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Broke Straight Boys Xmas Interview


The boys have a little fun and get into the holiday spirit…

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Interview with Gay Porn Star Rod Daily


My buddy, Chris Steele, posted his recent interview with popular gay porn star Rod Daily on the set of Chris Steele’s Big Dick Society II: Dicktimized. The interview is one of 9 that are available on the second disc of the 2 disc set that is set to release May 25, 2009. So make sure to pre-order your copy today!

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Randy Is Anything but Blue


The Coach from Randy Blue

The Coach from Randy Blue - Click to view full gallery.

I once sat through an entire luncheon seated across the table from Randy Blue and didn’t know who he was until after the meal. The man keeps a low profile. If you visit his site, you can find pics of the guys who work for him; Randy’s picture shows only his back as he slips though a doorway. But while few may people may know Randy Blue by sight, there are jillions who know his name and his family of websites.

The flagship site is RandyBlue.com. It launched in 2003, and is about to celebrate its 6th birthday. Prior to that Randy Blue (the person) worked as a cameraman shooting content for others. Of that experience, he says, “Seven years ago, anything would sell. Cheap content came first; they never factored quality into the equation.”

The growing dissatisfaction led to Randy acquiring a business partner and striking out on his own: “I shot what I wanted to see. I didn’t want it to be ‘dirty,’ and I didn’t want to celebrate straight guys just for doing it. I wanted to show that sex can be fun and that it can reflect models’ personal lives, too.”

Based in Los Angeles, Randy and his crew now shoot 20-25 scenes per month. Model applications pour in at the rate of 300-500 per month and they pick the top one or two percent. When working with models, the goal is to “make sure they enjoy their time here,” and with 97 percent of the guys who film asking to come back and film again, they’ve obviously got it right. It’s all personal and collaborative. Randy says, “A lot of our models have been with us more than two years. that shows how we’ve grown and how much they are connected to Randy Blue. That’s a lot of trust.” And no model has ever walked off the set.

Asked to name some of the site’s most popular models, Randy doesn’t hesitate: Chris Rockway, Reese Rideout (current Men Magazine Man of the Year), Leo Giamani, Xander Scott and Blake Riley. But every model who has ever been filmed for the site is still online. The fact that everything and everyone is still there Randy attributes to fierce customer loyalty.

In addition to the RandyBlue.com membership site, visitors can peruse two free sites: “Blue Is Beautiful” — Randy’s blog — and Pete’s blog, “Randy Blue Ripped.” Pete, aka Peter Adonis, is a personal trainer and fitness model (Abercrombie & Fitch, International Male) who writes about diet and exercise and posts lots f pictures as well as cooking and workout videos.

With the economy imposing new demands and financial constraints on the output of porn website and studios alike, the Randy Blue machine is sensitive to changes in how members want their content delivered and what they expect for their dollars.

“[Porn still offers] tremendous opportunities and new way to grow via technology. This recession means we need to be open to changing how we do business. The years ahead will be very defining. The people who survive … will be the ones whose business plan reflect that.”

Does that mean we’ll be seeing compilation DVDs of popular Randy Blue scenes?

“No, but I think you’ll be seeing some very interesting things from Randy Blue in the future.”

JD says: Randy has been a great friend to JUB over the years, and Randy Blue is definitely one of our member’s faves. We’ve covered Randy quite a bit over the years… view all Randy Blue posts!

Cameron Marshall's Close-Up


Cameron Marshall

Cameron Marshall

At 22 years old, Cameron Marshall is not just another college senior. With two years of experience in front of the camera and eight films to his credit, he can now call himself a bona-fide porn star. The industry has pricked up its ears over his performance in Doug Jeffries’ film
Black Meat White Heat and nominated him for a GayVN Best Actor award.

Cameron works exclusively for Chi Chi LaRue’s Channel 1 Releasing, the parent company of Rascal Video, Catalina Video, All Worlds Video and the Live & Raw website. His online bio says he is 5-foot-10, weighs 155 pounds, has a 7-inch cut cock, is gay and is versatile. What the website doesn’t say is he is also “”serious.”” Despite being young, cute and blond, there’s more going on behind those azure blue eyes.

Cameron discovered sex with his girlfriend. He says, “It was a lot of fun dating girls at the time but I’m kinda over it now. Guys are so much more fun.”

