The Bookstore

Route 1 south was relatively empty for a late Saturday afternoon. True, it was the long way home, but nonetheless it was on the way home and not too unusual from our normal drive around Saturday routine. This week’s fruitless adventure was to find a nice table fan at the large hardware store on the east edge of town. I soon discovered it’s easier to find moon rocks at a flea market then it is to find a table fan at a giant category killing retail store in Maryland in the middle of January. With the wipers brushing the occasional errant flake of snow off the windshield, I felt it was time to whip out my best routine, certain if the cameras were rolling, I’d be a shoe in for the academy awards.

Looking up as if noticing the large yellow sign for the first time I said, “Hey, you want to stop at the dirty bookstore and see if they have any new toys?”

“Steve, please,” she replied. “That worked pretty well the first couple of years, but now you really need to consider some new material,” Debbie, my wife of twenty some odd years sighed. I say twenty some odd because I don’t know about other guys, but for me to determine married years, I have to take the age of our first-born then add a couple years.

But at the time, I’m thinking with my little head and he’s not very good with math.

Debbie is everything I think is perfect in a woman, five foot four, blond hair, blue eyes, full pouty lips, 38 C”s x 29 x 39. If my cock could talk, he’d never shut up about her butt. She’s a couple pounds over and a little soft in just the right places. In my early horny years, I thought I liked her lean and mean. But now the big fifty is pounding me on my thinning hair head, without a doubt, I’m certain the sexiest most boner building vision on the planet is the slightly rubanesque, 100% certified grade A, all woman comfort cruise with no sharp edges and ready to ride.

Now the distance between the parked family truck and the front door of the unobtrusive establishment was a mere fifty foot, but with my shy, nervous, life’s companion, it was much like traveling straight from Miami Beach to Mexico City. I could walk, I could run, but most of the way I was going to have to swim. With a whole bunch of comments like, “Come on. It’ll be fun. Hey, we’ve been in here before. We’re just playing,” before she finally reluctantly agreed.

The problem is I think she senses when I have a particular sexual idiocy in mind. Especially when I telegraph suspect ulterior intentions by saying things earlier in the day like, “Why don’t you wear that skirt instead of jeans,” or “How about that low cut red sweater? It will keep you warm and your breasts look spectacular in it. You know it can be chilly in the hardware store.”

Finally inside, the moderately lit interior of the store was a regular cornucopia of erotic delights as we scrutinize the well stocked isles, nodding occasionally to the guy behind the counter as if sharing a deeply held secret known only to the connoisseurs of the enlightened.

Gazing around I notice only a few solitary males, curiously all about my age, quietly and intensely studying each magazine or DVD, as if cramming for a final exam. Yet they were all casting the occasional quick coquettish glance in my wife’s direction. Then rapidly drawing their eyes away, as if they can’t decide whether she was invading there private domain or if they wanted to see her naked.

I also noticed one good looking early twenties couple giggling in the far corner facing the wall as they shakily handle a very large latex dildo. Moving within earshot, I could faintly hear them discussing what they should tell the guy at the counter. Perhaps that it’s a joke gift for a friend, as if he never heard that one a million times before. One of these days he’s going to blurt out, “Damn lady, this is the fifth joke you’ve played in the last two months,” and that’s why I liked this particular store. Discretely placed in an upscale part of the county, its patrons were mostly normal married guys or couples quietly seeking stimulations not available at home, or in their work a day lives.

With Debbie in tow, we moved up and down the aisles, touching and poking everything in our reach, in search of that new devious device to heighten orgasmic bliss to a new level known only in folklore. “Hey, this is kinda cool, what do you think Deb? It’s a multi-function vibrating egg, with a wired remote with ten different orgasm settings and it uses double-A batteries so no crawling around the drug store looking for weird size batteries. I like it.”

Glancing nervously between the box and my eyes, she barely squeaks out, “I don’t know Steve. What do you think?”

Ah, did I detect a slight tremor of anticipation in her voice? Knowing my wife as I do, if she doesn’t say no, it means, “Oh yeah, go for it big boy.”

I announced, “My friends, I do believe, we have a very clear winner.”

“Oh cut it out, you goof ball,” she quipped. Slowly meandering to the counter with a slight swagger as if I just bagged the big one, I plopped my trophy on the counter. As my companion hung back the recommended ten embarrassed paces, I quietly spoke to the cashier, “You have any batteries?”

He said, “No problem. Want me to load it?”

I said, “Go for it. I want to test drive this baby ASAP.”

