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Raging Stallion babes grow up to be cowboys

Ricky Sinz

Ricky Sinz

Before the boy named Sue, there was the man named Pearl.

Pearl was born in 1872 in Ohio, where he lived more than half his life, then he moved to Southern California, where he died in 1939. Over the course of his life, Pearl wrote 100 novels, mostly about the old West, that generated more than 110 films and a TV series. Pearl was one of the first American authors to earn a million dollars from his writing. A century later, he is widely regarded as the greatest writer of fiction about the Wild Wild West. You know him better as Zane Grey.

Raging Stallion is poised to charge into Zane Grey territory this summer, to film a two-part western that will be released at the end of the year. The film, titled To the Last Man, will be the successor to last year’s Grunts, which swept the Hard Choice, GayVN and Grabby Awards. Though with a smaller cast and fewer scenes than Grunts, this western is poised to break new ground in many ways.

The film will be directed and filmed by all three of Raging Stallion’s award winning in-house directors: Chris Ward, Ben Leon and Tony Dimarco. A location search turned up the perfect site: a real cattle ranch in the heart of Zane Grey country, complete with standing 19th century and early 20th century buildings, and a 1,000-year-old Native American village of over 200 rooms.

Ward, who holds a doctorate in archaeology and is a fan of Zane Grey novels, says he has always wanted to make a contemporary cowboy movie, and he’s eager to take that plunge.

Ben Leon is also excited about the possibilities offered by a Western: “What’s sexier than a cowboy? Similar to the army, the idea of the West lends itself easily to sexualization. Masculinity rules in the Wild West; among the cattle and the horses there isn’t much to do but spend time with other men. The romance of the old buildings and a different time and place adds a dimension and depth to the hardcore fucking we plan to shoot. The west also offers us a beautiful but dusty landscape to work with, a great place for dick sucking and ass fucking. A working cowboy has a hard time staying clean and we intend to capture the sweat and dirt that come with hard work and good sex.”

Although there have been a few Western-themed porn films, this production will set the bar for authenticity. Besides the location, the props and costumes will be actual apparel and gear used by working cowboys, from lariats to holsters, boots, spurs, branding irons and horses that still work cattle today. With To the Last Man, Raging Stallion will literally earn its equine moniker.

The story, which is based on the novel of the same name by Zane Grey, is as contemporary today as it was a century ago. The West is in the middle of a severe drought, which leads to a range war between cattlemen competing for the little water that remains. The strife pits two lovers on opposite sides of the fray.

Raging Stallion exclusive Ricky Sinz, top individual award winner of 2007, will get top billing as the cowhand fomenting the dispute. Sinz will be supported by a cast numbering 15 or more, many of whom were hired for their ability to ride a horse!

Tony Dimarco has no problem about letting his porn star babes grow up to be cowboys: “I’m very excited to be working on this film with such a stellar cast. Rugged and handsome, the models for this film look like they could be right out of a Sergio Leone western with the added bonus of being incredibly sexy and well hung!”

When the Raging Stallion cast and crew arrive for filming, it will be no small event. Chris Ward, who is no stranger to remote and sometimes forbidding locations, says that few studios could manage a location shoot like this one. It will require generators, truckloads of food, at least half a dozen crew members, a U-Haul full of equipment and the usual buckets of condoms, lube, sunscreen.

The remoteness of the locale has its pluses and minuses. Besides cattle, horses and the resident ranch dog, there’s plenty of wildlife. A flock of wild turkeys woke everyone up one morning and herds of elk are a common sight. Less common — but not rare — are javelina, coyotes, coatimundi (a relative of the raccoon) and an occasional rattlesnake, black bear or cougar.

At night, there’s no ambient light for miles, so one can see the Milky Way with the naked eye. It guarantees plenty of privacy for shooting, but it means there’s nowhere for the models to go, and little for them to do, when they’re “off duty.” Ward and company are already brainstorming ideas for recreation and entertainment.

The two-part DVD will have six full-action sex scenes per disk, not including solos, which may number as many as six. The story will also contain scenes depicting harsh frontier justice of a kind that you’ve never seen in porn before.

Director Chris Wards says, “To the Last Man is going to be huge movie in
the tradition of Arabesque and Grunts. I really enjoy making big-budget movies! I am very excited about working with directors Ben Leon and Tony Dimarco. These guys are the top talent in our industry in terms of directing. Between the three of us, we have won the awards for Best Picture three years in a row! One thing I can say is this: To the Last Man will be like no other porn movie ever made! The sex, the violence, the cast, and the setting will all add up to one hell of a movie.”

Porn is finally going to meet the real West. Filming begins in August. Giddyup!

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