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That's David Dakota in the Swimming Pool

David Dakota In "jock Tease"David Dakota is so new to the industry that you might not know his name yet. He filmed his first scene only this year, yet on the strength of his work (his face, body and cock helping out), he quickly landed an exclusive contract with Jet Set Men.

He is over 30, but three of his directors so far — Steven Scarborough, Kristofer Weston and Chris Steel — seem intent to keep him wet behind the ears. David jokes that “”I think I was in every pool movie made this summer!””

Performing sexually in front of a camera fulfills a lifelong ambition for this statuesque blond, but he’s not quitting his day job. And check him out in a uniform!

PS: He’s versatile.

Let’s have some 4-1-1 on David Dakota, please.
I live in Minneapolis, am 32 years old, 5-foot-10, 180 pounds, 7 inches cut.

What’s your educational background? What did you do before porn?
Porn is just a hobby for me. I am a mechanical engineer. I do product design for corporate America.

Why “”Dakota””?
Dakota was simply a name that I liked that goes well with David.

What was your personal path to porn? Were others involved in the decision to bare it all online? Does the family know?
I’ve always been a huge fan of porn and thought that making it would be a lot of fun. However, I never considered myself porn star material until I was recruited by Sean Cody. I had a few friends who were very supportive, but most people told me not to do it because of my family and career. Being a porn star was just something I had to do. I knew I would always look back with regret if I didn’t do it. My family does not know.

I’ve seen you in DVDs but not online. What sites have you filmed scenes for?
I’ve done DVDs for Jet Set Men, Hot House and Buckshot. I’ve done online scenes for Sean Cody and On the Hunt.

There’s a publicity shot of you in Jock Tease, fully clothed, wearing a baseball uniform that’s the hottest sports uniform pic since Kevin Costner made Bull Durham. (Well, maybe Luis Gonzales …) What kind of outfit makes you feel hotter than a Phoenix summer?
The sporting outfits are fun, although there’s nothing hotter than Speedos and square-cut swimwear.

You mention having a boyfriend, as well as going online to find a trick. Where’s the BF at those times?
When I mentioned finding a trick, I was referring to the days before my boyfriend. I no longer hook up unless it is being filmed.

Is your BF in the adult industry? Does your being in the adult industry make it tougher to maintain a relationship?
My BF is not in the adult industry. I think it would be hot to do a scene together, but he is too shy. It is very difficult to maintain a relationship while being in the adult industry. However, I am not willing to give up having a relationship while I do porn. There’s a big difference between “real” sex and porn sex. It’s hard for a boyfriend to accept that while he watches an edited video of you having sex with someone else.

Do you believe in gay marriage?
I believe that gays should have the right to get married just like everyone else, although I was previously married (to a woman), and I don’t see myself getting married again.

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Tell me something about the non-sexual side of the person who inhabits David Dakota. Does he raise horses? Play the piano? Cook meals at the local soup kitchen?
I really enjoy woodworking and remodeling houses. I own almost every power tool imaginable. I just finished completely remodeling my third house, and I am looking for my next project.

What are you dressing up as for Halloween?
This Halloween I am going to be an army soldier who lost half his clothes in battle!

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