One of those guys was his former boyfriend, Josh Vaughn, who introduced him to Chi Chi LaRue. That led to Cameron’s first movie, Bottom of the 9th: Little Big League 3. He was excited that Chi Chi wanted to cast him, and that LaRue encouraged him and acknowledged his acting ability. The result was that “”I had a blast on that set.””

Cameron will graduate from college this summer. He lives and goes to school in Lubbock, Texas, and his major is advertising and graphic design. But even with a degree in hand, he’s not eager to leave porn behind yet: “”I want to continue after graduation. I like working for Channel 1 so I don’t envision working for others.””

Asked about his favorite experience on camera, Cameron didn’t hesitate. He cited his scene with Ryan Alexander on the Live & Raw website. That scene is now available on the DVD Cameron Marshall in Your Face.

Cameron was teamed with Ryan again, less directly, in his most recent film, Shifting Gears. It’s a bisexual opus in which Cameron plays the head mechanic at an auto shop. He loses face when a girl (Krystal Kali) looking for a job is able to fix a transmission that he couldn’t. They eventually bury the hatchet, — and Cameron buries his sausage in Krystal. The movie ends with a 6-man, 3-woman orgy.

Although Cameron considers himself gay, he admits to having a jones for actress Blake Lively (The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants). But an older guy with muscles will always make him look twice, especially if the guy has “”awesome biceps.””

Cameron will take a break from school to attend the GayVN Awards in San Francisco at the end of March. You’ll find him onstage as a presenter — and maybe as a “”Best Actor.””

photos courtesy: Channel 1 Releasing

Brant Moore: The Marine Who Became a Twink


Brant Moore

Brant Moore

I had never heard of Brant Moore when, late in 2006, I got screeners of two different films of his at the same time:
Betwinked and The Dicks of Hazzard. In those two films, I was very impressed by his sexual skills. Brant was marketed as a twink because he looks so much younger than his real age, but twinks are usually not as sexually sophisticated as this guy was onscreen.

Brant appeared in both films with his then boyfriend, Jayden Holloway, which added to the sexual chemistry. Then I saw him in Dads ’n Lads 3, getting completely ravished atop a pool table by Parker Williams and I was head over heels. (Or was it the other way around?)

They were not his first films. Brant was “”recruited”” for porn by Steve Jerome, who spotted him in a bar in San Diego while Brant was still in the Marines. Director Mike Donner (The Porne Ultimatum) came up with his porn name. That led to some amateur film work for Dink Flamingo.

Moore served five years of active duty, which included two tours in Iraq. He enlisted right after graduating from high school, somewhere in Oklahoma. Upon leaving the service in 2005, he grew his hair long, which is how he looked in the three films I mentioned above.

Since then, Moore has worked for Lucas Entertainment, Studio 2000, Dirty Bird Pictures, Jet Set, HIS Video, Odyssey Men and other studios. He also did a stint online with Suite703.com.

Now 27, Brant stands a lanky 6-foot-3. Onscreen he is versatile, and one of the best demonstrations of that is his scene with long-time buddy Jason Crew in Michael Lucas’ Flatiron Fuckers. It’s a sensational fuck that includes pissing, armpit rimming, enemas, a tandem ride on a two-headed dildo and Moore simultaneously sucking and rimming Crew while Crew fucks himself.

Moore says his costars are usually satisfied with his performances because his cock is “pretty, and it almost always hits that spot for the other.”

When he’s not topping, he likes “having my ass eaten and deep throatin’ a dick. If I’m doing the fucking I like to watch the ass, so I fuck doggie. But if I’m getting it I like to be on my back and watch them do the work. I think that’s hot, especially if there’s a mirror where I can watch their dick going in and out of my ass. But if I want a hard pounding I’m gonna be face down ass up!”

He says that “great kissing, beautiful eyes, tight ass, a nice body and loud” are keys to getting him into bed, but he has a boyfriend right now, so unless you’re Colin Farrell, Zack Efron or John Stamos, your chances aren’t too good.

Brant lost his virginity at age 15 with his first love, Nikki (a girl). He adds, “My ass virginity went to my first boyfriend Chris, a firefighter in the SoCal area. I sat on his cock and ended up running off screaming … then, so did he.”

Brant is taking a hiatus from filming right now, claiming, “there’s not a lot of time to keep up with it.”” He’s helping to promote Mike Donner’s book, How to Be a Gay Porn Star, which he’s on the cover of, and holding down jobs as a waiter and doing promotions for Blackberry and Tommy Bahama. He also says, “I love music and dancing. I’m always singing and pretty good at it, been doing it all my life. My best friend ‘mrs. Ursula’ tries to get me to go on American Idol. LOL.””

