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That's David Dakota in the Swimming Pool


David Dakota In "jock Tease"David Dakota is so new to the industry that you might not know his name yet. He filmed his first scene only this year, yet on the strength of his work (his face, body and cock helping out), he quickly landed an exclusive contract with Jet Set Men.

He is over 30, but three of his directors so far — Steven Scarborough, Kristofer Weston and Chris Steel — seem intent to keep him wet behind the ears. David jokes that “”I think I was in every pool movie made this summer!””

Performing sexually in front of a camera fulfills a lifelong ambition for this statuesque blond, but he’s not quitting his day job. And check him out in a uniform!

PS: He’s versatile.

Let’s have some 4-1-1 on David Dakota, please.
I live in Minneapolis, am 32 years old, 5-foot-10, 180 pounds, 7 inches cut.

What’s your educational background? What did you do before porn?
Porn is just a hobby for me. I am a mechanical engineer. I do product design for corporate America.

Why “”Dakota””?
Dakota was simply a name that I liked that goes well with David.

What was your personal path to porn? Were others involved in the decision to bare it all online? Does the family know?
I’ve always been a huge fan of porn and thought that making it would be a lot of fun. However, I never considered myself porn star material until I was recruited by Sean Cody. I had a few friends who were very supportive, but most people told me not to do it because of my family and career. Being a porn star was just something I had to do. I knew I would always look back with regret if I didn’t do it. My family does not know.

I’ve seen you in DVDs but not online. What sites have you filmed scenes for?
I’ve done DVDs for Jet Set Men, Hot House and Buckshot. I’ve done online scenes for Sean Cody and On the Hunt.

There’s a publicity shot of you in Jock Tease, fully clothed, wearing a baseball uniform that’s the hottest sports uniform pic since Kevin Costner made Bull Durham. (Well, maybe Luis Gonzales …) What kind of outfit makes you feel hotter than a Phoenix summer?
The sporting outfits are fun, although there’s nothing hotter than Speedos and square-cut swimwear.

You mention having a boyfriend, as well as going online to find a trick. Where’s the BF at those times?
When I mentioned finding a trick, I was referring to the days before my boyfriend. I no longer hook up unless it is being filmed.

Is your BF in the adult industry? Does your being in the adult industry make it tougher to maintain a relationship?
My BF is not in the adult industry. I think it would be hot to do a scene together, but he is too shy. It is very difficult to maintain a relationship while being in the adult industry. However, I am not willing to give up having a relationship while I do porn. There’s a big difference between “real” sex and porn sex. It’s hard for a boyfriend to accept that while he watches an edited video of you having sex with someone else.

Do you believe in gay marriage?
I believe that gays should have the right to get married just like everyone else, although I was previously married (to a woman), and I don’t see myself getting married again.

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Tell me something about the non-sexual side of the person who inhabits David Dakota. Does he raise horses? Play the piano? Cook meals at the local soup kitchen?
I really enjoy woodworking and remodeling houses. I own almost every power tool imaginable. I just finished completely remodeling my third house, and I am looking for my next project.

What are you dressing up as for Halloween?
This Halloween I am going to be an army soldier who lost half his clothes in battle!

Scott Cambell rides into porn


Scott Campbell

Scott Campbell

Scott Campbell is a guy directors and casting agent oughta have their eyes on. He’s hung, handsome and hairy, with an easygoing personality and sexual appetites that are voracious and versatile. Scott hasn’t been in the industry very long — about a year — and if his name doesn’t ring a bell, perhaps it’s because he started as Scott Fremont.

Regarding the name change, Scott says, "No one could get it right and were always misspelling it. So, even though it’s not very creative or porn-like I just used my real middle and last name, Scott Campbell."

Born in Oklahoma and raised in Kansas, where he still resides, Campbell’s basic stats are 24 years old, 6 feet tall, 175 lbs., 8×6 inches cut. That leaves out his down-covered ass, which may be his best asset. Apparently, others agree: "I hear my ass and my body hair are my best assets. Personality wise, I’m very easy to work with, polite and straight forward. I want scene partners to have a good time, be comfortable and create crazy chemistry for the camera."

Porn is still an avocation rather than a vocation for Scott, who says, "I’ve been an in-house graphic artist for a gourmet snack food company for six years now and a part-time student working on my Graphic Design degree. It would be awesome to work as a full time artist for a porn studio and model at the same time."

Phoenix-based Amateur Straight Guys was Scott’s ticket to porn. When the company visited its hometown of Kansas City, Mo. to recruit models, Scott’s boyfriend, Tyler Dix, applied and was hired. But he changed his mind and Scott stepped up in his place. ASG then recommended Scott to Peter Romero, who hired him for the Jocks Studio film, Road Trip Vol. 4: Big Sur.

Since then Scott has worked for Mustang, Dirty Bird Pictures and Raging Stallion. The Raging Stallion gig was for the upcoming big western, To the Last Man. Scott met Raging Stallion exclusive Jake Deckard at the Cybersocket awards: "Jake Deckard cruised me that night, we had a hot public make-out session and he got me connected with Kent Taylor at Raging Stallion. Raging Stallion had me on their list to choose from and I sealed the deal when I met Chris Ward and Ben Leon when I presented Best All Sex Awards at the 2008 Grabbys."

What Scott neglected to mention is that his horse handling and horseback riding skills were a key to getting hired. Besides his role as one of the feuding cowhands, Scott serves as Ricky Sinz’s body double for some of the horseback riding.

Scott counts the long, two-week Raging Stallion shoot as one of his bst porn experiences to date. "It was amazing! Felt extremely comfortable, was very little drama or problems amongst the cast. Just all-around great guys to work with. The shoot was out in the middle of nowhere, we were surrounded by nature and mountains. We were fed great home cooked meals by a really cool house host. After shooting with Raging Stallion I feel spoiled."

