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Updated Gay Porn Review: Next Door Male


Next Door Male porn review

To be honest with you I am suffering from perfect porn overload. I’ve just been checking out some of the sites associated with the Next Door Network and each one of them is as good as the one before. And when you sign up to, for example, Next Door Male, you get to access 21 sites in your bonus list. They are all, more or less, about hung and hunky jocks, your ‘average’ guy next door (I am obviously living in the wrong neighborhood), and they are all hard and hot, well made and great quality. Er, that’s the movies, the photos, and the guys actually.

Next Door Male has 354 movies dating back to 2006; this is a company that knows what it is doing! It’s all about the joy of a solo sex session here, just you and your chosen stud. You’ve got good viewing options, perfect quality productions and no hassles when you’re ready for a download – either from the site or from your nuts, you can download to your heart’s content here.

Earlier movies don’t have the added HD versions that the more recent ones have, but still they are good quality visually and they play well. You can choose a lower quality Flash for slow connections or a higher one, or you can download in two qualities of file too. Movies run from around 20 minutes on average and come with sets of screen caps to show you the full progression of the ‘story.’ Though the story is usually simple, after a little set up and intro, some background visuals, the guy gets his kit off, explores his body and strokes his dick ’till it shoots. Standard stuff maybe, I mean you don’t have a lot of choice with solo movies do you? But they are made more fun by the way the models are varied. There are also different locations used, and the men themselves are varied: mainly smooth and jock-like (for twinks click to the Next Door Twinks site), but also there are guys with tattoos, redheads, all are either hung or adequate, bubble butts and brawn, you name it as long as it’s easy on the eye, has a meaty cock and knows how to stroke it, he will be in here.

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Updated Gay Porn Review: Hunk Exclusives


Hunk Exclusives porn review

If you’re looking for lots of varied content then Hunk Exclusives gives you a good deal. For a decent monthly fee you can access loads of content and keep up to date with new additions on a regular basis. The site is, they say, going through some changes to bring you even more sample pics, up-coming news and it’s already an easy members’ area to access and play with. So it looks like you’re in for a value for money treat here, as long as you are up for a little bit of everything hard and gay.

But is it all as exclusive as the title suggests? To be honest with you I’m not sure. Never one to totally believe a tour and all its promises, I did have a look around inside this great barn of a porn theatre and thought I saw some scenes and photos that are not necessarily exclusive to the company behind the site. Maybe they are and I just didn’t know it, but I’m not going to dwell on this point because there is so much here that, even if it’s appeared on other sites, the chances are no one would have seen it all.

For example, there were 266 photo sets here, with solos and action shoots, good quality pics that were easy to browse, and loads of hunky guys appearing in them. There were 240 video scenes with a variety of ways to stream or download; full files and streaming Flash clips, good quality and loads of variety in the models and the action. There were seven bonus sites, though these are available as stand alone sites and have also appeared as bonus sites for other networks, there is still a load more porn here and lots more variety. I then came across, no literally, 37 feed sites – definitely not exclusive but fine to view, with streaming movies and again, more variety than you could imagine. The 17 stories were good quality, horny to read and well written and I did notice that one had been added a couple of months back. So I wonder if the site is going to be adding even more over the coming months?

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Updated Gay Porn Review: Next Door Buddies


The content at Next Door Buddies dates back to 2007 and there are 303 exclusive movies to watch so far. It’s all about the guy next door (I wish I lived next door to these guys) and it’s all about straight-looking, straight acting, bisexual and gay guys who are hung, handsome and horny. Put all that together and you end up with high octane, charged movies that don’t let you down.

And add to all that the access that you are also granted to the rest of the Next Door set up, like their new personal model sites, access they’ve arranged to Falcon Studios and the Visconti Triplets’ site, for example, and the fact that your membership also comes with access to an exclusive live show site for no extra charge, and you’ve not only get a great value set up here but one that delivers on all its tour promises.

