My Wife

I had to take a trip to Boston to service some customers, so my wife, Ashley decided to fly out for the weekend and join me. We’re both thirty eight, with three children that were left at their grandparents for the weekend. I was there the whole week and Ashley came out Thursday afternoon. We planned to fly home on Sunday.

Thursday night was pretty uneventful. Ashley joined me with some of my customers for dinner and then we had some pretty uninspired sex and went to bed.

She was still asleep when I got up the next morning. Knowing she was probably still tired from the trip, I let her sleep. Before I headed off to meet our local people I left a note that I would meet her at around six that evening and then we would go someplace nice for dinner.

The meeting ran longer than expected and then the traffic was crazy. I called my wife, Ashley and told her, “I’m going be late. Why don’t you go down to the bar for a drink and I’ll meet you there around six thirty.”

When I finally arrived around seven I found Ashley in the bar in a new sexy black dress that she’d bought just for the trip. Ashley is about five foot eight, one hundred thirty five pounds and very nice C cup breasts that looked nice in her new dress that showed a lot of cleavage. She didn’t see me come in but I saw her talking with a young black guy. Ashley was enjoying the attention and he definitely was enjoying the cleavage and they were both flirting heavily.

I watched for a few minutes from across the bar and was surprised that it was such a turn on to watch my wife with this good looking young stud.

I finally decided to join the two of them so I walked over and introduced myself.

His name was Charles and he was a twenty six year old married accountant in town with a group auditing a company. He was about six foot four and had a slender muscular body. He played basketball in college but said, “But I wasn’t tall enough for the NBA so I got my CPA license and started working for a large accounting firm.”

We all three had a drink together and it was the third or fourth for Ashley and she was definitely feeling good.

He told us, “I’ve been there all week and am anxious to get home to my wife.”

She was pregnant and it didn’t seem like he was getting a lot of action lately so was getting into the flirting with my wife and no doubt had an erection in his pants.

The rest of his group showed up and they headed off to dinner and as we were finishing up our drink Charles came back and said, “We’re going to be back about ten pm and were going to meet in his bosses suite for drinks and play some cards. If you’re interested,” he told us, “My boss is in room 1801.”

My wife quickly said, “We’ll be there,” and he left.

I asked Ashley, “Are you ready to head out to dinner,”

She leaned over to me and said, "Let’s order room service and go upstairs and fuck."

Obviously she was turned on by the flirting with Charles. I signed the bill and we left. As soon as we were in the crowded elevator my wife Ashley backed into me and with her ass started grinding on my crotch. I thought if the elevator ride lasted any longer I was going to cum in my pants.

I was rock hard. As we got into the room Ashley pushed me towards the bed, undid my pants and proceeded to suck my cock until I cummed in her mouth. I was pretty primed up so it didn’t take long.

Turning with her back to me, Ashley asked me to unzip her dress. As the zipper reached the top of her ass, she let it fall to her hips. Turning her head to look at me, she dropped the dress to the floor, leaving her in bra, panties and CFM heels. As I watched, she unhooked her bra and let it fall off her shoulder, down her arms to the floor. Then while I gawked at her bare breasts, Ashley reached down and hooked her thumbs in the waist band of her panties. A second or so later she was lowering them off her hips, exposing her bare slit.

Sitting down on the edge of the bed, Ashley smiled and spread her legs. Taking the cue I dropped to my knees and buried my tongue into her slit. I drove her crazy by licking her clit. As she squirmed with excitement I put two fingers in her pussy.

Ashley was in a nasty mood so I put a finger at tight ass-hole and worked it in as far as it would go. And at the same time I put my thumb into her wanting pussy.

I kept going at her clit with my tongue while working on her holes.

She soon started to tense up and had a huge orgasm and squirted like I’d never seen before.

I was hard again so I pushed her onto her back and jumped on top of her.

As Ashley’s legs wrapped around my waist, I rammed into her and hammered her like a whore. Her legs, high in the air, were bouncing rhythmically as we fucked, her spike heels making the picture all the more obscene. It couldn't have been more than five minutes before she had a 2nd orgasm and I groaned and pumped my cum deep into her pussy.

I rolled off of Ashley and we collapsed in each other’s arms.

After a few minutes she said, “I’m hungry,” so we ordered up some room service. I went to the bathroom and when I came back I found her with her fingers in her pussy masturbating with her eyes closed no doubt thinking of Charles.

She was really working herself over making my cock was hard in no time. Then she opened her eyes remembering I was there and said, "fuck me now," as she rolled over on to all fours.

Grabbing her hips, I slid my cock into her pussy and I started thrusting. She kept saying "harder" and "faster" so I kept thrusting as hard as I could and then I started cumming.

Just as I started cumming there was a knock at the door, "room service." As I pulled out my cock was still quivering.

Throwing on a robe, I put a sheet over Ashley and opened the door. The room no doubt smelled of sex so I gave the young boy a nice tip and he left I am pretty sure with an erection.

