When I watch Porn I find it very hot when they are having sex in a Man's Locker room specially when its home made and hidden camera. I have always fantasized to be in the locker room and having any type of sex in there specially in the showers. Unfortunately I am really afraid of doing so because I am afraid of getting caught. My new Boyfriend and I go to Planet Fitness every day to work out and we've recently wanted to be rebels and want to try doing it in there the only thing is that we both fear about getting caught. The showers are kinda small and also there is not that much privacy as the old gym I used to go to. We are desperate for some advice.

If you guys could please give us some pointers of what we could do. or guide us in a good path to not get caught.

Also if you have done this please let us know how you did it to see if we can man up and try doing it next week