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    Hardest you've had you nuts stomped

    Wanted to try something new with BF I let stomp my my nuts into the floor puked on first go. What's the worst you've had?

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    Re: Hardest you've had you nuts stomped

    Never stomped, but I met a military guy at a bookstore where I sucked him in a booth. He suggested that we get a room. Once there he had me strip and sit in the corner, then put a phone book under my cock an balls, then he stripped down except for his combat boots, which really turned me on. Then he put his cock in my mouth, with his boots on my balls. I was so turned on as he told me that I better suck him like a pro or he would press harder and harder on my balls. As it started to hurt I deep-throated him like a wild man; he would let up the pressure on my balls. I found my self slacking on sucking just to get my balls stepped on. It was surreal. When he got close to cumming, he moved his boot to my cock. I came off as he shot in my mouth.

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