We had a good laugh because he no doubt knew that Ashley had just been fucked. I brought the food over to the bed and we sat there naked and had our dinner.

I was still finish up my burger when Ashley started stroking my cock until it was hard again. And as I finished my burger she took me into her mouth and sucked until I cummed again in her mouth. This time she quickly came up and kissed me, pushing some of my cum into my mouth.

We noticed it was nine thirty already so we decided to get dressed and head to Charles‘s boss’s room. We both took quick showers and Ashley put her black dress back. When I suggested that she skip her panties, she reached under her dress and removed them. .

I told her, “You look hot and I can’t wait until we get back to the room.”

She just smiled. Ashley and I have always been faithful to each other and I was pretty sure we were both thinking that tonight that might change. Ashley had only one other partner before me so the thought of her getting fucked by Charles’s black cocked was a real turn on.

We had always jokingly fantasized about something like that but never thought it would happen. As we were leaving I told her, “Its OK with me if you flirt more with Charles.”

She said, "you like that?"

and I told her, “It was a turn on watching you flirt with him and it would be even ok if things got out of hand a little,” as we headed off.

We knocked and Charles answered the door and introduced us to his boss, Harlan and his two co-workers Jerry and Kevin. They had just got back and were getting ready to have a drink.

Ashley offered to make drinks and suggested, “You can go ahead and started playing cards,” I’m just going to watch anyway.

She served us all our drinks of choice and then move over behind Charles. She started rubbing his shoulders and chest letting her boobs rub against his neck. He was getting distracted and I suggested, “I might want to sit out a few hands and talk with Ashley.”

When he got up from the chair it was clear for all to see that his erection was back. Grabbing him by the hand, Ashley took him into the bedroom. His boss joked, “I’ll probably have to sleep on the couch tonight.”

It was quiet for a while until suddenly we heard Ashley scream out, "I’m cumming, fuck me, I’m cumming!!"

It was loud enough that I think all the neighbors on both sides heard also. After about ten minutes Charles emerged with just his pants on and said, “She wants someone else to come in.” And then Charles said to Harlan, "You’re the boss, I guess it is your turn."

Harlan didn’t waste much time, he was unbuttoning his shirt as he went through the bedroom door.

About twenty minutes later he came out and Jerry went it and then Kevin.

When Kevin came out he asked, “Who’s next,” and I said, “That would be me.”

I went in and Ashley had her ass in the air and the cover over her head. When I shut the door and she said, "I don’t want to know who you are, just fuck me and then tell someone else to come in."

I went up to her and there was still cum dripping out of Ashley’s pussy.

When I knelt on the bed between her wide open legs, my face was level with her bare pussy. I breathed in deeply and savored the heady smell of sweat and the fresh thick cum. When I blew my warm breath across her fresh fucked pussy, she wiggled her bottom and moaned, "Lick me. Stick your tongue inside me and lick up all of that sticky cum out.’

I stared at Ashley's pussy which was gaping wide open from the fucking they’d just given her. Her love lips were swollen and puffy and stretched apart revealing the wet pinkness of her cum filled hole. As Ashley opened her legs even wider a trickle of my white cum appeared at the bottom of her slit.

"Lick it all up, before it leaks out and makes a mess all over our bed." Ashley wailed. I flicked my tongue up her slit a couple of times and then sucked out what I could.

Then I slid in and did as Ashley had told me, fucked her hard until I deposited my load.

I went out and Charles went back in. when he came back out we all took a second turn. When it was my turn I did the same thing, I sucked out all the cum I could get and then fucked her.

I went back into the living room and Charles went in one more time. Then he and Ashley came out and he said, “We’re going to my room,” and they left.

Kevin said, “I’m going to leave,” and told Harlan, “You can sleep in my extra bed,” and then they left.

Jerry and I were both sitting on the couch naked and he looked at me and said, “I’m still hard. If you’ll suck my cock, I’ll suck yours.”

I said, “I’ve never done it before,” and he said, “I haven’t either.”

I said, “I’m willing to try,” as I lowered myself to my knees. I hadn’t paid any attention before but now that I was in this position I couldn’t help staring at his thick cock as it jutted up from his curly nest of black pubic hair and his big balls hanging in a curly-haired covered sack underneath.

Leaning forward I slowly took his cock in my mouth and started sliding my mouth up and down his stiff shaft and stroking him at the same time.

Jerry let out an, “Uuuugh,” when I backed off and slowly licked and swirled my tongue around the head. His cock danced and flexed with each flick of my tongue. I then encircled the head with my lips and slowly took his seven inches into my mouth down to his balls.

He let out another, “Uuuugh,” as he grabbed the back of my head and started moving his hips and fucking my mouth.

As he slowed down, I tightened my lips and started bobbing my mouth up and down.

Jerry was gently moaning and faintly saying, “Oh yeah suck me man.”

As I sped up my mouth Jerry arched his hips and held my head as he buried his cock to his balls in my mouth and held it there for a short. Slightly releasing his grip Jerry backing away and rammed his hard cock back into my mouth.

