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Marcellas Reynolds Interview

Marcellas Reynolds

Marcellas Reynolds

Marcellas Reynolds first graced our television screens in Big Brother 3. With his outspoken personality, he quickly made his mark as one of the most recognized gay reality tv stars. In BB3, he refused to use the golden power of veto that would have taken him to the final four only to be evicted from the house. His luck in BB7 All Stars, didn’t improve as he was betrayed by the infamous alliance of “Chilltown.” We recently caught up with Marcellas, where he shared his thoughts on this season and how he played the game.

How did you break in to reality television? I was splitting my time between Chicago and NY, modeling and fashion styling. I was really tired of both. One of my closest friends lived on the West Coast and worked in production for Shapiro/Groedner (the producers of Big Brother). After they’d gotten the submissions from the public, the producers ask friends, employees and casting agents if they know of anyone. Nikki asked me. My agents told me not to. I passed. Then I caught my beau cheating on me with a guy from the Real World. And my response to his cheating with reality trash was to become the biggest gay reality star in the world, which I was for like 2 minutes!

Your best friend in the Big Brother house was Amy. Do the two of you still remain friends? One of the great things about All-Stars is it healed many wounds. I wasn’t friends with Amy for a while. After All-Stars, it just seemed so stupid to not talk to her. We’re back and as strong as ever.

Which of the past house guest have you continued a relationship with? Lisa is one of my closest friends. I love Danielle and talk to her almost everyday. I adore Chiara… talk about someone who was poorly edited. I’m great friends with Erika (BB4) and James from All-Stars. From All-Stars, I still talk to Mike and Will and was out with Diane just last night!

Of all the houseguest which do you feel was the sexiest? Nick from the new season has one of the greatest bodies I’ve ever seen. Thank goodness I wasn’t in there with him! I loved Will Wikle from season 5. I thought he was so cute. Roddy (BB3) was a real man. For me my all-time fave is Justin from BB4. He was tiny with a great body, bubble butt and sparkly eyes. And he had a “cauliflower ear” from wrestling. Sexy!

This season Mike made a move that assured him being put on the block by Dick. Dick said that he was making a stupid move just like you had in your game. What are your thoughts on that? I don’t think my move was stupid. And fuck that troll Dick for saying that. I think what I did was one of the kindest, most human things ever seen on a reality show. Here is someone competing for money, yet sacrificing myself for the others around me, in probably the most emotional moment I’ve ever been in. I’d say it was heroic.

So looking back, do you wish you had used the power of veto? Nope. I wouldn’t change a thing. It’s hurtful to be called an idiot because I trusted people and showed compassion, but after five years I’m the most famous Big Brother House Guest. I’m the only player who’s been referenced season after season. And the only one who has managed to have a rather successful entertainment career. Things work out the way they are supposed to.

How would you of played the game differently in both Big Brother 3 as well as Big Brother All Star? I can’t speak to changes. I played the game both times by what I was confronted with. At the end of the day these are just games and (to me) acting gigs. It’s a check. They end and I move on to the next set.

Who is playing the game the worst this season? Dick’s game is horrid. He’s a thug and a bully. On top of that, he’s ugly. He lacks charisma. If they hadn’t been doing a twist (estranged father/daughter) he would never have made the show. To win Big Brother you have to have charisma in order to make people want to vote for you. He doesn’t. If, and that’s a huge if, he makes it to the end people will remember how mean, arrogant and aggressive he was to everyone and he’ll never win. The House Guests should all be battling to take him to the final 2! Anyone can beat him.

Who is playing the game the best this season? Danielle is playing well under harsh conditions. Dick’s choice to be a dick is reflecting poorly on her though. But she can swing that to sympathy if she’s savvy. I think Jameka or Jessica could win this. If Jameka stays longer, she may get the producers behind her in an effort to have the first African-American winner. Jessica, though useless, is very well liked. She’s not on anyone’s radar.

Which season 8 houseguest would you have been the closest to if you were in the house? Danielle and Jameka. I adore a blond, though they end up getting on my nerves and then being my undoing. (See Amy and Janelle…) I also love a sister though they end up getting on my nerves and then being my undoing. (See Danielle…) LOL!

How has being on Big Brother influenced your career? It’s a double-edged sword. It’s what brought me to L.A. and gave me national exposure. It also hurt me in a lot of ways. A lot of producers lump all reality people into one big untalented heap and don’t want to use them. There’s a very small list of people who have appeared on a reality show that have made it to legitimate success. I’m trying desperately to get my name on that list.

What advice could you give to those wanting to be on a reality show? Think long and hard about what you want to achieve in your life both long and short term. If it’s just for the experience and the money then go for it. If you think it’s going to make you a star then really look at others who have gone this route. Remember you are giving away the rights to your image and with notoriety comes a huge lack of privacy. Five years later and I’m still “Marcellas from Big Brother.” It will probably end up on my tombstone!

What current projects are you working on? I am the newest on-air correspondent on Fox’s Reality Remix! You can watch my take every week on events in the Big Brother house Wednesdays at 4:30 pm, 7:30 pm & 11:00 pm PT. You can also view it @ www.realityremix.tv. See what I have to say about BB8 and the new cast! I shot another episode of How Do I Look for the Style Channel. Please check your local listings for my current 2-hour episode! I work for E! and Style Network constantly. You can see me on all their shows from The Look For Less to E! News Daily. Check out Marcellas on MTV’s Next with Omarosa where he will be making over daters for a hot red carpet night out and on Style Network’s 100 Greatest Celebrity Crimes of Fashion!

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