Living with Scott and the cast and crew on the Raging Stallion set, I quickly abandoned the impression, formed from watching Road Trip 4, that he was a twink. He may be young, but he’s a big, muscular hairy guy who can easily hold his own among older and more seasoned porn veterans. Scott is also voluble and friendly, and kept several of us entertained at the dinner table one evening with tales of growing up in the heart of the Bible Belt.

I asked him if he felt he had a "normal" adolescence and he responded with a story that was both scary and hilarious.

"I had the typical homophobe father, but mom was very supportive and accepting. Good ole dad gave me the boot at 16, after he found out my mom wasn’t cheating on him and that all the male callers were for me. I’ve been on my own for the most part since then. My only horror story is when my mother found a Polaroid I took of myself and confronted me with it, saying, ‘I know who that is, I’ve washed those underwear!’ Now mom asks that my studio stills be cropped above the waistline."

Scott later added, via email, "There’s a lot more to that story, like my dad stalking a hairstylist I was fucking, tapping the home phone line, all sorts of crazy shit."

Earlier this month Scott completed work in Steve Cruz’s directing debut for Mustang, Blue Movie. That shoot is destined for porn history because the cast and crew got busted by the LAPD in what Falcon’s Promotions Director, Troy Prickett, calls an "inside job." Luckily for Scott (or not, depending on your point of view), Scott had completed his scene and flown home the day before the bust.

You can learn more about Scott Campbell at his blog and website, www.scottcampbellxxx.com, or email him at scottcampbellxxx@mac.com.

Photo Courtesy: Jett Blakk
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Cody Cummings: The anti-interview


Cody Cummings

Cody Cummings

Over the past 20 years I have interviewed more than 100 porn personalities. Sometimes I approach them; sometimes they ask me first. In the case of Cody Cummings, I was approached by his studio.

Cody is a handsome hunk of guy with big muscles and a ready smile. He has a popular website, www.codycummings.com. On the site, you can watch him shower, jack off, get sucked off (and sometimes rimmed) by guys, and fuck women. Those are the limits of Cody’s world. He’s not interested in pushing the envelope, just as he was barely interesting in answering my questions. Cody was not rude, but his responses were so clipped and guarded, and there were so many questions he declined to answer, that there’s nothing in this interview that reveals anything beyond what you can learn by visiting his website – except you can read the interview for free. And what fun is that, when a porn personality closes himself off to his fans?

Cody says on his site, “I’m not much into talking about myself.” That’s an understatement. When asked who he’s referring to in his public mentions about “family,” he answered “Pass,” as he did when asked about his education, what he did before launching his adult career, and numerous other topics and questions.

On his site, he claims that his job excites him: “It is so exciting for me to have such a job. I always have the time of my life at work. I mean, what could you dislike about sex, laughs and good times?”

Talking to him does not reflect that. Even Cody’s publicist agreed.

Last week I happened to watch the original 1959 movie Gidget, in which a young Cliff Robertson plays The Big Kahuna (Robertson played Peter Parker’s Uncle Ben, who gets killed in the first Spider-Man movie, for you younger readers). Cummings is a ringer for Robertson in that movie – and that’s probably the most interesting thing you’ll find in this article.

Here are Cody’s replies to the questions he was willing to answer:

How does a straight man end up with a website so popular with gay audiences? How did CodyCummings.com come about?
I don’t know. I do know that people in nature want what they can’t have. I started this not knowing what would come of it. I was a male dancer first and I went by Cody. I started porn and the audience seemed to like me? Then CodyCummings.com.

It appears from watching your videos that you set fairly strict limits on what you will do with another guy in front of a camera. Can your fans expect to see those limits relax in the future? Kissing maybe? Fucking a guy? How do you see your site evolving?
Who knows? I never thought I’d be doing this. And I want my site to become something that doesn’t have a label. It’s not gay, straight. It’s something sexual and hot, for everyone!

What percent of your members are women? Bisexual men? In other words, what kind of fans do you attract?
I hear about 30% are women. Bisexual men? I don’t know.

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Kurt Wild: Not your everyday Daddy


Kurt Wild

Kurt Wild

I’d seen Kurt Wild in several studio productions but his appearance as the middleman in Michael Lucas’ Pounding the Pavement made my dick stand at attention like nothing he’d done before. So I’m watching the DVD extras on that film and I am gobsmacked when he says he is the happily married father of three children. All this while cuddling and canoodling with Michael Lucas. That crossed my cock-brain barrier and I had to talk to him.

Physically, Wild is a handsome, slender young man who would be a good match for anyone’s lawnboy fantasy. He can be either scruffy or smooth onscreen. He has vividly defined abs and a fat cock.

Kurt’s kids are 4, 3 and 2, and he’s their biological father. At 22. He, Mom and the kids all live together happily in the midwest. Unlike many other porn performers, whose income is 100% porn-derived, Kurt has a day job. It takes a lot of money to support a family of five and plan for the future, so Kurt and the missus are pondering their options right now. Though it’s nice to get the extra income porn provides, they both know it won’t last forever. Kurt is considering a career behind the camera, probably as a still photographer, while his wife wonders if she can balance being a full-time mom with a career in cosmetology.

Despite his youth, Kurt has been in this relationship for six years. Although he refers to his girlfriend as his wife, they are not, in fact, married. Kurts explains that marriage is not called “”holy matrimony”” for nothing, and that as long as he is doing porn, he cannot reconcile his lifestyle with a trip to the altar.

The wife is supportive, particularly when there’s not another woman in the picture. When Kurt does a straight sex scene for online audiences, his wife is grateful to know that Kurt doesn’t keep it a secret, but she is “”not too excited about it.””

