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Man Worship Hot Gay Fuck Positions


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Bareback Flip Fucking in Hot Positions


Donny Forza And Vadim Black

Yes, he rides him like a rodeo show in a standing cowboy position, BAREBACK!  And that’s not the only Hawt position these guys get into!   Click HERE to see for yourself!

Donny Forza and Vadim Black Bare Flip_DallasReeves



Asian Boy Nation: Shisone Nagasaki & Clinton James


It’s so hot when guys from different ethnicities come together; of course just seeing them cum is a treat in itself. These two Asianboynation.com hotties are Shisone Nagasaki and Clinton James. They are both sexy and horny from the start. By the time Shisone sucks Clinton’s cock, it is up and raring to go, in Shisone’s mouth, that is. Face fucking the Asian boy, Clinton relishes the warm wet mouth. With Clinton’s reciprocity, Shisone is ready to share the love; that’s amore.

Inverting Clinton into a jack hammer position, then missionary, Shisone is all up in Clinton’s business, as well as his hole. The dirty talk between these twinks is explicit and plentiful, just the way we like it; may have to use one of these lines next time I’m “spelunking.” Clinton’s low hangers cover at least half his cock while he’s on his back, and dangle to the ground once he’s put on all fours. Back on his back, Clinton jerks to orgasm and sprays the pool’s deck with love; Shisone follows with what I would consider a full “white out” blowing “eyeward” onto Clinton. The bottom then crawls to the water to splash off the fun, but finds that Shisone’s “love” is meant to last, at least until Clinton can go inside and use some soap; the best things in life do tend to stick! CLICK HERE


Bait and Switch


Getting your dick sucked while blindfolded must be a thrill because the guys in these Bait Bus ‘switcheroo’ scenes don’t mind it one bit! One of the nicer dicks is featured in this scene. It’s a nice size in length and girth, plus it stays hard. Imagine how good is feels in Rock’s throat!

You can watch what happens next at the Bait Bus website. CLICK HERE for more action!

Sucker Punch!


The one thing that creates a sexual allure when it comes to Haze Him is the idea that these straight guys are doing whatever it takes to pledge their favorite fraternity. What makes this particular scene even better is when the pledge receiving the blowjob first talks about how good it is. I wanna pledge again!

You can watch the full scene at the Haze Him website. CLICK HERE for more.

Two of a Kind


I’m so glad I got to meet Broke Straight Boys Jason Matthews and Blake Bennett while in Long Beach for gay pride. I was very eager to ask them about this scene. While walking with Jason through the pride plaza, I asked “how much of your scene with Blake was acting?” I can’t tell you what he said though.  These 2 guys were really nice and focused especially when it came to their money.  I have mad respect for both of them.  These guys have awesome chemistry too.  CLICK HERE for more of their scenes.

Being With Denver


I was lucky enough to meet and spend time with ‘hot top’ Denver Grand over the weekend while in Long Beach, CA for gay pride. He’s so sexy and cool that I often found myself forgetting that he was straight. He’s one of the straightest guys you’ll ever meet within the Broke Straight Boys family.  In many ways, he reminds me of the little brother that annoys the hell out of you, but you love unconditionally.  He’s definitely one of my favorites and I can watch his scenes now and know exactly what he’s thinking.  Check him out in the scene below and CLICK HERE for more action from Broke Straight Boys.

Fucked By A Rose


While attending Long Beach Pride last weekend, I had the opportunity to meet Cole Gartner. He’s one of the coolest dudes you’ll ever meet in your life. No only that, he’s ride or die. If I was ever in a bar fight, I know Cole would have my back. In this scene from College Dudes, someone else has Cole’s back. It’s strange watching him get fucked in this scene since I actually know him now. Oh well… Watch more of Cole when you CLICK HERE.

Take The Bait


Being the king of the road usually refers to someone’s driving skills. However, in this Bait Bus scene, it’s all about how well you fuck while you’re on the road. Fucking someone in the bed of a van takes major concentration. You have to make sure that you’re able to still maintain your skills in the midst of bumps and turns. This top does a great job!

You can watch the full scene at the Bait Bus website. CLICK HERE for more!

Keeps On Growing


Anytime you can use both hands to jerks someone’s dick, you are working with a real monster. Vince Wilder, you have a huge dick sir!  I didn’t know what to expect with this College Boy Physicals scene, but as I watch this dick grow and grow and grow, I couldn’t look away. I doubt you’ll be able to…

You can watch the full video at the College Boy Physicals website. CLICK HERE for more!

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