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AIM: Adult Industry Medical

AIM: Adult Industry Medical

AIM: Adult Industry Medical

Adult Industry Medical was founded by former pornstar Sharon Mitchell. Wanting to give back to the adult entertainment community, she started the clinic (which has now expanded to two locations) to test porn performers for a litany of STDs, using the most current and thorough technology available. However, this organization is not just for pornstars. The general public can also take advantage of the technically advanced STD tests for a small fee (as opposed to being complimentary, like it is for porn performers). Also, their website has one of the most comprehensive listings of the different types of STDs, as well as symptoms, treatment, and prevention of each.

Although they primarily work within the straight adult industry (which is predominantly condomless, and regular testing is required), AIM also treats gay porn performers who voluntarily wish to be tested, to help keep them disease-free. Those performers can then chose to have their results displayed publicly, or kept confidential, whichever they wish. Also, they provide services such as counseling and opportunities for those looking to leave sex work. So check them out and make a tax-deductible donation right on their main page at www.aim-med.org.

Photo Courtesy of www.aim-med.org

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