Brant’s future plans include attending college on the GI Bill. As for the sexual future, he offers that, “what would be great would be the freedom of having sex without AIDS, HIV and STDs. That would be perfect.”

photos courtesy: Eon Films

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Ryan Raz: Fuck, piss on or fist me, but tell me no lies


Ryan Raz

Ryan Raz

Eight months ago, 24-year-old Ryan Raz was just one of the gay masses, living in St. Louis. Little did he know that a call from a friend was about to alter the trajectory of his life: the friend told him that a gay porn production company was in town and they were looking for models. Ryan’s curiosity was piqued, and he inquired. He got hired, and you can view the result in the film St. Louis Cum.

That experience whetted his appetite for porn and proved to be a stepping-stone to more films. Raz says, “”I did theater in high school and I love having sex so the jump to porn was not so odd.””

Raz hooked up with the Fabscout agency, and soon found himself filming scenes for more prestigious studios, among them Falcon, Hot House and Lucas Entertainment. Pretty top-level gigs for a newbie. Although he declares himself to be a bottom boy at heart, there’s little he won’t do.

“There are few things that I don’t enjoy, and all the things I do enjoy I have done in my movies.”

That includes watersports (he’s on the cover of Michael Lucas’ PISS!) and fisting, for the online Hot House backroom collection. Ryan’s versatility and easy-going manner have brought him several studio exclusive offers, but he says, “The good thing about not being tied down to one studio is I am able to express myself in different ways.”

That expression will soon include working for director Steve Cruz on an upcoming Mustang production. But not until he gets back from his cruise, which departs in a few hours. Ryan is taking off for Puerto Vallarta by ocean liner, for a week of R&R. He’s looking forward to leaving his cell phone and email behind, before launching himself full throttle into the new year.

Ryan’s first sexual experience was on his 16th birthday, with his girlfriend at the time. He quickly discovered that although the equipment functioned, the chemistry was missing. And when he watched porn, he says,”I remember being much more attracted to the guy than the girl.” He had a gay friend, so they began fooling around. enter chemistry.

Raz attended the Hustlaball last fall in New York, and that experience led to him moving to NYC from St. Louis. He’s balancing his porn career with schooling — a master’s degree in international relations.

Currently Ryan is unattached, so if you’d like to add this blue-eyed blond to your life, try to catch his eye at the gym, where he says he goes when he’s feeling naughty. If you’re a top who can “can kiss me like they mean it” and have “that definite daddy look,” you might luck out. Just don’t tell him any lies.

“When I meet people the thing that turns me on the most is honesty. I hate those people who will say whatever I want to hear just to sleep with me.”

Photo Courtesy: Lucas Entertainment

Chad Hunt has left the room


Chad Hunt

Chad Hunt

In his eight-year porn career, Chad Hunt achieved something that few of his peers can claim: complete industry penetration. Although most people know him as the guy with one of the biggest cocks in porn, he has also worked as a director (Auditions 9 for Lucas Entertainment), screen writer (Encounters 4 for Lucas Entertainment) and cameraman (Forever Young for All Worlds Video). And his famous appendage stretches across the entire cover of the new oversized Taschen coffee table book, The Big Penis Book.

Now Chad Hunt has decided to leave the world of XXX for the world of education, and he’s doing it with a bang. A gang bang. And he’s the receiver this time. Jett Blakk has written and directed a film titled Endgame, in which Hunt gets shagged by Cort Donovan, Nash Lawler and Phenix Saint. The film is available now, online only, at dirtybirdpictures.com; it goes into general release in February 2009. Jett Blakk tells me that not only is this Hunt’s bottoming debut and his farewell porn performance, it features the second bottoming of Tyler Saint the first appearance in a studio film of Cock Boy Phenix Saint.

Over the holidays Chad was gracious enough to answer a few questions for me.

Your porn career began in 2000 with Michael Lucas’ original Fire Island Cruising. Did he discover you or did you discover him? How did that liaison come about?

I had just finished doing a photo shoot for Inches magazine with ChuckPixx photography in NYC, and the photographer said he knew a porn director who would be very interested in meeting a guy like me. He gave me Michael’s number and I called the next day.

Michael hired me on the spot for his next video, which was Fire Island Cruising. I was very shocked actually, because before this I had been turned down by several other studios that I would eventually work for. My career sometimes goes full circle because I just recently became the cover model for Taschen’s new The Big Penis Book.

In what sense are you retiring from porn? Will you continue to be involved with adult entertainment off-camera?

I’m retiring in the sense that I don’t want porn to be the focus of my life any more. I’m still open to doing projects that appeal to me, but they have to be what I consider worthwhile now. This project with Jett and Dirty Bird was a great project. I actually got to show my acting ability in it and am proud to say a review I read says how well I do in that area.

The only other project that I got to do any acting in was Oral Exams and I won best supporting actor that year. I never understood why I was always just the orgy cock in most of my videos but even so I have won plenty of accolades for what I did on video.

I’m hoping to direct if I can get some company to offer me a position. It’s just hard in this business to get people to see you as more than one thing. The movie I directed for Michael Lucas (Auditions 9: Chad Hunt) was nominated for an award and the DVD extra video I did for Chi Chi (Link V: Evolution) won an award. So hopefully studios will begin to see me in a new light and use me for more projects in the near future.

What are your plans for “”after porn,”” if you didn’t answer that already in the previous question?

I just finished filling out my application for (teacher) certification in NY and hope to be teaching real soon. I’m a social studies teacher.

Why did you choose now to retire?

The internet has really killed most people’s ability to maintain a career in porn. You have thousands of websites, bareback companies, free sites, webcam sites, etc. and it just isn’t the same as it once was.

You have had a long and stellar career in porn, so obviously there’s something at work for you other than your famously huge cock. What?

I think it’s my ability to always try and bring something new to the camera. Whether it’s changing my look, doing something in videos that I have never done before, or exposing a new piece of my personality, I have always tried to give fans and even my detractors something to talk about.

Was it always your intent to bottom before retiring from film? How did that come about?

I always felt while in porn that it was necessary to keep some part of myself private, especially for the people in my life I was dating or even just having a fling with. You have to make some separation from your real life and porn if you hope to keep any semblance of sanity. In fact, that’s my greatest advice to boys in the industry. Maybe if they’d do that, you wouldn’t read about porn stars hurting themselves and others because they feel they have lost all control of their lives.

Who topped you?

Three very hot men I hand picked topped me and each was for a different reason, or type I am attracted to. Cort Donovan because let’s face it, payback is a bitch and if Chad Hunt is going to get fucked it best be by a damn big dick. Nash Lawler because he is the epitome of a hot muscled str8 man that I can never resist and who I always fall in love with on sets and who also always fall in love with me. Phoenix Saint because if I had a type he’d be it. Thin but toned, tattoos, piercings, skateboarder and a total alternative boy who just happens to have a huge cock. (The fact he was str8 didn’t hurt either.)

What did you do to prepare for that scene? Have you bottomed offscreen before?

LOLOLOLOLOL, Yes, I have. I always am the top in my relationships and bottom rarely in them, but when I am single or partying the bottom in me seems to come out more. Not that that is very often either.

Looking back over the past eight years, do you have a favorite scene or scenes? A favorite moment on the set?

I have had so many great moments on sets or in films that it’d be too hard to distinguish one as my ultimate favorite, but I do have three favorite films. Oral Exams because of Matt Summers, Deception because of Brian McClaine, Kept because of Dean Monroe, all three of those because of Chi Chi LaRue. And of course Endgame, because of Jett Blakk’s vision and giving me some creative control, and all of the cast members, especially Trevor Knight, Cort Donovan, Nash Lawler and Phenix Saint.

Of all the guys who ever gave you head on camera, who did the best job? I know there have been a few who “”ate the whole thing.””

Hands down, my good friend and one time love interest, Matt Summers.

Is there anything you haven’t done as a porn star, or anyone you have not worked with/for, that you wished you had?

We could go on for hours talking about boys in the industry I’d have loved to get my hands on, like Mason Wyler, and then continue through the night talking about things I’d like to have done but I prefer to talk about the things I have done and all the boys, directors, photographers, and crews that made all of it happen.

Any advice for the guy who wants to be the next Chad Hunt?

Yes, actually I do. Don’t try to be “”The Next Chad Hunt.”” A few have tried and failed. Try to be the best YOU, you can be. There will never be another Chad Hunt, just like there will never be another Jeff Stryker, Joey Stefano, Ryan Idol, Ken Ryker or Matthew Rush. Create your own identity and don’t try to live up to the reputation of another performer. I have never compared myself or my career with such superstars as John Holmes, Rick Donovan or Chad Donovan and neither should anyone try to compare themselves or their career with me.

