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“Since early 2005, PerfectGuyz.com has been mesmerizing and stimulating their subscribers with stunning models, exceptional photography and cutting edge technology. All these elements come together to provide their customers with scintillating solo and hardcore scenes of some of the most beautiful men found on the Internet today. JUB sat down with the founder of the site and he indicated, “We founded PerfectGuyz.com with the goal to present a fresh perspective on gay porn. We saw a need for truly high quality gay porn. Our intent is to portray men in the most positive way possible through high quality production techniques.”

With so many gay porn websites available in the marketplace today, PerfectGuyz has been able to set themselves apart from the competition through their high production values and quality models. “PerfectGuyz is one-of-a-kind.  Our key differentiator is the quality of our men and the style in which they are presented.  We focus on finding men that are not only beautiful and unique but also embody character and style.  We also take advantage of proprietary technology to differentiate PerfectGuyz from other gay porn websites.  PerfectGuyz content is delivered lightning-fast from a world class server network. We want our members, wherever they reside, to have access to PerfectGuyz content in the fastest possible time.”

With amateur free porn sites popping up all over the internet these days, we wanted to know whether or not this had a positive or negative effect on PerfectGuyz.  “Amateur free sites have always had a presence on the internet.  The appearance of the “Tube” sites creates a greater awareness of amateur gay porn. PerfectGuyz views these sites as helpful to our brand marketing as there are many abbreviated PerfectGuyz videos that appear on these sites. As an example, members of X-tube, etc. can view short clips and then are directed to PerfectGuyz to view the full length video.”  It appears this approach to viral marketing is having a positive impact on the bottom line at PerfectGuyz. “We also promote the site through MySpace and DList regularly.”

“The future of Gay Porn is both exciting and challenging. We believe the consumers and their interest will drive the future of gay porn for a high quality and diverse set of products. One of our founding principles is based in customer satisfaction. We listen to our customer and respond to their input.  PerfectGuyz currently utilizes a ‘consumer focus group’ to help drive product direction and future site features.”

Of course, PerfectGuyz would be nothing without the beautiful models that adorn the site. “Recruiting beautiful men for PerfectGuyz is definitely a challenge and we use every avenue available to us.  But, we also have our own special recruitment technique that has done very well for us. Our members have revered the top 5 most popular models, and we continually get requests for them. They are (drum roll) in order of popularity: Colt in First place, then Anthony, Stone, Derek, and Riley.  Their popularity is due to their beauty and charisma. We receive many emails messages applauding Colt. He’s a truly amazing man.  Colt has charm, sophistication and, of course, off the charts sex appeal – everything that truly embodies PerfectGuyz style.”

Many of the models on PerfectGuyz are “fresh faces” who have not appeared anywhere else.  “A fresh face is always interesting. One of our requirements for recruits is they have very limited or no experience. However, occasionally we will use a guy that has experience as an amateur performer or a porn star.”  The photography on the site is also exceptional.  When asked how important the still photography is to the site, the founder had this to say: “Still images are paramount at PerfectGuyz. We take onerous steps in producing the highest quality still images possible.  In the past, before PerfectGuyz, we had been amateur photographers. But when PerfectGuyz launched we honed our skills and employed new technology to produce the level of quality required for PerfectGuyz.”

Aside from technology, PerfectGuyz has always held a strong emphasis on production quality and continues to strive for excellence in all they do.  “We pay careful attention to every detail.  So, it all starts with choosing the right guy. Then we storyboard the scene – start to finish.  We choose his wardrobe and the setting for the photography and videography; we match skin tone, eye color and overall style so the guy looks and feels natural in the set.  The entire capture process takes about 4 hours – and after filming so many guys, we have it down to a science.”  Members of the site are treated to a new guy every Sunday at 9pm Pacific time.

So why should you become a member of PerfectGuyz?  “PerfectGuyz has beautiful, sexy men filmed and photographed in a unique style!  Members will see many guys that are first-timers – naked and hard – doing what guys do best, in all their innocent glory.”   Additionally “The future is exciting. First, PerfectGuyz plans to add hot sex scenes to the library. We pride ourselves on delivering solo scenes – but now it’s time to move on.  In the coming year, members will also see a new version of the PerfectGuyz website that will offer new functionality. We want our members to have access to our content anytime and everywhere.”  That means the content will be available on a computer, iPhone, PDA device or other future technology, certainly securing a place for PerfectGuyz as one of today’s top gay porn destination sites.

PerfectGuyz.com offers a variety of memberships: monthly one-time and recurring, or longer term memberships that offer a significant savings.
So, are you still in search of the perfect gay porn site?  Look no further! Quality and quantity is what you’ll find at PerfectGuyz.com.  They have a huge selection of absolutely stunning guys with hard and tight bodies. And the quality, second to none, surpasses all expectations of excellence.  Be careful;  however, for once you’re in, this site becomes a vortex, it is truly an irresistible force that transforms minutes into hours, and hours into days. But don’t worry if you get swept away, because once you arrive at PerfectGuyz.com, you’ll know its the place to be.

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