Kurt’s porn journey began a few years ago, when he posted a headshot of himself on the website sexyjobs.com. That photo got him a reply from photographer James Johnson, who quickly steered him to Corbin Fisher.

There, he shot a solo and a straight scene. He expected to do just straight porn, but was encouraged to explore his sexuality. So he agreed to let a guy suck him on camera, and ended up returning the blow job. That led to another scene, in which Kurt topped his partner, and then to a scene in which he gets fucked by a model named Julian.

I asked Kurt whether he ever had any experiences with another guy before Corbin Fisher, and he assured me that he had not so much as ever thought of it. In the scene where Julian fucks him (you can still see it at CorbinFisher.com, where it has a 5/5 reader rating), he is really and truly getting his ass-cherry popped.

Kurt stubbornly resists labels. He doesn’t consider himself gay or bi, and in fact declines to put any spin on his on-camera sexual behavior. He finds that having sex with guys has its advantages in the paychecks and in the lack of drama. He says, “”We can connect for a couple of hours and then be friends afterwards.””

Jet Set was the first studio to hire him, for its production Proven Straight, in which he has a scene with Nickolay Petrov. Reviewer Onan the Vulgarian wrote about that scene, “”Wild and Petrov are like fire and fire. … Wild is physically much smaller but he’s all hard muscle and getting fucked in the ass is something he obviously loves because he practically levitates the bed.””

Since then, Wild has worked for most of the major studios: Lucas Entertainment, Hot House, Titan, Falcon, FPG, HIS, Buckshot. Pretty impressive for a career that’s younger than his youngest child. Kurt says that his scene with Dean Flynn in Titan’s Copperhead Canyon is probably his favorite, even though he was sick during the shoot. “”Me and Dean brought out the best in each other,”” he says.

Right now, Wild is working on becoming multi-orgasmic, delivering at least two cumshots per scene. As for the future, he’s constructing he’s constructing his perfect porn fantasy in his head. Maybe he’ll pitch it to a director some day. Regardless of the number of performers, or their gender, it has to have mystery, romance and passion.

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Jackson Wild: All-American Boy Gone Bad


Jackson Wild

Jackson Wild

“If Jackson Wild is still wet behind the ears, as porn stars go, it’s not so much a comment on his relative newness to the industry as it is a testament to his sexual voraciousness, which leaves him and anyone he tangles with pretty much wet all over. Pick your fluid. This fellow didn’t have much of a career ladder to climb: he started with Randy Blue and Titan! The world is now his snail (oysters are for the straights).

What’s your age, height, weight and level of education?
I’m 21 (22 as of September 12), 5’9”, 155 lbs., college graduate.

What was your particular road to porn?

It all started by placing photos of myself on a modeling site, and from there I was contacted by Randy Blue. I took on a few shoots with Mr. Blue … had a fan base that started to grow, then was contacted by Howard Andrew at FabScout. And I guess you could say the rest is history, hehe.

Why aren’t you on FabScout’s model page?
Both Howard and I carry on a very personal and true friendship. This friendship actually goes beyond work. Howard is a dear friend of mine. I truly love him. I have chosen not to be on the FabScout page. I love what I do, and Howard knows what do to and how to do it. Its not the biggest deal for me to be on that site. The industry knows who represents Jackson Wild.

Where were you born? Where do you live now?
Born in New Albany, Mississippi. Living now right outside Chicago.

What was your day job before porn? Do you have a job that’s independent of the adult industry or do porn and porn-related activities provide all your income right now?
My job before porn was going to school and working at a fitness center. I am right now working at the gym making my own schedule. They allow me to do so, so it does not collide with porn.

You have worked for a lot of studios but not, to my knowledge, ever signed an exclusive contract with anyone. Why is that?
Well oddly enough, a lot of my friends in the industry have asked the same thing. To be honest, I tend to have a growing interest in the industry; there are many levels and types of work I like to do. I am a very diversified performer. I am watching and waiting to see, who will really strike a chord with me. I love all the studios I have had the pleasure of working with. I make it a promise to every director I work with that they will receive 110 percent out of me every time.

Do you have a favorite scene or costar?

My favorite scene to date, would still have to be the one I shot with Damien Crosse for Titan’s Breakers, directed by Bruce Cam. Being on a pristine California beach with one of the hottest guys in porn, and with a crew that truly knew how to make a movie a spectacle rather than just a porn.

What is the most fun you ever had on a set (whether the cameras were on or off)?

I would have to say on set when I was shooting Paging Dr. Finger for Hot House Studios, directed by Steven Scarborough. That butt plug was sure a challenge, but I had someone on the backside of the set making me feel a hell of a lot better. I had a teeny tiny crush on a member of the Hot House crew. And I had the luxury of him watching me perform. I can’t say for sure, but I don’t think he stopped smiling, hehe.

Is there a studio or performer you have not worked for/with that you would like to? Who?
Actually that will all come true this August, as I will take the stage in front of the camera with Raging Stallion Studios, and be partnered with in my eyes, the hottest guy that Raging Stallion has, Ricky Sinz. We are definitely going to show Chris Ward what rough, rude, powerful fucking is all about. And that is directly from the power bottom’s mouth.

What’s in store for the future? Do you have long-range plans for a career in porn or are you only in it for now and/or for fun?
There are large and exciting things in store for fans and guests of everything and anything JACKSON WILD. This fall is going to usher in a new age for Jackson. I am working out twice as hard, and I am gaining a little weight. I started cage fighting here outside of Chicago, as well as joined a wrestling team. So when all of you get the next glimpse of Jackson Wild, he is going to be healthier, stronger, and even more energetic. So sit back because, unlike some … this WILD ride has no chance of slowing down anytime soon. I am smarter, more wise about the industry, and just overall more educated. So enjoy what is about to become, A Year of Jackson Wild.

