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    How to: Resizing Pics using Irfanview

    Irfanview is a free graphics viewer and editor. You can download it here:

    The hardest part is deciding how to get your picture into Irfanview – and that’s pure simplicity itself!!!

    This ‘How to’ is written so that those with the minimum of knowledge will be able to resize images using Irfanview. Unless I’ve mentioned them specifically, ignore all boxes and buttons that may or may not be highlighted or ticked. Irfanview defaults many settings to make the whole process as simple as possible.

    There is also an animation that you can watch here.

    Direct from a gallery on your hard drive – find the picture in your gallery. Right click on the thumbnail or file, scroll down to’ Open with’, and click on Irfanview. (see pic below)

    From a gallery on your hard drive via Irfanview – Open Irfanview. Click on file, then ‘open’. Find the thumbnail or file, and ‘double-click’ on it or click once and then click the ‘open’ button.(see pics below)

    From a ‘Screenshot’ that you have just placed on your clipboard – Open Irfanview. Click on ‘Edit’ and then ‘Paste’. (see pic below)

    Click ‘Image’ and then ‘Resize/Resample’ (see pic below)

    The new frame that appears has two ways of resizing. The box circled in green on the left-hand side allows you to custom resize the image to the exact size you want. You only need to type in the width, as the height will adjust automatically (ensure that the ‘preserve aspect ratio’ box is ticked – it should always default to ticked anyway).

    The buttons circled in red on the right-hand side are the more common sizes used by most message boards (and PC wallpapers!). Choose whichever size you want and click ‘OK’. (see pic below)

    You may notice that the image has blurred slightly, so we next click on ‘image’ and then ‘Sharpen’. (see pic below)

    All that’s left now is to save it. So click on ‘file’ and then ‘Save as’. (see pic below)

    Choose the name you want to save it as, and where you want to save it to. Also check that ‘Save as type’ (circled in green) says ‘JPG – JPEG Files’. If this needs changing, you can select it from the ‘drop down’ menu.

    On the right hand side you will have a box that is about JPEG/GIF Save Options. The slider bar at the top determines how much to compress the file (how large the file will be in kb). The more you compress JPEGS the worse the quality becomes. The figure above the slider is NOT your final file size, but a % of the ‘quality’ based on the original. You can set this to 75 and hardly notice any loss of quality. If you have it at 100 – you’ll get good quality but a massive file size. Click ‘Save’ and that’s it!!! (see pic below).

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    Re: Resizing Pics using Irfanview

    I use IrfanView a lot .... it's great! ... Passionately Australian

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    Re: How to: Resizing Pics using Irfanview

    thanks again for taking the time to write the how to i hope that helps many of the users that often ask about resizing pictures for their galleries etc
    i added a download link for irfanview
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    Re: How to: Resizing Pics using Irfanview

    I think I'd die without Irfanview. Seriously.

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    Re: How to: Resizing Pics using Irfanview

    I really should come over to this board more frequently. First Daddiesboy with his screen caps and now you with Ifranview.

    I had already use it and worked out how to do everything but you have mentioned a couple of points that I hadn't realised existed.

    So a great thank you for all your effort in posting this. The explanations were perfectly clear and extremely easy to follow.  2352

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    Re: How to: Resizing Pics using Irfanview

    A big thank you from me as well for this informative thread. Now maybe I can get some of my own pictures posted.
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    Re: How to: Resizing Pics using Irfanview

    Well, here's me. Just thought I'd give it a try. Pic moved to Post Yourself thread
    ~What one person receives without working for, another person must work for without receiving.~

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    Re: How to: Resizing Pics using Irfanview

    Awesome...Millions(of pixy) THANKS! I have tons of asian pics and was trying just yesterday to send them thru Hotmail/XP to myself so that they'd be shrunk automatically...but it wasnt enough..and a BIG waste of time.
    I think its super sweet of you to take the time to share knowledge. In that gesture alone I can tell youre a great guy!!
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    Re: How to: Resizing Pics using Irfanview

    i've never head of Ifranview but i've always used ACDsee, although its nto free Ill give Ifranview a shot and tell you guys how i like it, thanks
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    Re: How to: Resizing Pics using Irfanview

    Irafnview is one of the best image editor out there... best of all it's free

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    Re: How to: Resizing Pics using Irfanview

    Thanks for the instructioin. Quasdar and Corny, I am grateful for this
    instructional thread and its postings. A tip of the hat to you.
    After four months, I am still learning, and there needs to be
    some way to get this kind of information sooner, but the
    good news is I found it, now I hope I can make it work.
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    Re: How to: Resizing Pics using Irfanview

    Thank you.

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    Re: How to: Resizing Pics using Irfanview

    I just don't get it when my friends don't use IrfanView.

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    Re: How to: Resizing Pics using Irfanview

    Not to steal the focus away from the OP topic of this thread....but I hate any program that says I have to "download it" first. I found this awesome site .....(i'm 99% sure i did not have to download it. I've been using it for a few years...)

    just click browse, go to your pic file, open it, change size (usually around 600 to 700 still is acceptable to the JUB gallery)...right click and save the new size pic. Then, if it's not automatically transfered to your documents/picture file, ..just move it there from your download file. That's it! Use THAT new size pic when you are putting pics in your JUB gallery.
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