably being top on the list). But, speaking of New Orleans, one of my absolute favorite places is the other Sin City, Las Vegas! But I need to stay away from the keno and slot machines or I will develop a problem faster than you can say Gladys Knight.Brandon: One of my favorite favorite things is porn. Gawash, I LOVE porn. Angel: Oh, I wouldn’t know anything about gay porn. I’m only the editor to the best guide to gay porn on the Web…..lol. Brandon: Congratuations! We are all very proud of you. Back to the porn. I even have it on my cell phone. I am pissed I can’t get it on my GPS unit and I love that I can pop in a DVD and pop off a load whenever I want. Angel: You also have DVD players in the majority of rental cars that you drive, and that is also an excellent place to watch porn. In fact, I think that we watched both Boot Boy and The Blond Leading The Blond (a personal favorite) on the way to San Francisco. Brandon: When I am online I like to park my prying eyes on sites like DudesOffCampus. My favorites folder on my browser is filled with sites that feature uncut cocks, pretty boys, and boys pissing. Angel: Yeah…I’m not so into that. I think that I prefer sites that are a little more creative and artistic, like luxporn.com Brandon: I have some “not” so favorites too. I don’t like messy space around me. The boy that I live with in Hollywood is a bit messy. Wait, I think I am supposed to say “creative clutter” if I am politically correct, but why start now right? Angel: Well, that’s one perspective. “I live with a pig” would be a different one, but I think once again, I like yours better. Brandon: I feel like that lady on the movie where the hills are alive and she sings about, “A few of my favorite things.” You know what I am talking about right? You know, the one where she looks like she took the curtains off the wall and made a dress and whooped the VonTrapp familyinto shape. Angel: Oh yes, I know that movie, “The hills are alive…” That was from “Moulin Rouge!” right? Yes, that’s one of my personal favorites too! Oh wait, that’s not the movie you were talking about? Oops. My bad. Brandon: At work, I am not supposed to have favorites. When I worked in hotels, there was generally one or two staff members who I would let get away with a little more because of his or her performace. I mean, If I had favorites, that would be the way it would be. Nowadays, we have a few escorts and porn stars on the site who I would consider my favorites. They brighten my day when I come across their photos online doing routine work with the ads. Now, when I “cum” across their photos it’s a little different, but it’s still a favorite huh? Angel: I have favorite webmasters and club promoters that I enjoy working with as well. Usually though, that is based on friendliness, professionalism, and competency as opposed to being cute or hot. “Please.” and “Thank you.” go a very long way with me. Brandon: What was that C word you said? Competency? What’s that? I wouldn’t know. Angel: That’s not what I read on the bathroom wall. Your reputation precedes you. Brandon: *gets on the phone with office security* Brandon: Partying is part of my job. Parts of my job at Rentboy.com planning parties tickle me more than others and I would consider my favorite part of what I do. I always look forward to choosing performers. Believe it or not, we dynamically choose performers who draw out the interaction with crowds. It’s not just looks and it’s not just personality we headline an event with. The combination of those things and several others make selecting event headliners much more of a favorite part of the planning process. Angel: Interviewing people, whether they be involved in porn or not, is definitely the favorite part of my job. I just love talking to people and getting to know them better. Making them laugh with my cheeky sense of humor always seems to help too. Brandon: Talking to people? I don’t even like answering my phone. Can I offically write to the Department of Favorites at the White House and get that taken off my list of favorites? I know the caller could be calling with an offer that involves some of my favorite things I put in my pocket. Can you guess what that is? It’s not my keys. It’s cash. It’s still so hard to press that TALK button. Your’s is always on huh? You don’t shut up. Angel: Then I guess it’s a good thing that I have so many outlets for my outspokenness isn’t it?? …bitch. Just kidding, you know I love you about as much as I love my luggage. Brandon: Luggage? You mean baggage? You have a lot of both my dear. …in my line of work as much as I travel, loving your luggage is a good thing. I am around my luggage more than I am my boyfriend.

Photo Courtesy of JustUsBoys Magazine

Real Couple: Scott and Damian


Scott And Damian

Scott And Damian

How long have the two of you been together? Scott, We’ve been together almost a year.

How did you meet? Scott, We met on the set of a film we were shooting for Chi Chi, in Los Angeles. My hotel room was directly above his, it was my birthday and he took me out for dinner and then it just so happened that a few days later we were both flying back to Miami within an hour of each other.

Was it love at first sight? Scott, It was definitely lust at first site and then the love quickly followed.