Do you have any special causes … things that you feel passionately enough about to want your public to know, and if so, what?
The ASPCA, I have two dogs and a salt water fish tank here at home. I love every kind of animal. There is so much we can learn, and so much that we can enjoy in the presence of an animal. Everyday I sit back and play with my dogs and see these two little people, then I look at my fish tank and see this world that is all their own, this place just for them. I hate to see or know of any animal being abused or treated in any manner that is not respectful, humane and fulfilling.

Where does a person go who wants to know more about you? I was not able to view your MySpace page.
Actually I have fixed my Myspace page, so everyone can take a glance. Also check out
and watch in the later fall for jacksonwild.com

How is it that you can ride a horse?

To explain the horse thing, just look above. My love for animals drove my mother and me to take trail riding lessons and visit horse barns. Also, being from the south, I figured to keep my southern heritage alive and ride a few horses every once in a while.

What’s your secret for being able to swallow a huge cock like Chad Hunt’s? That was some pretty amazing work you did with Chad Hunt in Unknown for Chi Chi.
First off, that took a lot, a lot, of self preparation, putting myself in the right mindset, knowing I was making a movie with famed director Chi Chi LaRue. Also I guess you could say I have had some practice. Sucking is next to bottoming my favorite thing to do when playing. I could do it all day.  :)

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Riley Burke: Gimme head with hair


Riley Burke

Riley Burke

Apologies to Gerome Ragni and James Rado for my revisionist version of their lyrics from the song “Hair,” but for this interview it was appropriate.

A relative newbie in the business (less than a year), Riley Burke has amassed an impressive resume in front of the camera. Chi Chi LaRue was his “first” — a scene with Steven Ponce and Jorden Michaels in Click — then roles for Titan, Falcon, Lucas Entertainment, Jet Set and more, plus online scenes for Playgirl, Cocky Boys, Suite 703 and others.

The work has been plentiful and good, and it’s helping to pay his way through school. Less than a year from now, Riley expects to complete his R.N. After that, his goal is to earn a B.S., then continue to work towards his goal of becoming a Physician Assistant.

That doesn’t mean he’ll be dropping off porn radar screens in a year. Right now, he says, “I think I will continue doing porn if I can find the time. For as long as I’m still young and got it I’m gonna do what I can.”

Besides school and porn, Riley is happy to take a turn doing the occasional bartending gig. It’s fun, the tips are good and you can meet a lot of people.

If you haven’t seen him, Riley is a boy with body hair, although this green-eyed “boy” stands six-foot-two and packs 8 1/2 inches. Riley likes the pelt, and he especially likes guys who like him to be hairy, whether they have body hair themselves or not. Occasionally he will wax his lower back, or his upper arms, to better enhance his musculature, but the rest of the torso is pretty much off limits to razors and the like.

He did wax his chest once a long time ago, and he recently did an online shaving scene for CockyBoys.com, after which he filmed another scene for a different site, so it’s possible you may see him with less body hair than usual. Riley says the body hair has cost him a few jobs, but he likes it and he thinks that the all-important pendulum of pubic acceptance is slowly swinging towards the acceptance of body hair as something that’s both masculine and sexy.

By the way, don’t confuse Riley Burke with Blake Riley, another guy with body hair. Burke says, “LOL we always fight about that. Jesse Santana just told me at an awards show a few weeks ago in Chicago, Cort Donovan onstage was calling for Blake and said Riley Burke by accident, so yes deff we get confused A LOT.”

Riley is still a free agent. When asked about this, he says, “There have been quite a few offers for me to be an exclusive, but most of them came when I was just starting in porn and I wanted to work with every studio first before I settled down with just one. But there definitely are a few studios at this point in my career I wouldn’t mind settling down with.”

A toothbrush holder was his first sex toy, and he’s still waiting for somebody to tie him up. If you ply him with chocolate and almonds, that somebody might be you.

Photo Courtest: Media Gio
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Kristen Among the Lions, part 2


Scene From Male Tales

Scene From Male Tales

This concludes my two-part interview with filmmaker Kristen Bjorn.

Do you have any opinions about whether porn should be filmed in high definition (potentially revealing every pimple and pore)? Do you have plans to do so yourself?

There are filters that can be used during editing to correct the harshness of High Definition. But personally, I don’t find the quality of standard HDcams to be any better than DVcams.

I might be the only porn director in the world today who still shoots on Betacam. Although cumbersome when compared to handycams, I think Betacam is the best quality video there is. That is mostly due to the professional quality of the lens and the microchips. The DVcams and HDcams used in porn are not professional quality; they are actually high-end consumer cameras. They have cheap lenses and chips which can’t give really good results, despite the format they are shooting on.

It all comes down to budget; a Betacam camera costs 10 times more than the type of HDcam used in porn. There are professional level HD cameras, but they cost 20 times more. Hence, no one is using them. I’d like to try them out myself, but I can’t afford them either!

One hot-button topic in the adult industry is whether the DVD is dying or dead. What does the possible demise of the DVD mean for filmmakers such as yourself, for whom film as art is an integral part of your work?

It’s hard to say at this point what the future holds for filmmakers like me. The DVD is certainly on its way out, but there is no significant alternative format to take its place at this point in time. I don’t know if there will be a place for feature length films or not in the near future. But we will continue to make them as long as possible.

Until 1980 or so, there were very few gay porno films as such. What the studios shot back then were Super-8 millimeter “loops,” which lasted 15 minutes, because that’s all that fit on projector reels. When VCRs became popular, the studios started putting four loops together on VHS tapes, because they lasted 60 minutes. With the invention of the DVD, up to four hours of film could be recorded onto the same format.

