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FABSCOUT, Interview with Howard Andrew

Shay Gunz

Shay Gunz

We recently met up with Howard Andrew, one of the busiest talent scouts in the industry to find out what new discoveries he has in store for us. He already represents some of the busiest names in porn, but we wanted to know how he has taken what started as a side gig and turned it into the company that it is today.

Could you give us a little history on the origin of FabScout Entertainment? I spent almost 15 Years at Party City, then left to pursue a career in making children’s Teddy Bears (yes one of those MALL STORES). Well, I hate kids. I mean after all that, YES I hate kids (both laugh). So, I used to be a customer of the “Then Legendary” Cupids Cabaret, and the club owner asked me to work for him. Having had no “club” experience, and being WELL OVER the teddy bear thing (look, now I AM a teddy bear), I went to work as Manager of Cupids Cabaret in Miami. After being there for a while, a gentleman came in and said he wanted to “hire” one of my dancers for a movie. Well I didn’t understand, was very naive, and then he introduced himself… it was RICK FORD (Dirk Yates for those of you not in the know, of ALL WORLDS VIDEO Fame). So I explained that I had no clue what he meant. He then took 3 days to teach me the business, the RIGHT way to do it, honesty and treating models right. Then I met John Bruno, owner of Massive Studio, who became a good friend. The rest…ll, was all downhill, er, uhm…well you get the point.

So did you start off exclusively representing the dancers at Cupid’s? Yes. I was repping them and for 3 years kept FabScout PART TIME. It was just a “side gig,” then after I left Cupids and went to another club, Elements, FabScout continued and grew.

At which point did you realize that you needed to devote all of your time to your “side gig?” After I was working at the clubs, and the calls started rolling in, and the boys started to come around, I realized I should be doing this full time. So I looked into it (this was after almost a year). A friend and I created a name. FABScout used to be Florida Adult Booking and Scouting, now it is just FabScout. I got my business license, registered, etc…and the rest well… About 1 year ago, we moved into the luxurious new FabScout World Corporate Headquarters in Fort Lauderdale and had a huge release party for the New FabScout Logo (a few offices in a warehouse, don’t get excited). I share the offices with cases of JUB Magazines .

We love that! So now you are regarded as one of the top agents in all of gay porn. Before you got into this line of work, were you always a porn fan? I used to watch a lot of porn. Now I can’t watch it. I know everyone in all the movies, and what goes on behind the scenes. It took the fun out. I do admit, I like straight porn. It’s kinda funny, all the guys I used to jerk off to, I know them now. It isn’t so much fun after you have had to clean up after them (laughs).

Who were some of your favorite porn stars before you got into the biz? (laughs) You really can’t pin me down on that one. That’s like asking to be in my top 10 on MySpace.
OK, let’s take a different approach here. Who haven’t you met yet that you would like to? Wow, I think I have met almost everyone, hmmm, I was very happy to meet and work with Eddie Stone, Barrett Long, wow so many…hmm… Ken Ryker! I would have liked to have met him back when he was doing porn.

Yum! Jason Adonis was always nice to me. Matt Rush is a good friend and a great guy, in fact JUB will have an announcement exclusive to JUB Magazine before we are done!

I can’t wait! Now, I personally became aware of you when you signed Eddie Stone. Do you think that helped to catapult you into the public spotlight? I think Eddie Stone helped. Brad Star certainly was my first “big name.” FabScout is yet again expanding in the next few weeks, with some major announcements coming up. We, as a company are expanding. FabScout LIVE is taking the live appearance side of the business to a new level, making it affordable and easier for the clubs and the talent.

And now you rep some of the top names in porn as well as a whole stable of up-and comers. With most of the porn industry being located in California, is it challenging being based out of Fort Lauderdale? No actually. There is a lot of porn shot here locally as well. I mean a lot.

Tell me a little about Riley Burke. We love Riley Burke (www.rileyburke.com)! He came to me about 6 months ago, was a chubby bleach blonde shave smooth twink. We sat and talked for over an hour. He was told, “Natural hair color, body hair, etc.”, and in just a few months…AMAZING turnaround.

You also have a beautiful boy named Bobby Clark. OK, Bobby was introduced to me by Victor, owner of Boardwalk Bar, and you immediately get lost in his innocence and beauty. He is a great kid…and STRAIGHT. Yes, I said it, STRAIGHT. He even slept in the same bed as Jesse Santana and Josh Klearly, and NEVER DID ANYTHING.

But he is looking to get into gay porn? He will do solo work, for now. You hear me Randy Blue or Sean Cody? “For now…” but I think with the right “motivation” he may change and come to the dark side. (laughs) Well he certainly is gorgeous, and has that “soap star” look. How about our coverboy Shay Gunz? I met Shay thru a friend while he was looking for female talent. See, he does straight porn, and I saw him and well…uhm√¢‚Ǩ¬¶kinda liked his body. He had then agreed to begin to do solo work…after a bit of coaxing. Again, after some proper motivation, perhaps boys. PERHAPS!

What can we look forward to in the near future from Fabscout? Well…We have a ton of new guys (as usual), some exclusive news (Jet Set, Falcon, Raging Stallion), and FabScout Live…..hmm should I give you the scoop, the big surprise?

Yes, please!

Matthew Rush has agreed to work with FabScout Exclusively on all Live Bookings for the next 12 months. I will let you have that scoop……

Thank you so much for letting the readers of JUB be the first to find this out!!!

Look for FabSocut to promote and partner with Rentboy.com on MANY more Events in the upcoming year (Hustlaball, Rentboy.com 10 year anniversary tour), we have 6 guys in the upcoming Falcon Shoot…many, many more things to come. We will be having FabScout Studios up and running in Fort Lauderdale with 4,500 square feet of Studio/Production space for rent to anyone looking for shooting locations.

Photo Courtesy: Fabscout Entertainment

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