As for your actual content, what you find when you log in to Next Door Buddies and what you can see before you start exploring your wealth of bonuses… Start by looking at these 303 movies. You find them all laid out on easy to handle sample pages where the images are clear, and the links all work. You click through until you find a sample that interest you, and that’s not going to take you very long, then you click one stage further to get to your viewing options. What is interesting here is that now even the original movies have good viewing choices; they have high and low streams and downloads, they come with the same interactive options (you can rate the content) and information, and they are just as well made as the newer releases. But those newer movies now also have a High Definition version available for you too.

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New Gay Porn Review: Maverick Men


Maverick Men porn review

Here’s a site that goes to prove that you can get famous via XTube. These guys started off on an adult tube site, simply showing the world what they got up to in their private moments. Their fame and popularity grew to such an extent that now they’ve got their own site, and they advertise for guys to come and play with them – but they only ‘play’ on camera. When they are alone they are alone, but when they are with their buddies, well, the world rocks.

Here’s what you do: you look around the tour at the pics and trailers, then you buy time for the members’ area. You’re not actually buying a membership here, it’s more like pay to view, but you will need to know how much time you are going to need to view what the guys have on offer. And that’s where I come in.

I checked out the restricted, PPV, area for you and found 35 videos running for between 20 and 90 minutes each. As a very rough underestimation then you can say 40 minutes per movie, so you’re going to need around 22 hours to view everything – but that’s only a rough guess as I didn’t check the runtimes of every single movie. But it certainly looks like you don’t get short clips or quick vids here, you’ve got long scenes, and this gives things time to develop. You will definitely want money in the bank though, I mean in the credits set-up, to start your viewing, although you can view trailers for free.

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Updated Gay Porn Review: Sweet And Raw


It’s very simple really: the boys are sweet and the sex is raw. That’s bareback twinks and youthful jocks, no rubbers, but plenty of hardcore anal action from a company and a site that knows exactly what it is doing. If that sounds tempting it’s because it is, but if you want more temptation, then how about access to Bareback that Hole, Bareback Adventures and Breed Me Raw all included in your membership. Neat huh?

So, click into the members’ area and here is what you will find: The latest video in a Flash stream atop the page to get you started. In my case it was Marty and Daniel romping on the sofa, two very hot twinks in a movie that ran for nearly half an hour. If the quality of this one is anything to go by (and it is) we’re in for a great time here (and we are).

Use the top menu to find all the videos, models, bonuses and links, and also to get to some live cam and video on demand ideas, and you find that navigation around the site is very simple. Clicking ‘Videos’, for example, took me straight to page one of 26, and each of these index pages had five movies on it. So expect at least 130 exclusive bareback scenes here. Checking one of the oldest movies I found two qualities of Flash stream and five choices for downloading, including iPod files and a good WMV one. And, checking one of the most recent ones (which was a six-way group scene by the way) I found three streaming speeds and four download options, with iPhone, iPads and I-don’t-know-what’s compatible files available.

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New Gay Porn Review: Badpuppy Video


Well, as soon as you open the first page a streaming movie starts and your eyes leap to the top of the page to see who is doing what to whom. Very distracting, but in a great way. So, dragging my eyes away from that, I then noticed that Badpuppy Video has a category lists as long as your arm, lots of search options, a full size video player, a good look, a neat design and a good set of rates to buy your time with. You see this is a pay as you go set-up, a video on demand area, and it’s one that’s just going through a change, or has recently gone through a change depending on when you are reading this. It was Doggone Video, now it’s Badpuppy Video, either way it’s all about quality videos.

And that’s the point. This isn’t just any old video theater, it is one where only the best is selected for you. The membership demands certain standards and Badpuppy delivers on those demands. So you may not have the largest stock of porn in the world (who has?), but you have one of the best, the most select, and the hottest. And that’s what it’s all about isn’t it?

