I walked into a gay adult store about 5 years ago and saw these some fun gay parodies of Norman Rockwell's The Saturday Evening Post. There was one of the runaway where both of them were shirtless. I hesitated from buying it at the time because I can easily envision someone saying it was encouraging pedophilia or disrespecting the police force and shyed away from buying it. To me, it just reminds me of all the fantasies I'd have around attractive men when I was around 6. Although it was taboo, not just the runaway, there were others that featured S&M, naivety motivated seduction, etc,) it apparently wasn't illegal enough to sell at a public porn store. I have searched and searched online but can't find these parodied gay renditions of The Saturday Evening Post Art. If anyone happens to know about these parodies and where I can buy them (they seem to be on the cover of a gay erotic printing of some sort,) I'd greatly appreciate it.