Slyly glancing at Deb, he said, “I don’t blame yea.” Then turning, he dug into a box pulling out a new pack of batteries.

While his back was turned towards me, my vision played over all the items behind the counter, finally coming to rest on what looked like a stack of gold coins. At least they appeared to be without the assistance of my old guy vision aids. When he turned back to me fumbling with the pack, I said, “Are those gold coins?”

He laughingly responded, “No they aren’t gold coins. They’re tokens for the private viewing booths.”

“Private Viewing Booths?” I quietly exclaimed.

He said, “Yeah. They have TV screens so you can watch movies in private.”

I said, “Oh, I’m sorry. I know what they are. But as many times as we’ve been in here, I didn’t know you had any.”

“Oh yeah,” he said, “They’re in the back through that room over there with the fetish DVDs.” My mind was moving at light speed. Well, actually more like the “SS Minnow” at ramming speed, as he rang up the purchase. Then before he totaled it, he said, “Is that all?”

“Hmm, give me five bucks worth of those tokens. I think I’m going to try out the movies.”

Chuckling lightly, he handed me the tokens and faintly whispered, “Through the door, through the curtains, then down the aisle to the booths.” Leaning forward slightly, in a conspiratorial whisper, he said, “The booths on the ends are modified, if you know what I mean.”

When I started to picking up my package, he told me that I could leave it behind the counter until we were ready to go. Thanking him, I turned towards an unsuspecting Deb who immediately said, “Now what’s up?”

Damn, I must have had that guilty, just swallowed my lunch money by accident grin showing. Gotha watch that. I can’t get anything past her highly honed mother’s eyes. I coolly lifted her hand while steeling myself for the sure to ensue balking and frantic back peddling. Drawing myself up close, I brought my lips to her ear. With the fragrance of her sweet freshly washed hair filling my senses, I softly said, “Come on, I want to show you something cool.”

Snapping her head around, our eyes nearly touching, she asked, “What?”

“Come on,” I urged. “You’ll like it.”

“I thought we were leaving,” she pleaded, not sure whether she should trust me or not.

“Quit worrying. Come on, it’ll just take a minute,” I countered.

“Great.” she moaned.

“Is this like, “let me put it in for just a second” or your parents will never hear us down here, or come on, just sit on the back of this Harley for just a second?” asked Debbie.

“No,” I say, “Nothing like that. This will be fun. Its something you hafta see.”

“Oh, all right,” she begrudgingly sighed. Grabbing her hand, I quickly led her through the store. I could feel every pair of horny male eyes in the room glued firmly to Dab’s delicious derrière as we made our way into the back room where the fetish DVDs were displayed. In the center of the rear wall was a door opening with a black curtain blocking visual access and a sign displayed above the arch reading, “MUST HAVE TOKENS TO ENTER.”

Pulling back slightly, Deb mumbled, “I don’t know about this.”

In a soothing conspiratorial voice I hissed, “Ssshhh, come on. You have to be quiet.”

Relenting, she slowly exhaled, “All right, if you say so. I just hope this is fun.” Then with a flip of the curtain we were in.

Suddenly my brain, not to mention my cock was going wild. I had read about private viewing areas but now I was actually in one with Deb. This was great. It was just as I expected the unmistakable odor of male testosterone; the orgasmic sounds of several different mini movies all playing at one time. The highbrows, they would have found this to disgusting. But to me it was absolutely exciting. I think the pervasive smell of cum was having its intoxicating effect on Deb too; her eyes were now beginning to glaze over. Working our way down the aisle, we found the vast majority of the small booths were empty with their doors standing open. Assorted flotsam and jetsam littered the floors as stark evidence of many moments of private lust. We peeked in here and there until we reached the end booths. The one on the very end was in use because the door was closed and the faint flickering of a movie in process could be seen reflecting off the floor through the gap at the bottom of the door. “Well, I guess we’ll have to take number two,” I said, while slowly pushing the door fully open.

Excitedly I drag a now clearly nervously but excited Deb in behind me. The stall was very small so I had to pull her closer to close and latch the door behind us. In the very dim light, details of the interior could only be vaguely made out. It wasn’t until after fumbling with the tokens and eventually finding the coin slot to make the TV monitor come on, that you could actually see inside the booth.

There was a single white plastic lawn chair jammed in a corner taking up so much of the small space that it left little room to stand. But hey, this wasn’t the penthouse suite at the Hilton … it was first class accommodations in Smut land where the erotic mind is the true ticket to orgasmic Valhalla.