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Newlywed porn stars Tristan and Tristan


Tristan Jaxx And Tristan Phoenix

Tristan Jaxx And Tristan Phoenix

Tristan is an ancient and noble name. Sir Tristan was a Knight of the Round Table in King Arthur’s court and another Tristan (who in some legends is the same person) is famous for his forbidden love for Queen Isolde. Derived from the Latin word tristis, it means “”sorrowful.”” According to Wikipedia, since 1971 it has been among the top 1,000 names for newborn boy babies in the USA.

I would not have thought it terribly popular for gay porn stars, but a few minutes on the Internet turned up no fewer than 29 Tristans! Interestingly, two of those Tristans are married to each other in the state of California: Tristan Phoenix and Tristan Jaxx. Both are currently (although they have not always been) Raging Stallion exclusive models.

When you see them onscreen, Tristan Phoenix is a bottom and Tristan Jaxx is a top, though that doesn’t necessarily carry over into their personal lives. You can see Tristan Phoenix in Road Trip 4: Big Sur (Falcon) and Big Bigger Biggest 1 and 2, Home Bodies and Hotter Than Hell 1 (all Raging Stallion). You can see Tristan Jaxx in To the Last Man (Raging Stallion); Endless Crush, Rough Play, Fleet Week and Best Men (all Falcon); and Contact (Mustang). For information online, there’s www.tristanjaxx.blogspot.com, www.tristanjaxx.com, www.myspace.com/tristanjaxx and /tristanphoenix. There is also a flickr: www.flickr.com/tristanjaxx.

I gave them a holler to see if they wanted to talk about themselves for their fans.

How did each of you acquire the name Tristan? I just did a search on TLA video for porn stars named Tristan and came up with 29 names. I had no idea there were so many.

I had Jaxx, after my cat, and I wanted something that sounded good with that. Apparently, Tristan’s a very popular name. We did not name ourselves after each other, it was purely coincidental.

TP: Tristan sounded exotic. Also, I named myself after Tristan Paris, one of my favorite porn actors.

What does the passage of Prop. 8 mean for your marriage. Will existing marriages be allowed to remain or is that not known yet?

Currently we are still officially married. The courts are fighting over our rights as we speak.

How did you meet? When? When did you get married?

TJ: We met when I was DJing at a club in San Francisco.

TP: I was dancing and he was a DJ. We got married June 18 2008.

How hard is it to manage a porn career and sustain a relationship?

It’s very complicated at times because we are both very passionate individuals, but that’s the beauty of it. It’s a huge turn on to see the other one in action. Outside of porn, we remain monogamous.

What other studios or websites have you worked for?

TJ: Former Falcon exclusive and now Raging Stallion exclusive.

TP: I’ve done one film with Falcon, and the rest with Raging Stallion.

Tristan P., you told me you had a swimming pool fetish. What’s that?

In high school I was a swimmer and had multiple experiences with members of the swim team. I love the thought of being in just swimming trunks out in the open and having sex. I love everything about it. Hopefully a swimming themed movie is in my future.

What work, if any, do you both do apart from porn?

TJ: I work in marketing, and I also DJ.

TP: I work in an administration department and I am currently enrolled in college for fashion and interior design.

What brought each of you to porn? What was your first film?

TJ: Someone scouted me and asked if I’d be interested in doing porn, and it was something in my mind, because I like attention and showing off all my hard work from countless gym visits. My first movie was Endless Crush.

TP: I had a moderate career in modeling when I was younger and am an exhibitionist. I enjoy the attention of others. My first film was Big, Bigger, Biggest Part 1.

When you socialize, do you tend to gravitate to others who are also in relationships? Do you hang out with other porn stars? Are your social lives independent of each other?

We don’t normally hang out with other couples; most of our friends are single. We on occasion hang out with other porn stars in the industry. We tend to socialize together.

What about biological families? Do you have relatives you are close to? Are you open about your work in adult entertainment and if so, how does that sit with the family?

TJ: I talk to my family on occasion but we are not close. My parents are still having trouble accepting that I’m gay, so we haven’t reached that stage in our relationship where I could tell them about porn.

My family and I are very close. My family does not know about my career in the adult industry. They would probably freak. I think my mom knows though.

Would the two of you be interested in doing a scene together or would that be too intrusive?

TJ: Yes, we actually are doing our first scene together just before Thanksgiving, which is really exciting. I wrote a blog about it on my website www.tristanjaxx.com. So we’ll be having some photos of the two of us together from that as well.

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