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    Charles Laughton as Nero

    I doubt if Charles Laughton's name means much these days, except perhaps to film buffs who know about very old movies. However, in the 1930s he was famous for series of film roles among which he played a very camp Emperor Nero in a biblical epic called "The Sign of the Cross." Laughton was married to an actress called Elsa Lanchester (she played "The Bride of Frankenstein" in 1935) but on the quiet he had several affairs with guys. I only mention it here because in the Coliseum scene at the end of that biblical movie, while the Christians were being thrown to the lions, he saw to it that he was fed grapes by a supposedly naked male slave. Well, not quite naked, as the slave was wearing a G-string, but for the interest of the afore-mentioned movie buffs, here are a few stills ... ...

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