What was the first thing that you each noticed about the other? Scott, I noticed his ass on the set, he was in a room having his still photos taken and I was taking a break from shooting a scene. I wandered past the room and there it was, up in the air…beautiful!! Damian, I saw him before he saw me and I first noticed how well he carried himself and all that sexy blond hair everywhere. He is the first “whiteboy” I have ever been with.

What is a typical day like for the two of you as a couple? Scott, We wake up, I put on my shirt and tie, he puts on his uniform and we have coffee, then head to work. After work we go to the gym, then home to make dinner, kill a bottle of wine and watch appointment television. We live a pretty simple and “normal” lifestyle. Being in Key West, we like to spend our days off out on the water, snorkeling, boating, kayaking, etc…other than that, we are pretty boring.

How long have you each worked in the adult industry? Scott, I started in 2001 and then took a break for a couple years. Damian, I just started last year.

What challenges have you had to deal with while working in the adult industry and being in a relationship? Scott, I think the most challenging thing is having to be apart when one of us is travelling…at least for me that’s the hardest part. Damian, I agree.

Are the two of you in an open or closed relationship? Scott, We are in a closed relationship.

What is the most romantic time the two of you have had? Damian, The first night that we spent together. It was Scott’s birthday and we went to dinner at a great restaurant in Hollywood and then spent the night holding each other and watching tv.

What is the one thing about each other that can sometimes be annoying? Scott, When he is angry or upset he gets quiet and won’t talk and acts like he can’t hear anything that I’m saying to him. I hate to be ignored and I like to talk through things. I talk a lot as it is. Damian, He talks too much sometimes!!…especially when we are watching tv.

What is your favorite thing about one another? Scott, His smile and his apparent love for me… yeah, and his sweet ass!! Damian, How much he loves me, his humor and his big cock, and he can cook better than anyone I know.

What do you feel is the key to a successful relationship? Scott, Communication, communication, communication…and trust!

FABSCOUT, Interview with Howard Andrew


Shay Gunz

Shay Gunz

We recently met up with Howard Andrew, one of the busiest talent scouts in the industry to find out what new discoveries he has in store for us. He already represents some of the busiest names in porn, but we wanted to know how he has taken what started as a side gig and turned it into the company that it is today.

Could you give us a little history on the origin of FabScout Entertainment? I spent almost 15 Years at Party City, then left to pursue a career in making children’s Teddy Bears (yes one of those MALL STORES). Well, I hate kids. I mean after all that, YES I hate kids (both laugh). So, I used to be a customer of the “Then Legendary” Cupids Cabaret, and the club owner asked me to work for him. Having had no “club” experience, and being WELL OVER the teddy bear thing (look, now I AM a teddy bear), I went to work as Manager of Cupids Cabaret in Miami. After being there for a while, a gentleman came in and said he wanted to “hire” one of my dancers for a movie. Well I didn’t understand, was very naive, and then he introduced himself… it was RICK FORD (Dirk Yates for those of you not in the know, of ALL WORLDS VIDEO Fame). So I explained that I had no clue what he meant. He then took 3 days to teach me the business, the RIGHT way to do it, honesty and treating models right. Then I met John Bruno, owner of Massive Studio, who became a good friend. The rest…ll, was all downhill, er, uhm…well you get the point.

So did you start off exclusively representing the dancers at Cupid’s? Yes. I was repping them and for 3 years kept FabScout PART TIME. It was just a “side gig,” then after I left Cupids and went to another club, Elements, FabScout continued and grew.

At which point did you realize that you needed to devote all of your time to your “side gig?” After I was working at the clubs, and the calls started rolling in, and the boys started to come around, I realized I should be doing this full time. So I looked into it (this was after almost a year). A friend and I created a name. FABScout used to be Florida Adult Booking and Scouting, now it is just FabScout. I got my business license, registered, etc…and the rest well… About 1 year ago, we moved into the luxurious new FabScout World Corporate Headquarters in Fort Lauderdale and had a huge release party for the New FabScout Logo (a few offices in a warehouse, don’t get excited). I share the offices with cases of JUB Magazines .

We love that! So now you are regarded as one of the top agents in all of gay porn. Before you got into this line of work, were you always a porn fan? I used to watch a lot of porn. Now I can’t watch it. I know everyone in all the movies, and what goes on behind the scenes. It took the fun out. I do admit, I like straight porn. It’s kinda funny, all the guys I used to jerk off to, I know them now. It isn’t so much fun after you have had to clean up after them (laughs).

