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Quickies with Angel and Brandon

Dempsey Stearns

Dempsey Stearns

Angel: Let’s start with who is hot in porn right now. I am really digging the Suite703.com exclusive Dempsey Stearns (pictured). He’s a total hottie!

Brandon: I am on a rush for the fetish boys from the English sites like UKNakedMen.com and Triga.com. I had to look at a few of the English sites while planning HustlaBall London and now I can’t get enough of them.

Angel: I am with you on the UKNakedMen. Carl and Harry Louis from that site are both so fucking hot that I would write bad checks for them. Oh wait, they’re English, so I guess I would write bad “cheques.”

Brandon: Does that mean if you married one of them they would be your cheque mate?

Angel: Ummm…save the “Czech” jokes for the Bel Ami boys.

Angel: Moving on to discussing the trends in gay porn right now, how do you feel about tube sites (like YouTube or XTube)? YouTube is great, but it can be a trap that you never get out of! I have lost many an hour to YouTube. XTube has some really cool (free!) porn too, but the problem is you have to wade through tons of absolute crap to get to it.

Brandon: …just like a pancake, there are two sides. I totally love access to free porn and teasers that allow me to decide if I would be interested in purchasing the full-length clip. However, from the producer’s side it’s a steal. Literally. …and I know that’s got to hurt. I have spent my time on XTube, RedTube, PornoTube, and many more, satisfying every indulgence I feel at the moment. Then I feel guilty. I want my pancake buttered on both sides, but I have a feeling one of the sides is going to soak up most of the butter.

Angel: Babe, while you are over at IHOP somewhere, the point I was trying to make is that I love those teasers too. I just hate having to sit through 2,000 Joe Schmos with a webcam taping themselves jacking off to get to the good stuff.

Brandon: I like the Joe Schmos. In fact, the thought that I am catching a novice busting a nut is a thrill for me. Send the Joe Schmos to me, please.

Angel: Let’s close with a little bit of gossip shall we? Can you believe all that drama between Derek and Romaine over at Sirius OutQ satellite radio and the entire gay porn industry? It all started because they didn’t care for Jesse Santana’s publicist and decided to take it out on poor Jesse live on the air. That sucks because Jesse is really sweet.

Brandon: I have to say they have tipped my hat a bit in the wrong direction, but whatever. I sure am spending time talking about them now aren’t I? My own industry might rebel against me, but I applaud Jesse Santana for standing up for his individuality. He’s the butt of many jokes and the butt of the year since he won Best Bottom at the Grabbys this year in Chicago.

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