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Thug Life: The Lowdown on Tiger Tyson

Tiger Tyson

Tiger Tyson

Tiger Tyson gets around: LA, Palm Springs, London, Paris, New York. In ten years, he’s gone from being a newcomer with a cool name to a porn superstar. His adult career as long as any in the industry, and he a bunch of awards to show for it. In June 2007, he was named Mr. Blatino by Palm Springs Blatino Oasis for his safe sex advocacy. Then he clinched a GayVN Award for Best Ethnic Themed Video of 2007 for Tiger’s Eiffel Tower: Paris Is Mine! and was inducted into the GayVN Hall of Fame, to boot.

Claiming ancestry as African American and Puerto Rican, Tyson keeps himself in tip-top physical shape so that his onscreen partners will always get the drilling of their lives from his nearly foot-long, ramrod-straight cock. If you want to see or know more about Tiger, visit his blog at .

This interview with Tiger was conducted in July 2007, before his GayVN wins.

Let’s begin with personal basics: age, height, weight, cock size, education.
I was born in Brooklyn, NY on May 20. I’m 27 years old, 5-foot-9, 140 lbs. My birth sign is Taurus/Gemini. Dick size: 10.5 inches. Education is high school and the streets of Brooklyn!

How did you get your start in the adult industry? What’s the first film you made?
My first film was in 1997 called Sweatin’ Black. I was stripping at clubs in New York City when I got into the adult business. Another dancer was acting in sex movies and he asked me if I’d be willing to give it a try.

How many films have you made in front of the camera? Have you ever appeared in straight porn?
I’ve made more than 20 films but to tell you the truth I’ve lost track of some of the titles. Since I joined forces with Pitbull Productions and formed my own line called Tiger Tyson’s Platinum Series, I’ve made eight films as well as starred in The Show, Part 1 and Part 2 in conjunction with Dark Alley Media. We co-produced these two titles and they won Best Ethnic Video at the GAYVN awards in 2007. I’ve haven’t done straight porn.

What is “thugporn”? When I watch films produced by Pitbull, I expect to see tops who don’t kiss, don’t suck, don’t reciprocate with their partners in any way and often get their rocks off and leave the partner to his own devices. Does the “DL” figure into the scenarios in your pictures?
Well, thugporn is actually more about how the brothas interact in real life — and hey, some of them like to kiss, and give rim jobs. Some of them are just out for their own nut. We show slices of real life. Some of the guys are on the DL, many are open about their sexuality. It depends on the actor how we film the scene.

Who do you see as your principal audience? Mostly white or mostly black? Gay? Curious straights? Other?
We have a large black and white audience. We are getting more of a Latino audience now as well. And since I made Tiger Tyson’s Eiffel Tower: Paris is Mine! in Paris, France this winter, we’ve been getting a lot of international press and orders for our movies. I think our audience is anyone who loves Blatino and black guys and thinks they are sexy!

Have you ever sucked a dick onscreen? If not, would you, or is that too far from the Tiger Tyson persona?
Nope, I’ve never sucked a dick onscreen nor have I ever bottomed. I’m a top all the way!

Where is Tiger Tyson on the Kinsey scale, where 0=exclusively heterosexual and 6=exclusively homosexual?
I’m just a nice fun loving young single guy trying to keep his private sex life separate from his public sex life!

I seldom hear the word “Blatino” any more? Has that concept died? Was it just a marketing tool?
Nope, it’s still around and in fact I think it’s being used more often now than before. The more companies that get into the Black/Latin marketplace, the more they use the word! It’s a good way to describe people of mixed race who are partly Hispanic and part Black.

In the film Steel Curtain you talk about making a fitness video. Was this just dialog or are you actually making such a video? If you are, tell me more about it.
My fitness video is one of the loves of my life! I put the concept on hold last year because I was so busy making movies and doing personal appearances, going to
Europe to make a film, etc.

But I’ll get back to it in 2008 and when I have something definite to say you’ll be the first person I get in touch with! I’m a workout junkie, can’t get enough and I’d like to share this with people who are looking for a better body and better health.

Do you have any immediate goals regarding your adult career? Long-term plans?
Just to continue to make the best ethnic movies I can. Hopefully each one is better than the last. To keep making personal appearances at clubs both in the USA and in Europe. I am working hard to continue to grow my career in a positive manner.

Do you watch the films produced by Latino Fan Club or Tyson Cane, both of whom are in the same general geographic area as you? If so, how do you think your audiences overlap or not overlap?
Honestly, I don’t watch any porn other than when I’m working on the editing of my own movies so I can’t really say if we overlap or not.

Any opinions on why the west-coast gay porn studios seem to steer clear of any ethnic flavor in their productions?
I’d say that from what I’ve read recently, all the big companies have at least one or two or three token Latins and Blacks working in their big-budget movies. Depending on the studio, some of them often build entire movies around Latin guys.

What became of Enrique Cruz? Is there any relation between Enrique Cruz and Pitbull? What roles do you play at Pitbull other than model?
I believe Enrique Cruz is still making films. There has never been a relationship between Enrique and Pitbull, we are two separate movie studios. [At Pitbull] I function as a actor, director (on Eiffel Tower), casting director, story line consultant, public persona of the company (i.e. interviews, autograph signings, etc). I don’t think anyone has ever considered me a model at Pitbull — I have my fingers in all the pies.

photos courtesy: Pitbull Entertainment

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