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College Dudes: Jordan Fucks Marco


Jordan and Marco start things off with some kisses, fondling each other’s dicks as they make out before Jordan takes a seat and gets a taste of Marco’s Mexican cock! He sucks on his dick for awhile, licking his balls and running his tongue all along Marco’s member before bending him over the bed and giving him a rim job, flicking his tongue along Marco’s tight ass as he spreads it open and lubes it up, sliding his finger inside to feel just how tight it really is! But before he can feel that ass around his cock, Marco goes down on him, pulling his dick in and out of his mouth, getting it dripping wet as he pleasures him. Once Jordan is nice and hard he lubes up and Marco climbs on top of him, sitting on that big cock and bouncing up and down as Jordan works his dick from behind. Marco rides him hard, getting Jordan’s cock deep inside his ass as Jordan moans in pleasure. They move to the bed next, Marco on top once again, riding Jordan’s throbbing dick as they make out, kissing each other’s neck as Jordan pumps him full of his cock. Marco climbs off of Jordan and lays down on his back at the edge of the bed as Jordan stands above him, shoving his hard cock inside of Marco and fucking him hard as Marco works his own dick with his hands. Marco jerks himself until he cums all over and Jordan pulls out and shoots his hot load onto Marco! Click for more Jordan Thomas  and Marco Santana

New York Straight Men: Smackdown


The Coach has returned to teach Sergio a few wrestling moves. Besides coaching H.S. football, he is also a wrestling coach, but this time he is going to play by a "different" rulebook...the looser sucks cock!

Being that Sergio has never wrestled before, the coach was more than confident that he would be getting his cock sucked. The Coach was right of course, but before all the happened, we got to see The Coach throw Sergio around and pin him down a few times. As The Coach mounted Sergio from behind, he took out his hard cock, pulled Sergio's drawers down and rubbed his cock on Sergio's ass. (One of these days, we bet we will be filming The Coach fucking Sergio, but that's another day.)

Sergio accepted his defeat by obeying The Coach's orders, he crawled between his hairy, muscular legs and got to work sucking some cock.  The Coach then had Sergio lay on his back and fucked Sergio's mouth like a velvet pussy till he exploded all over Sergio's face! We asked The Coach when he was leaving if he ever lost a match, he was response was " I don't suck cock". Click for more Sergio & Coach

Active Duty: Bryce & Kasen Anal


Bryce and Kasen are back the next day and ready to take things one step further. This is where things get very interesting. They talk a little about the first step together and Kasen says it wasn't his first time giving head but Bryce doesn't seem to care if he was the first or not as long as he got a chance.

The cocks are already out and flopping around as soon as the camera comes on and Kasen is paying plenty of attention to Bryce's cock, but it won't be Kasen who is sucking first today. Bryce goes down on Kasen's big cock and deep throats it for a bit. They trade places and Kasen really gets into that big cock of Bryce's once again, making love to the monster and giving it plenty of attention. Kasen has this cocksucking thing down to a T and the way he uses his hand in conjunction with his mouth is a win! This boy can suck some cock. Bryce's dick is so fucking hard the guy is about to explode, but not until he gets to try out something else of Kasen's first.

Mike and the boys throw us a big surprise and Kasen takes Bryce's cock bareback up his tight little ass and Bryce really gives it to him good. Kasen has no problem taking the huge cock up his ass as he straddles the big cock and teases it first before getting in position to let Bryce take the lead. Once he's in charge, Bryce really lays the pipe to Kasen's ass. Click for more Bryce & Kasen

Spunkworthy: Blowing Preston


After Preston had taken the step to jerking off (and getting jerked off by) his buddy, Dakota, I was certain that he had reached his limit. But, luckily, this burly fur ball decided to go one step further and get his cock sucked by a guy for the first time.

Preston showed up in his workout clothes on the way to the gym. Even though he was quiet and clearly nervous as the cameras started, the bulge showing through his gym shorts told the truth — he was horny and his cock was throbbing hard.

For the first minute when I had his cock in my mouth, I don’t think he knew quite what to think. He glanced back and forth from the DVD playing in the background, to the show that was going on right in front of him. Eventually, Preston’s head rolled back, he closed his eyes and started enjoying the ride.

Preston looked a little surprised when I lifted up his legs and started licking his ass, but the expression on his face quickly changed as his mouth dropped open in ecstasy. I couldn’t resist flipping him over to his knees to get full access to his hot hole.

He stood up then, grabbing the back of my head with both hands, started fucking my mouth, thrusting his cock down my throat. By this point, I could tell Preston was starting to hold back the nut waiting to get released from his low-hangin’ balls.

And I was right. He lay on the couch as I worked to finish him off. Preston got that “far away” look in his eyes and out of nowhere gasped, “Oh, fuck!” shooting a thick white load right into my mouth and onto his stomach.

Preston had told me that he’d never been able to get off from a blowjob before, so I think it came as a real surprise to him how quickly it snuck up on him. Another happy customer! Click for more Preston & Dakota

College Boy Physicals: Dr. Cox & Jared