Sorry, I don't normally ask for help, but this is a mystery that's bugged me for years and I've halfway solved it tonight, I just need help with the other half .

Recently I got an account with Blake Mason. While looking through their back catalogue of videos, I saw the model Mike. Here's the link - . He's got a very distinctive look. According to the write-up, he's from Latvia. He has short hair, wears a chain around his neck and a bracelet, and is very tanned.

Years before this, I saw this video of two English twinks having sex in a messy bedroom. The director/camera-man was there in the room with them, giving the two guys directions as they fucked. The bed was white, there was a black curtain on one side of the room, and there was a large yellow poster about skateboarders above the bed. It was a flip-flop. The video either began or ended with the two guys going for a stroll in the woods (and then they kissed up against a tree). The only name I had for the two guys was Tommy and Dereck (and it was a deliberate misspell on "Dereck"). This was one of the hottest scenes I've ever found online, but I never knew where it was from. All I had was a bunch of disjointed 10 second long clips.

But watching Mike's videos ... one of those guys (either Tommy or Dereck) was Mike. I'm almost certain of it. His hair was bleached blond (but still quite short), but I'm positive that was an early scene of Mike, that he did prior to working at Blake Mason.

Does any of this ring any bells for anybody?

I've looked at "Mike"s GEVI page - - which lists his scenes at Blake Mason, but doesn't list anything he appeared in before then on any other sites, under any other names.

So I'm appealing to the kind porn-viewers of JUB -- are there any other fans of Blake Mason (or UK fans of gay porn in general) who know what other names "Mike" worked under, and any other sites he worked for prior?

I've checked EnglishLads and a couple of other UK-themed sites, but there's a lot, and he probably was using a name that wasn't any variation on Mike/Mikey/Michael/etc.

Like I said, I've solved half the mystery, but I still have no idea where that
"Tommy and Dereck" scene came from. Any help would be much appreciated .