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Real Couple: Scott and Damian

Scott And Damian

Scott And Damian

How long have the two of you been together? Scott, We’ve been together almost a year.

How did you meet? Scott, We met on the set of a film we were shooting for Chi Chi, in Los Angeles. My hotel room was directly above his, it was my birthday and he took me out for dinner and then it just so happened that a few days later we were both flying back to Miami within an hour of each other.

Was it love at first sight? Scott, It was definitely lust at first site and then the love quickly followed.

What was the first thing that you each noticed about the other? Scott, I noticed his ass on the set, he was in a room having his still photos taken and I was taking a break from shooting a scene. I wandered past the room and there it was, up in the air…beautiful!! Damian, I saw him before he saw me and I first noticed how well he carried himself and all that sexy blond hair everywhere. He is the first “whiteboy” I have ever been with.

What is a typical day like for the two of you as a couple? Scott, We wake up, I put on my shirt and tie, he puts on his uniform and we have coffee, then head to work. After work we go to the gym, then home to make dinner, kill a bottle of wine and watch appointment television. We live a pretty simple and “normal” lifestyle. Being in Key West, we like to spend our days off out on the water, snorkeling, boating, kayaking, etc…other than that, we are pretty boring.

How long have you each worked in the adult industry? Scott, I started in 2001 and then took a break for a couple years. Damian, I just started last year.

What challenges have you had to deal with while working in the adult industry and being in a relationship? Scott, I think the most challenging thing is having to be apart when one of us is travelling…at least for me that’s the hardest part. Damian, I agree.

Are the two of you in an open or closed relationship? Scott, We are in a closed relationship.

What is the most romantic time the two of you have had? Damian, The first night that we spent together. It was Scott’s birthday and we went to dinner at a great restaurant in Hollywood and then spent the night holding each other and watching tv.

What is the one thing about each other that can sometimes be annoying? Scott, When he is angry or upset he gets quiet and won’t talk and acts like he can’t hear anything that I’m saying to him. I hate to be ignored and I like to talk through things. I talk a lot as it is. Damian, He talks too much sometimes!!…especially when we are watching tv.

What is your favorite thing about one another? Scott, His smile and his apparent love for me… yeah, and his sweet ass!! Damian, How much he loves me, his humor and his big cock, and he can cook better than anyone I know.

What do you feel is the key to a successful relationship? Scott, Communication, communication, communication…and trust!

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