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Ryan Raz: Fuck, piss on or fist me, but tell me no lies

Ryan Raz

Ryan Raz

Eight months ago, 24-year-old Ryan Raz was just one of the gay masses, living in St. Louis. Little did he know that a call from a friend was about to alter the trajectory of his life: the friend told him that a gay porn production company was in town and they were looking for models. Ryan’s curiosity was piqued, and he inquired. He got hired, and you can view the result in the film St. Louis Cum.

That experience whetted his appetite for porn and proved to be a stepping-stone to more films. Raz says, “”I did theater in high school and I love having sex so the jump to porn was not so odd.””

Raz hooked up with the Fabscout agency, and soon found himself filming scenes for more prestigious studios, among them Falcon, Hot House and Lucas Entertainment. Pretty top-level gigs for a newbie. Although he declares himself to be a bottom boy at heart, there’s little he won’t do.

“There are few things that I don’t enjoy, and all the things I do enjoy I have done in my movies.”

That includes watersports (he’s on the cover of Michael Lucas’ PISS!) and fisting, for the online Hot House backroom collection. Ryan’s versatility and easy-going manner have brought him several studio exclusive offers, but he says, “The good thing about not being tied down to one studio is I am able to express myself in different ways.”

That expression will soon include working for director Steve Cruz on an upcoming Mustang production. But not until he gets back from his cruise, which departs in a few hours. Ryan is taking off for Puerto Vallarta by ocean liner, for a week of R&R. He’s looking forward to leaving his cell phone and email behind, before launching himself full throttle into the new year.

Ryan’s first sexual experience was on his 16th birthday, with his girlfriend at the time. He quickly discovered that although the equipment functioned, the chemistry was missing. And when he watched porn, he says,”I remember being much more attracted to the guy than the girl.” He had a gay friend, so they began fooling around. enter chemistry.

Raz attended the Hustlaball last fall in New York, and that experience led to him moving to NYC from St. Louis. He’s balancing his porn career with schooling — a master’s degree in international relations.

Currently Ryan is unattached, so if you’d like to add this blue-eyed blond to your life, try to catch his eye at the gym, where he says he goes when he’s feeling naughty. If you’re a top who can “can kiss me like they mean it” and have “that definite daddy look,” you might luck out. Just don’t tell him any lies.

“When I meet people the thing that turns me on the most is honesty. I hate those people who will say whatever I want to hear just to sleep with me.”

Photo Courtesy: Lucas Entertainment

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