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Alex Pravda

Alex Pravda

Alex Pravda

Age: 26 Height: 5’11” Weight: 173

How did you get your start in the industry?
I did regular modeling and some nude modeling for art schools in Russia.  When I came to America, where no one knows me, I decided to try to live a fantasy I believe every guy has, to make a porn video.

What has been your most memorable scene on CircleJerkBoys?
The scene in the studio where I paint the wall and find porn.  I was watching and rubbing when they turned the cameras on and when I was done, I went back to painting the wall, still buck naked with a little cum dripping from my dick.

If you could pick one other performer that you would like to do a scene with who would it be?
I like Arianna Giovanni and Cataline Cruz the best. Sorry guys. I like the ladies, but I welcome anyone to like me.

What is your guilty pleasure?
I love Krispy Kreme donuts and the old tv show Sanford and Son. We have nothing like either of them in Russia.

What is your favorite sport? Why?
I love to watch hockey, but I am not so good on skates for playing. I like soccer since it is always outdoors, always aggressive, exciting and played with a big team on a big stage. It is fast and really makes my heart go fast.

What has been your wildest sexual experience?
I was on a train back in Russia going from my hometown to visit some relatives far way. It was a day and a half journey.  I met a beautiful girl in the bar car and we got sort of drunk. She had a sleeping car with a door.We went there and she gave me the best blowjob ever. I later went back to the bar car looking for the girl but she was not there. I did meet another girl and got lucky again. When we started walking back to her sleeping car, I realized it was the same car as before. This was the sister of the girl who gave me that great blowjob a couple of hours before.  As it turns out, her sister was even better at it.

What is your biggest sexual fantasy?
My biggest sexual fantasy is about those sisters on the train. The first sister comes back and catches us in the act of the second blowjob and she joins in, so I have two sisters on their knees sucking my cock. Then we all three have sex all the way to Moscow and back.

What is your secret to staying in such great shape?
I work out with weights every other day in a very good routine. I focus on one muscle group each day with a day to recover in between.  On the off days, I do some running and I always eat very well too. I do eat a little junk food but eat a lot of protein, fish and vegetables.

What do you feel is your best feature?
I would say my arms, but everyone always says my blue eyes.

Tell me something about you that your fans may be surprised to know.
When I was growing up in Russia, we were very poor and it was always very cold in winter.  I found there was a warm spot near our little stove that I could stand in and it was the warmest place in the house. Even today, I can lean against a wall and fall asleep standing up.

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