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Brandon and Angel: Favorite Things

Brandon Baker and Angel Benton

Brandon Baker and Angel Benton

This wild and crazy pair are back again for yet another issue where they gossip about a few of their favorite things. Follow along as we find out just how much of a freak Brandon is when he tells us what his fetish is. Brandon: I have so many favorites. I have a favorite time of the day. (which does not include anything before 11:00am.) I have favorite stores like Abercrombie & Fitch. I have favorite foods like cheesecake and…Angel: Girl, don’t get me started on favorite foods. I may be a skinny bitch now, but I am a fat girl at heart and I can talk for days about my favorite foods. Have you ever tried a McGriddle? They’re fucking orgasmic. Brandon: Favorites come in so many forms. I have favorite physcial attributes on boys that I can’t get enough of like armpits and boys with red cheeks. I love those parts of boys. Angel: I don’t have too many physical attributes that I prefer. My preferences are more mental, like sense of humor, kindness, romance, oh and I guess a hot ass can’t hurt. Yes I am an ass man. Brandon: Did you say “mental” …as in hospital? I mean that’s hard to see. You can’t exactly say, “Damn girl, look at the morals on that boy.” You always go for the hard ones. I do too, but not in the same respect. Angel: Good point. Actually, it seems that when it comes to friends I only like the ones that give me a hard time. Brandon: I don’t watch much TV, but Nip/Tuck is certainly my favorite thing to slow down for and tune into… that show is so twisted. I can’t believe how fucked up they get. In season two one of the hot boys had sex with his mother. I was like, “No way!” then in season three we found out that his mother was a man before she went under the knife. I was on the edge of my seat with enamour and actually a bit proud that a show would tackle something like that. If you get time, tune in. Watching Nip/Tuck is the one of the only times I would tune out whats going on around me. Angel: My favorite TV show is The Golden Girls. How gay am I?! I can’t help it. Sophia Petrillo is my idol. “Picture it, Sicily, 1922…” Brandon: Not many people can quote lines from TV shows and know the original air date or the second prouduction assistant’s middle name like you. You are amazing like that, you TV trivia junkie. Angel: Well, that’s certainly one perspective. Another would be that I have absolutely no life, but I think I like your’s better. Brandon: I have favorite places to visit. I miss being home in New Orleans, so that’s one my favorite places to go. You can drink any time of day. In the Big Easy, they don’t close bars… they just change the drink special. Angel: All the Disney resorts are of course my favorite (with Tokyo Disneyland probably being top on the list). But, speaking of New Orleans, one of my absolute favorite places is the other Sin City, Las Vegas! But I need to stay away from the keno and slot machines or I will develop a problem faster than you can say Gladys Knight.Brandon: One of my favorite favorite things is porn. Gawash, I LOVE porn. Angel: Oh, I wouldn’t know anything about gay porn. I’m only the editor to the best guide to gay porn on the Web…..lol. Brandon: Congratuations! We are all very proud of you. Back to the porn. I even have it on my cell phone. I am pissed I can’t get it on my GPS unit and I love that I can pop in a DVD and pop off a load whenever I want. Angel: You also have DVD players in the majority of rental cars that you drive, and that is also an excellent place to watch porn. In fact, I think that we watched both Boot Boy and The Blond Leading The Blond (a personal favorite) on the way to San Francisco. Brandon: When I am online I like to park my prying eyes on sites like DudesOffCampus. My favorites folder on my browser is filled with sites that feature uncut cocks, pretty boys, and boys pissing. Angel: Yeah…I’m not so into that. I think that I prefer sites that are a little more creative and artistic, like luxporn.com Brandon: I have some “not” so favorites too. I don’t like messy space around me. The boy that I live with in Hollywood is a bit messy. Wait, I think I am supposed to say “creative clutter” if I am politically correct, but why start now right? Angel: Well, that’s one perspective. “I live with a pig” would be a different one, but I think once again, I like yours better. Brandon: I feel like that lady on the movie where the hills are alive and she sings about, “A few of my favorite things.” You know what I am talking about right? You know, the one where she looks like she took the curtains off the wall and made a dress and whooped the VonTrapp familyinto shape. Angel: Oh yes, I know that movie, “The hills are alive…” That was from “Moulin Rouge!” right? Yes, that’s one of my personal favorites too! Oh wait, that’s not the movie you were talking about? Oops. My bad. Brandon: At work, I am not supposed to have favorites. When I worked in hotels, there was generally one or two staff members who I would let get away with a little more because of his or her performace. I mean, If I had favorites, that would be the way it would be. Nowadays, we have a few escorts and porn stars on the site who I would consider my favorites. They brighten my day when I come across their photos online doing routine work with the ads. Now, when I “cum” across their photos it’s a little different, but it’s still a favorite huh? Angel: I have favorite webmasters and club promoters that I enjoy working with as well. Usually though, that is based on friendliness, professionalism, and competency as opposed to being cute or hot. “Please.” and “Thank you.” go a very long way with me. Brandon: What was that C word you said? Competency? What’s that? I wouldn’t know. Angel: That’s not what I read on the bathroom wall. Your reputation precedes you. Brandon: *gets on the phone with office security* Brandon: Partying is part of my job. Parts of my job at Rentboy.com planning parties tickle me more than others and I would consider my favorite part of what I do. I always look forward to choosing performers. Believe it or not, we dynamically choose performers who draw out the interaction with crowds. It’s not just looks and it’s not just personality we headline an event with. The combination of those things and several others make selecting event headliners much more of a favorite part of the planning process. Angel: Interviewing people, whether they be involved in porn or not, is definitely the favorite part of my job. I just love talking to people and getting to know them better. Making them laugh with my cheeky sense of humor always seems to help too. Brandon: Talking to people? I don’t even like answering my phone. Can I offically write to the Department of Favorites at the White House and get that taken off my list of favorites? I know the caller could be calling with an offer that involves some of my favorite things I put in my pocket. Can you guess what that is? It’s not my keys. It’s cash. It’s still so hard to press that TALK button. Your’s is always on huh? You don’t shut up. Angel: Then I guess it’s a good thing that I have so many outlets for my outspokenness isn’t it?? …bitch. Just kidding, you know I love you about as much as I love my luggage. Brandon: Luggage? You mean baggage? You have a lot of both my dear. …in my line of work as much as I travel, loving your luggage is a good thing. I am around my luggage more than I am my boyfriend.

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