The loop concept has continued up until the present, even though they are now called scenes, and the productions have become much more elaborate. Porn films tend to be a bunch of loops strung together. But we should remember what the purpose of porn video is; it’s a masturbation fantasy tool. It’s estimated that the average man takes about 12 minutes to masturbate to orgasm when watching porn. As such, few people watch entire porn videos as films. They tend to watch them only until they cum. Then, sometime later, they watch a bit more until they cum again. I tend to think of porn videos like novels, which you read chapter by chapter before going to sleep at night. They aren’t meant to be watched all at once

What do members see on your website that visitors don’t?

Visitors don’t see all the exclusive content we have been shooting all over the world the past year just for website members. The site is updated weekly. Aside from hundreds of photo sets, we also have our “Casting Couch” series, which serves us as screen tests for new talent, but also makes some very hot viewing. There is also the “Makin’ It” series with behind-the-scenes video clips from photo and film shoots.

We have had a new site under construction for over a year which should be launched this summer. Once that’s in place, I hope to take KristenBjorn.com to its full potential.

Is the Internet changing adult entertainment for the better or the worse? Is it possible to be an erotic artist and still set and achieve high standards while working within the confines of a single “scene” for public consumption?

For the past 10 years, the Internet has been excellent for the adult industry. Until recently. What is threatening our livelihood now isn’t the Internet per se, but Internet piracy. I don’t think it’s really a question about how long a scene should last. No matter what the length of a film is, it can be well made as long as there is a proper budget. But how is it possible to produce and market a product that is being stolen en masse? I don’t know if it will be possible to continue making high quality porn while uncontrolled piracy and theft abound. Unless something changes, we may find ourselves taking a leap back to a time to when only low quality, cheap loops were made.

Did you ever work for, or with, Jean-Daniel Cadinot? In my earliest days of watching porn, before I became a reviewer, Cadinot and Hand in Hand Films were the works I sought out the most.

No, although I did speak with him a few times. His company, French Art, has been my distributor in France for many years. The first time I saw a gay porn film I liked, it was Sex Bazaar by Cadinot. I wasn’t attracted to his actors, but I liked his style of direction very much, and he inspired me more than any other porn director. I was sad to hear about his recent death.

You are 20 years older than when you made your first film, yet the men in front of your camera are still essentially the same age. Does that make you feel your age more acutely or does that help to keep you youthful in body and outlook?

I suppose in a way it does both those things. Being around young men with such good bodies makes me want to take care of my own. Even at 50, I’m still physically in as good of shape, if not better, than I was when I was 30. On the other hand, there are moments when I feel the distance of age between myself and my actors — particularly when it comes to new trends in fashion or music. When you’re young, everything new seems so cool. But as you get older, so many new trends just seem silly.

What are your plans for the immediate future? This is your 20th Anniversary year — any special plans for that?

To be honest, I haven’t given it much thought. However, viewers can expect to see several new Kristen Bjorn DVDs being released this year, and I think they are amongst my best to date.

Tell us about your new DVDs being released this year. Are they new films? How many? Are all your previous films available on DVD?

After I release Skin Deep 1 & 2, there are three more new Kristen Bjorn films that will be released within the next year, plus the Sarava video directed by Strongboli. So far, all of my old titles are on DVD, except for my first two solo videos Tropical Heatwave and Champs.

More than any other director in your field (do you object to the word porn?) nearly every frame in the scenes you shoot seems meticulously composed. Do you consciously pose models, singly or in groups, to mimic classical works of art? I have always credited you with being the first to create a male incarnation of The Three Graces of Greek mythology.

If I were shooting any other type of film aside from porn, I don’t think that my work would be considered meticulous. It would only be considered properly blocked and lit, like every other film medium except for pornography. I’ve never tried to mimic classical art work in my films; I’ve only tried to make films using the basic principals used in standard cinema. That is; proper composition, lighting, and blocking. I’ve always been inspired by beauty, and have wanted to recreate it and impart my vision with others. I found a niche in the porn industry to express my creativity, and I’ve never understood why pornography can’t be treated as a serious film medium.

Do you find that American models and/or studios are hung up on cock size and labels? From talking to many directors both here and overseas, I get the idea that in America the performers and the consumers are very aware of who is perceived as gay, straight or gay-for-pay, whereas in Europe and south America it’s less of a concern.

I think the entire world is hung up on cock size; I don’t think that it’s a uniquely American trait. As for labeling people goes, I do find Americans obsessive about that. I feel that Americans tend to think of life in terms of absolutes; everything is either only black or only white. And then there is the “They’re either with us, or they’re against us” routine. You know, that’s not the way life really is; there are many shades of grey between black and white. Young people, at least in Europe, aren’t too concerned with straight and gay labels anymore. It’s just a variation of human sexuality and it doesn’t really concern anyone. And in a free, tolerant world, isn’t that the way it should be?

photos courtesy: Kristenbjorn.com

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Kristen Among the Lions


Slava Petrovich In Dreamers

Slava Petrovich In Dreamers

This interview is the first of two parts

The climactic moment of the film Jerry Maguire occurs near the end, when Renée Zellweger interrupts Tom Cruise’s pleading “forgive me” speech with, “Shut up. You had me at hello.”

Kristen Bjorn had me at hello.

Not Kristen Bjorn the porn star, though I could probably have replayed every moment of his three famous Falcon loops in my head. And not Kristen Bjorn the photographer, whose amazing work could be seen in the pages of Advocate Men. But Kristen Bjorn the director, whose films I first became aware of in 1989, when I opened a package containing Tropical Heatwave, Carnaval in Rio and Island Fever.

This was porn the likes of which I had never seen. Breathtakingly gorgeous men, filmed in Brazil. Brazil?! They came without touching themselves, and the sex was redolent of fantasy, romance and intimacy. It was is if they inhabited a world where sex between men was the most natural thing in the world, and the natural settings and spectacular camera work conspired to make everything seems like a latter-day Mount Olympus, sans the goddesses.

