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Brandon and Angel Talk Fitness


primary_18From the July/August issue of the JustUsBoys Magazine, Brandon and Angel dish on fitness … Brandon: They said this issue was all about Muscle and Fitness. What does that mean to me? Hot magazines with cute boys on the front with chiseled bodies and sweaty photo shoots. Oh yes! Angel: Ummm….OK….yes, we definitely love that, but it’s also important that we talk about being HEALTHY as well! Brandon: My fitness regime is a hectic schedule. What’s yours? Angel: Well, I used to be a total Fatty McFatalot. Being gay and heavy is NOT fun, so I decided to make a change. The first thing I did was change my diet. I went on NutriSystem and I lost 30 lbs. The food is all provided for you, and it takes all the guesswork out of dieting. Angel: The next thing I did was begin working out. It’s important when selecting a fitness regime, that you find one that works for you. I chose Cardio Barre. For the uninitiated, Cardio Barre is ballet on crack! It’s actually ballet exercises done at the ballet bar to circuit music… while you’re lifting weights! It’s crazy but SUCH a great workout! So when am I going to get YOU to come to Cardio Barre? Hmmm?? Brandon: The only BAR that I am interested in is an OPEN BAR. Angel: *Le eye roll* Quelle surprise. Actually, stripper-pole dancing classes are really popular now amongst boys AND girls. Who knows? You could be losing weight one day and feature dancing at Chi Chi La Rue’s club Dirty Deeds the next! Brandon: This last couple of months has been quite a workout. We were in Dallas judging a drag pageant, blew into Chicago for the Grabby’s and the Military Ball, New York and a few other cities. Throwing parties is way fun but man, it’s crazy. When my mom asks me what city I am in… I have to answer her with, “Let me check the street signs, mom.” How do celebrities do it? I hardly have time to have sex. Angel: Baby, baby, baby… you know as well as I do how celebrities have so much sex. It’s called RentBoy! *wink* No no, I joke, that’s how celebrities have so much COMPANIONSHIP! Brandon: I like to dance which is a bit of a workout. When we are out at the clubs across the country, 135 beats a minute really helps to get the blood flowing. I am all about fitness, but the only thing I seem to run is my mouth. Unless you count that awful marathon you made me run last year. I thought I was going to die. Angel: You know what? I thought you were going to die too, but seriously, I decided to do that because I thought to myself, “If Oprah’s fat ass can run the Chicago Marathon, then I can DEFINITELY run the Los Angeles Marathon!” and just think, now little twinks everywhere will think “If Brandon Baker’s fat ass can run the Los Angeles Marathon, then I can run a marathon too!” Angel: Now if you are looking for a muscular guy to play around with, try putting up a profile on BigMuscle.com You don’t have to be all big and buff to be on the site. Do you have an account with them? Brandon: I spend my time on www.BeefyFrat.com, but I am going to try this committed relationship thing for a bit. (I just hope I don’t end up being committed any other way.) In the natural stage of progression and growing up, my escort experiences lead me to a more powerful and fulfilling relationship with a beautiful boy that I can really look forward to come home to and grow even more with.

Ben Patrick Johnson


Ben Patrick Johnson

Ben Patrick Johnson

Ben Patrick Johnson’s voice is recognized across the nation. He is one of the signature voices of FOX and CBS where you’ve heard his smoky voice on House, Survivor, Cold Case, and other shows. He’s also voiced over the trailers for more movies and commercials than we have room to mention, but there’s much more to Ben than just his voice and good looks. Here’s an inside look at this successful entrepreneur and heartthrob.

I heard you have a birthday soon. Do you mind sharing how old you are? I’m 37. By the time this hits the stands, I’ll be 38. Ironically, I used to be freaked out more by age than I am now. It’s really no big deal. I’m in the prime of my life and it’s easier to get a date now than when I was 20. I wonder what 40 will look and feel like. Probably about the same as now.

What is the secret to your success? It’s no secret, really. Work incredibly hard and never give up. Before I got my first book published, I collected so many rejection letters that the folder where I kept them started to look like a small-town phone book. It took me almost a decade of doing voice-overs before I could support myself at it.

And now you are about to release your newest novel. Can you tell us a little about it? One Size Fits All is the story of an ambitious young L.A. fashion designer who gets in over his head by promising the same outrageous Oscars dress to three best actress nominees. Along the way, he has an affair with one of their heartthrob husbands, and all three women get into a tangle reminiscent of the play/movie “The Women.”

It’s somewhat light — hopefully a great summer read — but like all my books I try to allow it a soul and a message that we can all take to heart. In this case, it’s about vanity and ambition, and how often the best things in life aren’t those that glitter the most.

You’re in great physical shape. I’m actually in awe of you right now. Where did this body come from? I have a little deal with Satan. I try not to get into it too much. Seriously though, I think everything we do in our lives is reflected in our appearance on some level; certainly, in our skin and eyes — what we put in our bodies, how we exercise them, how much rest and spiritual/emotional space we give ourselves to grow and explore. I am far from perfect at the process, but I think the key is to lead a balanced life.

You are certainly doing something right! Can you tell us about your typical workout? I do an hour of cardio on an empty stomach first thing every morning. Then, in the afternoon, I train with Tom Nelson of Muscle Mechanics L.A. He’s been punishing me daily for the past 3 years and his old-school techniques are sometimes brutal, but always work. It’s a lot of iron, noise and sweat, and not so much fancy stuff. We take plenty of time between sets so I can explode strength-wise each time.

What inspires you the most to stay fit? I was a fat, out-of-shape kid. I still battle that. Also, with each passing year, I think about where I’m headed. I want to be in good health for many, many years to come. But let’s be honest — the reason I train so hard is the reason most people do: vanity.

What advise would you give a reader that is trying to stay in shape? Remember that it’s a 24-hour-a-day job: it’s not just about what you do in the gym. Your diet is extremely important, as is rest and keeping your stress levels low.

You’re a very busy man, and recently started your own video webcast, Life on the Left Coast. Tell us more… I wanted to grow more articulate as a public speaker — to harness the power of my position in the community to say the sorts of things that matter to me. I want to affect people’s lives in a positive way. Of course, to get people to pay attention to the “important” stuff, you have to catch and hold their attention. So we include plenty of sex, humor, and both male and female eye candy (okay, mostly male). Life on the Left Coast is a grown-up show with grown-up ideas.

The show has generated a lot of buzz. How did you get it to grow so quickly? I’d like to think it’s the quality of the show, and the amount of time and energy my whole team puts into assembling it each day. We have a skeleton crew doing the work that a “real” TV show would have a staff of dozens to accomplish.

Check out Ben’s webcast online at lifeontheleftcoast.com or on youtube.com/benpatrickjohnson. Pre-order One Size Fits All at amazon.com, available at bookstores nationwide in July.

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