Who were some of your favorite porn stars before you got into the biz? (laughs) You really can’t pin me down on that one. That’s like asking to be in my top 10 on MySpace.
OK, let’s take a different approach here. Who haven’t you met yet that you would like to? Wow, I think I have met almost everyone, hmmm, I was very happy to meet and work with Eddie Stone, Barrett Long, wow so many…hmm… Ken Ryker! I would have liked to have met him back when he was doing porn.

Yum! Jason Adonis was always nice to me. Matt Rush is a good friend and a great guy, in fact JUB will have an announcement exclusive to JUB Magazine before we are done!

I can’t wait! Now, I personally became aware of you when you signed Eddie Stone. Do you think that helped to catapult you into the public spotlight? I think Eddie Stone helped. Brad Star certainly was my first “big name.” FabScout is yet again expanding in the next few weeks, with some major announcements coming up. We, as a company are expanding. FabScout LIVE is taking the live appearance side of the business to a new level, making it affordable and easier for the clubs and the talent.

And now you rep some of the top names in porn as well as a whole stable of up-and comers. With most of the porn industry being located in California, is it challenging being based out of Fort Lauderdale? No actually. There is a lot of porn shot here locally as well. I mean a lot.

Tell me a little about Riley Burke. We love Riley Burke (www.rileyburke.com)! He came to me about 6 months ago, was a chubby bleach blonde shave smooth twink. We sat and talked for over an hour. He was told, “Natural hair color, body hair, etc.”, and in just a few months…AMAZING turnaround.

You also have a beautiful boy named Bobby Clark. OK, Bobby was introduced to me by Victor, owner of Boardwalk Bar, and you immediately get lost in his innocence and beauty. He is a great kid…and STRAIGHT. Yes, I said it, STRAIGHT. He even slept in the same bed as Jesse Santana and Josh Klearly, and NEVER DID ANYTHING.

But he is looking to get into gay porn? He will do solo work, for now. You hear me Randy Blue or Sean Cody? “For now…” but I think with the right “motivation” he may change and come to the dark side. (laughs) Well he certainly is gorgeous, and has that “soap star” look. How about our coverboy Shay Gunz? I met Shay thru a friend while he was looking for female talent. See, he does straight porn, and I saw him and well…uhm√¢‚Ǩ¬¶kinda liked his body. He had then agreed to begin to do solo work…after a bit of coaxing. Again, after some proper motivation, perhaps boys. PERHAPS!

What can we look forward to in the near future from Fabscout? Well…We have a ton of new guys (as usual), some exclusive news (Jet Set, Falcon, Raging Stallion), and FabScout Live…..hmm should I give you the scoop, the big surprise?

Yes, please!

Matthew Rush has agreed to work with FabScout Exclusively on all Live Bookings for the next 12 months. I will let you have that scoop……

Thank you so much for letting the readers of JUB be the first to find this out!!!

Look for FabSocut to promote and partner with Rentboy.com on MANY more Events in the upcoming year (Hustlaball, Rentboy.com 10 year anniversary tour), we have 6 guys in the upcoming Falcon Shoot…many, many more things to come. We will be having FabScout Studios up and running in Fort Lauderdale with 4,500 square feet of Studio/Production space for rent to anyone looking for shooting locations.

Photo Courtesy: Fabscout Entertainment

Marcellas Reynolds Interview


Marcellas Reynolds

Marcellas Reynolds

Marcellas Reynolds first graced our television screens in Big Brother 3. With his outspoken personality, he quickly made his mark as one of the most recognized gay reality tv stars. In BB3, he refused to use the golden power of veto that would have taken him to the final four only to be evicted from the house. His luck in BB7 All Stars, didn’t improve as he was betrayed by the infamous alliance of “Chilltown.” We recently caught up with Marcellas, where he shared his thoughts on this season and how he played the game.

How did you break in to reality television? I was splitting my time between Chicago and NY, modeling and fashion styling. I was really tired of both. One of my closest friends lived on the West Coast and worked in production for Shapiro/Groedner (the producers of Big Brother). After they’d gotten the submissions from the public, the producers ask friends, employees and casting agents if they know of anyone. Nikki asked me. My agents told me not to. I passed. Then I caught my beau cheating on me with a guy from the Real World. And my response to his cheating with reality trash was to become the biggest gay reality star in the world, which I was for like 2 minutes!

Your best friend in the Big Brother house was Amy. Do the two of you still remain friends? One of the great things about All-Stars is it healed many wounds. I wasn’t friends with Amy for a while. After All-Stars, it just seemed so stupid to not talk to her. We’re back and as strong as ever.