Bjorn’s films are exceptional also for their erotic imagination, which has influenced many directors since. To cite two iconic scenes bracketing his career so far, Bjorn gave us Roberto Almeida fucking the spaces between the cast iron bars of his balcony railing in a solo sex ballet in Tropical Heatwave. And he gave us the incredible courtyard milk bath with Mario Segovia, Matthias Vannelli and Zeca Romeiro in Fire Dance. He practically invented cock jousting, and he discovered any number of models who went on to become stars for other studios: Ivan Andros, Phil Bradley, Michel D’Amours, Claude Jourdan, Arpad Miklos, Jason Kingsley, Carlos Morales, Sean Davis and more.

From Brazil, Bjorn moved on, capturing “the world’s most gorgeous men” in carnal abandon — in Australia, the Caribbean, Eastern Europe, Russia, Canada, Miami and now Spain. Whether he is a man without a country or a man with every country, Kristen Bjorn’s skill and talent have had a powerful influence on forging the identity of gay adult entertainment.

Kristen Bjorn has now rounded the 20-year mark, and his work is stronger than ever. His last three films, Fire Dance, Rocks & Hard Places, and El Rancho are among his best (despite being mostly ignored by the GayVN and Grabby awards this year). Fans are in for a special treat this year, because he has five new films scheduled for release, which you can read more about below.

I was very gratified a few weeks ago when I requested an interview through Bjorn’s publicist, and he replied yes. When Falcon Studios named Kristen Bjorn, in about 1981 (with tennis champ Bjorn Borg in mind), little did they know they had created one of the most enduring names in gayporn history.

When your first film came out, I was very excited because I knew your name and was a fan of your photography. What prompted you to make the transition from still photography to live action, and why did you choose to do a solo film for your first film?

Wow, I didn’t realize you had followed my work so far back! Thank you, I’m very flattered. My first move from still photography to video was in 1986 for a video series put out by Advocate Men (today just MEN) which they called Advocate Men Live. They wanted single model shoots, similar to what I’d been doing with still photography, but in motion.

After shooting a few of those clips for Advocate Men, I decided to try making a couple of solo features on my own, and in 1987 I shot two solo videos, Tropical Heatwave and Champs. It was the following year that I shot my first hardcore videos Carnaval in Rio and Island Fever.

For me it was a fairly natural transition to go from doing solo photo shoots of men, to doing solo video shoots. Shooting hardcore porn was quite a bit more challenging. I was able to make a decent living as a still photographer in Brazil for six years before I started producing videos. I was intrigued by the idea of being my own producer, and no longer being at the mercy of the whims of ever-changing art directors at the magazines I was working for.

You attended college in San Francisco. Did you complete a degree, and if so, in what field?

I dropped out of SFSU after two years, so I never had a major, or got a degree. I basically studied subjects that were of interest to me, like French, literature, philosophy, even Chinese medical theory. Later I realized that the sorts of things I was interested in doing in life didn’t require a university degree.

You have lived all over the world. You stated in an intervie
w in the 1997 book, The Films of Kristen Bjorn, that your parentage is British and Russian. Of what country are you a citizen?

My mother was the daughter of Russian immigrants, and was born in New York. She passed away in 1999. My father is British, and I was born in London, but at the age of 2, I moved to Washington DC with my family, and lived there until I was 18. So, my passport is British, although I feel like a complete foreigner whenever I’m in the UK. And since I’ve spent most of my adult life outside the USA, I don’t feel exactly American either, even though I’m more culturally identified with that country than the UK.

How many languages do you speak? Do you direct in the languages of your models or do you keep an interpreter on the set (or both)?

Aside from English, I speak very good Spanish and Portuguese. I can get by in French and German, although I can’t say I speak them well. These days, most of my models speak one of those five languages, and I direct them in all of those languages. When newcomers speak some other language, I usually arrange to have an interpreter on the set. Once the guys get used to how we work, interpreters aren’t usually necessary, though

How do you find models?

I have talent scouts in different countries who seek them out high and low … but mostly low!

All external things considered — looks, musculature, cock, body hair, tattoos and piercings — is there one or more of your models whom you regard as the ideal?

That’s a difficult question; I have worked with a lot of really gorgeous men! If I had to choose one, I’d say that Carlos Montenegro is about the most perfect specimen of male beauty I have ever known.

Of all your films, do you have a favorite scene and if so, why is it your favorite?

I can’t say that I have one favorite scene in particular. There are many that I like for different reasons.

Why have you never filmed in Hawaii using its indigenous people? As a filmmaker who is known for the ethnic diversity and richness of his models, I’d think Hawaii would beckon you strongly.

I’ve been to Hawaii several times, and I find it incredibly beautiful. But I don’t have the sense that the Polynesian culture in general is very gay friendly. Certainly, a “mahu” (“queer” in Hawaiian) isn’t held in very high esteem in Hawaii. I wouldn’t mind working with Hawaiians, but none have ever applied to work with me. It’s very difficult to recruit models from certain ethnic groups, like Arabs, or Asians. There are still many places in the world where being gay, or performing in porno films, isn’t socially acceptable at all.

As a producer, you have produced and distributed the works of other directors, such as Lucas Kazan and Tom Bradford. It’s been several years, though, since you released work other than your own under the Sarava or Kristen Bjorn label. Will you work with other directors again?

I was never very successful at marketing videos directed by other directors, so I decided to give that a rest for a while. But later this year a new film directed by my assistant Strongboli will be released under Sarava Productions.

Falcon Studios named you. Why did you keep that name?

At the time, I thought that my “porn star” past might help promote me as a photographer. If I had known better, I would have chosen another name that wasn’t so difficult for people to pronounce.

