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New Gay Porn Review: Boys Pee Pee


Boys Pee Pee Porn Review

It’s all about twinks and watersports at Boys Pee Pee and it got off to a great start back in 2010, but has slowed down a bit this year; things are not flowing as well as they were. But you’ve still got a horny set of videos to buy into and some neat pics, and a lovely set of Eastern European twinks in bareback, hardcore and watersports videos.

Let’s take that apart a little and look at the details. The first video here is dated 1st September 2010, there then follows some daily updates for 12 days and then we jump forward to January 2011, since when there have only been six updates. So I am not 100% sure what’s going on here, but I can tell you that the home page announces that there is another update due in a week, and another one week after that.

But meanwhile, whether the updates happen or not (and I am pretty sure that they will) you have a set of 18 movies and galleries that are actually pretty stunning. The boys are what make these movies really work, not so much the watersports action as that tends to be rather limited. But these guys are youthful and fresh, new and, as far as I know, exclusive to the company behind the site. This company, I think based in Estonia, have a few other sites out now and the boys also appear in them, (Under Construction Boys for example), but otherwise, I’ve never seen them before.

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Updated Gay Porn Review: Broke Straight Boys


Broke Straight Boys porn review

It’s always been one of my favorite sites, but since its recent re-vamp, I’d not had a chance to get back in and take a look at the all new Broke Straight Boys. This is one of, if not the, first site of its kind and since it started up it has been much copied but never equaled. So how does the new look fare? Are we in for more and better?

Well, there are some great promises: new boys, a new production team, more outdoor locations, improved pictures and, if possible, improved videos. Once inside, there is still a feel of the old look site about it, which is good to see retained, but there is also something… different. Something slightly more sleek and chic, something I can’t quite put my finger on. But what I can definitely point out is that it looks good, it’s easy to use, it works well and at the heart of it all are some totally load blowing straight boys.

And the fun continues… The promise is all about tricking horny straight guys into gay sex, and it always has been. The further they go the more they are paid. One of my all time favorite scenes is still the very first one, dated April 2006 with Alex and Chris. I’ve still got the copy I made back then. And, like back then, you can still stream and download in a choice of players and qualities. You get really well looked after technically and will have no trouble getting to view the videos. You may need to set aside a couple of months to do this (go for a long membership) as there are now over 530 scenes to view, and they all run for a good length of time. What is also impressive about this site is that a new update comes along more or less every two or three days. I mean, someone is working really hard out there, finding and filming horny straight (and straight looking) boys and getting them to do stuff for the cams.

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New Gay Porn Review: Cum To My Ass


Cum To My Ass Porn Review

You are being offered exclusive content here, with young sexy guys, lots of updates and of course, lots of jizz. Cum To My Ass is all about cum obsessed boys and bareback sex, with lush creampie action thrown in. You find sexy twinks, hung boys, smooth boys and plenty of tight bareback asses in here, and it’s also a place that you can send in your own pics to. All looks good so far.

Mind you, no one had sent in any self pics when I visited the site, but the updates to the exclusive content list had been happening. There were 19 scenes when I called in and these dated back only five months, so I guess that’s an upload rate of one new scene every week, roughly. The dates on the sample info and pics on the index pages bore this out too, so that’s all fine then.

As for actually viewing the scene, will you’ve got good choices here. For a start there is a default Flash stream that comes in as a high resolution version with the option for a ‘normal’ view too. And you have downloads for WMV in two resolutions as well, and good quality products at the end of the download. There is your standard, hand held filming, up close moments especially when you get to the jizz play, creampies and condom-free anal, and general all round well made movies. The stars are sexy young twinks and smoothies, from Eastern Europe, and these boys are all nicely varied, even if they tend to be all smooth. They are pretty well hung and pretty too, so a nice line up of models, though not a lot of info about each one.