Which of the past house guest have you continued a relationship with? Lisa is one of my closest friends. I love Danielle and talk to her almost everyday. I adore Chiara… talk about someone who was poorly edited. I’m great friends with Erika (BB4) and James from All-Stars. From All-Stars, I still talk to Mike and Will and was out with Diane just last night!

Of all the houseguest which do you feel was the sexiest? Nick from the new season has one of the greatest bodies I’ve ever seen. Thank goodness I wasn’t in there with him! I loved Will Wikle from season 5. I thought he was so cute. Roddy (BB3) was a real man. For me my all-time fave is Justin from BB4. He was tiny with a great body, bubble butt and sparkly eyes. And he had a “cauliflower ear” from wrestling. Sexy!

This season Mike made a move that assured him being put on the block by Dick. Dick said that he was making a stupid move just like you had in your game. What are your thoughts on that? I don’t think my move was stupid. And fuck that troll Dick for saying that. I think what I did was one of the kindest, most human things ever seen on a reality show. Here is someone competing for money, yet sacrificing myself for the others around me, in probably the most emotional moment I’ve ever been in. I’d say it was heroic.

So looking back, do you wish you had used the power of veto? Nope. I wouldn’t change a thing. It’s hurtful to be called an idiot because I trusted people and showed compassion, but after five years I’m the most famous Big Brother House Guest. I’m the only player who’s been referenced season after season. And the only one who has managed to have a rather successful entertainment career. Things work out the way they are supposed to.

How would you of played the game differently in both Big Brother 3 as well as Big Brother All Star? I can’t speak to changes. I played the game both times by what I was confronted with. At the end of the day these are just games and (to me) acting gigs. It’s a check. They end and I move on to the next set.

Who is playing the game the worst this season? Dick’s game is horrid. He’s a thug and a bully. On top of that, he’s ugly. He lacks charisma. If they hadn’t been doing a twist (estranged father/daughter) he would never have made the show. To win Big Brother you have to have charisma in order to make people want to vote for you. He doesn’t. If, and that’s a huge if, he makes it to the end people will remember how mean, arrogant and aggressive he was to everyone and he’ll never win. The House Guests should all be battling to take him to the final 2! Anyone can beat him.

Who is playing the game the best this season? Danielle is playing well under harsh conditions. Dick’s choice to be a dick is reflecting poorly on her though. But she can swing that to sympathy if she’s savvy. I think Jameka or Jessica could win this. If Jameka stays longer, she may get the producers behind her in an effort to have the first African-American winner. Jessica, though useless, is very well liked. She’s not on anyone’s radar.

Which season 8 houseguest would you have been the closest to if you were in the house? Danielle and Jameka. I adore a blond, though they end up getting on my nerves and then being my undoing. (See Amy and Janelle…) I also love a sister though they end up getting on my nerves and then being my undoing. (See Danielle…) LOL!

How has being on Big Brother influenced your career? It’s a double-edged sword. It’s what brought me to L.A. and gave me national exposure. It also hurt me in a lot of ways. A lot of producers lump all reality people into one big untalented heap and don’t want to use them. There’s a very small list of people who have appeared on a reality show that have made it to legitimate success. I’m trying desperately to get my name on that list.

What advice could you give to those wanting to be on a reality show? Think long and hard about what you want to achieve in your life both long and short term. If it’s just for the experience and the money then go for it. If you think it’s going to make you a star then really look at others who have gone this route. Remember you are giving away the rights to your image and with notoriety comes a huge lack of privacy. Five years later and I’m still “Marcellas from Big Brother.” It will probably end up on my tombstone!

What current projects are you working on? I am the newest on-air correspondent on Fox’s Reality Remix! You can watch my take every week on events in the Big Brother house Wednesdays at 4:30 pm, 7:30 pm & 11:00 pm PT. You can also view it @ www.realityremix.tv. See what I have to say about BB8 and the new cast! I shot another episode of How Do I Look for the Style Channel. Please check your local listings for my current 2-hour episode! I work for E! and Style Network constantly. You can see me on all their shows from The Look For Less to E! News Daily. Check out Marcellas on MTV’s Next with Omarosa where he will be making over daters for a hot red carpet night out and on Style Network’s 100 Greatest Celebrity Crimes of Fashion!

