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Active Duty: Boyd & Bric

We’ve got a really hot duo featuring Bric and Boyd where Boyd takes things a bit further than he did in his first scene with Taylor. Boyd decides to saddle up and take Bric’s hot ass for a blistering ride. We get to watch it all unfold as these two develop a chemistry that becomes a great mix. Boyd certainly enjoyed this next step and the cum shot he delivers all over Bric’s chest at the end is all the proof we need that he had a great time taking things to the next level.

We start things out with a challenge to Bric to take his learned magic and make it work on Boyd. I leave the room to bake a pie and Bric starts asking Boyd questions about his first time. Boyd doesn’t seem as interested in talking about his first time as he does getting down to business for this second round. They take off the shirts and Bric gives him the once over and compliments Boyd on being all bulked up and in great shape. Boyd is getting in his fair share of glances toward Bric as he sizes him up in return.

I tell Bric that Boyd is so good at showing off his ass and Bric jumps the gun and tries to get him to give him a dance. Boyd assures him that it’ll come later and Bric seems intent on holding him to his promise. The pants come off and they’re wearing the exact same boxers. I later joke that they must have already met and made fashion decisions together before the shoot.¬†Click for more¬†Bric & Boyd

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