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Share Some JUB Love With Your Twitter And Facebook Friends!

Share Your JUB Love On Twitter And Facebook!

Share Your JUB Love On Twitter And Facebook!

Hello all you guys out there in JUBland! We know that you guys can’t get enough Twitter and Facebook, so we’ve added a nifty new feature that allows you guys to share your favorite content with your friend on Facebook and Twitter!

With 2 simple clicks of your mouse can now share any Justusboys.com Newswire post(s) you wish with your FaceBook and/or Twitter friends! All you have to do is find a Newswire post you’d like to share and look for the light yellow bar containing the Tweet and FaceBook Share buttons. Simply click on the one you prefer and a small pop up window will appear containing the title of the post and a link to the post. Click submit and you’re done! Its just that easy!

Each post you share, or tweet, helps JUB reach more members and helps keep JUB free and naughty! So Please Share Your Favorite Post Today! :)

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