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Updated Gay Porn Review: Daddy Mugs


Daddy Mugs is a guy you’re either going to love, or be so jealous of you won’t want to look at him. But do look at him and look at the hot offerings on his exclusive site. Miss this and you’ve missed a real treat.

Why be jealous? Because he’s gone out and done what we all dream about doing. Setting up your own site and producing great entertainment and probably earning from it too. But more than that, he’s now got a legitimate way of finding sweet and sexy younger guys to suck him off and play bottom to his older, beary top. Now, we’d all love that wouldn’t we? Well, maybe if you are a sweet young bottom you’d rather be a model for him, but you can do that too as there is a contact area on the site.

So is his site all about him? Well, mainly yes. You will find pics of this hot dad, and videos, and there are scenes where he’s washing his car naked, or simply hanging out, or his dick is hanging out with some eager young twink drooling around the end of it. There are some scenes where two of his ‘finds’ get together and he simply films. But there are many where he gets these hot little guys and has his wicked way with them on camera, and in well made scenes that run for good lengths of time. So expect a lot of Daddy Mugs and expect lost of older-on-younger hardcore, with amateur guys who sometimes appear in shows solo, or together without our main man.

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Updated Gay Porn Review: College Dudes


This is going to be a bit of a rave, and I make no apologies for that. What was College Dudes 24/7 is now simply College Dudes. Recently re-styled, re-vamped but still carrying the same excellent quality guys and content, this site has started on a new chapter in its life. And it’s one that shows us how a top quality gay porn site should be.

The subject matter? Well, you don’t need to be a genius to figure that out: horny, smooth, athletic and college-aged guys in solos and action scenes that are exclusive, well made, well put together and very well presented. It’s as simple as that, but this is not your average, every-day, simple site. You sign up under a range of options; there are four trial periods to select which might seem a bit confusing at first, and my advice here is to go straight for the monthly membership as it’s not expensive, it’s easy to do, secure and great value. And you’re going to need several days to check out everything the site has on offer.

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New Site: Naked Kombat


I was a wrestler in high school, and while I wasn’t very good, there were parts of the experience that I’ll never forget. We’d practice after school everyday and I soon found a partner I’d work with to go through all of various moves and techniques. This guy, Shawn, was completely straight, but had the most amazing body, and it was work to keep from getting a hard on with him on top of me, behind me, or straddling my torso. Unfortunately, our sessions never ended like the ones being filmed for Naked Kombat, a new site by the folks at Kink.com, that focuses on guys working up a sweat wrestling before getting to the real man on man action.

Our reviewers are checking out the site as we speak, but we’ve already got a few galleries of the hot men up for you to view. These pics are from my favorite one so far… featuring Jimmie Slater and Shane Erickson. Click the pic to see the full gallery, or view all of the Naked Kombat galleries here.

Naked Kombat

Jimmie Slater wrestles Shane Erickson - Naked Kombat

Review: Anonymous Masked Men


Anonymous Masked Men

Anonymous Masked Men

We just finished reviewing a really interesting and sexy site called Anonymous Masked Men, and as the name suggests, the guys take everything off but a mask to cloak their identity. These aren’t cheesy Halloween masks… oh no, these are the real deal: rubber masks, leather masks, Mexican wrestling masks, even gas masks!

From Anonymous Masked Men:

We spend our days filming anonymous masked men shooting off in our studio so that you can see your masked-man fantasies for real. We shoot solo and duo sets of thick cocked, fit men really exploring the potential of their masks – getting themselves and each other off in as many different ways as the different kinds of masks we have on our site. Our films and photo-sets are shot completely separately, so all you get is high quality masked sex. Anonymous Masked Men is Britain’s first dedicated masked-men website, our films and pictures are unique because with our masks our men can go further than anyone else.

Masked men may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but this site is worth a look regardless… its well put together, knows its audience, and most of the guys are pretty well hung.

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