My first glory hole

As I parked in the back lot and entered the store through the back door. As goofy as it sounds for a 24 year old, once inside I really wasn't sure what to do so I walked around and looked at magazines. They were loaded with pictures of women sucking men's cock and men sucking men's cocks. This just caused my own dick to stir.

Near the back I saw a sign that said $5 minimum to enter the booth area so I bought my $5 worth of tokens and entered.

There were several seedy looking men just loitering around in the dimly lit hallway so I quickly entered a booth and locked the door behind me. Turning I dropped my tokens into the machine. On the screen when it came on were 2 men having sex.

I was fascinated. One man had his cock up the other’s ass and they both looked as though they were enjoying it.

As I watched I realized that my own dick was straining to get out of my pants.

Standing up, I quickly dropped my pants and shorts and sat back down. Trying not to think about how many other naked asses had been on the chair, I started to stroke my hardened cock.

As I sat on the cheap metal folding chair watching the screen and stroking my cock I noticed a baseball size round hole beside my left shoulder.

I didn't think much of it until someone entered the next booth and dropped tokens in the slot.

Curiosity got the better of me so I looked into the hole just as he dropped his shorts revealing an average size shaved cock and semi-low hanging balls.

My anonymous neighbor turned towards the hole and moved so I could see him more clearly. Having been watching my own screen I reached out to touch his dick which had some pre-cum oozing out the tip.

As a kid my friends and I would jack off together and once in a while someone got the nerve to put their month on one of our cocks so I knew what to do in this booth. I held it in my hand and hesitantly licked the end. My lust just carried me away and the next thing I knew it was in my mouth and I was sucking on his cock.

My own dick was so hard it hurt.

After a couple of minutes of sucking and bobbing my anonymous neighbor pulled back and stuck his finger in the hole. Knowing from the net what that meant, I stood up and stuck my hard cock through the hole.

I felt his lips touch the head. Then I gasped with pleasure as his lips slid over the head and down my shaft. My dick sprung to full hardness inside his wet, warm mouth.

"Oh, God, that feels so fucking good,” I moaned.

"Mmmmmmmmm," he moaned around my cock. The vibrations intensified the feeling and I wasn't sure how long I would last. It didn't help that I heard his hand bumping against the wall. He was playing with himself and the idea was turning me one even more.

He grabbed my cock with his other hand, and his tongue went wild on my cockhead. I hissed in a breath. There wasn't much more of this I could take before I couldn't stop myself from cumming.

I love my wife Barbara and she can give a good blowjob. But what I was getting from my neighbor was sooo much better and I was going to lose my load in just a few minutes.

His hand and mouth started bobbing up and down my throbbing dick. The sensation was superb, so good that it was almost painful. “Oh fuck," I groaned, "If you don't stop, I'm gonna cum."

The stranger responded by sucking harder and faster. I realized that he wanted me to shoot in his mouth, and was more than willing to oblige him.
"Ooooh," I moaned, "yeah, suck it man, Yes…like that....oh, God, your mouth feels incredible.”

"Oh shit, here it is. I'm cumming," I screamed but it was more of announcement than a warning. "God, I'm coming.”

I felt my dick throb suddenly in his mouth as my thick creamy load erupted from my cock to fill his mouth. He swallowed, then swallowed again as I continued cumming into his willing mouth.

Eventually, I subsided and collapsed backwards onto the folding chair, pulling my softening cock from his mouth in the process.

I don't consider myself gay but what I experienced that evening, I'll definitely return for more.

The end…