Why did you use an actress with scarlet hair to play Carlos Montenegro’s wife in El Rancho? Were you trying to suggest that she was the part of Carlos’ life that was artificial or unreal, or was that simply who was available?

For that role I was looking for was a woman who embodied every straight man’s fantasy. It wouldn’t have done justice to the story if Carlos had a mousy little wife who could be easily ignored. I originally wanted another woman to play the part, but she backed out shortly before the shoot. Khristine X was my second choice. Her crimson hair was in vogue in Europe last year, and I wasn’t very fond of the color. However, now I’m really happy with the character she developed out of that role, crimson hair and all.

I loved the sequence in El Rancho where Carlos Dispone emerges naked at the far end of an outdoor cloister lined with doorways, and as he approaches the camera, another nude man emerges from each doorway he passes, joining him in his march. It remind
ed me of the scene with Yul Brynner near the end of The Magnificent Seven. Did you have that scene in mind or was it a coincidence?

I’m afraid I haven’t seen The Magnificent Seven, so it must be a coincidence. Since it was a dream sequence, I thought it would be fun to take some artistic license with that scene.

photos courtesy: Kristenbjorn.com
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In Like Flynn–Dean


Dean Flynn

Dean Flynn

TitanMen exclusive Dean Flynn got his start in the porn industry in 2006, in Titan’s Spy Quest 3, as the “replacement” for Spencer Quest. What was originally supposed to be a fun fulfillment of a long-time wish — to make a porn film — unexpectedly turned into a new career. Dean was an instant hit. Tall, handsome and endowed, he was convex in all the right places and concave in all the right places. And that hair! While not quite a hobbit, Dean had plenty of body hair from tip to toe, and it suited him, and his employers just fine. For fans of body hair, Dean probably has the best pattern and distribution since Logan Reed.

Dean got plenty of acclaim for his work in this year’s various porn awards, but at the GayVNs and Grabbys he was destined to remain a nominee. XX-Factor‘s Onan the Vulgarian, however, cited Flynn for two Hard Choice Awards this year, for “Best Sex for 3 or More” (with Francois Sagat, Brody Newport, Diesel Washington and C.J. Madison in Titan’s Fear) and for “Best Chest.”

Dean’s personal website is www.deanflynn.com and he also has a MySpace page at myspace.com/deanflynnxxx.

Please tell me your age, height, weight.
27 years old, 6’2″, 205 lbs.

What do you like to cook and to read?
I love Italian, and always enjoy experimenting with different sauces. Nothing like a homemade meat sauce! I enjoy reading books that give insight into the human character. My recent favorite is The Average American Male by Chad Kultgen.

How did you come to be a Titan model and what did you do before that?
Since I was about 20, I had wanted to be a porn model. I was always fond of TitanMen and had submitted my photos and application to them a few times. Unfortunately, the photos were terrible images from a cell phone! Naturally, while they liked my application and interests, my images weren’t the most reliable quality. Finally, at 25, I tried again. I had worked on my physique a lot more and thought the time was ideal. Prior to my first film, I was a porn star in training of course!

Did you expect to become such a porn sensation when you were making Spy Quest 3?
All I wanted to do was make porn and have fun doing it. Anything that came from that would be a bonus. While making Spy Quest 3, I thought I’d make a few more during the year and then that would be about it. I was flattered when TitanMen re-signed me for an additional two years.

Are you a full-time adult performer now (i.e. films, escorting, personal appearances, dance & club circuit and so forth)?
Adult films are just my hobby, and I do not escort. I have done several charities in and around New York City and done a few appearances along the East Coast and in Canada. Aside from that, I keep busy at the gym, reading, and enjoying the company of friends.

The name Dean Flynn is so down-to-earth. How did you avoid having a hokey porn name like so many models do?
Joe Gage made sure of this! I’m glad you think it’s down-to-earth, because that’s how I look at myself. Those that get to know me usually find that I am much more reserved and mellow than suspected.

I think you are in 10 TitanMen films that have been released and you are on the cover of nine of them. That’s pretty impressive. How’d you wrangle that?
I guess they like me! I actually didn’t have anything to do with it. I know some guys that do films under the stipulation that their images appear on the cover, but I look at it as an honor from the company.

Do you have a particular workout and diet regimen to look so good below the neck (not that you don’t look pretty damned good above the neck)?
I consume lots of calories and protein. I work out often, and train appropriately. I am natural and enjoy being physically fit the way I am.

Have you ever been encouraged to shave or wax your torso?
I developed hair at an early age. At 18, I had hair all over my torso. Not many 18-year-olds like it, and neither did I. I went a few years shaving and Nairing the hair off. I even waxed it once! That was the worst pain in the world! I would much rather get double-fucked than get my torso waxed again! Finally, around the age of 22, I began to keep my hair and just trim it appropriately, which is the case today. It took me a while to get used to it and appreciate it. I think the compliments from others
contributed to my appreciation of my body hair. I thank them!

What did you look like 10 years ago? Did you have a tortured adolescence?
If I only could show you a picture! I was probably the color of a piece of paper, my hair was light blond, and my glasses were probably bigger than my face. If I turned sideways, I’d probably have disappeared! Luckily, my dad gave me a kick in the ass and put me in the gym when I began high school.

Where are you from? Do you get recognized in public a lot as Dean Flynn? (I assume since you live in SF that you do.) Is that good or not good?
I bounce back and forth between SF and NYC. I get recognized a bit and usually hear whispers rather than get approached. Whenever I do, I’m flattered. I don’t really think about people recognizing me as a porn model; I hope they look because they find me attractive!

Are you a relationship kind of guy? How does being in the porn industry impact actual or potential relationships for you?
Just when I think I may not be a relationship guy, I find myself in one! I do have a boyfriend and he is wonderful. We’re going strong and he supports me in what I do.

