The following are posting Guidelines for the Fetish, Kink, and other Porn Forum. They are in addition to the main Code of Conduct.

  • Negative or judgmental comments about a Fetish or Kink that is being shared or posted here could result in punitive action against you, including your being Banned from posting in this forum for a period of time, or permanently.
  • Comments regarded as “trolling” or “baiting” will be removed without discussion and could also result in a forum ban. “Trolling” is generally defined as lurking around the boards waiting for an opportunity to attack a member, or once-again assert a hobby-horse argument, whether it’s on topic to the thread or not. “Baiting” is intentionally provoking an argument, anger, sadness, or other negative emotion in another member by deliberating bringing up a point that you expect will elicit such a response from another member.
  • Clips to movies can be shared as long as they meet three criteria: No one under the age of 18 is featured, either sexually, clothed, naked, or non-sexually; entire scenes are not linked; and the linked clip is under 20 minutes in length.
  • Under NO circumstances are photographs or videos to be posted that violate United States law, including obscenity laws. Examples include depicting persons under the age of 18, forced-sex (rape), snuff-films, bestiality, incest, or any image, story, or film depicting anything illegal.

While most topics are very straight forward, there are some that require more thought in order to avoid moderator action. We aren't saying these topics can't be discussed, but we would advise that they are presented as a fantasy rather than an actual event due to the legal implications of their nature.

When creating a topic thread for discussion ask yourself the following:

Is it Legal, is it Consensual, and is it Safe?

For example:

Do Not Post Illegal Content:

  • In many US states and other countries it is illegal to knowingly transmit the HIV virus from one person to another.
  • Incest is considered illegal in most all civilized countries, and is considered by most to be taboo.
  • Taking something from someone to fulfill a Fetish is theft. ie sweaty jockstrap etc.
  • Forced sex/Rape is illegal.
  • Having sexual relations with someone while they are asleep, intoxicated, passed out, or incapable of giving their consent is also considered RAPE.
  • Torture/Abuse against someone's will is considered assault.
  • No pictures of anyone under 18 years of age are permitted, regardless of the context. It does not matter if the subject or photo(s) were in locations where the age of consent is less than 18 years old. Even fully-clothed persons under the age of 18 in a non-sexual context are removed, and the poster warned. Please make sure that ANY photo you post does not contain an image of anyone under the age of 18, even if they are in the background. If there is ANY doubt in a Moderator’s mind as to the age of the person in an image being under 18, that photo will be deleted from the site without notice.
  • It is important to recognize that minors lack the legal capacity to give consent—no matter what they say or do.
  • Please note the Prohibited Content list that covers not only this Forum, but all of JustUsBoys. This list is updated as needed. Postings violating this prohibited content will be removed from the Boards. (Your help in flagging any prohibited content that you notice would also be greatly appreciated.)

Again, we strongly recommend that any threads dealing with the above topics should be discussed as a fantasy scenario - and not an actual event. As per the Code of Conduct, no mention of any characters, real or fictitious, who are under 18 will be permitted.


JUB is an open forum. If you post about an actual crime you have committed, you are posting a written confession that can be used against you. While JUB will not try and sort out what is fantasy and what is a confession of a real crime, we strongly urge our posters not to write about actual crimes they have been foolish enough to commit. JUB complies with valid requests from law enforcement agencies investigating crime.


  • We welcome any discussion if there’s a question about the safety, or concerns that a member might have about engaging in various types of Fetish; BDSM, S&M, the use of sex-toys, hygiene or “safe-sex” practices.
  • While we are prepared to accept bare backing as a Fetish, we do not condone indiscriminate or irresponsible bare backing practices. We have no issue with it being sensibly discussed or in a fantasy scenario.
  • We do not consider 'Gifting/Bug Chasing' to be a Fetish or Kink. Any discussion about this should be in the Hot Topics or Health & Wellness forums.
  • If you have any Health/Safety issues raised by the content of some of the thread topics created, then create your own thread for your OWN discussion rather than 'hijack' someone else's thread (because it's viewed as an unwanted disruption).

Posting Etiquette:

  • In all instances, posters are expected to be respectful toward fellow JUBBERS. Remember that English may not be someone’s native language; concentrate on the point and meaning of a post, instead of how it is written.
  • Avoid attacking or trolling other members. This violates the overall JUB Code of Conduct, and is especially enforced in this Forum.
  • If a thread appears about a Fetish or Kink that you don’t like, or turns you off, skip it and go on to another thread. Posts such as “Yuck!” or “That’s gross!” or other judgmental negative comments will be deleted without notice, and could lead to you being banned from the Forum for repeated violations.
  • There are posters in the Forum who sometimes invite open-ended discussion about a particular Fetish, e.g., “Do you like XXX?” or “What do you think about XXX?” That is different from a thread that says “Post your hottest story about xxx.” Debating the sexiness of a kink in a thread where you’re supposed to post your hottest story is clearly off-topic, and will be deleted.

If you notice a post in violation of our Forum Code of Conduct, please do not hesitate to use the Post Report function and let us know. We will investigate the post as quickly as possible.

This Forum has a list of PREFIXES that can be used to self-moderate the thread. For example, you can use the Prefix “On Topic” to insure the thread stays on topic. Or “Scat” to warn readers that this is the topic of your thread. It is not required that you use these thread-prefixes if you do not want to. They are there for your convenience, if you find them helpful. If you come across a thread that does have such a Prefix, such as “On Topic” then we expect posters to follow that lead, or their post could be deleted.

If you are in doubt about the appropriateness of an idea for a thread—or in doubt about the appropriateness of comments you want to make in an existing thread—please start a thread in the Ask the Moderator Forum. We will be happy to talk about your idea with you.

This is an Adult Forum where mature subject matter is being discussed, the Mod Team expects everyone who posts here to be responsible and to act accordingly.

So keep it Legal, keep it Consensual, Be Safe, and Have Fun Posting!