The queens on Datalounge figured this out months ago that Aaron Rodgers and his younger brother Jordan have no relationship. Aaron younger brother Jordan is a contestant on this year Bachelorette show. On Datalounge they figured out by checking Jordan instagram account only photos of his oldest brother Luke and their parents YET no pictures of Aaron. In one interview Jordan indicated he and Aaron have a complicated relationship. In another interview Jordan told the truth they have NO relationship. Jordan by the way indicated he might be jealous of Aaron because Aaron is a superstar in the NFL and his football career did not succeed. But there appears to be more than that. Luke and Jordan are extremely close and they both get along with their parents. So when the Bachelorette show goes to Jordan hometown Aaron Rodgers will not be present neither will Olivia Munn. Jordan also made a comment about how Aaron chose to live his life is a part of the problems they had. Anyway here is the link to article: