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People have been making erotic images of themselves since the invention of photography, but the Internet has turned this naughty pastime into a worldwide phenomenon. Over the past 10 years, the amount of “amateur” content created and shared publicly online has exploded. Untold thousands have released nude photos of themselves to be enjoyed by millions, but the fun is just getting started. As it becomes easy and affordable to make and share videos, exhibitionists everywhere are rejoicing!

In the non-adult world, online video took off in 2005 with the creation of YouTube.com, but it really ramped up in 2006, when it was purchased by Google. Millions of videos have been uploaded and millions of people watch them everyday. Once YouTube demonstrated that sharing videos of ourselves was easy, it didn’t take long for the more adventurous among us to turn the cameras on in the bedroom.

Today, there are many video sharing sites similar to YouTube, but devoted entirely to porn. On the straight porn side of the industry, some of these sites have become massive, occupying several of the top spots on Alexa.com’s list of the highest traffic sites on the Internet. In fact, the largest of the straight video sites, YouPorn.com, has more traffic than CNN and the New York Times.

Thankfully, lovers of gay erotica haven’t been left out of the video revolution. While many of the largest straight sites have only a smattering of second tier gay content, there are others who have built up an impressive library. xTube, a site that caters to both the gay and straight communities, has a healthy selection of good gay content, including many amateur videos uploaded by guys who love to show off. Here, amateurs can even make money. Rather than just uploading videos for free, xTube allows performers to set a price per minute for their videos and to collect cash for showing off.

A newcomer, RocketTube, only allows gay video and has an impressive number of videos that have been uploaded by many of the top tier porn studios, as well as amateur guys who love the attention. The “all gay all the time” nature of Rocket Tube means not having to wade through straight content to find the men.

All of these video sites serve up their movies in the Flash format, which means that you’ll need a free Flash player to view them, but most computers already have it. Viewing video online has become very simple, but it does generally require a broadband Internet connection to get the best experience. For those who prefer to create a personal library by downloading and saving videos, there are some free software tools available to do just that (see below).

Of course, none of this would be possible if it weren’t for the growing number of people who are comfortable showing off in erotic and sexual situations. The trend is clearly toward greater participation, as people become more comfortable (and turned on) by the idea of having an audience of millions of viewers. Which means that it really is possible for almost anyone to become the next big gay porn star.

Putting yourself online is simple; you only need a camera and one of the many available tools to create your video.  Click here and here for some great tips on getting started and click here to watch our cover model Paul shoot his own XXX tube video!

Online Video Tools
Flash video is usually streamed online using “flv” files, which are difficult to download and play offline without the help of some extra software.

FLV Soft’s FLV Downloader – A free tool that helps you download and save flv files to your hard drive. (Free, Windows only).
VideoBox – A shareware tool to download and save flash video. ($8, Mac Only)
DownloadHelper – A free Firefox extension that allows you to easily download video from most flash video sites. (Free, Windows & Mac)
Wimpy – Wimpy is another free tool that allows you to play saved flv files. (Free, Windows & Mac)

Helpful Links To Make Your Own Videos
Making Video For The Web
Making Tube Videos Look Great

Popular Adult Video Sites
Some of the many sites who have taken the YouTube concept and translated it to adult video.

RocketTube.com – Totally gay video site featuring a healthy selection of porn clips and amateur guys.
xTube.com – One of the first adult video sites. Straight and gay content.
YouPorn.com – Extremely large video site with mostly straight content.
RedTube.com – Another large straight property.

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