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New Gay Porn Review: Fraternity X


Fraternity X Porn Review

It’s new, it’s got a great atmosphere, it’s got great looking boys, and hot sex, it’s small but it’s got promise and it’s called Fraternity X. What’s it all about? Well…

There is this group of guys, frat boys, who are trying to put themselves through college and they live just outside of Phoenix. They go to Arizona State University and they need some cash. So what do they do? The start a website, but no ordinary website. They film themselves having wild gay parties and then they post these on the site in the members’ area and you sign up to view them. Every now and then (it’s hard to say exactly when), they put up a new scene and you can then stream it online or play it on your iPad, iPhone etc. There will be some pics with this new scene and a description.

It’s new and it’s fresh and it’s actually very good and addictive, so be prepared; once you join you’re going to want to stay as a member to look out for any new scenes. It’s also proving to be really popular so we’re looking forward to more of these exclusive and hot episodes. I love it, and I simply can’t wait for it to get bigger and better. Although it’s just fine as it is, there are some ways in which I would like to see it grow.

For example: at the moment the Flash stream is around 600kbps, and that’s your only choice. It was fine for me on my mid-range connection but slower ones might suffer, and higher ones could well support a better resolution. And downloads would be good too. I know the guys want to keep their membership and don’t want people rushing in taking it all and then not staying as members, but a couple of download option would make me want to stay longer – so I can download more when things get updated.

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New Gay Porn Review: Bisex Digital


Bisex Digital Porn Review

So what’s new and hot at Bisex Digital these days? Well, everything really. They give us an update promise of something new every day, so by the time you read this there will be more on the site than I found when I had fun with it. It’s all about MMF bisex sex here in DVD quality movies that you can stream or download, and it’s all good quality, easy to access and one of those ‘must see’ sites for all bisex fans. Actually, even if you’re not sure about bisex sex then the guys who get it on while the girls watch (and join in) are hot enough to tempt you inside.

You can see what you are getting from the tour as the tour pages are the same as the members’ area, so there is nothing hidden here, and you’re not going to be in for any nasty surprises. You are, though, going to be in for some pretty hot movies, exclusives, galleries and screen caps, and over 236 movies so far, taken from 63 DVDs. These are movies from US Male, a big player in the porn biz and one that has a good name and reputation, so there should be no worries about quality.

The only problem really is where to start. If you’re swayed by sexy guys then you’re going to have real problem deciding on who you want to see first. The box shot covers are nice and big and clear and so you get all manner of pics of hot men to drool over. If you like younger and twink-like, then you’ll do ok, if you like older and toned, butch and masculine than you’re in for a treat too. If you like your girls sexy and leggy, horny and cute, then you’re also on to a you know you want to see high quality bisex porn, well then, you might need to use the search and sort options.

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New Gay Porn Review: Rub Him


Rub Him Porn Review

Massage porn is the latest craze it seems. Recently I’ve been looking at quite a few new and upcoming sites that take the erotic art of massage to the extreme, and Rub Him is one of the more recent to join the list. It’s a whole new genre of its own, and it’s a pretty heady one that combines erotica in the good old fashion sense of the word, and hardcore porn, You’ve got plenty of oiling going on, lots of fantasy material, great looking guys, and some of the hottest massage sex scenes currently hitting the web-waves.

Rub Him loaded up its first video in January of this year, so you have a chance to get on the bandwagon of something new and still relatively unique. It’s got a simple promise that works really well: A masseur sets up his table, average, amateur, ordinary looking sexy guys come along for a rub down and get a lot more than that. Sometimes they get their internals from the hunky masseur, sometimes it’s the other way around. Sometimes the guy on the table is butch and beefy and straight, and sometimes he’s cute and ‘country.’ But every time you get a good, long, slow, sensuous build up, a great atmosphere, good filming and quality, and then slow and sexy hand jobs, to oral, to full on ass banging in each of the exclusive movies.

You can check what’s new on the homepage where each scene is sampled with a large sample shot and a good write up to set the background and the mood. There’s also a page for Updates, but at the moment both pages hold the same amount of scenes, eight in total. But eight long scenes of over half and hour each. Viewing is all done by streaming, I didn’t see any downloads, and there is only one choice for this stream too. Faster connections will do better here as it’s a good high resolution and thus slower buffering for slower speeds. But you can always start a stream, put in on pause and then come back later when it’s ready to roll.