Still slightly dazed, I motioned for Deb to sit in the obviously dried cum stained chair. In most circumstances, that would have totally grossed her out but here it greatly added to the slutty ambience of the moment. Seeming oddly relaxed, she sat back with her eyes glued to the screen as I found the button to change channels between selections of about 10-different scenes.

All the basics were there from gay with two guys sucking each other off, to lesbian, to anal and gangbangs. Finally I settled on a good-looking blond haired beautifully breasted young woman on her knees sucking a magnificently large cock. That definitely caught Dab’s attention as she let out a quiet sexy, “Whoa.”

Even in the muted light, I could see that Dab’s nipples were already poking against her tight but thick sweater, causing my cock to leap to its straining length. My little head now taking full command of my faculties, my hands snapped to immediate action as if drilled through many weeks of basic training, jumping to any order given by General Little Head. My belt-buckle undone, button unsnapped, zipper unzipped, pants down around my knees, followed by one smooth stroke on my hard cock. My hand started below the head, gliding down to my hanging balls and back up the shaft again, ending up back at the now purplish sensitive head.

I rapidly reached over grabbing Dab’s sweater at its lower edge, pulling it up to her neckline causing both luscious breasts to expose themselves in all their scrunchy hard nippled glory.

Watching my wife stare fixedly at the screen, I too turned my attention there while slowly stroking my hard cock. We both watched in near stunned silence as our feminine hero deep throated that hard monster all the way to the balls. Even now she appeared to be trying to insert them also. And just when you think it’s impossible, you see this saliva glistening shaft extracting itself from her tight mouth, only to be drawn back in again and again.

Eyes closed, jaw straining, saliva dripping from her chin, she now pulls back clamping her lips around the swollen head with both hands stroking the wet mammoth rod that it now clearly straining for release.

In one quick movement, she pulled the expanding beast from her over worked mouth just as it released a hurricane of voluminous rope after rope of pearly white cum all over her face … driving with stinging force as it slams into her craving mouth, eyes, cheeks and hair.

The cum was running in huge ropey globs down upon her beautiful upturned milky white breasts, leaving thick strings dangling from each hardened nipple, as he was still squirting. She was literally drenched in cum.

Even the cameraman filming this extreme cum scene exclaimed, “Whoa dude. I’ve never seen anything like that.”

Me neither, I thought. Looking down at Deb I said, “Wow … Did you see that?”

“Umm hum”, Deb murmured as she softly pinched her nipples causing them to glow brightly even in the dim shimmering light.

As the scene in the movie now changed to the next one in line I moved closer to my now flush-faced wife. Her lips were parted as I placed my pre-cum dripping rock hard cock in her very willing beautiful mouth. She let out an audible gasp of pleasure as it entered sliding to the back of her throat. Her left hand instantly rose to warmly cup and caress my heavy balls. I leaned my head back saying, “Ah, this is as good as it gets.”

As Deb was expertly and lovingly working my engorged shaft with her talented mouth, my lustful vision was now shifting from her beautiful lips tightly encircling my shaft, to her breasts as they jiggled and shook in time with her ministrations on my cock to the action on the video screen … showing a like image of the same thing that I was now receiving. This was pure heaven.

As my focus was shifting back towards my horny wife companion, that’s when I notice it. It took a moment for reality to adjust itself, but there it was … a hole about three feet off the floor and about five inches across, an opening between this booth and the one that was occupied on the end.

As I concentrated harder, in the dim light, I could see someone’s eyes staring intently at Deb moaning and sucking greedily at my much-hardened cock causing an exquisite spasmodic pulse to travel from my balls to the tip of my cock. I was releasing more pre-cum, making Deb moan a little louder as the fresh flavor burst upon her taste buds. It caused the simultaneous effect forcing her hand to release my balls and to move rapidly to her now steaming pussy as a fresh flood of juices expel themselves from the very depths of her fiery womanhood past the cleanly shaved lips of her now sopping wet pussy … adding yet another large wet mark to the already cum stained chair.

Trying to straighten herself, Deb reached out with her right hand and found the hole in the wall. Using it for leverage, she pulled herself up and returned her hand to my enraged cock, not knowing she had inadvertently signaled interest in our neighbor.

