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On the Cover: Eddie Diaz

Eddie Diaz

Eddie Diaz

This month’s cover model represents the beauty and diversity found in the history of porn models.  Although explicit gay material reaches back to Greek antiquity, the earliest known movie to depict hardcore gay (and bisexual) sex was the French film, Le Menage Moderne Du Madame Butterfly, produced and released in 1920.  Since then, gay porn has come a long way.  From the underground reels of the 40’s and 50’s, to the sexual revolution of the 60’s and 70’s, to today’s high-tech DVD, VOD, and wireless markets, practically every medium has been used to represent all-male sexual acts.

Veteran porn model Eddie Diaz is no stranger to the industry. His career took off like wildfire in 2007, gaining international popularity, when he was featured in a layout for “Playgirl”, and became an exclusive model for Rascal Video.  “Aside from being signed as a Rascal exclusive, Playgirl was the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I remember as a kid, sneaking into my mom’s closet for a peek at her “Playgirl” and wishing I could be just like all those hot guys when I grew up, and now I am! It’s really a dream come true.” Recently completing his contract with Rascal, Diaz is shooting with other studios, and focusing on his career as a personal trainer and physical therapist.  “I am very proud of the work I have done so far in gay porn and I really appreciate all the fans I have gained.”

Since the early days of gay porn to the present, the models have been idealized and scrutinized by the gay community.  They have become our heroes and foes at the same time.  From their magnificent physiques, sexual prowess and enviable endowments, they have put themselves in the spotlight for all of us to love or hate depending on our personal likes and dislikes. One aspect most agree on, the models are brave.  They should be commended for providing countless hours of pleasure to their legions of fans.

So, the next time you run into a porn model, take a moment to thank them for being courageous enough to be out there for the entire world to see. 

photo courtest: Media Gio

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