Andrew Justice


Andrew Justice

Andrew Justice

Lately, there has been one name on the lips of the majority of the gay porn industry. That name is Andrew Justice. This hot and sexy newcomer from Illinois has been making friends and influencing people left and right. In just 8 short months, he has already made 15 movies. Longboard and Rush And Release from Falcon Entertainment, Afterhours by Mustang Studios, H2O and Campus Pizza from Titan, and Proven Straight from Jet Set (reviewed in this issue) are just the titles that are out right now, with 9 others to be released in the coming months.

Andrew with his muscular (but not too muscular) build, massive tool, and brown hair (which goes lighter in the summertime), considers himself to be bisexual. However, he doesn’t see himself being in an actual relationship with a man. But, don’t look for him to do straight porn anytime soon. He saves that for his girlfriend (sorry boys, he is definitely taken). He prefers to do gay porn as a way to safely explore his homoerotic urges. After all, what better place to experiment than in a clean and safe environment like a movie set! He has always been an exhibitionist, and loves that people like watching him have sex. Although he hasn’t quite yet convinced the girlfriend to perform in front of an audience with him. The girlfriend does know all about his line of work, and is doing her best to be supportive, but Andrew concedes that, “It would be very difficult for a girl to be dating a gay porn star!”

Growing up in Illinois, he started going through puberty at 12, and at 14 realized that he was attracted to other boys as well as girls. In fact, all of his first sexual experiences with other guys occurred when he was in the Boy Scouts, with his fellow scouts. He lost his virginity to a boy first, at age 15, and then a year later started having sex with girls. Because his penis was so large growing up, he often felt like an “oddball” compared to other boys, but when he started having sex with girls he learned that having a big dick is a good thing! Go figure.

A completely sexual creature, when asked how often he has sex, he replies, “Daily” When pressed as to how much of that is with boys and how much is with girls, he says, “It depends on if I am working or just enjoying free time.” He stated that it was difficult for him to pick a favorite scene partner, but if he absolutely had to, it would be Jorden Michaels (his scene partner in Longboard). He has been very blessed in respect that he has gotten to work with everyone that he has requested to be paired with.

He doesn’t really pay too much attention to mainstream celebrities. In fact, he has never even heard of Perez Hilton! However he admits that he is turned on by both Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. “Both are very fucking hot. Yeah, I would do both of them… the same time!”

Now that he is fully immersed in the gay porn scene, he has gotten to travel to Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Florida to film movies, but of those he admits that Los Angeles is his favorite. He has made a lot of public appearances, like at the Grabby awards in Chicago and the Rentboy.com Pool Parties in Palm Springs (where he was quite scandalous with fellow porn star Christian Owen) and Fort Lauderdale. He lives for his fans, and enjoys interacting with them.

Of all the movies that he has shot so far, 13 of them feature him topping, with him going bottoms up in the other two. (In fact, one of the selling points of the movie Afterhours is that it is Andrew’s bottoming debut.) He says, “I am mainly a top, but for some reason people want to see tops bottom. I don’t understand that, but oh well.” And although he hasn’t yet worked with Chi Chi La Rue as a director (but he really wants to!) he has headlined at her nightclub Dirty Deeds in West Hollywood, an experience that he called both “intimidating” and “exhilarating”, since he had never go-go danced in public before. In addition to Chi Chi, he also would like to shoot for Buckshot someday. All of that will have to temporarily wait though. Since he has done so many movies in so little time, to prevent overexposure, he will be taking an eight month sabbatical to tour Europe. After that, I’m sure he will be ready to field all offers via his agent Howard at Fabscout Entertainment (who we also interview for this issue).

AIM: Adult Industry Medical


AIM: Adult Industry Medical

AIM: Adult Industry Medical

Adult Industry Medical was founded by former pornstar Sharon Mitchell. Wanting to give back to the adult entertainment community, she started the clinic (which has now expanded to two locations) to test porn performers for a litany of STDs, using the most current and thorough technology available. However, this organization is not just for pornstars. The general public can also take advantage of the technically advanced STD tests for a small fee (as opposed to being complimentary, like it is for porn performers). Also, their website has one of the most comprehensive listings of the different types of STDs, as well as symptoms, treatment, and prevention of each.

Although they primarily work within the straight adult industry (which is predominantly condomless, and regular testing is required), AIM also treats gay porn performers who voluntarily wish to be tested, to help keep them disease-free. Those performers can then chose to have their results displayed publicly, or kept confidential, whichever they wish. Also, they provide services such as counseling and opportunities for those looking to leave sex work. So check them out and make a tax-deductible donation right on their main page at www.aim-med.org.

Photo Courtesy of www.aim-med.org

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