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    Role playing..... Fun or not?

    A bud recently told me he an only get off if he role plays. He liked coach/player and wanted us to dress the parts too. Not sure I can carry it off as it seems forced. Any ways to get into it?
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    Re: Role playing..... Fun or not?

    try it. it should be fun.. when I worked at mcdonalds in high school. my friend wanted me to come to his place when I closed that night, And said stay in your uniform.. He said 'Ill be naked in bed with my ass whatever you want and no talking" So I went over and did my thing. Then after it was over,, he kept calling me the Hamburglar.. He is into guys that got off work, sweaty and in uniform. Now im forever the Hamburglar to him. LOL

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    Re: Role playing..... Fun or not?

    I get to shy about role play. It's fun for some, but I can't stay in character, I always laugh too much ��

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