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New Gay Porn Review: Thug Hunter


Thug Hunter Porn Review

Here’s something new and fresh, exciting and not to be missed. Thug Hunter is a new site that puts a different twist on interracial sex. You may have seen other sites where the big beefy black boys go out and find skinny white ass to play with, well here it’s the other way around. Except no one is skinny. The main white guys go out and find horny black ass to play with, and they do more than play, let me tell you. You’ve got a neat mix of realism, reality shows even, with horny gay interracial sex, chats, persuasions, and build-ups to each unique story, there are good quality movies and a stock of good quality galleries to go with them.

And, as I am here to save you money, let me also tell you that you’re going to want to get either the monthly membership or the full one year, non-recurring one. That’s your cheapest option, and this doesn’t look like a site that’s going to let you down, so it’s a safe one too. You can take the two day trial by all means, but watch out for the recurring fee if you don’t cancel. Having seen the work from the company behind Thug Hunter in action on other sites, I’m pretty satisfied that you’re not going to be let down here.

There are nine scenes so far, because the site has only been up and running a couple of months, but these are full length scenes that come with screen cap galleries, full digital galleries, full scenes and scenes in clips to stream. I didn’t see any downloading and there was only one choice of player. That’s at the moment, there may be developments in the future and there’s a drop-down for your Flash quality that says ‘madman’, and it’s a pretty high resolution. Perhaps they will be adding more over time. I also noticed that the updates were a little bit here and there; three in January, none in February but three in March, for example. Just a little something to keep an eye on.

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Updated Gay Porn Review: Dirk Yates


Dirk Yates porn review

You may have heard of Dirk Yates. He’s been making gay films for right on 30 years, and is known for his hard-man, military sex movies that we all love to see. He became somewhat infamous in 1993 when news broke that real Marines from Camp Pendleton had been appearing in his Private Collection, and since then he’s been busy stetting up All World Videos, working with Jerry Douglas, Wash West and Chi Chi LaRue, among other famous directors of top quality porn.

So, here at his site you’ve got his collection. You could rush out and buy these hot numbers in the stores, but it would cost you an arm and a leg to get them all, while by becoming a member of his site you can get them all for a well priced monthly membership. But what exactly do you get when you enlist in this military porn academy? Well, that’s why I am here to tell you.

To start with you have 12 categories to browse through in a left menu; plus a top menu to take you directly to the titles and the shows; you see, Dirk also has a live show site, Dirk Yates Live, and you, as a member, get to access the archived performances. In those other categories, and menu items, you also find the famous Private collection, the Top Brass series, Few Proud Naked, other series plus bisexual and straight porn that Dirk has been involved with. You’ve got a great stock of content, there is plenty of it and you’re going to need a long time to see it all.

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New Gay Porn Review: Buenos Boys


Buenos Boys Porn Review

If you want to see something new, fresh and honest that’s all about boys from Argentina, or if you simply want some sexy young Latin guys to get off with, then Buenos Boys is going to be right up your street, or your boulevard, your wide open avenue that leads to the Pink Palace and which is lined with some of the sexiest youths that South America has on offer.

I say ‘honest’ because I read the About page before I started my adventure and was very impressed with the story and the way it was written. Here’s a guy who knows what you like and has gone out of his way to find it for you. And it’s all about soft and sexy, dreamy and erotic Latino guys who are new and amateur. There’s nothing sleazy about any of this, it’s all high class and well put together; from the site design to the productions you’re looking at quality here.

Enter the members’ area and you will be surprised not to find ‘Movies’ or ‘Galleries’ listed, the site is model-led. Click the Models tab to start finding the content and you get a page of clear, large and well taken portraits, no nudity… yet. 40 handsome young men smile out at you, they are clean and bright, tanned and seductive looking, and all of them are smooth and muscled, but not overly so. You can sort these guys by name or date, a sort by age might be handy too, but it’s easy to scroll down and see them all. What’s not so easy is to decide who to get to know first.

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