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    Can you help me find this story?

    Hi, all !

    I have been searching for quite some time for a story that I read when I was a bit younger.

    It was about a schoolboy who has a hard time accepting that he is gay. As far as I can remember, he was in a football club at his school or something of the kind. He then meets another boy (from the same school), who is openly gay and later on in the story they form a romantic relationship.

    I have a few memories about the story's details, namely: the openly gay boy is kinda girlish and he also dyes his hair in bright colors (like, all the time as the story progresses); during the summer break (when the story unfolds) they both work at an antique shop (run by an elderly gay couple, who in their youth were much like the too boys - one of the men fought in the Vietnam war and had a family (I think)); the boy who is struggling with his sexuality has a heterosexual best friend who supports him in pursuing the relationship with the other boy; the straight friend has a truck of some sort and they often go with his mate to this burger joint...

    Random memories as they are, I would really appreciate if anyone can help me find this story. I remember reading it in my native language (it was called "Лятото на промяната" ("The summer of change"), but that apparently is not what it's called in English. Still, I'm certain that the original story was of English origin and what I read was a just a translated version.

    I associate that story with some sweet memories of the old days, so if anyone can help me find it, I will be very grateful to them.

    Thanks and take care, guys
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