Tell me something that distinguishes you the person from Dean Flynn the porn star.
Hmmm, there isn’t much of a difference. I suppose Dean Flynn allows me to explore several aspects of my sexuality, though I explore in my private life as well. I guess Dean gets filmed more.

Do you have long-term plans for a career in adult entertainment or is porn something that’s fun for now but something you plan to move away from after your TitanMen contract expires?
I will probably continue my career for a while. As long as it remains fun and I am not filming dozens of videos a year, I will be content with a few quality scenes rather than many.

photos courtesy: Titan Media
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When in Roman


Roman Heart

Roman Heart

It’s been a scant three years since the release of Roman Heart’s first gay porn film. His name today is a household word in gay porn circles and his rise to the top of the porn heap has been nothing short of meteoric. He was racking up awards right from the start. I love the perpetually bronze buns, the rock-hard muscle everywhere you look and the handsome face with the sapphire eyes. But what I like most about Roman is that when you watch him, you know he’s having fun.

Now he’s a seasoned veteran, and like the god Janus, he can look forward and back. In this interview, Roman sets the record straight about his porn coming out and reflects on the power of porn to create strong first impressions about gay sex.

The porn urban legend about you says that as soon as you turned 18 (when you were still in high school), you went to Studio 2000 and asked them to put you in a movie, and they did. What’s the true version?
The truth is I was 18, but not in school. I graduated a year early, and when I was 18, I sent out my information to a couple of studios, “just to see.” I had several friends in the business, so I had an idea of what I was getting into. Studio 2000 answered and I did a movie for them called Flesh.

How did you make the transition to Falcon and where’d the name Roman Heart come from? Why didn’t you keep the name Linc Madison?
On set of Studio 2000, I met a lot of great people; that helped me get in contact with Falcon. Literally, when I got home I had an email from Falcon Studios, and I’ve been with them ever since. Linc Madison was a name Studio 2000 came up with that no one really cared for. Some friends and I came up with Roman Heart, and it kind of stuck, easy to remember.

How do you keep your famous buns so perfectly tan? Pills? Spray? Bronzer? Tanning booth? Actual sun?
Ha ha. No spray tan, that stuff just is a mess. I go tanning and also the real tan — there are a couple of nude beaches I go to once in a while. But I have Mexican/Spanish ancestry, so that helps with the tan factor.

Are you in a relationship right now? How difficult is it to manage a relationship and be a porn star at the same time?
I’m currently in a relationship with a gorgeous Persian/German guy with the best eyes. It is hard, because you have the stigma attached to you that you are a porn star. People — especially the person you are dating, friends — don’t really think too kindly of it. Everyone thinks you’re just all about sex, and there is much more to me than that. Porn is just one aspect of me; there is plenty more.

Do you go to school? Have a job? Or does working for Falcon keep you busy full-time?
I was in school, but am taking time off. I had several jobs for over a year, working at a gym and hosting a club, but over the past several months I have been really busy schedule-wise with Falcon. So right now I’m just on a dancing meet-and-greet tour and doing several other projects and enjoying my summer.

How long would you like to keep making porn films (as a model)? After that, what?
It’s always hard to answer this question. When the time comes it will be over. Many factors could end it. Eventually I’m going back to school and starting my life as a “working man.” Right now, I’m just having a good time.

What’s your all-time favorite scene and costar?
There are a lot of favorite scenes; every one has a different spin and excitement. The themed ones are fun, like Heaven to Hell. There are so many great guys in this business, but I’ve enjoyed working with Colby Taylor, Cort Donovan and Tommy Blade the most.

Where do you call home?
I’m originally from Washington state, but I have spent lot of time in Vancouver, BC. A lot of great memories are up there and many of my closest friends. It’s really a great place to be, so I always call that home, because it’s where I want to go back to the most

Do you get recognized a lot in public and when you are recognized, is it flattering or intrusive?
Yeah, it depends on where I am, but I randomly get people coming up or pointing. I never thought it would get to this point. It is very flattering. I get all shy and don’t really know what to do, because to me and my friends, I’m nothing special.

If you were going to direct yourself in a scene, who would you cast to be in the scene with you, and what would we see in the final cut?
The scene would be an orgy of course, with all these hot boys going around doing what they do best, and me walking around instructing them to do better, or telling them what to do, and jumping in here and there. Think it would have some hot boys like Aaron King, Blake Riley, Francesco D’Macho, Josh Vaughn, Tommy Ritter, Cort Donovan and others. It would be a great scene!

You are one of few models (I’d include Brad Benton and Derek Cameron) who makes it look like something special is happening when you have sex on camera. Your whole aura changes. Are you acting or does some real transformation take place?
I think there is some acting is taking place, but my sounds and body language are all real. What you see is me. I just zone out everyone in the room and do my own thing. I have been really lucky working with guys that I have a connection to, and that really helps.

Although some studios, directors and adult entertainment personalities are outspoken about the need for the industry to promote safe sex and sane behavior, more porn stars are getting on the bandwagon. San Francisco is using porn stars for crystal meth education and Johnny Hazzard provides HIV education via an Internet chat room. How important is it that porn stars take a public position on controversial topics like safe sex and crystal meth use?
I think it’s a great thing. If I think back to coming out of the closet, my first experience with gay sex was all porno-based online. It sends out a much better lesson if guys are watching porn with condoms, rather than bareback. That first impression I think sticks out in your mind, if that’s your take on gay sex to begin with.

Also — I have said this before — in the gay community there are no real celebrities. Porn stars and drag queens are both in the gay public eye, and if you look at the blogs and the numbers, lots of people visit those sites, and it’s a powerful tool to get the message across regarding the drug problem in America today as well as HIV. It makes me sad to think that where I went to college, now one in three households is either using or dealing meth. My home state has a huge problem with meth right now. It’s eating away at America.

interview conducted July 2007

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