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Gay Couple Ties The Knot After An Awe-Inspiring 72 Years Together


Just damn beautiful moment, sentiment, and message.


Full Story Here: ThunderBlog.

Show Your Love and Support for JJ Swift in AIDS Lifecycle


Ok, JUBbers.

If you too are a fan of Off The Chain Amateur Live Cam site GayHoopla, then you’ll definitely remember the hottie named JJ Swift!   Well, now he’s goin’ from the cam to the road and riding for AIDS LIFECYCLE!

This guy has a heart of gold to match his beautiful bronzed bod!  Show your love and support by helping sponsor him in the Aids Lifecycle Ride!

Here’s the link: http://www.tofighthiv.org/site/TR/AIDSLIFECYCLE2014/AIDSLifeCycleCenter?px=2947435&pg=personal&fr_id=1630


And don’t forget to checkout the Review and EyeCandy for GayHoopla by clicking Here!

Derrick Gordon First Openly Gay Division 1 Superstar


FINALLY!!  Thanks to several ACTIVE PRO athletes making a point to be brave and come out at the top of their game, the trickle down effect is finally happening.  We are not alone.   Bout time they start realizing it and my latest thank you and admiration goes to Derrick Gordon!  Standing ovation for this Division 1 college athlete!


Full Story Here

More Ebony Hunks: http://www.justusboys.com/Black_Men-p1-2-gay_porn_niches.html

Upload Your Pics and Vids Here!!: http://www.rockettube.com/category/Bears/


NFL Superstar Aaron Rodgers, Gay?


Apparently there’s talk about Aaron Rodgers having been in the closet and in a relationship with his live-in personal assistant, Kevin Lanflisi.  For those that don’t know, Aaron Rodgers is quite arguably THE best quarterback in NFL today, so I find this really interesting but we’ll see if anything comes to lie or is even true.   I know for a fact though, and it’s common knowledge that there’s way more than a few athletes in ALL Pro sports that are closeted and afraid to come out as if it makes them look less masculine.   Come out, Come out, wherever you are.   You’re not as alone as you think you are.


Full Story Here

Transgender Teen Crowned Homecoming King At New Hampshire High School



“A transgender teen in New Hampshire has been voted Homecoming King by a “landslide” victory at his local high school.

17-year-old Ray Ramsey was elected Homecoming King at Concord High School last weekend.

Story Link:


Black Friday Deals


If you want a great deal while keeping your sex appeal in tact, Check out this T-shirt & Underwear line for the LGBT community.

American Punk Clothing is more than just a t-shirt line. It’s a MOVEMENT geared towards Love, Self Expression, Equality, & Sexuality.

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Chick-fil-A Stops Anti-Gay Donations, Adopts Anti-Discrimination Policy


Chick-fil-A, working with Illinois-based advocacy group The Civil Rights Agenda, has reportedly ceased making donations to anti-gay organizations and has circulated an internal memo emphasizing its commitment to fair and equal treatment of all people.

Full story here

On Our Way To Long Beach!


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