Obviously, our neighbor was an experienced player in this game. His very hard but small cock and balls appear through the hole. He must have had his belly pushed tightly against the adjacent wall. This causes my cock to lurch once again, for as I have discovered, many guys my age have a deep seated fantasy of seeing their long time mates handle and perform with a strange cock to show off her varied talents acquired from our many years of passionate lovemaking. And here it was, hanging only inches from the side of Deb’s face.

Just seeing this strange cock so close to Deb’s face was causing my wet saliva covered balls to rise threatening to unload themselves into Dab’s ravenous mouth. Now feeling the need to slow the rate of my orgasmic rise and to act on my fantasy, I gently removed her stroking right hand off my wet engorged cock. Her eyes immediately snapped up to my face with that well known look saying, “What? What did I do wrong? Why did you stop me? I was going to cum too.”

I soothingly said, “I don’t want to cum yet. Just relax. I want to show you something.”

Then I moved her hand over a few inches, twisting it very gently to place its open palm on the strange cock visiting her through the hole in the wall.

As realization crept into her awareness, Deb immediately pulled her hand away as if it had been stung by a bee. Flipping in her chair around, she stared at this strange apparition.

Our neighbor it seems being a veteran of this activity never moved a muscle.

Deb just sat and looked at it, then up into my eyes as if searching for approval, then back to the small cock again.

Then ever so slowly and cautiously she reached out and actually petted the little shaft as one would pet a small cute animal, gently stroking her fingers starting at the head down to his tight balls. She repeated this several times before removing her left hand from between her legs and wrapping it firmly around my cock and at the same time, ceasing her petting motions on the stranger’s cock.

Then she grabbed the shaft of his stiff manhood as if finally acknowledging it for what it was … a cock in need.

She started to stroke both of us in unison. I was ecstatic. It was like being part of a living breathing x-rated movie. Wow. Wow. Wow.

Again staring up in my eyes searching for approval and having received it, Deb slowly leaned over and took his small cock in her wet, warm mouth. Hearing an audible moan through the wall, she must have struck a magnificent cord, for as she removed her mouth from his organ and started to hungrily suck mine, his cock and balls spasmmed, expelling his creamy white load onto her still stroking hand and down to the floor.

What a sight. Deb also turned to watch with satisfaction the fruition of her first naughty exploration. Stroking his member slowly until every available drop was extracted from his now shriveling cock.

When Deb released it, the cock was instantly withdrawn from the hole.

Hearing a flurry of zippers and belt rattling, it was only seconds until we heard him burst through his door and make his escape.

I was breathing heavily from the excitement. I looked down at my beautiful wife with her sweat-covered breasts heaving and her stranger cum covered hand. I lustily whispered, “Man that was something.”

Looking up at me she said, as she was looking for something to wipe her hand on, “Oh, it was ok. I can see you loved it, Mr. Hardguy, but don’t expect me to do it again. This is going to cost you a dinner you know.”

I quickly responded, “Whatever you want, Blossom, you got it. That was fantastic.”

“Ok, just so you know,” she said as she started to stroke my hard cock again, now determined to get me off so we could leave. Just as she was bringing her luscious mouth to my cockhead, we heard someone enter the neighboring booth rapidly, followed by the sound of a jingling belt buckle and a zipper fly down.

Deb looked up at me with a startled look, taking her hand off my excited cock and yanked down her sweater covering those glistening beauties.

Mouthing the words, “Let’s go … this is too weird,” Deb started to rise from her very wet seat. Well, this guy must have either heard us playing with his booth’s former occupant or that guy told him, because without any foreplay or fanfare he shoved his cock through the hole. And what a cock it was.

Debbie rising from her chair to leave glanced at it and was immediately spellbound.

Holding her arm to help her rise, I could feel a light quiver run all through her. She stopped in mid stride and just stared. It was probably only seconds but seemed like an eternity. Her eyes totally glazed over and fixed on the vision before her. My cock is normally seven inches, seven and a half on a very horny day, like right now, but his was a sight to behold. In its half risen state, it was as larger as mine and rising fast.

Deb must have completely forgotten about her intended hasty departure, for she was slowly lowering herself back into the chair while bringing her hand to my excited cock, giving it a very hard squeeze as she fully seated herself.

Moving in an automated motion, she leaned forward toward this new invader. Bringing her hand up under this massive being and lifting it up to gently, she nuzzled and rubbed this divine log against her cheek. Having to retreat several inches to bring his cock head to her mouth, Deb literally purred as her tongue shot out and tenderly licked all the way around his engorged head and noisily slurping a large drop of pre-cum from the pee-slit.

