So I know without a picture or pornstar from the film, it is highly unlikely to I.D. a specific porn. But I can not stop thinking about one I saw back in High School. I'll give as much details as i can remember but know to not expect much.

So the porn I remember seeing was titled on the porn site as "Barracks." (May have or may not have been part of the title) It was a full length film too. I remember an earlier scene where these guys went outside of the house where there was a pool and had sex. Then one guy slips something in the others guys drink to knock him out. The conscious guy takes off with all the clothes and locks the door back to the house. So the guy finally wakes up and realizes he is locked out and starts heading down the sidewalk. Someone pulls up to him and arrests him for being nude and takes him to a jail cell where another hot guy is. another sex scene occurs there. I know there are more scenes but those are the two i remember. I've tried searching keywords all the time to get results but have no luck. I saw this back in high school so must have been 2006-2007. So the film is at least 10 years old, possibly a year or two older.

I know I may never find out which porn film this was, but I thank you for reading this and trying to help out at all.