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Beaux from DemonDudes.com

Beaux from DemonDudes.com

How long have you been  in the Industry? 5 years.

How did you get your start in gay porn?
I answered an ad for some modeling work that turned out to be a solo / jack off film. Then it led to more hard core sex scenes.

What did you do in your previous career?
maintenance worker.

How do you prepare  yourself for each scene? I try to get in a good workout before each scene and that helps get the blood flowing. I will then just relax and hang out with the other models on set. It’s nice to meet  the guy before you meet his cock. I love having sex and love when people are watching me, it’s a big turn on!

Are you different sexually in front of the camera than in your personal life? In my personal life I like to be more romantic and sensual with my partners. That’s not to say I can’t be creative. I do have a devilish side.

You are very fit.  How do you keep your body in such great shape?
I think a lot of it has to due from playing sports my whole life. I like working out and eating healthy. I do a lot of exercising out doors, running on the beach, hiking, and rollerblading.

You recently started your own website.  Tell us about it.
Well as I stated I do have a crazy devilish side in the bedroom. So the site is called DemonDudes.com. I like to be watched and watch as well. In the past I’ve made a few “home movies” of me and my partners. So I figured lets bring some of my behind the scenes creativity on the web to share. For example, when it came time for me to do a solo scene for DemonDudes.com, I knew I wanted to do one in the shower, but I’ve seen that done a million times on a million different sites. Mine would be different. So I found a place with a nice shower, bought a dildo with a suction bottom and thought what would be wild. So I start by fucking on the tub rim, nothing new there. Then I stick it on the shower wall and thrust my ass onto it. Then I give the toilet seat a ride, then I move to the bed room with a large mirror on the wall. With the dildo attached to the mirror it looks like there are two of me fucking the wall, needless to say the dildo and I molest the room. For the site, I did not want to get locked into any particular niche. At DemonDudes.com, we want to be more creative so nothing is off the table, we want to hear from viewers and put on what they would like to see, and what type of creativity they came up with. For me, creativity is going to be key at DemonDudes.com…..Oh and a few large cocks too!

What is your wildest fantasy?
To be in a glass elevator alone with a few hot strangers and we just start having wild sex in the elevator where everyone out side could watch us fuck for hours.

Tell me something about you that fans may be surprised to know. Lets just say indecent exposure appplies to Disneyland jail too.

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