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    Cribellum community/hook up?

    Hi guys, I have a question. I'm really horny and a bit lonely lately. I have never had this problem before, it's new to me. Usually I have been satisfied masturbating. I don't really go out. Mostly I don't like crowds, also I'm broke. Anyway, I want to meet a guy, but I want to meet a guy who is sex pervert like me. I love porn a lot. Usually I have porn playing while I'm doing stuff around my apartment. I always had fantasy of doing porn, but I think now I'm old -30-.

    Anyway, I want to meet a guy like me who likes sex, who wants to try different things, underwear fetish, role play, fisting, double penetration with dildo, maybe even film while we do, maybe find people willing to film.

    Usually I don't have luck on internet. Many guys just want my picture then they never come through. I've tried squirt, I've tried Craigslist, bathhouses, all the sites for sex. When I do get sex, usually a guy comes to my place he fucks me, he goes and I don't cum, and it feels as if I didn't even have sex. My experience with guys leads me to think guys don't like sex, they just do it, I don't know why but they just do it.

    I set up a profile on xtube, I have one in xvideos, I hope I can meet some perverted guys who like porno there so I can fulfil some of my fantasies. I'd like to meet a guy I can trust. Who would fist me to make a rosebud but not hurt me. A guy who maybe we can bareback but it would be exclusive.

    Have any of you met other guys through porn community sites? What was your experience like?

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    Re: Cribellum community/hook up?

    Sorry I meant to make title xtube community/hookup.

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    Re: Cribellum community/hook up?

    That's quite some Freudian slip! I had to look up cribellum. How many legs have you got?

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