We settled into a slow but steady rhythm that went on for a good five to ten minutes. Jerry’s moans became louder and his pumping became more erratic. And then the head of his cock started to swell, signalling me that he was about to blow his load.

Then he grunted, “I’m gonna shoot my load” and started quivering and holding my head. He was pushing his cock deeper in my mouth when I felt a thick warm blast of cum hit my tongue.

Jerry held my head still and arched his hips up off the couch and pushed his cock into my mouth and held still as he unloaded his balls in my mouth.

I felt the swell and flex of each shot and counted five strong squirts and then a warm flow that I was able to hold in my mouth. He was moaning and going, “Ugh...ugh...ugh,” the whole time he was squirting.

When he quieted down, let go of my head and pulled his cock out of my mouth I savored my mouthful of cum.

I let the cum slide slowly down my throat. I leaned back down and licked a thick pearl drop of cum off the head of his dick at the slit and milked a little more out with a quick deep throat and tight suck back up that pulled a little more cum out.

He thanked me and said, “I shoot a big load, didn’t I.”

Then he surprised me by asking, “Will you fuck me in the ass? I’ve always had a fantasy about being taken in the ass. “

We looked in the backroom and Harlan surprisingly had a small tube of KY lubricant.

Jerry got on his hands and knees with his ass sticking in the air and his face against the mattress. Kneeling behind him, I spread the KY on my cock and then worked a generous amount into Jerry’s ass-hole. He was tight at first but with a grown or two from him I was able to get a finger deep into him.

I removed my fingers and positioned the greasy head of my cock between his butt cheeks.

Pulling his cheeks apart, I eased my cock into his ass-hole. I heard Jerry gasp in pain and hold his breath. Afraid that he might be going to change his mind, I grabbed Jerry by the hair and told him, “Relax…I won’t hurt you.”

As I eased my cock into his ass and the head cleared his sphincter Jerry uttered an audible gasp.

The pain was agonizing as my cock worked its way deeper and deeper into Jerry’s ass.

His eyes welled up with tears as he felt his ass-hole being stretched to new dimensions. Ruthlessly I continued to ease my thick cock in and out of his asshole, feeding him an additional inch each time…each time waiting until he relaxed before backing out. It seemed to take hours before my entire thick nine inches was lodged deep in his ass.

If I hadn’t cummed so many times already I would have shot my load quickly.

Getting a tight grip on his hips, I started fucking Jerry with long deliberate strokes. I started thrusting slowly at first and kept building up speed until I could feel the pressure building up. I asked Jerry if he wanted me to cum in his ass or not.

He grunted, “No,” so I kept thrusting until just before I was ready to cum and then I pulled out and he quickly turned around and I sprayed my load all over his face. The first shot hit Jerry’s forehead. The next shot hit his cheek and then the last shot hit his chin.

Jerry had cum dripping all over my face as he rolled over and sprawled on his back. I saw that he was hard again so I grabbed him in my hand and jacked him off until he cummed all over his chest.

It was around three am and Jerry just lay there and went to sleep so I headed back to my room.

It was strange not to find Ashley there waiting and knowing that she was probably still getting fucked…and probably in the ass by Charles.

In the morning I heard a knock at the door about six am and it was Ashley my wife.

She said, “The guys had an early flight and had to head out.”

As she sat down exhaustedly on the side of the bed, she said, “I never went to sleep and I’m tired.”

Then see crawled under the covers with me and we went to sleep.

Finally about noon we woke up and we had a pretty quick fuck and then ordered some room service. I got up and took a shower and was dressed when the food arrived.

Ashley was still in bed naked. It was the same young man from last night. We found out later he was a nineteen year old college student. I got a twenty dollar bill and started handing it to him and then I said, “Do you want this twenty dollar bill or would you rather fuck her, pointing at Ashley?”

She took the cue and threw back the cover inviting him to join her.

He didn’t hesitate. He quickly took off his clothes and jumped into bed with her. Straddling her chest he feed her his cock. He came pretty quickly but being young and virile he stayed hard. Sliding down, he soon had her ankles on his shoulders and was fucking her hard in the missionary position.

With a roar of pleasure he cummed a second time and he then got off her and started to get dressed.

As he was leaving I gave him the twenty dollar bill anyway.

I went over to the bed and put my face to her pussy and sucked out the mixtures of all three of our cum and then I fucked her again.

We spent the day shopping and seeing the city and then fucked one more time that night and once in the morning before we left.

I think we were both sore and worn out for the adventures.

When we got home the trip no doubt rejuvenated our sex life. Then about six weeks later Ashley told me that her period never came and she was pretty sure that she was pregnant. The problem is I had a vasectomy so we both knew it wasn’t my baby.

A week later she went to a planned parent hood clinic and had an abortion. All our friends and relatives knew I’d had a vasectomy so any baby especially a black one would have been hard to explain.

Not wanting any more surprises, Ashley also made sure that she’d had her tubes tied before my next business.

The end…