Turning back toward me, she looked up, eyes sparkling like a kid with a new toy, running her tongue across her wet pouty lips, she silkily whispered, “May I?”

“Suck it,” I barely grunted.

Taking her left hand from my cock, she spun entirely around in her seat grabbing his largeness with both hands instantly plunging it between her very wanton lips.

I can hardly remain standing witnessing this unimaginable erotic display playing out before me. I had to slump heavily against the far wall just to remain upright, fisting my cock as a man possessed, for I was totally possessed in pure ecstasy of lust. As my senses took in everything at an incredible rate Deb’s womanly scent completely filling our enclosure, intoxicating me to my very being.

Debbie was faintly moaning as she desperately worked his cock deeper into her mouth. Her hands moved almost in a blur as they twisted and pulled at his huge cock. As she tried to stuff more and more down her hungry straining throat, Deb’s body movements were hinting at signs of frantic need.

The small constant orgasms were now no longer friendly, instead were teasing, moving closer then fainting away, with her heavy drool running down his shaft and dripping off her frenzied hands. I knew my lover had all the foreplay she could withstand. I reached over and gently touched her shoulder to slow her down. And this one movement now started an incredible chain of events taking even me by total surprise. As if my touch triggered something in her, Deb immediately pulled her mouth off his cock with a noisy popping sound and removed her hands from his shaft.

She shakily stood, looked me hazily in the eyes and pushed me back against the far wall, while muttering, “I’m sorry, I just have to.” Then she grabbed the chair, swung it around, it’s back pinning me to the wall. Reaching back to her ass with both hands, she flipped her short skirt up over her back. Grasping both arms of the chair, she pushed her ass back hard against the wall completely impaling herself to the balls on his monstrous cock.

Her normally tight hot pussy instantly gobbled up the entire length of his glorious manhood until he had no more to give.

Her face was just inches from my crotch.

My cock hung over the top of the chair aiming straight at her face.

I watched incredulously as her eyes flew open to their widest. I had ever seen, her mouth flared so wide, as she had the largest load blowing orgasm I have witnessed in my life.

Her pussy clutched his giant tool as it expelled her sweet flavored liquid, splashing off his heavy hanging balls and running down the wall.

This proved too much for our mystery lover who with one mighty lunge, shot the fertile seed of his manhood violently into the deep folds of Deb’s womanhood. A deep grunt escaped from far deep within her as she accepted all he could offer. As my mind reeled, my cock instantly exploded … sending multitudes of thick streams of white cum splashing across her beautifully lust tortured face.

Pulsing so intense that my knees began to buckle, I desperately grabbed the back of the chair to keep from falling to the floor.

For five full minutes, nothing could be heard but our combined labored breathing, each lost in there own scattered, confused thoughts.

Feeling Deb move slightly, I sensed he was beginning to withdraw his now exhausted rod, finally exiting with a muted pop, accompanied by the sound of their mixed juices dripping to the floor.

Deb slowly rose and on shaky legs, spun slowly around and clunked back into the chair causing it to creak as if threatening to break in half. But I guess at that moment it contained much more energy than any of us possessed.

Sitting there, Deb was a gorgeous erotic mess with cum smeared all over her face and running down her legs.

Hoarsely she squeaked out, as her throat had just taken a tremendous pounding, “I must be quite the sight.” At which time a masculine hand extended through the hole bearing a handful of new white paper towels.

“Oh my, and a gentleman too,” she laughed,

I accepted them from him saying a very tired, “Thanks.”

He then responded in a deep voice, “No, I must thank you and your lovely wife.”

“You’re very welcome”, I said, “It was our pleasure and yours too I hope.”

Debbie was still a little dazed as I proceeded to wipe her off.

A second later the second stranger’s hand came back through the hole… this time with a business card in his hand that I quickly stuffed into my pocket.

I then heard him exit the booth.

Standing her up, we also left.

Much more lucid now, Debbie was returning to her old self again as we made our way back through the store, avoiding all the curious stares of the other patrons. It seemed like hours since we’d first entered that booth but in fact only about forty-five minutes had elapsed.

Nearing the exit door Deb drew me close and whispered in my ear, “I think I’ll take that dinner offer back. I believe I owe you dinner Stevie boy.”

Then a large drop of his cum mixed with her juices spattered on to the floor from between her legs.

As we were exiting through the door, she stopped staring directly at the wet pile of white liquid on the floor. Giggling she jokingly said, “They better watch out. Somebody might slip on that stuff. I know I did.”

The end…