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After waking up with a fresh cup of coffee around 9:00 a.m., there is nothing Paul likes more than going out for a long, hard jog, working up a good sweat, and then getting his blood pumping even more by hitting the gym.  This is how the up and coming star likes to get his day off to a start, before he gets off…and does it ever show. This 5’10” 185 pound, 23 year old has an incredible body, which much like him, just won’t quit.  Aside from his ferocious body, which he regards as his best attribute, Paul has a truly energetic, sincere, and captivating smile that will melt the heart of anyone who dares to look into his gorgeous brown eyes. His beaming grin fits well with his positive attitude and personal philosophy “its better to smile than frown”.

Acting just seems to come natural for Paul.  It quickly becomes obvious when watching him perform, that acting is not something alien to Paul.  What makes him so successful in the industry? “Its fun ya know.” Says the actor.  When performing on film, Paul contributes a large percentage of his huge success to the fact he “always has a lot of fun doing this”.  Feeling totally at ease, as though the cameras weren’t present, Paul always delivers loads of quality content for the film crew.  Paul also admits however, he is “a pretty sexual guy”, which also contributes greatly to him having so much fun filming.

So, what does this hunk do when he’s not filming or working on his, or someone else’s body?  “Mostly I like to hang with my friends, hang out at the beach, or just about anything outdoors.  I love to be outdoors”.  Included in his many varied outdoor activities are kayaking, surfing, playing basketball, and yes…sex! Paul definitely has a wild side, one of an exhibitionist, even off camera.  When we asked Paul what the wildest adventure he ever had was, he told us; “I once had sex at an outdoor concert in San Francisco, in front of thousands of people.” “It was pretty crazy,” he admits, but it goes right along with the size of his package and the motto he lives his life by, “Go big or go home.”   Another one of Paul’s favorite pastimes is driving along the coast in a convertible. Also as an avid skier, you also might find him on the slopes of beautiful Lake Tahoe, or when he gets the chance, you may find him playing poker in Las Vegas. But, when he’s not out and about, you can find this one snuggled up at home.  Much like his astrological sign of Cancer, he admits “I like being in my shell sometimes, just hide away and indulge myself”.

When we asked Paul how he releases his tensions and unwinds after a long day of work and play, he responds; “I love to relax with a glass of Crown Royal, and talk with my friends.”  “On days the weather’s not so good for being outside, I like to go shopping for new clothes”, but admits, he’d “much rather be undressed than dressed”.

Along with his hard, lean and luscious body, his penetratingly beautiful eyes, his well-endowed package, his radiant smile, his amazingly positive and upbeat personality…(oh, and did I mention his package), there is a softer side to Paul, who is a hopeless romantic.  When we asked, he told us; “Roses, champagne, and chocolate covered strawberries by candlelight make the ideal setting for a romantically enchanting evening.”

Keep an eye out for more of Paul sure to “cum” soon.  Most definitely, in the true sense of the words, Paul represents a great “Up and Cumming Porn Star”.

photo courtesy: PerfectGuyz.com

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